Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Top 11 Recommended Idol Groups to Watch and Enjoy ~According to Chiima~

After so long without one, GUESS WHO FINALLY MADE A LIST AGAIN!? YEEEEAH!!!!

A while back on Facebook, my friend Calli of the blog Calli Loves Hello! Project asked if someone could compile a list of recommended Idol groups that were not a part of the Hello! Project or 48 franchise, as she wished to branch out a little in the Idol realm, and find some new groups that she could potentially fall in love with, as she has with Hello! Project. So, I compiled my own list for her, an A-B-C of sorts for various Idol groups, and sent it her way so that she could find something she liked for the future.

Now, though, after sending that file some days ago, I've become inspired by Calli's own plight, and thought it would be worthwhile to compile a list of the Top 10 groups that I would recommend to Idol fans who, like many others, wish to branch out from the bigger groups we all know and love. So, here I am, writing up this post for you all, to see if you can find a group you never thought you knew of before!

By no means are these groups the best in the world of Idols right now, but with such an extensive range of groups and Idols in the J-pop right now, these are merely the groups that I am recommending from my own experience with their PV's or music. Not all of these groups are my personal favourites, either, but groups I think that you could all get behind and eventually fall in love with, either from what I have seen, or what others have said to me. Really, this is simply a list of a couple of groups that aren't in the big leagues that you may potentially enjoy in the long run - hopefully, there will be at least one within this list that you enjoy. If not, then I've failed you all! Haha~

Anywhoo, enough blabbering on, let's get to the list that I have been dying to do since I decided that I wanted to create it! Even though it's not a big list by any means, I do hope that you find a group in here that you seem to like, or even a group that you already love! For now, please, enjoy as you read!

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Syachihoko

Now here's a group that freaks me the frick out, and yet, I'm still suggesting them. Why? Because if you like nuts with your Idols, then I guess Team Syachihoko is one of those groups to go for - they're a bit intense, kind of like MomoClo were back in the day, way before they became sellouts - and, admittedly, they are quite cute, full of beans and energy, so they'll keep you happy and entertained for hours on end!

From the fans that I know who adore Team Syachihoko, I've only ever really heard good things about the group. It's only my own personal dislike for the overly weird and whacky that stops me from becoming a fan altogether, but I can see how they are great and just why people love them. So, if you're into something a bit out-there and... well, strange and worrying, then I think Syachihoko is your calling! They're a better known group, yes, but not as big as other groups are, hence why they're here.

Saishuu Mirai Heiki mofu

Saishuu Mirai Heiki mofu (let's just call them Saishuu for now, aye?) are still a relatively new group, and to date have released only one PV. Judging from this one PV, however, these girls seem like a group worth watching, so keep your eyes peeled! Not only do they have a member with blue hair (damn cool, son!), their PV is also unique, fun to watch, and the song is catchy but cool in its own way! The members don't put on a voice when singing, and their tone together is pretty unique. I don't know if they are Idols, per say, but honestly, these three girls are people to look out, simply because they're energetic, their PV has personality, and they're lively and look to be damn good performers.

It's their expressions, how they portray themselves on camera and their ability to entertain that truly makes me think that this is a group to look out for and anticipate. So, even without an extensive track list to back them up right now, I say give them a chance, and wait to see how they progress. Saishuu seem worth it, so give them a go and let's see what happens, aye?


I'm already quite the fan of this group, and whilst P.IDL are still only a year-old group, they've already proven that they are a group who strive for quality in their music videos, and that the girls they have hand-picked are top performers, to boot. This year, the group released their summer single Natsu!, and it was honestly one of the funnier summer PV's that I have experienced yet this year, and a blast to watch, too. Though the song isn't much, it's still catchy and suits the theme of the video.

The group, compared to Team Syachihoko, is rather tame (except in this PV - it gets a little risqué!) and they have a similar vibe to AKB I believe, though with a more innocent, less gimmicky appeal to them. They're cute, they have a good style, and so far their discography has been pretty diverse in terms of how their songs sound.

For a young group, P.IDL are actually pretty strong. They may not be as well known as other groups yet, but seriously, give them a chance and see if you like them. You may just fall in love, and find an Oshi in the process, too!


If I didn't put this group in here, my Cheonny may just rip my arm off. Oooooh!

Here's another group I don't follow, mostly because I actually don't have any interest in them as of yet, however I know that they're pretty damn good. If you like dancing, raw vocals and a chunk of talent in one sitting, Q'ulle may just be for you. I mean, watching Chain, I can definitely see the appeal - they're cool, they aren't girlish Idols who are dainty and sweet. They're raw, sharp and once you start watching them, you can't take your eyes off of them.

They're definitely eye-catching, and honestly, if you are the sort to watch more dance-heavy videos, ones that focus on precision, power behind the moves and passion in what is being done, Q'ulle are your gals in the Idol world. They're talented, but hell, aren't they cool, too!?

Babyraids JAPAN

Okay, so I think that Babyraids JAPAN are pretty cool, though when they first started activities back in '12, I really wasn't convinced. Now, whilst I don't actively look out for them, I try my best to watch anything new that comes out from them, because they're entertaining to watch, simply put. They're talented, energetic, motivated and right now, they're rather cool as well - what more could a fan want? They have some decent music within their repertoire too, and are an enjoyable bunch.

They've grown quite well as a group, and they have some attitude that is entertaining as heck to watch. Not my personal favourites, but I honestly do think they are a group fans of Idols should watch out for and research, simply because they're like a force to be reckoned with. We need to keep our eyes out for these kids, because they're not just cute, they're pretty hardcore!


The group meltia are, to say the least, very cute. Their theme is Lolita, and they hope to spread the concept of 'kawaii' fashion from Tokyo, Harajuku, to around the world. Though they don't actually have PV's yet, the groups main youtube channel will release a performance at least once a month, and more often than not, their videos actually have English subtitles - the group is pretty focused on not only their Japanese audience, but their Western fans, too, and they cater with what they can. That makes them a pretty darned good bunch, in my eyes.

I do recommend this group not only for their cuteness, but also their willingness to break into the Western fandom as well, rather than only focusing on their Japanese fans. It is a shame that the group isn't more well known, or that they haven't released a single or three yet, but what viewers have from them so far is good, I believe; we get to see them perform, and they're pretty good. meltia are still growing as a group, but honestly, they seem to be talented and, of course, worth your time to check out. If you like Lolita fashion, or just like cute girls in general who seem to have great stage presence, then I say have a go at meltia, the loveliest Lolita's around!


As a fan of the adorable i☆RiS, how could I not include them!? Since they started to sing for the Prism Paradise (PriPara) series, it seems that i☆RiS have really come into their own and shown just how great they can be as Idols! As an anime voice-actress unit by trade, the group has only ever really sung songs for Anime series, however they're catchy, cute and generally fun to listen to, so there is sure to be something in their discography that many will like! Aside from cute A-sides that serve as theme songs for various series though, their B-sides are actually the real prizes for this group - they're gems, and some of my favourite songs from i☆Ris.

I really think that, as a group, i☆RiS are a good one to get into because of how charismatic and charming they are, especially in their PV's. The girls look genuinely happy, and their videos are generally very entertaining to watch, and more often than not filled with colour, creating this bright, cheerful and friendly environment that really pulls in the viewers and makes you want to watch more! Also, did I mention that they're energetic and cute to boot? Their costumes are seriously pretty, too!

Anywhoo, how could one turn the charms of these lovely little ladies!? Not me, that's for sure, but check them out when you can, and see if you fall under their colourful spell, too!

Yumemiru Adolescence

YumeAdo is one of those up-and-coming groups, and for good reason; they're a seriously talented group, with all of the girls being great performers, and they have some of the best indies PV's you could ask for. They're major now, sure, but they were really noticed for the quality of their work when they were still relatively unheard of with the major groups out there. Seriously though, if you delve back into their works from their indies days and see how they have grown, you will surely notice just how cool this group is.

It's not just their videos that are amazing and cool though, but their songs are great, too - they have a nice, diverse discography, and whilst not all of their songs cater to my tastes, I still like a good chunk of what they sing. Really though, they're just an awesome, powerful group that has great PV's, ones that really get you to notice the presence and greatness of Yumemiru Adolescence.

They can do typical Idol, but the route that they've undertaken as cool and mature Idols is a route that truly separates them from other groups, and one that makes them stand out. Seriously, they are awesome! (Also, be sure to check out the PV for Mawaru Sekai - it's great!)

Wake up, Girls!

A personal favourite, as well as a group with far too few releases, Wake up, Girls! are an anime-voice actress unit that was created solely for the anime of the same name, and so far, the girls have only released songs for the anime itself and have yet to release much else until the new movie comes out next year. That said, this group is very good - the girls are talented, they have shining characters even when singing, they're entertaining to watch, and their music is so spot on! Wake up, Girls! was one of my favourite groups last year, the anime too, and I'm impatiently awaiting more from them as a group.

Though their discography is still small, they're still a group that are worth a look at, and a group that is truly worth the wait. Honestly, if you don't mind waiting for singles, this group is one that is worth every ounce of patience waiting for. Plus, if you have the time, then definitely check out the anime that accompanies the group and their songs! They are totally worth every second of your time, I assure you!

Doesn't hurt that they're all cutie pies, either, does it?


So, there are going to be one of two groups you will definitely see in this list, and that's either HouPri, or Doll☆Elements, and because I harp on about HouPri enough here, I thought it best to mention my #2 group right now, the cute and gentle Doll☆Elements! Really, what is there not to like? With a concept of being dolls who come to life, they are an enchanting, sweet group with a lovely theme that actually works well for them, and one that they play out perfectly. I love the world that has been built around the girls in each PV, how these 'dolls' are, in the real world, the friends of various little girls, but in the world of Dolls, they are alive and thriving, dancing and singing and basically becoming the reality of their owners' imagination. It's really intriguing, and it's fun! It actually reminds me of how, when I was a child, I would think my own dolls came to life when I wasn't looking.

You can tell that the director for the groups music videos gets creative each time by trying to show off their doll-like feel in each new video created, whether it's with stop-motion editing or by using a giant sofa or pencils. There is always something there to make that world seem even more real, to bring these dolls to life and make them more than a story from our imaginations. It's a great theme for Doll☆Elements, and they work it perfectly. I love them for it, and I think that others will, if the group is given a chance!

Moso Calibration

Though I'm still in the process of trying to follow this group, I think that, of all the groups out there right now, Moso Calibration is that one group we should all watch out for - they are like the better version of, the version that can actually hold a tune and still produce an interesting PV that will entice and enchant you as a viewer. The girls all look good, they have great camera presence, and whenever I watch a video of theirs, I can't help but feel intrigued.

They're interesting, quirky, they have a fun look to them, and their videos just keep you wanting to watch more! Not to mention the members are adorable and sweet to look at, too, meaning that we are graced with beauty as well as entertainment. They're just a ball of fun, not as nuts as Team Syachi or are, but still whacky enough to keep you rooted to your seat, yet not wish to run away.

I do like Moso Calibration, and I think that as a group, they are one we should all look out for in the future, keeping an eye on their progress, and hopefully see them rise to the top one day! Who knows... it could happen!

Honorable Mentions

Niji no Conquistador (They creep me out a bit, but eh, cuties)
Otome Shinto (The tamest of the nut-jobs, I swear)
Tsuribit (Because their theme is fishing, and they're ADORABLE!!!)
Heisei Kotohime (They use 'koto', and wear Kimono. What more could I want?)
elfloat (a nice little group, one with a fairy concept, and their music is damn catchy!)
Cheeky Parade (Though I pay them little attention, they are good, and very cool, too)
READY to KISS (They have some nice music, plus their vocals are diverse, as are the members. They're great to watch, too!)


Though it's not a great big list, I hope that what I have mentioned here has opened you up to some new groups to enjoy and get to know! Some of them are indeed my personal favourites, however I would like to think I was a tad diverse here with my pickings, and that you at least found one group to enjoy for a little while!

Of course, I would also love to know which groups you yourselves recommend to other fans to watch and enjoy as well! If you have a recommendation for us all, please be sure to leave the group in the comments below! Maybe I'll put it into a future post with everyone's recommendations, a Readers' Voice, possibly? We shall see!

This list was fun to do, and it was nice to pick out some groups I wouldn't otherwise choose for myself. Here's to hoping that, just maybe, you found a new group to fall in love with~


  1. Interesting list. I'm actually surprised you know about Saishuu Mirai Heiki mofu. I found their video on a J-idol YouTube playlist the other day and found it really interesting.

    For me I like avex's idols (iDOL Street, Fairies, and lately I've been interested in TGS), as they tend to have high-quality production. My recent OBSESSION though has been a group called Osaka Shunkashuto. You should definitely check them out, especially if you like idols with a rock sound. (IDK if you do Chiima, that last 'you' was meant generally, haha.)

    1. That is literally how I found out about Saishuu Mirai Heiki mofu! I check the list regularly, because I like listening to different groups and such, and they really appealed to me and stood out! They're AWESOME!!!

      Yeah, Avex is really high quality and out-there in my opinion, even the smaller, unknowns in their forest of groups and Idols. And oooog Osaka Shunkashuto... never heard of them, but intriguing indeed!