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Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest: 'I Am An Idol Fan'

Howdy there, y'all! I think it's about time for something a little different, don't you?

Important information before diving into this post (may be repeated as you go through the post):
  • The contest will run from November 22nd 2015 until January 3rd 2016. Entries past the end date will not be submitted.
  • E-mail all entries or your questions to:

It has been five years and a bit since I began this blog, and so I thought that, in order to celebrate not only hitting half a decade, but also a momentous 500,000 page views, I would finally hold another contest for those who read, comment on, support and like my blog.

So, whether you began reading or supporting this blog back in 2010 or you have just begun your venture into my whacky world of Idol love now, be assured, this is a contest for you.

Sadly, it must be noted that, as per every contest held by anyone within this world, there can only be one or two winners. This honestly breaks my heart, because rest assured, I would give everyone something if I could. Sadly, that is not to be );

Regardless of that however, I do wish for you all to give this contest your all, and to enjoy being a part of it, whether you win or not!

So, with all of that out of the way, let's get on to the details of the contest, shall we? Let's GO!!!

The Little Details
~Theme, Format and What It's All About~

So, what's the contest about? Well, if you look back two posts before this, you may just find a post titled 5 Years Here: I Am An Idol Blogger. If you have yet to read it, I highly suggest you do, because it is this very post that actually corresponds with the theme of this very contest.

So, yeah, go read it!

It's pretty simple, actually; for this contest, I would like all contestants to stick to one theme, and to really think about the topics question. The question is this:

"Why Am I An Idol Fan?"

The reason I have chosen this type of question for you to answer for my contest is this; I am interested as both a person and an Idol blogger as to what makes other people fans of something. I have always been intrigued as to why those around me are fans themselves, so I thought that for this contest, it would be wonderful to have you yourself think about just why you are an Idol fan, and what being an Idol fan means to you.

Regarding the format, I actually want to leave that up to you. As human beings, we all have these different ways of showing or communicating to others what we love, so you can actually go about this as you like.

Some examples of what formats you could use include:
  • Poetry
  • A blog post (must be public)
  • A short essay (does not need to be public)
  • A simple sentence or comment
  • A short video (around 1~10 minutes long)
  • Audio (Podcast, poetry reading, etc.)
  • A picture with words (poems, sentences, words that describe your love for Idols, etc...)
  • Fan art (with words)
  • Short comic strips
There are an array of formats that you could choose to use, but these are just a few that I could think of off of the top of my head. Really though, as long as you can do it whilst sticking to the theme and using an acceptable format that I can see and/or hear, it should be fine.

Of course, with any contest I am sure to do, there is always the chance that I may post it or link to it on my blog (with full credit, of course), so if you feel shy of your work or do not wish for it to be shared, please let me know when you give in your entries.

It must be known, however, that when a winner is chosen for contest, their entry will be posted here for others to see.

The Rules and Requirements
~Yes, No, What?~

Of course with any contest, there are rules to abide by, so without further ado, here are the rules:
  • ONE entry per person.
  • Do NOT create multiple accounts in order to further your chance of winning - that's called cheating, as well as highly unfair to those who truly want to do their best.
  • You can be of any age to enter this contest, however if you are under the age of 18, parental consent must be given. I do not wish for you to get into trouble from your parents for receiving CD's from some weird Blogger by the name of Chiima.
  • Do NOT give in entries that contain explicit, indecent or harmful material / content.
  • Try not to go into too much detail regarding personal experiences or details. This is for the sake of privacy.
    • You can, however, give insight into who inspired you to become a fan, whether they are family members, friends, bloggers, youtubers or otherwise.
  • Please do NOT comment your entry. Send via the email address that will be provided at the end of the post.
  • Keep to the topic given.
  • Hand in by the deadline. Entries past this point will not be accepted.
  • Provide any links for crediting purposes (blog links, twitter, deviantart, websites etc...)
As well as rules, there are also these to go by, too:

Entry Requirements
  • To title all contest entries with the subject line: Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest - this is so that I do not mistake it for spam.
  • Have a username or your real name.
  • Write either in the title or entry post that it is a submission for the Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest.
  • Please use a valid e-mail address for the contest.
  • To provide a valid shipment address and your real name for if you win this contest.
  • To have parental consent if under the age of 18, and to state you have this consent in your entry to me.
With that said and done, please e-mail your entries to:

The Prize?
~And the Deadline, too~

With all of the messy stuff out the way (the rules, the theme, etc), let's get onto the part that you all want to know about; The Prize itself.

For whoever wins this contest, I will purchase a CD single of your choice and ship it to you from CDJapan. The single of choice can be readily available, or it can be a pre-order. Any bonuses that it may with will also be yours.

The only thing to keep in mind when choosing your CD of divine choice, however, is this:
  1. I will only purchase singles, not albums (this is due to the fact albums may go over a certain price, and result in handling fees) (They also expeeensive)
  2. It must be a Regular Edition copy
  3. Available to ship to your country
  4. Still available to purchase (you never know, it could be discontinued!)
  5. Not overly expensive (I'm not made of money, really!)
The choice is up to the winner, as I know my readers have their own tastes, and would love to choose for themselves as opposed to me choosing the prize for them. Honestly, as long as I can acquire a copy from CDJapan and so long as I can ship it to your country, I will buy it for you.

Postage and Packaging will also be payed for, so do not fret! I will also keep in contact with the winner in order to make sure their CD arrives safe and sound!

Also, the deadline?

The contest itself will run from November 22nd 2015 until January 3rd 2016. This gives contests just over a month to think up and write or create their entries. The plan was originally 2 weeks, but given it took me over 3 months to write my own post, this seems a little fairer.

Other Comments?

Aside from what has been said, there is nothing much left to say other than this; Have fun with it, and really think about what makes you a fan. Take inspiration from my post, or from other sources. Get creative, enjoy creating it, and love Idols as you do so!

If you have any questions regarding this contest, be sure to either comment via this blog post (no other), or by e-mailing me at the e-mail address provided here.

And of course, to everyone who enters, good luck!

Until next time, please stay happy, love Idols, and definitely think up an entry!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Half A Decade Cake Day! 5 Years Still Standing~

Though it's late in the evening, there is still time to celebrate the day! So get you some cake, and let's have a little party!

Fun Fact: I wrote the entire header, plus drew the stars, flowers and hearts~ The only thing I photoshopped in was Eripon XD

At 12am today, November 18th 2015, I published a post about being an Idol Blogger and Idol Fan, and what it meant to me. This is a post that I had written a few months in advance, and one that I revised over and over again until I felt it was right to post on my blog's 5th Anniversary. Though it's cheesy, it's personal to me, and it is something that I have wanted to share with people for a long time.

It's no lie that I feel so proud right now that, for half a decade, I have been an Idol Blogger, and Okay! Musume Time has been my domain. Seriously... I'm bursting with such joy and love for O!MT right now, I'm so happy!

Yo, want some cake!?

To be honest, this 'official' Cake Day post nearly didn't happen. I've actually been ill today, which makes me pretty sad, considering it's my own blogs Birthday! However I managed to go out and buy some little cakes, just so that I can celebrate this wonderful day, and even though there is only about an hour left to the day, I am happy that I was able to think of how amazing it is that this blog's become 5 years old (as friends say, it's old enough for Kindergarten now!) and that, someway somehow, I have managed to keep it pretty active, despite the fact my own lifestyle has changed and how busy I have become since I first started writing here.

I am so happy and overwhelmed, and I truly feel a great amount of gratitude towards not only my blog, but the people who comment, read, support, love, loathe or view it. I am grateful for those who have helped me along the way and kept my spirits up, to those who told me never to give up even when I felt useless, and of course to those who became my lifelong friends and partners in crime out of it. Without the help of everyone in one way or another, I probably wouldn't be writing on here still, even though I love it so much.

My HouPri cuties are giving me cake! Om nom nom, thanks Miran and Avery-chan!!! ^o^ <3

For these past five years of Okay! Musume Time, I want to thank you all for the support and love you give me, the criticism and your wonderful comments. You are all amazing people, and this is honestly a wonderful community that I have come into. Through blogging, loving Idols and listening to music, I have found great friends, amazing readers and even better writers who continue to inspire me each day. Thank you so much.

Through both music and writing, we have all found our happiness, and for five, ten, even twenty more years, I hope that we can all continue down this path to joy and entertainment.

This is the Fifth Cake Day, so wherever we are within the world, please celebrate with me, but also celebrate the lives of others and think of those that we love the most. Everyday from here onwards, please think of who and what you love, and cherish them deeply within your heart.

Until the next Cake Day everyone, please sit and enjoy, eat Cake, and as always, LOVE IDOLS!!!

Much Love,

5 Years Here: I Am An Idol Blogger

I am an Idol Blogger.

Here I am, five years on and still going. This is where I write about what I love, music and groups that I have found happiness in. Even though my tastes have now changed from what they were half a decade ago, I still write about what brings me joy and elation.

This is the home of my love for Japanese Idols.

It is a wonderful thing to be not only an Idol fan, but also an Idol blogger. Both have enabled me to create bonds and friendships with many others around the world who have the same interests as myself. Sure, we may not always see eye to eye, what with opinions and interest in specific groups differing all the time, but that doesn't mean that we can't get along. Through this fandom, writing and creating videos, I have managed to find many friends in this vast world that are as important as the relationships I create in my own country.

Through listening to J-pop, it has been proven to me that both writing and music are universal, and that we can come together through our love for something.

I experience such happiness when watching or listen to Japanese Idols, and whilst sometimes I do find disappointment in what I see, I know that no matter what, they will always be a comfort to me. Idols are eternally positive beings, people who bring a smile to your face and create an escape that you may need when you have had a long day at work or school. Idols have that amazing ability to de-stress and relax you, allowing you to rest easy when you need it the most.

During times where I have wanted to quit, Idols and the friends I have made through this fandom have always given me ease and peace of mind.

By being an Idol fan and blogger, I have been able to feel inspired, to feel great satisfaction in watching and listening to these Idols. Through this blog and the Idols I adore so, I have grown as both a writer and film viewer, and my mind has opened the more time has passed on. Now when I write down my thoughts and feelings on a piece here, I feel that I am sharing with the world the ideas and thoughts within my head, whilst also keeping my mind open to what others think and feel, too.

Here, I can give you a window into my mind and let you see what I see, experience the feelings I feel. Likewise, this is what I hope for in return from you as readers and friends, too.

For five years I have been an Idol Blogger, for longer an Idol fan, and I would not change the path that I have gone down. One day I stumbled upon this world, and ever since then I have not looked back. This is a road I will continue to take, and I am so happy that you are walking it, too.

I am an Idol Fan and an Idol Blogger, and this is what I love.

So, what makes you an Idol Fan?


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Say Hello to Hello! Pro's New Angel! ANGERME Introduces their Shin Member!

So Hello! Project is full of news this month already it seems, which also means that I'm back to a regular blogging streak... at least, for now. And with all this news about, blogging about it just so happens to be a great way to procrastinate from my essay that is totally not due in this Friday... yeah... >o>

Please don't be like me, guys XD Finish your essays and homework in a timely manner!


As Hello! Project prepares for the departure of Fukuda Kanon, it seemed that now was just the right time to finally introduce the latest member in the groups ever-changing roster, the winner of the recent ANGERME auditions that took place this summer. So, let's see just who she is, shall we?

Introducing Kamikokuryo Moe, 16 years old and hailing from the Kumamoto Prefecture! Previously a participant in Morning Musume '14's Golden Audition, Kamikokuryo failed the audition, however found motivation through the song Taiki Bansei to go on and audition instead for ANGERME, which happened to result in her coming out as the sole 'Shin Member' out of 1,800 applicants.

Kamikokuryo was revealed as the newest member addition on November 11th at Club Citta in Kanagawa during ANGERME's release event for their latest single. She is 150cm in height, enjoys karaoke as a hobby, and has talent in jump rope, pen twirling and drums. Her purity and powerful gaze are her qualities according to Sharm Q's Taisei, who participated as a judge for the audition process.

In regards to this news, I'm actually surprisingly positive with the addition of Kamikokuryo. I mean, I was expecting about three to four members being added, so I was initially dreading the new member announcement, so when it was revealed that it was just one girl out of so many applicants who had been chosen, I felt happy.

ANGERME as 9nin works so freaking well, so to see them keep that number in their lineup just makes me feel positive for them. Plus, KamiMoe seems like she'll be a great addition to the group, what with her intriguing features, her pretty damn good voice, and how she already seems to fit in with the group despite only being a part of it for about a day or so. Really, it's actually quite nice to see someone new in there right now, especially one who looks as interesting as KamiMoe.

I'm genuinely excited to see what ANGERME will do after Nyon's graduation, because it'll definitely be a bit of a game changer for the group, what with one of their more prominent lead vocalists out now, as well as a new voice in. It'll be interesting to see how they do, to watch the growth of both the 3rd generation and KamiMoe herself, as well as to see how the group itself evolves in the process.

So yeah, at first I wasn't too happy with the idea of new members coming into ANGERME, but now that KamiMoe is there and the sole survivor of the audition process, I feel a lot more positive on her addition. She's cute, she fits, and she seems like she'll be a nice asset to the team once Nyon takes her leave. As a casual follow of H!P now, I can only hope that ANGERME will continue to have a positive, fruitful future in their career.

Until next time! Peace out~

Much Love,

External Links and Sources:

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Up-Front Link Interview

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

With This Poison Apple Kiss, Please Go Away and Disappear, Snow White! - Houkago Princesses 'Kiete, Shirayukihime' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions regarding the group and the release shown here are completely my own and no one else's. You don't need to agree with what is said here, nor should you hold the same opinion as me. Think your own thoughts, feel your own feelings! That is what makes us individual as Idol fans!

It feels like a decade or so since I last did something review worthy! I mean granted, I've been busy with class and work and my own life, so Idols really have taken a backseat as of late, but that doesn't mean I don't want to review them at all! I do, because I still love Idols, but life's important too, it will take priority.

... Either way, I still love Idols, my time with them nowadays is just a tad limited when it comes to blogging about them here or anywhere else online. I'm trying to balance it all, however!

Anyways, it's about high time I actually wrote a review, because damn, I've been writing one too manyy Idol News posts lately! Let's get some positivity back, aye?

Back on October 28th, Houkago Princess released their long-awaited major single, Kiete, Shirayukihime, a song that would revolve around the Snow White fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm anthology of folk lore. It's a classic fairy tale, one where the Evil Queen wants to get rid of her step-daughter due to the threat of her beauty, only to be thwarted each time she tries to off her by the dwarves or the dislodging of the apple in her throat. It's a tale we all know, and one that I rather anticipated in terms of seeing how HouPri would go about it.

And in terms of the lyrics and what they mean, I actually really like how HouPri's management and lyricist have gone about this! Also, I like the PV too, but why wouldn't I? It's HouPri, and I am a sucker for them, like H!P fans are suckers for H!P, and AKB fans are suckers for AKB.
 Moral of the story; we're all suckers for the groups we love and adore!

So yeah, I like what I have been given as a HouPri fan, but rather than me spiel on about it right here, how about I show you some lovely little pictures from the wonderful video itself? That way, y'all can totally judge for yourself whether it's worth the watch or not, eh?

So, without further ado, let's once again head off into the magical land of Houkago Princess and their new fairy tale re-imagining, Kiete, Shirayukihime! Will you follow the path of Snow White, or the Evil Queen? It's up to you...

Mirror Mirrow on the Wall, who is the Fairest of them all? Tell me truly, or I shall become unruly...~

Is that tea? Y'all know that if there's tea, us Brits get excited. I mean... TEA!!!!

... Wait, I don't even like tea! o-O

Nananyan: "Mirror Mirror in my hand, whom is Chiima's Oshi within this band?"

Awwww shit, Nana's gone Evil Queen on us all and is set to kill off all our oshi's o3o

... Wait, Nana, why are you asking for MY Oshi!? o-O

Hot damn that's a pretty mirror! I want it! owo

Random fact time: I actually own a lot of mirrors XD Plot twist, I'm the Evil Queen! MUAHAHAHA!

Okay, what in all Holy Hell is this shit someone called editing? o3o Get that ugly-ass border away from me!!! -hiss!-

Now that's better, even if it's still somewhat there.

The Resting Bitch Face is strong in these girls, young ones o3o

Smug Nana is best Nana, tbh XD Look at that face, y'all know she'll shoot you down with her stare if you don't Oshi her soon!

Holy shit, Saorin, can that leg get any higher!? o-O

... And then there's Nana, happily half-arsing it XD Wonderful~

Maika: "Mirror Mirror in my hand, who has the best voice in Japan?"

You, Maika, you have the best voice in Japan! Well... in HouPri, at least XD

... Wait, are these girls all gossiping about one another!? Now, that's not nice, girls! Y'all are meant to be friends, not enemies!

And then there's Saorin, happily primping and preening at herself in the mirror, loving only her looks. Don't worry though Saorin, I'd look at you all day, too <3

Seriously though, it feels like they're all a bit bitchy or vain in this XD Gossiping about your peers ain't nice, girlies!

... Aw shit, things are gonna get real real fast no, yo o3o

Nananyan: "If you don't Oshi me then I promise you this Chiima; one of those apples will go down the throat of your pretty little favourite, lodge itself there, and kill her off so that only I can become your beloved!"

... Ahhh, crud muffins o3o

Oooh, it's just like a tea party!

A tea party of very gossipy Snow White's XD Does not really compute, aye?

Miran, stop gossiping to Maika about how Nana will never be my Oshi, k? It's not nice >o>

Nananyan: "Mufufufu, talk about me all you want, ladies. You'll get yours soon..."

Seriously, Nana's super smug in this, and I love it XD That paired with her evil collar of lace really gives her a cruel edge, in my opinion. I love it! *^*

... Still not oshi'ing her, however~

Mayukyandi: "Ohoho, dear, you'll never become Chiima's Oshi!"

OOOOH, BURN! 1 point to Mayukyandi, who totally stole this scene, by the way!

... Nana, please don't tell me there's poison in that tea >o> Seriously, please.

Oooh, shiny mirror! *^* YOINK!!!!

Nananyan: "Mirror Mirror in my hand, who will be the next to leave this band?"

NO NANA, NO! NO ONE WILL GRADUATE D8< You're all perfect as you is now ;w;

Maika: "Mirror Mirror encased in Gold, how many single copies have we sold?"

I think it's around the 14,921 area, Maika my sweet o3o Still not AKB sales, but ehhh, who cares!?

... Wait, what? Girls, NO!!!! DON'T EAT THE APPLES!!!

Maika: "It looks so... so beautiful and... yummy..."

Maika, stahp! MAIKA DON'T YOU DARE!!!

Ah fuck, Mayukyandi down!!!

Nooooo ;w;!!!!

What a beautiful scene, though! Very dramatic!

... Welp, they're all dead. Looks like Nana's the sole surviving member of HouPri now! Onto her solo career!

They didn't even eat the apples though, they just smelled them. How weak these Snow White's are >o>

Nananyan: "... Oh fuck, what did I do this time?"

Hey, you were the one who wanted to get rid of everyone's Oshi's! Especially mine!!!

... Well, Nana finally got her wish! Except she kinda got rid of my Oshi and the rest of the members! 

Bye bye, HouPri!

Damn, look at them sway!

Also fave part of this dance: How these girls just roll their hands over the apples as if they're a magic potion they want to cast a spell on! Clever choreography!

... Okay, someone put the lighting way up hiiiiigh on these solo shots. Guys, what's happening? Why we white washing my babies!?

Mayukyandi looks super tired with this high amount of lighting. Seriously, it's not flattering at all, and Universal need to stahp!

Put them apples back on the tree, girls! We don't want no poison in our damn fruit!

MY BABY <3 Damn girl, you look like a ghost DX

Seriously though the amount of Miran solo shots in this is HIIIIIGH and I'm LURVING IT!!! >8D <3

This scene plays out like the girls in the back are giving the girls in the front the apples, but fronties are all like 'Naaah thanks, that shits gonna kill me, lol'

And it will, cause APPLES ARE EVIL D8< Why do y'all think it's called the forbidden fuckin' fruit in LE BIBLE!?

This dance move is just so beautiful and powerful-looking and I love it <3 Gaaah!

Yeah, Nana, this is what happens when you call upon the forces of evil and try to get rid of my Oshi! You end up screwing up the whole band, and making them disappear!

Nananyan: "... Oh, fiddlesticks!"

Not worth it, was it?

Gaaah, Saorin! <3 You light up my screen with your paper white face and bright red apple <3

Reach up for the stars!!!!

Every British 90's kid, please put your hands up in the air of y'all know this song reference! XD

MIHOTAN!!! OMFG, you still exist, good! I thought I had lost you in the sea of white washed solo's ;w;

Actually... Where are your solo shots? >o> Urgh, please don't say Nana erased them just to get one up on me for Oshi'ing you! ;w;

... Wait, so they didn't die!? They just so happened to disappear and then reappear in different parts of a mansion? Is that it!?

Mayukyandi: "... Where in the Hell am I and why am I with her!?"

Now now, Maika's not that bad!

Say whaaat, did the mirror teleport with them? I want one!

Maika, this is no time to be looking at your reflection! You're in a serious situation here that you kinda need to get out of!

Wait, are they trapped in the mirror!? Aw damn, son, now there's no escape!

Also, weak acting on Nana's part there XD

Ooooh, three beauties together! Sadly we're missing my #1, but others, three of my Top 4 are here! YAY!!!! <3

Extreme close-up is fucking extreme o3o No, camera-san, no.

I love Miran, but this is waaay too close for comfort, seriously XD

Oh look, another Mirror! So many of these damn things lying around, I swear!

Saorin: "... I'm not the fairest!?"

Oh fiddlesticks, Saorin's finally realised she's not the #1 in my books. Oops :<

That fucking light on their faces, though. Seriously, it makes Maika look scarier when she does her toothy grin.

MIRAN!!!! Glad to see you, even if you look unnaturally pale as heck.

Seriously, can we turn the lights down here!? PLEASE!!!!

Maika: "Kiss the apple, Snow White. You know you want to~"

I am totally not convinced that I should eat that apple, Maika. Sorry xD

Saorin: "Ohohoho, don't you want a little apple, my sweet? It will keep you as youthful as me!"

Saorin definitely has a better pitch for eating the cursed apple, if you ask me. Then again, I'm a sucker for Saorin and would probably walk over hot coals in iron shoes for her!


Seriously though, I love her wake up scene. So stinkin' cute <3

That face, though xD Yes, Mihotan, you're stuck in the mirror. Sorry 'bout that!

Just so happens Nana has a grudge against me for Oshi'ing you, but worry not, I shall save you!

Can someone please just fire whoever thought it would be good to use this cheap-ass border? I mean seriously, it's one ugly distraction that is unnecessary and just makes this whole MV look tacky as heck Dx

Channeling your inner Evil Queen I see, Maika my dear~

Holy shit, a wild Sahochi appears! Quick, push the Nana Queen out of the way and catch her!!!

Maika, basically being a QUEEN and Diva'ing this part UP!!!!

All Hail Queen Maika of HouPri!!!!

De-throning Nana in style and sass.

Also, look at Miran and Saorin in the background <3 It's like Charlie's Angels, but the Princess versions.

Maika: "... Fuck, we're trapped in this mirror! That's not what I wanted!!!"

Well, y'all better get crackin' and run, then! GO, MAIKA, GO!!!

TBH I do love how much screen time Maika shines in, cause whilst she hogs a good chunk of it, she makes every moment matter and totally owns it all! Seriously, stage presence: Over 9000!

Seriously, look at how much she loves this! Literally eating the scene up and making it hers!

Hey, a wild Himarin appears, and much like the others, she is subject to looking like a tired, ill ghost-like being thanks to her pale-ass face due to shitty fucking lighting.

... I have a serious issue with this lighting, okay!?

Nananyan: "Shhhh, this lighting is 'professional' you buffoon, I mean come on! It's Universal! Nothing but professionals!"

I don't even know if Universal have creative control tbh, I think they just give the HouPri staff the money and the right to sell under their name.

Seriously though, HouPri have been around 4 years now, and this is the worst lighting I've seen yet! Up your game, Staff-san!

Maika is totally taking that camera for all it's worth, isn't she? XD

I do love it, though, she makes it so fun to watch!


Seriously, even if Mihotan doesn't get the screentime I want her to, at least Miran's hogging some camera time! Makes me a happy Chiima, you know?

Plus, she looks totes gorgeous, am I right!?

... Wait, what!? It's... it's going back?

Tick Tock
Tick Tock
Tick Tock...


Maika: "Let's do the Time Warp... again!"

Sahoch: "Hiii guys, I'm still here!"

SAHOCHIII *^* Nice to see they've given you a little screentime, aside from that one other time I saw you, y'know o3o

Seriously though, where be your solo shots!?

Gif'ing for the sake of face slaps, kisses, Miran and Sahochii <3

Also this just seems to be a fun scene <3

Nananyan: "Next time you don't Oshi me... well, I'll probably prick them with a spindle, and then they will DIE!!!"

... If the next single actually does happen to be Sleeping Beauty inspired, then I'm calling it now!!!


I actually think I've screencapped almost all of her solo scenes, not gonna lie XD

Maika is a babe in this, though. She definitely has the most presence and star quality in this group, and yeah, she shines bright like a freakin' diamond!

Himarin: "Want an apple, Sahochi? It's not poisonous!"
Sahochi: "... Yeah, no thanks, got one already."

Mayukyandi: "If you don't eat this juicy apple, then I'll just have to eat your soul~"

... Oh Gawd, which ones worse!? Dying via poisoned apple, or having my soul eaten by Mayukyandi!?

Nananyan: "In the end, it's your choice. Oshi me, or lose a life and an Oshi. Time to make your mind up, Chiima."

... I'd rather not have either of those, thanks, so I choose option C....


MUAHAHAHA, it's working!!! The apples are no longer in effect!!! >8D

And now, Nana shall never remember that she has threatened to prick my Oshi with the spindle of a spinning wheel, nor will she recall her threats of killing me or having Mayukyandi eat my soul...


... And now we're finished!

Okay, okay, so I admit it; I've been ignoring Idol PV's these past two months. I mean, I've been busy, so of course during both September and October, my Idol watching has waned due to focusing on more important things in life such as work and my classes. It's what happens, and whilst I don't completely neglect the Idol world (I do listen to the music, still!), I do completely neglect the releases from the previous two months,

... Well, that is all releases all but ONE!!!

Seriously, when do I not anticipate a Houkago Princess release? I've been following them since their beginnings in this wide and rather diverse Idol Kingdom, plus they're my favourite group, so of course my following of them would continue even when my own personal life gets busy. It's the way of the fan, and I ain't giving that up for anything, ya hear!?

So yeah, this single and MV was highly anticipated on my part, and whilst I don't think of it as a strong single or even one of their best, it still has its merits, and of course, it still appeals to me greatly as both a HouPri and Fairy tale fan.

Now honestly speaking, Kiete, Shirayukihime is not the most memorable song to come out of the HouPri track list, though it is one of their more mature, tense tracks that we rarely hear from the group. Actually, it's on par with both Manatsu no Yoru no Yume and PURE HEART when it comes to how it sounds, creating a solid atmosphere that is both intense and sophisticated, whilst still keeping a magical, fun element of tone in there as well to tie in to that fairy tale element.

Other than its sound though, the fascinating aspect of Kiete, Shirayukihime has to be the meaning behind the lyrics. When a friend of mine looked them up, they explained that the song is actually about the Evil Queen, not Snow White, and her feelings towards the heroine we have all come to know from Disney and our bedtime stories. I was surprised, but it made me happy to know this, because it's a different direction, and it definitely gives us as the listeners a chance to hear a side of the story we may not have known.

Basically, it's a song about the Queen's jealousy of Snow White, and how she wishes for her to disappear so that she herself can be happy and fall in love, too. It's rather bittersweet, but it certainly fits the theme of Snow White perfectly, though really, it wasn't the sort of song I imagined HouPri singing. I mean... come on! I totally saw them on the side of Snow White, not the Evil Queen!
 That said, this is what makes the song a little bit better in my books!

That all said and done, whilst I may not find it as memorable as Seifuku Cinderella or Baka da ne, I do think that Kiete, Shirayukihime is a catchy, powerful song that certainly has its strength, especially when it comes to the lyrics and singing. Still though, once I've played another song or watched a film, this one is completely lost on me until I play it again. Not so great, but eh, what can ya do?

The MV, on the other hand, is rather memorable and fun to watch. Whilst still lacking in plot and drive, I have to say, I commend the management and staff for actually having a small plot this time around, because damn, Seifuku Cinderella certainly didn't! Minimal or not though, the story is still present, and it is an enjoyable watch.

In regards to the story we see play out here, it seems that the Snow White's, all played by HouPri in this, are more or less a bunch of jealous, gossiping, vain princesses who talk about one another, primp and preen and put up a front during a tea party together, until it just so happens that one of them, played by Nana, wishes them away by asking a magical mirror who the fairest one of them all is. And so the other girls all take an apple, only to be put to sleep by its poison, before they all disappear inside the mirror, leaving Nana as the one and only Princess, the Fairest of them All. From there the girls need to work together to try and get everyone back in one place, resulting in their efforts turning back the clock and thus reversing the magic that was cast upon them all.

... At least, that's the story I've spun from it. The video is of course open to interpretation, but what I saw, I enjoyed. I liked the use of time lapse, the location which was perfect for the setting, the choreography, and of course, the girls themselves. I loved the use of the mirror and apples too, with one of my favourite scenes being the dramatic falling of the apple from a Princesses hand. In many ways, this is actually one of HouPri's best filmed videos, but also, one of their worst. It's half and half, really.

Okay, so by the best, I do mean the direction of the filming and the plot. I think that whoever filmed this, they really knew what they were doing when creating dramatic and beautiful imagery that sticks in your mind. The scenes with the apple and the panning shots are absolutely stunning here, and the editing is beautifully synchronized with the music. The use of slow motion and depth of field is great, and heck, even the lens flare is used nicely here! It doesn't distract, but also happens to add some depth to the music video, giving it a 'sparkling' effect, if you will. In my mind, this is some of HouPri's sleekest editing.

And then there's the other side of the direction and editing that kills how beautiful this PV could be.

Of all the HouPri MV's that I have watched, Kiete, Shirayukihime is the one that holds the crown for the worst use of lighting and tacky editing, and yes, that does really kill the mood and feel of a video for me. I mean, when the girls look like ill, tired ghosts in their solo shots, but healthy glowing girls during the group scenes, then there is an issue. I mean, continuity happens, but gosh darnit, the different between the girls solo and them in their groups is absolutely mind-boggling! I swear, whoever did their lighting needs to be fired, because it's way too bright, and it hurts my eyes!

And let's not get started on that tacky-ass border for the dance portion of the video! Like, seriously? It's horrible! It doesn't add anything in terms of aesthetics towards the PV, and it only happens to distract from the choreography which, mind, I rather like. It's ugly, sticks out and does not fit at all. Hell, it just looks like a badly photoshopped frame, which it probably was, except they forgot to hire a professional to do it, it's so choppy!


Two small things like lighting and a crappy border are big things for me as a viewer, and they do decrease the overall quality of the video. That said, what they did right really shines through, and you can see how much better HouPri's videos have become since their indies days. It just so happens that the staff need to learn how to take two steps forward in editing without taking about five steps back, is all.

Well, aside from these big-little issues, I do think the PV is nicely done and, on the whole, rather well thought out. The girls fit into it perfectly, playing the roles of rather narcissistic princesses quite nicely, especially Maika and Saori. The choreography displayed is sharp and uniformed, fitting the music surprisingly well despite how stiff and boisterous it feels, and girls like Saori and Miran really shine here as dance centers.
 It's also enjoyable to see these girls cast away that sweet, innocent vibe we know them all for, only to play as someone that is a little more insincere. HouPri have come a long way, and there is great improvement shown here in their camera presence, choreography and unity. I love the serious tone they have created, and I enjoy how sharp and present they have become since major debuting. It's great!

So yeah, this is a pretty nice music video to watch, but one that has its downfalls that really take away from its beauty and grace. I like both song and visuals for Kiete, Shirayukihime, however the video is my favourite of the two due to how memorable and well done it is at certain points. It has nice cinematography, great imagery, and fits the overall tone of the song whilst still displaying the ever growing strength of HouPri as a group, and continuously showing off their ever-growing unity.

It's good, but it's not the best, though what I have said really shouldn't stop you from sinking your teeth into this apple and taking a bite.

So, little Miss Snow White, are you ready to taste the blood red apple? It won't poison you... promise~

Until next time my sweets, please stay happy, healthy and, of course, in love with all things Idols.

Much Love,