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And So the Cinderella Tale Begins... Houkago Princesses 'Seifuku Cinderella' PV Review!

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When the clock strikes in the afternoon at 4, the magic will begin...

It feels like forever since I last wrote up a PV-based review, and it probably has been that long, given I've felt far more inclined to write single reviews and update posts. So, what better way to come back after so many updates than with a PV review, and a Houkago Princess one at that!?

I know, I know, I've done a few HouPri based posts the last few updates, but can you blame me? I'm in a HouPri Hype right now, what with August marking their fourth anniversary as well as the very month they made their major debut. Also, Sahochi was promoted! So many happy things have happened within the HouPri fandom these past two months, and I have been loving them all! And now, what with their next release announced for October, I have even more to look forward to, so yay! Can HouPri really do no wrong right now? Nope!!!

So to celebrate all things HouPri, I think that it's high time I reviewed their latest music video that has had me all hyped and happy since the preview was released back in July! Will it be the magical adventure that we have all been waiting for, and will our Princesses finally hold their grand ball to mark their Royal Debut? There is only one way to find out!

For a magical storybook journey, it's time to venture to the land of Cinderella! When the clock strikes in the evening at 4, something exciting will happen! Take a peek in the book, and see just what that is. Let's go!


Universal spent their entire Houpri budget on this damn pretty clock and it's damn pretty platform, didn't they?


Oh my.

The HouPri emblem is stamped on it. Not embossed... STAMPED!!!!


Time to start the story, bitches! *^*


If y'all squint, you can make out the Houkago Princess name under the crown there.

Seeing stuff like this makes me so damn happy that time was spent on the tiniest of details. Like holy shit, they aren't even big things, but they were made for HouPri!

As a self-claimed Super-fan, I feel proud of ma girls and thankful to Universal for paying attention to event he tiniest of details, kay?

Nana is totally channeling me right now. She knows what I'm thinking, she knows she's not my oshi...


Oh shit, SHE KNOWS!!!

Please don't kill me, Nana D;


Nana, look, BALLOONS!!! -runs as Nana gets distracted-

Also, am I the only one who gets annoyed at how un-orderly the bouncing looks? Yes, yes I am!

Maika, there is no time for sleeping here! This is Cinderella, not Sleeping Beauty!!!

That said, don't you just look darned purdy!?

... I just noticed the rose arch in the background there. Huh. I only thought that appeared in the second half of the MV!!! o-o

The more you know. -shooting star with a rainbow appears-

It baffles me just how adorable Saori is! How can one person be so damn cute!?

Mayuka's so demure and gentle, I can't help but feel super soothed whenever I see her. She makes me want to relax and have a bubble bath... XD


A group that has Idols older than I, FINALLY!

I really love Miran, she has the same shark-like quality MM'15's Ishida Ayumi once had, before she learned how to control her inner Jaws...

Sigh, the Shark is high in this one... -hums Jaws theme happily-

Himarin, where are your bunny ears!? You're the Usamimi Chairman, for cryin' out loud! >o>

I'm gonna await the day they do an Alice in Wonderland themed PV, and pray that Himarin plays the White Rabbit... #DREAMSFORHOUPRI

Urrrgh, Sahochiiiii, why you so cute!? Seriously, how the feck did it take so long for you to get promoted and get actual solo shots?

I'm so happy to see her shining smile and beautiful face, I could cry ;O; I did cry

Three Lil' cuties, sittin' on a couch...

Nudge over and let the Chiiman in there, kay? >o> I'm your Prince(ss) for the day!!!


Seriously, Saori's the only reason I screencapped this part xD She enchants me so~

... I want to dress Miran in an Elf or Gremlin costume, she would look so cute >o>

And noooo, I'm not kidding XD Can't y'all just picture her as a cute elf!? Even her ears look a little pointy from here!

I swear, these two could be twins! GAH!!!

Tweedledum and Tweedledee!?!?!?!?!?!?

... Guys, I think Maika has a bad case of the Crazy Eyes again >o>

Right, whip out yo wands, we're gonna fix that for her!

It's Bibbity...


Motherfuckin' BOO TIME!

Put 'em together and whaddaya got?

Bibbity Bobbity BOO! It's like magic!

Believe me, the gif was needed for this XD

And now they're motherfuckin' Sparkly Vampire-Princesses! FINALLY!!!!

Also, nice attention to detail on that random shooting star there o3o When you wish upon a star... Wrong movie!!!!

Miran: "Hey, I'm hungry! Get me a sandwich thiiiiis big!"

... No, Miran, I cannot find you a subway sandwich that size to nom on >o>

-plays Jaws theme on a loop-

I still really hate those motherfuckin' sleeves on their pretty dresses XD Kinda wanna chop them off and use them as weapons, they're so pointy!

Let's be honest here, my Miho baby is so perfect! <3

Also, anyone notice how the crowns say Houkago Princess on them? That's some Motherfuckin' attention to detail! Thanks, Universal!

Skirts. Skirts flying everywhere!!!

Haven't seen this much skirt fly since S/mileage, actually!

Perfect baby is perfect, urrrrgh, how are you so wonderful!?

Oh, yeah, you're a Michishige. No wonder.

Nana: "... I see you over there, not Oshi'ing me."

... Whoops, gotta run! -runs over the hills and far away-

Ahhh, my Princesses, curtsying to me, their Prince-Queen... Blogger thing o3o

Either way, they're bowing to me, yay!

This is apparently a magic castle, because damn, the good china is floating and dancing above the table! Didn't think that happened anywhere except in Beauty and the Beast!

... That is also another PV concept I would love for HouPri to try out, actually! TRY ALL THE DISNEY!!!

FAVE SCENE!!!! GAAAAH so perfect! ;w;

Vivian will agree ^o^ <3

<3 I want to gif everything Mayuka, to be honest. She soothes me completely, makes me feel human again, y'know?

Maika shines so brightly in this PV, like damn, this is the brightest she's shone since joining HouPri.

Didn't think that could happen, actually o-O

Miran also shines damn brightly in this. Shark-Idols shine Bright Like A Diamond~

I could screen capture Saorin all day, she's so picture-friendly, I swear! <3

By now, you can only guess I want to screen grab all the HouPri!!!

And why ever not? They're so cute, and just look at Himarin in all her Royal glory!

Me: "SAHOCHIIIIIIII!!!!" -cries with happiness-

^ Me every damn time I watch this PV. I'm a sap for Sahochi.

... I am having such a giant Oshi rush right now, you have no idea, y'all.

-Me, behind that tree- Mihotan... pssst, Mihotan... I love you. -vanishes away, giggling-

Nana: "Oshi me now, or I'll Bibbity Bobbity Blitz the fuck out of you right here, right now."

Okay, Nana's getting aggressive in her pursuit for fans! Time to make like a tree, and leave!!!

Holy heck, this is almost a Top Three here for me! If Sahochi were here, it'd be a Top 4!

Seriously though, don't they all look so perfect!? Yes, yes they do. It's like a friendly School Graduation photo, with Mihotan and Miran as the bubbly, irresponsible friends, and Saorin as the 'mom' of the group XD

Werk that pout, Miran! Duck Face for the camera, yeah!

<3 So beautiful, so doll-eyed, so... mesmirising and... wonderful...


Okay, I love Mayuka and all, but she does sometimes look like someone sucked the soul out of her and left the shell of her body to walk the Earth, kinda like a... a...

... a Stepford Wife Zombie? o-O I may have accidentally figured something out!

Nana: "Whoa, whoa, whoa... I never did anything to Mayuka, no soul-sucking or whatever it is you kids call it these days. I'm innocent, I tell ya, hands in the air innocent!"

... o-O Nana, I'm scared of you now.

Look at Nana, showing off all over again...

Put that wand down, girl, before you poke somebodies eye out!

Seriously, these girls sparkle more than the cast of Twilight o-O

Let's be honest, someone in editing really loved using the 'outer glow' tool here xD

Okay, that's some ace shading on those trees, there. Bravo, artists!

I think this is the funniest part I've seen in this entire MV, I really can't get over the fact that they're sitting in what looks like a cardboard carriage XD

Nana singing a part of the bridge on a bridge... huh.

Nana, you look so lovely and sweet! I'm glad you no longer feel the need to kill me for not being your fan...

Nana: "Oh, don't fret, your time shall come..."

Ah, shit o 3o

This is probably the most perfect scene for Mayuka. She fits the demure, pleasant, princess-y look when sitting on the steps of the palace so beautifully!

-Dramatically begins to sing On the Steps of the Palace from Into the Woods-

Come on, it has to be done!!!

Oh look, the clock finally made an appearance!

Which, by the way, is about to strike 12, so er... run along, Maika-rella. You're gonna get caught by the Prince, otherwise.

Maika: -Dances in a Diva-like way, ignores Chiima as she does so-

Holy damn, those sleeves could totally cut someone!

Maika: "And I'll cut you if you don't shut up about my sleeves!"

Okay, okay! Geez... touchy.

Okay, that's a beautiful ballroom, but it's a little, er... pink.

I prefer the white/blue one that they danced together in, to be honest.

Y'know... THIS SCENE 8D

Seriously, that backdrop is soooo pretteh!!!

Okay, time to bow down to Prince-Queen Chiima again, woohoo!!!! <3

Also, panning shots! <3 I LOVE PANNING SHOTS!!!! if y'all didn't know, already ;D


... I am done now o 3o

Nana: "Ready to Oshi me yet and name me Queen of HouPri?"

Nope xD

Nana: "... I'm totally gonna poison your Oshi in the next MV."


Maika can do Crazy Eyes, Overly Happy, and... Smug. She is so freakin' smug here XD

Maika: "Mufufufu, I know I'm better than all of you~"

... A little more motivation in your movement, please, Mayuka XD I love ya, but please, more smiles, more happy eyes! The camera loves ya, baby, but it can't do all the work!

This scene was difficult to screencap; either get Saorin looking like a happy grandma, or this doe-eyed picture of open-mouthed cuteness.

Ooooh, fireworks are behind her!

Miran, beautifully goofy XD <3

Definition of Beautiful: Michishige Saho.

And then...

The awkward smile!!! AND SHE NAILS IT!!!!

Wonderful, truly amazing, beautiful and gorgeous... an effortless, sweet, awkward smile for all the ages! It has been done!!! -applauds loudly-

Y'know, Himarin can do demure too, though I love her big smiles best. She's super cute here, though!!! <3 -pinches Himarin's cheeks-

Yep, you're my favourite, for sure! <3

Gosh, Mihotan's so damn lovely <3

I actually wish we saw more of the two-partner dance scenes ;w; they looked so nice! Moar Sahochi and Mayukyandi dancing, plox

They curtsy real nice, though.

Also, daaamn, look at that landscape in the background! Holy shit, all those pretty colours! <3

HouPri Leeeeeeeeeeeeeegs!!!!

HouPri in general, actually, but yes, LEGS!!! Always good for a PV!

And that is how we end a PV in HouPri Land! But is the story truly over? You will have to wait and see next time, when a new fairy tale marks its beginning...

Okay, so I admit, it has been a long while since I started this post. It's been waiting in my 'to finish' pile for a while now, with only the review portion left to do. Why haven't I done it, you ask?

Work. Work and basically wanting to sleep all day afterwards, because I do late shifts. That, and being ill. I'm currently trying to find a balance between work and play, which will only get increasingly harder once University starts, but you know what? I think I can do it! At least, I hope I can do it, because writing is what relaxes me, and writing about Idols is what makes me happy, too, so let's see if I can do it, shall we?

Anyways, let's get back to the PV at hand here...


At least, that was how I felt when I finally had the CD in my hands and watched the PV in full. Of course, I cried when I saw it, and I was super happy with it too, because despite the fact that it didn't exactly go the way I thought it would (I anticipated a story line, but hey, this isn't AKS, so my hopes were too damn high) it is still a remarkably pretty PV, and the most polished of theirs since their final indies single, Manatsu no Yoru no Yume.

Also, this feels like a glorious start of something Princessy and beautiful, which I'm not gonna complain about, because I love Princesses, and I adore the concept Universal have made for HouPri; school girls by day, Princesses by night. Once the Clock strikes 4, the magic will begin... Seriously, this is a nice selling story, if anything, and it actually works for them really well. It's a concept that will last a while (and one we may eventually tire of) because Princesses are huge everywhere, and because Disney.
 If these girls don't get a Disney deal out of this any time soon, I may get sad.

Anyways... as I was saying, this is currently the groups most polished PV of the few they have released since their initial debut back in 2011, and also the first to feature a completely CGI backdrop. Though HouPri have actually had some decent settings for their indies Music Videos, their Major Debut MV features instead a watercolour, seemingly hand-painted backdrop that reminds you of, and basically represents, a story book setting. Yes, that gets me, and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside, because I freaking love fairytales and the idea of story book settins, and what better way to introduce HouPri to the Major Idol world than to, you know, make them out to be these Princesses from another world, a magical world?

It's a freakin' cute idea, one that fits Universal's new selling point for HouPri perfectly actually, and it works with the song, too. It's almost like HouPri, after being positioned by Universal for a major debut, were thrown into their own story book adventure and became true princesses, leaving the hardships of being an indies Idol behind...

Y'know, something like that. One minute they are in the real world, the next, they're in their perfect, CGI dream!

I enjoy the PV entirely, and whilst it was not what I imagined it would be, it's still really wonderful and a treat in my eyes. The members of HouPri shine so brightly in this, they look super happy, and the small attention to detail on even the little things like the clock, the book, the tiaras... it's amazing, and it works for the idea behind the song and video. It's like a proper fairy tale, and it is beautiful, especially the watercolour backdrops.

That said, despite how much I do enjoy it, I will say this; it disappointed me greatly that it was all in CGI, all but the opening and ending scenes. I really did hope we would get a little bit of the MV in a real setting, even if it was a handcrafted, studio setting. Really, that was the biggest disappointment for me... but, I can let that go, because the PV is too freakin' cute to dislike!

As a PV, Seifuku Cinderella is cute, fun and the perfect fairy tale setting for Houkago Princess and their major debut! It's wonderful, and it's the best I have seen of HouPri in a while. Really, it feels like with their Major Debut, they brought their A game and showed just how amazing they are, and that right now, this is them in their prime.

It's a cute PV, and hey, if you don't like it, you never know... maybe the kids will instead! I mean, who doesn't like Princesses!? Come on!

So overall, it's a good PV, at least that's what I think. It's a different vibe to what Manatsu no Yoru no Yume delivered, for sure, but it still holds quality and the happiness that I have come to know from HouPri. It may not look like their most expensive PV, that's for sure, but it does have some nice attention to detail, and it's definitely the story book beginning I've been waiting for since I became a fan of these girls.

You can watch the full PV HERE on Dailymotion. Blogger hates me, and will not let me add Dailymotion links. URGH!!!

If you are a fan or not of Houkago Princess, what are your thoughts on the PV? Did it intrigue you, or did it just leave you yawning and wishing for the ball to end quicker? Let me know!

I hope you all enjoyed this jumbled review, and until next time, please take care, stay happy and healthy and, of course, love Idols to the fullest!

Much Love,