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Be Charmed this Season! A Sweet and Tacky Summer with Lovely★DOLL is Nigh in their 'Calendar Girl' PV!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are completely my own. They do not, and should not, reflect the thoughts of others. My opinion is here to simply share, and to show you all what I see from a video, why I like it, what I dislike, etc... may aim is to simply show you what I see, and when I read other reviews, I want to see what others have seen that I missed. There is charm to all PV's, but we all take a look at different aspects that will appeal divinely to us, and not another viewer.

... Okay, that's some very confusing stuff I've written up there. YAY for trying to be insightful!

Neglecting my blog to read books and nothing much else. Ah, that's the life, ain't it?

So, after starting this post and not finishing it for well over two or so weeks, I think it's about time to actually get on with it, and do this Review. So, let's get summer rolling, and listen to some more sunny Idol tunes, shall we? Whomever could we be watching today, hm?

Oh, hey, Lovely★DOLL! Now here's a group I ignore for a good part of the year, and one I don't really have much of an opinion of, either. Not to say this group is dull, because I actually do think their music is decent, it's just... well, they not like Doll☆Elements, and I love the heck out Doll☆Elements.
 Lovely★DOLL, to me, is like the boring older sister counterpart to a fun and creative unit. It's like they had the name originally, but didn't implement the idea that made Doll☆Elements noticeable. Basically, they're just another unit, a rather basic one at that, though they do have their merits, of course.

I'm really throwing this group under the bus here, in terms of how much I prefer their sister unit over them, but I do genuinely find these girls good, just not always... they're like what S/mileage was to me in Hello! Project, last year - on / off. I don't always find myself paying attention to them, and then suddenly, BAM! They make a release that catches my eye, and my attention is on them like white on rice. Generally though, that intrigue is rather short-lived.
 And yes, the intrigue has peaked, because it is summer, and summer is an awesome time for the groups I rarely watch to make their mark, and entertain the heck out of me.

SO, after all of that horrible piece of text about how I basically find this group a bit dull, let's get into the overdose of pictures, and take a look at the PV and song that has, somehow, intrigued me this summer season! Though it isn't amazing, it may just charm the pants off of you! So, are you ready to go? Do you want some Idol summer fun, in a cheap and friendly way? Then Lovely★DOLL is for you!

Let's jump into it, and take a look at Lovely★DOLL's summer fling, Calendar Girl! Will you be marking your Calendars for their next release after this? Let's find out!

1, 2, 3... GO!!!!

... Okay, are those borders fan made, or something? Did I accidentally click a video that was edited for the sake of skipping the copyright claims?


This PV is already better than I thought it would be o3o

Dat booty wiggle, though.

Fave scene, immediately!


OH SHIT, I remember those bubbelgum machines. Always broke on me, those little fuckers.

Mmmm, juice... Suck it aaaaall up...

Not to be mean, but this chick looks kinda... well, high.

That said, she's already started appealing to me! Oddly enough, she has this cuteness about her, despite looking like she takes a hit every hour or two.

AHHH, HOLY SHIT, SHE CAN WINK!!! I mean, she looks like Satan Spawn when winking, BUT SHE CAN WINK!!!

And this one kind of looks like a fish.

Hey, look! This one looks just like Mayuyu, except with more teeth bared for hunting down her Wota-prei!

... And then we meet: PERFECTION!!!

Perfection with a hint of the crazy eyes, that is.

Not all of them can be perfect Not all of them can be Gaki

And yet, even with her Crazy Eyes, she still seems like perfection to me. Ahhh, Haruna! <3

Oh, holy shit, someone got filter happy O-o I'M BLIIIND!!!!

Double dose of CUUUUUUTE!!! Ahhh, she's so adorable!!!

Let's up your daily dose of diabetes, and give you EXTRA DOUBLE CUTENESS! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Have a member the fans don't like? Want to cover up the girls you clearly don't care about? If this is for you, then invest in some themed borders and one high-as-fuck filter! Guaranteed to get rid of those pesky members you wish to keep hidden, hidden, all without the use of graduation or editing them out completely!

Hello! Project, take notes! This is clearly for you!

Ah god dammit, now I want Krispy Kremes >->

I also want that doughnut cushion, BECAUSE!!!

Also: Fish on a Doughnut!


Despite looking as high as a kite though, Sakura Miki is actually a rather therapeutic member to watch. She makes me feel all relaxed and shit.


And apparently poke-able, too!

Dude, I wanna keep her! Can I?

Hey, this one looks like she could be in Stardust! Thankfully her voice isn't as annoying. Lucky me!!!

And this one looks like an AKB Kenshuusei, except not. Also, she's pretty damn adorable.

... She also has a gun, so I better shut up now before I insult her and die.

Pew pew!

I can't begin to tell you how damn happy Haruna, Queen of the gigantic-ass smiles and crazy eyes, makes me feel. Butterflies in the tummy, almost. Damn.

Stardust Arisa also makes me feel happy.

... What >->

In her own way, Fishy Miyu is also quite cute, though very nasally.

Also... CGI HEARTS!!!

Chompy here getting ready to chomp down on her next meal, I see...

SO EXCITE!!! She's just like a puppy!

If I give her a treat, will she get even more excited!?

This one looks really cuddly, and it makes me want to hug her to see if she's as soft and squishy as she looks!!!

High as a kite and sporting Betty Rubble hair!


She may look like she belongs to Hell's very own agency (Stardust), but gosh darnit, she's wonderful!!!

Damn, this girl is cute!

Okay, so little Rira doesn't have a gun, now I can say what's been on my mind!

... She looks a little boring o3o

Holy shit, this a cluster-fuck of... well, a cluster-fuck of Summer.

Okay, is it just me, or does she look like Mara Wilson when she was in Matilda?

Fuck it, I'm calling you Matilda

MATILDA!!! And hey, CAKE!

Okay, so, who the fuck came up with the idea for this MV? It's giving me a serious case of the munchies...

Hot damn, them gnashers.

But, when she closes her mouth and hides her dentures, she really is a cutie!


Really wishing these borders would fuck off though, I won't lie.


Fuck it, I'm getting me some cheesecake!

Do da Funky Chicken! YEAH!

Mmmm, sucking... mmm, symbolism...

... Okay, the fuck, Arisa!? XD

Kiss like a Fish, YEEEAH!!!

Arisa: "Teehee!"

You cooky kids, you!

Squishy Face and Perfection, together...

After seeing this, I may die sleep happy, tonight, before I rise once again tomorrow.

Damn though, aren't they a bunch of cuties or what!? Also, I want those skirts! SO CUTE!!!

Isn't it funny how I only ever notice Lovely★DOLL during their summer release? Huh...

OKAY, so I admit, I originally wasn't going to review this video. In fact, I had no intention of acknowledging Lovely★DOLL's Calendar Girl again after the first initial listen, however... it charmed me, and I don't know how. One second, I felt bored by it, and then the next, I wanted to hear it again, because there was something that hooked me in the chorus. It was catchy, and that captured me as a listener.
 Finally, I watched it, realising that, hey, I actually liked this song, despite how bland it was in the beginning for me as a listener.

At first, I felt duped when the video began. It felt like a makeshift fan-edit of the original PV, with tacky borders to boot. It wasn't until the girls started to interact with these tacky borders that I realised it was purposeful, that is was there to add some form of depth to the MV, and to entertain. That's when it hit me; they're taking away negative space. They are filling the MV, and making sure that it isn't a blank canvas with some girls stuck in the middle.
 The editor and director are actually trying to make a relatively cheap and tacky music video entertaining, simply by filling in these blank spaces and having the girls interact with them, just a little bit. It's not a whole lot of interaction, whether it's interacting with the girls themselves or, I am assuming, the lyrics of the song, but it's enough, and I have to say that I was quite impressed by it.

That said, those borders can get a bit annoying, especially during the dance shot. I mean, I can't see everyone. If it's a bloody dance shot, then heck, I want to see EVERYONE DANCING!

Really though, despite its cheap charm, it really is a cute and cheerful PV. The girls are engaging, the concept, whilst simple, is endearing and fun to watch, and even the crudely done green screen with those horrible, cluttered backgrounds seems pretty sweet. It's adorable, fun to watch, and entertaining in an innocent, refreshing way. Sure, it isn't filmed on a beach, nor is it using expensive CGI, however the tacky side to it is what gives it a bit of an edge, I suppose. I'm sure that the simplicity of it all will, after watching it a few times, eventually warm to you, and you'll find something to like about the MV.

But even without the effects, the main attraction of this video is the girls - all of them have great on-camera presence, and they all look so energetic and happy, it warms my heart! Even the ones that I find the least appealing here strike me as intriguing to watch, bringing me a constant wave of entertainment with each scene and solo shot that is provided here.

With the PV, I like the overall use of what little was provided her for us as viewers; the negative space has been taken away and filled in, the use of camera movement and panning shots here is incredible and keeps you entertained, especially during those dance sequences, and by using props and various images throughout the video, we feel that sweet sense of summer, albeit in a simple, cheap and easy format.
 Calendar Girl is, very much so, like an 80's Music Video; it's a bit cringe worthy, tacky and cheap, but it's still entertaining to watch, and you soon find yourself liking it and wanting to view it more, simply because it has this weird charm to it that you can't deny loving.

Though I don't constantly follow Lovely★DOLL as an Idol group, I do have to admit that this PV was something I did not expect to like, nor a song that I thought would become one of my most-played Summer-time songs this year. Yet, it has surpassed expectation, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Simple but sweet, this summer PV is a bundle of fun, and will most likely leave you wanting a few doughnuts and craving some Lovely★DOLL!

Charming yet tacky, this delightful music video has left me wanting sweets! How about you? Do you crave doughnuts, too!? Kyaaa!

For the Summer of 2015, the Idols have brought forth their game and released their songs for the beach season! I wonder, what are your favourite songs this season? Let me know!

Until next time, please stay happy, healthy and loving Idols! Also, don't forget the sunscreen!

Much Love,

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