Monday, 14 September 2015

The 23rd Doughnut Cake Day! HAPPY BAASUDEI!!!! (Life Updates Included)

-Eats cheesecake as she writes this-

It's late here in England today, however it's still September 14th, so I think it's about time I updated my blog, and did my once-a-year Birthday post!

And no, this isn't for the blog itself, but for me, because I'm so into myself and feel the need to let y'all know that I am now -drum roll- 23 years old! Huzzah!?

Better yet, however, it isn't just my Birthday. Oh, no, I happen to share it with someone special, someone amazing, and someone who has been an Idol to us all...

My sister.

... Oh yeah, and some random chick named Takahashi Ai happens to share our bday, too, but who cares about that, am I right!? :p

No, seriously though, as many will already know, I share my birthday with my sister Kiko, who is younger than me by a year, marking her as a 22 year old now! My sister is my best friend, and ever since her birth, we have always been together and celebrated ageing with one another, whether the day itself was good or bad. Never have we been apart on our birthday, well, until today...

Being in University, I made the decision to leave earlier than anticipated to the City where I study this year in order to find a job and basically aid myself in paying for bills and necessities (read: food and HouPri CD's) and, for the first time in 22 years, I have experienced my Birthday without my best friend. I was sad, and I nearly did cry (I always cry), however it doesn't mean that the day I had was terrible, because it was far from it! Without my sister by my side, it felt like I was missing something, but I know we have to grow up and move on sometimes, even if it means we won't be around each other.

As a small surprise however, my brother and sister in question did turn up the day before to visit me, and as an extra surprise, they brought my niece with them! Though our time together was limited, it was amazing to be able to see two of my siblings again, my sister especially, since we couldn't share our birthday together, and also to see my niece whom I am missing a lot. When you're around a kid 24/7, you get lonely when you realise they aren't there any more...

Honestly though, despite not being with my family for the first time on such a day, I still did have a good time, and that's because I was with my friend, and also because I was able to talk to my mother and niece, and text my wonderful, beautiful sister!

My friend truly made the day wonderuful, because 1) She bought me lipstick, and y'all might know I like lipstick! Then 2) she also bought the best card ever that basically screams me, because ever since moving to my University City, I use 'eh' at the end of my sentences to mimic the dialect, either by accident or on purpose for the sake of it. Oh, and 3) SHE BOUGHT ME CHEESECAKE! I loooove cheesecake, and this is one of my favourites from a patisserie we sometimes visit, so I was rather chuffed with her when she told me she bought it!

Seriously, it made me happy, and later on in the day I bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and then she proceeded to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me as a candle flickered in the cake that she happened to steal from work XD

I love my friend, because she's amazing, and also because she wanted me to be happy on to not feel lonely on my Birthday, despite the fact that she was ill ):

Seriously though, she did make my day happy, and even though I had work afterwards, it's been a wonderful day all around, and whilst I am sad I didn't spend it with my sister, I know that this is a part of life, and a part of growing up. This is how things are sometimes, and I accept that.

Also, to everyone who has sent me Birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, I thank you all! It's really made me so cheerful to have you all say this to me, and to wish me a good day and more! And to those who think I look around 16~18, you're my best friends now ;) Just so ya know~

In news away from my Birthday, and something I never formally announced when it happened, last month in August I hit the 500,000 pageviews mark!!! That's a lot of views, like half of a million or something?

I cried when I saw it, but I gathered you already knew that.

Regarding this, I am elated, even after a month of knowing it happened. It's surreal, but it's wonderful, and it makes me so happy to know that people are actually looking at this blog! When I can, I want to try and thank everyone by doing something, but until I am financially stable, I cannot do it yet. And this is where more good news comes in...


If you noted that I mentioned going to work above, then yeah, it's true, I now have a job! I've been working as a Waitress at a Restaurant for a week now and honestly, I really enjoy it. The people who work there are great, and the customers are just as lovely, too. It's a nice place, and whilst I don't have as much experience at waitressing as others, I am really excited to learn from everyone else, and to meet new faces every day!

Oh, and my co-workers sang Happy Birthday to me today too, but thankfully there was no one around at that point customer-wise to see, so haha!

... And that is all, I believe! It's been a hectic month so far, what with moving into my new shared house and looking for work, but it's been fun and worth it! I'm happy with where I am right now, and today I really felt that I was at my happiest since arriving back in my University city.

To everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, watched a video of mine or read my blog, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You're all amazing, and also, I apologise for not updating more, but this is the truth: I have been busy!

Until next time my lovelies, I hope you all take care, love Idols, and live happily!

Much Love and Many Thanks,


  1. So many updates. I'm glad you're doing well in your life, Chiima.

    In the belated words of Kousei Kougami (aka Cakeboss), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. totally belated, but Happy B-day ^_^~~~ and congrats on the job (make sure u steal some food tho lolol)