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The Top 11 Idol Bellies! ~According to Chiima~

PLEASE NOTE: Some images within this post may be NSFW, depending on how strict your work environment is. If you have various people milling around, or you are in school or somewhere public, please do NOT jump past the break point within this post. Likewise, if you dislike seeing Idols in bikini's or underwear, then do not press on. You have been warned!

Because I am such a gross Idol fan, and also because I'm in the mood for Top 11 lists lately (let's cherish this, I don't typically do lists, right?) I thought that it would be a swell idea to talk about the Top 11 Idol Bellies according to, well, myself. So, why don't we?

The idea for this came to me when I was talking to a fellow HouPri fan on Twitter, and he asked who one of the girls in my banner was, because her tummy was 'delicious'. By asking this, and then proceeding to tell me that he rather loved Lovetan of AKB's belly, I suddenly felt inspired to do another Top 11 list, one that was whacky but fun, of the Top 11 Idol bellies that I rather like to look at, and think are the cream of the crop in Idoldom, so to speak.

Of course, as with every list I create, this post is simply a jumble of numbers and Idols that I personally think have great bellies, ones that stand out to me. These don't, and won't, reflect your personal opinions of which Idols have great bellies - this is simply a collection of the Top Bellies that I found rather appealing.
 Also, in regards to this post, it is meant to be for fun, shits and giggles. Really, don't take it too seriously. I'm here only to have fun, and to pass on my weirdness to everyone around me and show you just how bonkers my Top 11 lists can get.

With that all said and done, let's press on and get into the post that will be as enticing as a slice of cheesecake! Because the tummies of our Idols makes the world go round, today we shall be appreciating 11 lovely, scrummy bellies for the heck of it! Will there be an Idol you adore on this list, or maybe a belly you didn't know was so belly-liscious?

If you're ready, leeeeeeeeeeeeet's GO!!! Hai!


Koike Mami

Damn Mamitan!

Okay, so, damn, this girl has a nice figure. You wouldn't think it, what with her hiding it all under her uniform for Station♪ performances, but seriously, Mamitan has such a good tummy! Not too skinny, and hey look, belly button! I actually really like her tummy, hence why she's here, but it wasn't the first tummy I thought of when I started up this list... which is why she's at #11 on my list. Seriously though, her tummy is just... gaaargh, it's cute, alright?

Also, if y'all don't mind my saying, it looks comfy as heck, too! Can I have a belly pillow, Mamitan?

Right-oh... NEXT UP!?

Mori Saki
(Up Up Girls)

HELLO scrumptious belly button! *^*

Okay, so, a few days ago, someone posted something on facebook, and it was Mori Saki in a bikini, I believe, and she was doing a photoshoot... at that moment, I really didn't think much about it aside from 'HOLY HECK, MORI IN A BIKINI, YASSS!!!' and then promptly forgot about these pictures. Now, however, after deciding to create this little list of tummy yumminess, I thought that, hey! Mori has a cute belly, right?

Right! So, she had to come in here, especially since, of them all, she actually has the most intriguing belly button (to me), which is too cute to not look at! Really, the high point of Mori Saki's tummy is her belly button, at least, it is to me.

Okies... NEXT!!!

Ueno Yuuka

Hows about a little bit of cheeky tummy, there? ;)

Ah, Yuuka, you do bring me so much joy. So much so, I think I am indeed falling in love with you! And, to make yourself even more perfect, you present unto us all your lovely, perfect Idol tummy! Seriously, I actually didn't know that Ueno had this kind of figure, or that beautiful tummy, until I accidentally found a hoard of bikini pictures of this girl when trawling the internet one day, looking for pretty pictures of my favourite soloist as of 2013. So, I was astounded by how lovely her tummy is, and how... well, sexy Ueno can actually be. Like, naturally, she has a very sexy aura in some images. I'm surprised.

Seriously though, that tummy... YUUUUUM!!!

Hashimoto Kanna
(Rev.from DVL)

I took one look at her tummy and immediately thought 'holy shit, that's a cute tummy!' and then proceeded to laugh at my own thoughts.

Okay, so I admit that with Kanna, I originally intended to choose her because I was running out of ideas for who to include on here, but once I saw her stomach, I knew right away that she was 'The Once in a Thousand Years Belly' for this list. Like, heck, her tummy and bellybutton are too adorable for words, kind of like her smile! I just couldn't help but feel like this was cuteness in its truest form, from stomach to smile, you know?
 That's a bit absurd, a terrible expression of thought - then again, I'm an absurd person altogether! (Ha!)

Honestly though, I'm glad I thought of Kanna for the list, because it lead me to her cute little stomach, which allowed me to add her to this list and appreciate just how glorious her belly can be!

All Hail, the Once In A Thousand Years Belly!!!

Kojima Haruna

Because even a Demon can appreciate the suburb stomach of Kojima Haruna.

Even when I don't like an Idol, I will openly admit things that I think are good about them no matter what, such as their merits and skills, and gosh darnit, it's time to come clean and admit that KojiHaru's tummy is one the Heavens would smile upon. She may bore me and feel like she's just... I dunno, something pretty to look at, but heck, that belly is a good'un.
 Next, I'm going to admit that I actually think she's a pretty good model. I'll stop lying to myself, from now on, I swear~

Really, though, KojiHaru's tummy is pretty darned superb, one of the nicest on here actually. She could actually be a lot higher, if it wasn't for how I personally felt towards her xD I'm a bitch, I know. Still, KojiHaru has a very attractive stomach, and I kinda wanna poke it. Dunno why, I just do.

That tummy, it's... YUMMEH!!! Let's revel in the short-lived KojiHaru love, aye?

Lee Jong-suk
(South Korean Actor)


I sat here, for quite a while might I add, laughing at myself like a crazy woman as I tried to find some pictures of male Idols, actors or the like, thinking 'yeah, I'm gonna troll my own post, and add a topless guy on here! LET'S DO IT!!!" simply because I didn't know who else to put on here... only to realise that, after finding some pictures, I just couldn't take myself seriously any more.
 Not that this is a serious post, or that I have ever been serious, but... yeah.

Anywhoo, these pictures came courtesy of my dear friend Vivian, who helped me out when I asked for male Idols who were topless, for this post. Because Vivian only knows K-Pop Idols, I thought 'why the hell not', considering I've already gone straight from female Idols to a male Idol, and so she presented me with one of her favourite guys from her hoard of 'boyfriends', and gave me the deliciousness that is Lee Jogn-suk. OOOOOH, Hello~
 So here's some male eye candy for you, courtesy of Vivian and Chiima!

Really though, I have no clue who Lee Jong-suk is, but GOOD GRAVY, isn't he yummy!? Forget the stomach, LOOK AT THAT BODY!!! Also, he has a cute smile, and I kind want to, y'know, just steal him?

Maybe I should start watching K-Dramas now, and make him my daydream boyfriend? Yes. Yes I may!

Shiina Hikari
(Soloist, Model)

Is it just me, or did my package come with some extra tummy!?

Good gravy, I love Pikarin, and I love her tummy, too! Like, seriously, if there wasn't already enough to like about her, she had to go and flaunt her midriff to me and taunt me a little more, as well as many other fans. So, she's kind of beyond perfect, sinfully so, and she knows it. Gosh darnit!

Pikarin's tummy is so, so nice to look at though, I think it's really appealing! I didn't know she had this sort of a tummy though until recently, when I stumbled upon some images of her from a magazine that showed her with her midriff showing. I was surprised, but dude, that belly! It's too nice!!!

The Idol of the Underworld has a perfect stomach, people!

Mukaichi Mion

Probably the most perfect stomach in all of the 48 Franchise. SRSLY!

Lemme be honest; I fell in love at first sight of the belly with this one, and even though I still have no freakin' clue who she is, or whether she's worth looking out for in the maze that is the 48 cluster, I know this: Her belly is one of the loveliest bellies to grace my yes. Like, damn. That. BELLEH!!!

Heck, I think it's a lot better than the bellies above, y'know, a better quality one in a sense... it feels like Mion has this high quality stomach that's just calling to me, making me think 'yeah, I should follow her, because tummy reasons', even if that's an absurd reason to follow an Idol. She has a really freakin' good stomach though, at least from what I can see, and much like Mamitan's, it looks comfy as heck and also, a tad poke-able.

... Guys, I may be developing a belly fetish xD Oh wait I already had this fetish long ago, nevermind!

Ikuta Erina
(Morning Musume '15)

And then emerges a Queen among the Peasants of Bellies.

I'm completely biased, alright? I've loved Eripon long enough already, and I still adore her, but I have also always loved seeing that little bit of stomach come out from time to time. Sure, it's not as frequent as it once was, however when we see it, we all adore it - and I mean most of the fandom. Seriously, I've seen many Western fans talk about this stomach (as well as her impressive muscles) in pure amazement, because it is a glorious tummy, one to behold all, and one to basically bow down to. Eripon, Master of Tummies!!!

Eripon has an amazing stomach, and I love it! She's glorious in many areas, but her stomach, it truly is awesome and deserving of recognition on its own, so, here's my recognition! The amazing feature of Morning Musume '15, Eripon's stomach!!! HUZZAH!!!

But, if it's so awesome, then why didn't it make #2 or #1!? Well, that's because...

Kizuki Shiori
(Houkago Princess)

Saorin's tummy is a tease.

Simple as, Saorin has one of the most teasing peeks of tummy I have ever seen. I think it's because we rarely see her midriff, so when you see that little peep of skin from under her shirt when she's singing and dancing, you think it's so nice and so... well, so adulterous and tempting! Truly, Saorin has the most erotic tummy of them all!!

I think it's because I don't always see Saori's stomach that, when I see it, I feel like it's truly a great thing. She has a nice stomach anyway, but it's generally hidden, and honestly, when I thought of this list, one of my first thoughts was actually the picture to the left, and how much I like it and the bit of midriff we see from Saorin here. I guess it's the modesty and rareness that makes her stomach so appealing to me, but, truly, I think that Saori has a wonderful stomach, and that it must be appreciated greatly!

Power to the stomach, Power to Saorin, because damnit, that innocent peek of tummy is so adorable, but such a tease!

Uemura Akari

This is the Belly of Dreams, and it should be classed as a crime to hide the lovely Uemu belly. I'm not kidding, either.

I think it goes without saying that, within the borders of the H!P realm, Uemura Akari has the best stomach of them all, and that she is quite possibly in a league of her very own with the power of her stomach and how great it truly is. I mean, who doesn't love a little bit of Akari belly, every now and again?

I guess it's a good thing that, of nearly all the members in H!P, Akari is one of the few to show off her belly the most, because it is one of her most defining features now - we've all become accustomed to seeing the belly, we're used to having it on show, and hey, it actually suits Akari to show off her midriff! Plus, her bellybutton is adorable, and she is, of course, amazing at showing off her lovely tummy in all its delicious glory!

Uemuu is my #1 here because, above everyone else, she has the tummy that I simply like the most. There are many impressive tummies around, however Uemuu's is glorious and, as I said, in its very own league!

An out of this world tummy, for sure!!!

Honorable Mentions

Miyazaki Yuka - A peek of that Juicy peach belly is all I need to go on...
Shimazaki Haruka - Mmmm... Paruru belly...~
Sashihara Rino - BELLEH!!! A Prize Belly, at that, one fit for a Sosenkyou Queen!
Nakajima Saki - Stomach of all beautiful stomachs, and yummy <3
Seto Koji - Let's just say he is HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!
Kamenashi Kazuya - He's here because daaaaaamn, son!

Honorable Mentions Part 2

Kusumi Koharu - Her belly is one of the most delicious of them all, and an absolute God-send to the Idol world!
Yajima Maimi - Because many fans are like 'why isn't Yajima here!?' xD Truly, her tummy is lovely, I do agree!
Iikubo Haruna - Her tummy is one of those divine beings, I swear...


This is a silly post, but a fun one to do, nonetheless. It's also a nice little thing to do whilst I procrastinate on my actual PV pic spam reviews, yet still a way of updating and showing you guys just how weird I can get with my post ideas and such. Still, this is something that was a whale of a time to do, and had me giggling a lot at the pure stupidness of it.
 I like to be weird, and I like making lists that aren't of the norm here. It's a charming point about myself, these weird ideas, I swear!

Seriously though, this was just for a bit of fun, and not mean to be taken to heart or even taken seriously. This is what happens when I procrastinate, yet still want to write, and to share my weird ideas with everyone. Hopefully, if you have read up to this point, you enjoyed the post in all of its light-heartedness, and even found a belly for yourself that you rather liked!

Until I update again, I do hope that you all have a great week and that you continue to love Idols, and live happily!

Take care and have fun!

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