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In-Coming! It's The Summer Baka!? Let's Look at's 'Otsukare Summer' MV!

All thoughts and opinions within this very post are my own! I don't expect y'all to agree with me, so yeah! Thanks and ciao!

Summer is well underway, though recently it has rained here, like it's winter or something. Then again, I live in Britain, and the weather is as sporadic as my upload schedule on both Youtube and my Blog. By that, I mean I've been neglecting doing my reviews again, mostly because I've actually been reading books, and possibly because I fell into a bit of a blogging slump... this is normal, this is what I do, and for a few weeks, I've been trying to do this review, and failed to finish it. Well, today's the day! I shall finish this review, before the Summer dares to end!

So, what PV will I be reviewing and rambling on about today, huh?

I know, I know; What is doing here, Chiima!? Y'all don't like that sort of music, right? Chiima, are you well? CHIIMA, ARE YOU SANE!?

I was never sane to begin with, and also, music tastes can change, like taste buds with food and the like, and for some reason this summer, I thought to take a look at's latest release for the summer season and see what I might like about it, though it was more likely to see if I would dislike it greatly, like I do the rest of their releases. As many of my friends know, I generally don't like; their vocals are not to my tastes.

And yet, I was wrong, because oddly enough, Otsukare Summer! appealed to me, to the point where, dare I say it? it has become my most-frequented, favourite Summer song of 2015. I really like it, and I can't stop listening to it.

Hells Bells, Denpagumi did it.

This is the first song I have listened to fully, the first I have cared to have on repeat. I mean, I'm not a fan of them, but this might be the start of something, because damn, I enjoy this, and I actually really enjoyed the b-sides for this single, too.
 As I said, tastes can change, and mine may have matured. Maybe I've become immune to really horrible vocals? Who knows?

Anyway, I'll stop babbling here and get into the review towards the end. For now, though, we're gonna look at some pretty pictures, and stare at the glory that is!

It's the summer, but are you ready for a summer filled with fun, a bit of stupidity, and great happiness? I sure am, and I'm gonna celebrate it with! Grab your drinks in that coconut shaped mug you have somewhere, throw on your swimming costume, and enjoy a summer of fun and silliness, Denpa style!

Ready? Let's Go, SUMMER!

Opening with a push-up bra Summer commercial. Huh...

Wait... what? WHAT!?

Ah, Holy Shit o-O

Attack of the Denpa

Model-chan: "Fuck this shit, I QUIT!!!"


Here, have a face-full of Mirin! Griiiin~

If these girls actually directed a video or photoshoot, I would actually feel a little scared... xD

Hanabi is actually one of my favourite Japanese words xD Also... YUKATA!!!!! <3

Holy shit though, these vibrant colours...

I think Moga has my favourite voice in this unit, and when you're the only decent singer in a group of terrible singers.. that ain't hard to do.

Also, EAR!!! *^*


I-is that a Body-Poppin' Sun!?

In my own weird little world, Eimi is in love with this body-poppin' Sun xD

... Wait, is Mirin is a Yankee!?

She sounds like one o-O I'm slightly impressed, huh

Wait, WHAT!?

What the...

Okay, what the flying fuck? Hahahaha!!!

It's like Transformers, but with Identifiable Japanese landmarks or something!

Oh Lordeh, this is beautiful!


If they don't start marketing Denpa-trons, I'm gonna be highly disappointed xD

If the camera didn't move so damn much, I would screen caption the hell out of this portion of the MV. It's my favourite o3o


Cars are ALWAYS a highlight for the true Summer experience, amiright? No, no I'm not

Okay, I really want one those towels. Y'know, for the beach, to throw around... spin over my head when I hear this song. Normal things, yeah?


Okay, so are the Denpa-trons meant to be good guys, or...? What are they? Please divulge, video xD

What is this, a leisurely stroll through Tokyo!?


... Wait a second, are those human-pulled carriages!?, what slave-drivers!... Literally!


Oh my, someone's excited XD

... Okay, this feels kinda kinky, in a car-porn kinda way xD

I've never thought a car was sexy... UNTIL NOW XD XD XD

Wait a second, THAT'S NOT A CAR!!!

But yes, yeeees, grip the handles... Help me, Lordeh xD

In many ways, this part of the entire MV is done in a really weird, sexual way.

At least, that's the vibe I get from it. I suppose it's to really rev the engines of vehicle lovers, in many ways.

... NOW, SIT ON IT!!!!

Feels good, dun'it?

... And that, dear readers, is Vehicle pronz. NUUU!!!!

And then we're thrown into Green-Screen land once again as the girls ride their scuba thingies, whatever they're called.

Let's just say, Eimi looks fuckin' nuts XD Poor Ayane, having to deal with Eimi singing behind her.

I wonder what Mirin's thinking of...? Sun-san, perhaps.

Nemu: "Waaah, I'm gonna fall off!!!"
Mirin: "Bitch, my drivin' ain't that bad!"

I'm literally Nemu whenever I'm in a car with one of my sisters... xD And hey, look, Risa's just having a fun time here! Our kinda girl.

Denpa-Trons, it's time for the impossible, it's time to transformation!




... Okay, what? XD

I say 'what?' far too much when watching this PV, I swear.


Even when they're scary, I appreciate a wink~

Please don't let the CGI Fire scorch the beautiful car... >o>

YAAAAY, even the came's get solo shots here!


In many ways, Risa is lovely to look at, but damn, she can be cool, too! Not Yankee enough for me though, not like Mirin.

Okay, just destroy all of Tokyo, why the fuck not?

At least now I can discern that they're the bad guys xD

After destroying all of Tokyo, the Denpagumi girls enjoy a leisurely ice cold drink, looking back on their adventures...

And then there's Mirin, who's just a tad bored.

Mirin: "Urgh, peasants..."

... Okay, this is the best scene ever XD Thank you, Nemu!

... Is this a reference to Line? Also, cutie Ayane!

Hey, I actually really like this background! Super cute!

Mirin's so yankee, I love it XD

That said, I wouldn't want to be left alone in a room with her XD

Ayane's pretty darned cute when she wants to be, but damn, that voice... -gets the earplugs-

... Oh Holy shit, what even is that background!? I'm scared XD

And then there is Moga, the light of the group for me. She's so... vibrant, I swear!

Nemu, though, she makes me laugh XD She's funny in a physical way, and I appreciate that!

Not gonna lie, Eimi both scares and intrigues me...

She mostly scares me, though.

Finally, a slither of normality in this weird PV! Which, if you think about it, is kind of weird in itself... hmmm.... >_>

Now let's PARTY!!!

... Eimi, please don't approach the fire, or attempt to eat it, for that matter. Please, just step away from the fire...




Selfie with the fans!

It has to be done~

This is me, wondering how I have yet to get a headache from listening to this song so many times...

Don't worry, it'll probably along come soon xD

I actually love seeing Nemu in this calm, traditional setting. I also like her when she's weird, too.

Triple Eimi!!!

... Oh shit.

Throw dem Towels! THROW THEM ALL!!! And then give them all to me, I want an Idol Towel XD

Let's be honest; this is a perfect picture. Especially Nemu with her hair <3

Okay, this is a cute way to finish off a song. HUUUUGS!!!! <3

But damn, look at that crowd! Denpagumi be loved!

Okay, so they've had their fun with the green screen, broke the set a bit... and now they're leaving, without paying for the damage.

Way to be responsible for your actions, girls XD

Model-chan: "What the Hell just Happened?"

Pretty much me after watching this video. Pretty much everyone, most likely!

Okay, so let's start with this; I'm not really that knowledgeable when it comes to, being a non-fan and all, and this is still the only song from them that I've really listened to, but I want to say this: Otsukare Summer! has charm, and whilst this is considered to be one of their weakest songs by real fans of the group that I know, for a non-fan like me... this is great.

Thinking about the song before I get into the PV, I want to point out that, for people like myself who may not enjoy what has to offer from their other singles, Otsukare Summer! may be the kind of song that allows us to ease ourselves into the ways of denpa music. It's lighter than usual, but still silly and a frenzy of weird happiness. It's crazy, yes, but it's not like their other songs where I just want to shut it off and stop listening because their voices grate my ears. This one, though simple and probably boring to some, is a song that works for myself, and it has eased me into's style quite well.
 So, for all it's worth, don't hate on the simple tone of it all, because it might just be the song that brings in a new fan. That is what I think, at least.

Regarding the PV, I have always known that are on the border of crazy with their videos, but honestly, they're crazy good, and I do like what they create. They're creative, fun, whacky and weird, but still enjoyable and a good watch. I like their videos, but it was always their vocals that put me off of watching their videos. It was always a shame, but I'd rather not kill my drums for the sake of watching a pretty video. I love all things visual, but damn, don't kill me while I'm watching it, kay!?

Of course, Otsukare Summer's! PV is a fun affair, just like their many of music videos in their ever-growing collection. It's a cluster of green screen and studio shots, with a pinch of live-concert footage thrown in there all for our enjoyment! It's fun, fast-paced, and basically a bunch of weird, questionable summer goodness. In it's own way, it represents summer, but it's definitely different. Different is good, of course, though I do sometimes wonder how their directors came up with this video.
 It's a bit... well, crazy, but it's definitely entertaining to watch!

What I like the most about this video is that, in a way, it feels like it's made to be in the image of the groups own imagination. The girls break into the set, taking over and rushing off the model before completely making the studio theirs. They take control of the cameras, roll on the green screen and star in the video themselves. The scenarios they create throughout the video are produced by chroma key, a variety of backdrops at their hands now. It feels as if the video, in a way, is a production of their own actions, what they think is a fun and energetic summer. They have an image of becoming robots, destroying Tokyo in their wake, and use props and more to make this video their reality. They also perform in it too, to a crowd of wonderful fans, before finally they leave the studio, happy with their work, and end the entire thing.
 It's a weird theory of mine, but yeah, it feels like this video was a device of their own imagination and creativity, in a way.

And yes, I like it!

This is a great video, and though I questioned it during my first few views, I've really come to adore it. I love the randomness of it all, the robots and the body-popping sun, the use of LINE and the little cameos from other actors and actresses. It's a good video, random and weird, yes, but good and great in its own way. It's a summer I wouldn't expect, sure, but it shows the sort of summer we could expect from; fun, but mad.

I still laugh heartily when watching Otsukare Summer, but I adore it as both a video and song. It's wonderful to sing along to, easy to listen to, and the video is a piece of art that I enjoy wholeheartedly! I'd say this is my first love for, and yes, it may be a simple summer song, but if this is what gets me into the group (like, finally!), then it's great in my mind!

I enjoy it, I love the pacing, the camera angles, the silliness of it all. It's non-linear, sure, but it's creative, original and a bundle of joy for the viewer! If you're not really a fan of, I say at least try this song and video, because it might change your mind, too, but even if it doesn't, hey! At least you gave it a chance.

A kick of summer filled with random fun and some really quirky editing! It's Otsukare Summer!, and damn, it's a bundle of whacky joy!

It was fun, I enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed this Review! If you've seen this video as well, be sure to let me know your thoughts on it, and if you're an avid or casual fan of, be sure to let me know what you love or like about them! I would like to know!

Until next time however, take care and enjoy Idols! I hope your week will be merry.

Much Love and HappineSs,

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