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LIVE Blog: AKB48 41st single Sousenkyo (Of which has Ended)

So, I've decided to live blog the AKB48 41st Sousenkyo, because for some reason I think I can do this whilst really bloody tired, and whilst on skype with a nutball (hi, Vivian) as I try not to fall asleep on my keyboard. Clever Chiima, I am not.

Oh, and I may be using Twitter, too. So, yeah.

So, I'll be Live Blogging this and updating every so often, possibly every hour, as I go along. This may be fun, or not... Let's do this!


So this Senbatsu thing will start eventually, and for about 3 hours my life is going to chip away bit by bit, dedicated to AKB and their popularity parade. It's a little like Prom, or homecoming. Only one can win, though if there was a tie, it would be pretty funny.

I would pay to see the two maybe-winners fight over the title. Yes.

Anyway before this game gets underway, and before Viv'z screams down my headphones and half-deafens me, I'm going to give y'all my Top 3 Predictions for this years Senbatsu winner! So, what do they look like!?

... Yeah, two of them are obvious, the other one, not so obvious, because it's Kashiwagi Yuki, and I actually don't like her, buuuuuut for some reason, I have a feeling she might just win? Weird, I know, but I just have that feeling. I may be wrong, I may be right... she could be in the Top 3, who knows? Either way, I think she'll rank either in the Top 3, or close it it.

If Yukirin won, I'd be neutral on that - I may find her boring to watch and look at, but honestly? I wouldn't really care if she won, because it's about time Yukirin centered AKB by herself, even if she did get lost in the other cute faces of Idols. That said, if she does win, I have a feeling that her single would be forgettable.

Seriously though, I just don't want Jurina or Mayuyu to win this year. Sasshi, I wouldn't mind, because Sasshi won in 2013 and, realistically, she does have a good chance of it... but I'd probably flip a table if Jurina or Mayu won this year. Mayuyu, because I don't actually like her as an AKB center (yeah, Chiima logic!) and also, she won last year, and Jurina? Well, she's way too good for AKB. I feel like Sousenkyo will just make her feel more boring?
 I dunno... Chiima logic. Never makes sense.


In terms of the other four for Kami7, I think Paruru, Sayanee, Jurina and Takamina will make it. At least, I'm hoping that Takamina makes it; I would love it if she, and Paruru, made it into the Top 3, but I'm being realistic here - I don't think either would make it into the Top 3, let alone win the Senbatsu position for the 41st single. A girl can dream though, right? Because in all honesty, if either Paruru or Takamina won Senbatsu, I'd probably care about the group a little more for a single or three.

I can see Sayanee in Top 3, however. Jurina, too, not that I want her there. But what happens, happens, so yeah.

6-something am

Currently I'm chatting with Danielle, Hannah, Vivian and Calli, and we're in the process of watching the members that management cares about the most thinks will have a big chance of winning, and hearing their stories. I have no clue what's going on, but hey! I got to see cute Paruru with her grandma. CUTE!

Oh, and then there's Jurina, who in my opinion looks older than her mother here. Her mothers really pretty, actually.
 She could be an Idol, too!

Honestly, it would actually be nice if the Sousenkyou actually started, you know? I'm already bored, mostly because I have no clue what is being said, and also because I just want the whole thing to be over with already.
 I'm an impatient woman, alright!?


IT'S FINALLY STARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starring NGT48? What, all four of the members? Seriously?

Also, they're actually classed as a group now, when they've not done anything yet? I'm LOL'ing.

Anyways, performances! Of course, it's time to kick it off with Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai, that one summer song PARURU CENTERED! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! And surprisingly, I actually like this song, too! Weird!

Seriously though, Paruru, what the fuck did you do to your hair? You look cute, yes, but you also look like Tamashiro Tina. Me no likey!

Oh look, it's a sea of Senbatsu-clad members, surrounded by some really cute, irrelevant girls. Yay~

Also, my live feed froze on me about this point in time, but then it started again, so YAY, freezing live feeds! This is the life, people, this is what I stay awake for.


Sadly, it's Mayuyu centering it. Gargh!

Takamina, though... she's hot. Like, DAMN!


Okay, so, there's apparently more performing after the performances. I thought this was Senbatsu pickings, not a concert!!!
 Eh, whatever, HKT are cute I guess, but not my cup of tea. 12byo's kinda cute though, if a little meh.

I know how the Senbatsu goes - I watched Sasshi's winning one in '13, and even then, the inane amount of performances grated me.

Whoever she is, she's cute. Riripon, was it?

Seriously, though, NMB win for best dresses so far, and one of the best looking members. Also, the song was cute... that said, I have indeed forgotten it already. Oops.

Well, whatever, I have this cute Riripon to look at. Ain't she adorable!?

ALL THE LOLI'S!!!1!"!"1!!!

Seriously, though, Tentoumu Chu! are entertaining to watch, and whilst I don't actively care for Team 8, because they are literally Loli Bait to me. Still, they had a really cool dance that didn't match their cute, youthful features XD Ah well, whatever, it was entertaining... though it didn't give me butterflies. Ah, well.

(and I'm annoyed and tired)

Okay, so How Come was a cool song and performance, but now it's 8am and I'm sitting here, thinking why the fuck these performances are still going on?

And then I'm told it's a concert until 3:30am EST. WHY? Urgh. If I had known this, I wouldn't have stayed awake for it, because let's be real; it ain't worth it.
 This is why we should sleep, children. But I don't know what sleeping at a reasonable time is, so I screwed this one up for myself, however I couldn't find the time this blasted thing started anywhere, so yeah, I have a reason for not knowing the damned time. URGH.

That said, at certain points, it's worth watching because of Paruru. She makes all worthwhile.

Eh, I'm getting cranky, maybe I should nap?

If this Senbatsu takes over 8 hours, I will not get through it, and will go to bed by the Top 60. Oy, vey.


So, after my nap, my computer shut down. It needed to rest and basically re-configure, so... yeah, I've not been watching a good chunk of Sousenkyo XD I didn't want to waste a good chunk of it by watching performances I don't particularly care about (let's be real here) .

Not that I missed much, other than some footage of which girls got into the lower ranking groups, including the Undergirls. So, actually, I made it in time for Senbatsu ranking, which is what I wanted... and I've yet to miss the real tears of the girls who don't make #1, and the tears of the girl who does make #1.
 For now, though, we're stuck on advertisements and past clips of girls crying and being thankful, or Paruru being salty in the past, of which I did not screen cap... and feel sad that I did not screencap.

Anyway, in terms of someone I find a bit important ranking, Miichan sadly only made it to spot 19... she didn't even get the Undergirls center, so I feel sad, however, I'm glad she ranked higher than she did last year, but considering she stated this could her final Sousenkyo... well, I would have liked to have seen her in the Top 16, more than anything.
 Still, at least she's in Undergirls.

... It would have been nice to see her get Undergirls center. I feel a tad salty, here! XD

What I'm surprised about, too, is Haruppi's #17 ranking; I really thought she would make it into the Top 16, at least, because I know she's rather popular... so, I truly did think that she could make Top 16 this year. That said, she's managed to snag the Undergirls center spot this year, with Suda Akari (who looked a hot mess on stage, she was so happy she was fucking pissed off. OOPS) at the #18 spot. Well, Haruppi's center again! Just not for senbatsu.

Honestly by next year, I wouldn't be surprised if Haruppi finally broke Top 16. I'd welcome it.

Top 16~8

Okay, so, FINALLY the Top 16 Senbatsu Members for AKB48's 41st single Sousenkyo are being announced! Drum roll, for Number 16, and she is...


Muto Tomu of AKB48'S Team K!!!

Okay, so, I have no clue who she is, and for the girls I don't know, I call them 'Nobodies' or 'Irrelevant girls', but please, don't take those titles too seriously xD Honestly though, despite the fact that I have no clue who she is... she's cute, and she seems to have come up quite a bit! #24 to #16? She hit Senbatsu! Congrats, girl!

She received 44,637 votes! Woah and ooh! Again, congratulations to Muto Tomu of AKB48's Team K!!!!

After a very, very long speech that should have died soon after it started, and some stupid advertisements courtesy of Fuji TV, Number 15 is just around the corner, and it's...!!!


Shibata Aya of SKE48's Team E!!!

With 49,199 votes, Shibata has stayed in 15th place, which she also obtained last year, and whilst I find that quite funny, it's good that she was able to keep a solid rank. No, she didn't rank up, but she didn't rank down either. She's quite lucky, really!

... But yeah, who is she? XD

Anywhoo, #14!


Takayanagi Akane of SKE48's Team KII!!!!


She's a squeaky little one, isn't she!?

Seriously, though... #31 to fucking #14!? SHE FLEW UP THOSE RANKS, THIS ONE! Holy shiii---

Can I say she'll be #1 next year? XD Oh my good gravy, WHOA! I understand her tears, holy shit this child is a little miracle o-O GO, CHURI!!!!! I have no clue who you are, but congratulations, little one!!!!

With 52. 609 votes, Churi is our #14, and she literally jumped that rank ladder and knocked everyone else aside! You go, child, go!!!!

Okay, now I've had my mini-freakout, let's move onto Lucky #13! Who could it be?


Matsumura Kaori of SKE48's Team KII!!!!


Okay, seriously, Lucky #13, an SKE member I like... and she makes me laugh during her speech, of course, but she looks so shocked! Awwww, Matsurabu! I'm so happy for her! Up from 17 to #13! Well done!!!! Also, love that she's recording it all XD

Anywhoo, she got 53, 667 votes, so well done Matsumurabu!!!!!

I feel happy, though not as happy as Churi's, even though I don't know Churi XD

... Seriously though, what's with all these SKE rankings!? Leave some room for Sasshi and the rest of AKB XD!!!!

ONTO #12!!!! 12byo!


Watanabe Miyuki of NMB48's Team BII and AKB48's Team B!!!

MILKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl who looks like a JE boy in a wig made it, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Then again, it was obvious she would make it. Cause she's an NMB center, and she's well liked. So, not that surprised. Also, #12's a good spot! So, yeah, well done Milky! From #18 to #12, Milky has done quite well!

She has 55,715 votes, too... impressive!

Time for the 11th place holder! Wheeee~ Leave me be, I'M ON A SUGAR HIGH AND LACK OF SLEEP!!1!"!!!


Kitahara Rie of NGT48!!!!


So, Kitahara Rie made it back into Senbtaus apparently, ranking up from #19 to #11! 8 places is impressive, and also, NGT has a representative in the ranks now! They haven't even done anything yet, and already the group has found its way into the Senbatsu with Ria's amazing 61,566 votes! Good on ya, Rie!

Okay, #10 time! Waaah, we're getting close to the Kami7!!! Please be Sakura, no Kami7 for you


Yokoyama Yui of AKB48's Team A!!!!

YUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I somewhat know of you. Also, she cries a whole damn lot, there's more tears than speech here XD Then again, she's obviously really chuffed and probably shocked by her rank, she did so well! Ranking from #13 to #10 isn't a big leap, however it's significant and means Yui is quite high up.

She has 63,414 votes... that's a freakin' lot, so it makes me wonder what the Kami7 have up their sleeves in terms of numbers, especially the Top 3.

She's still crying, though XD Girl, get yourself a hanky and go cry into Rie's shoulder, k? XD I mean, Takamina's worried, and also, Yui does these cute little 'mmhm's' as she cries. It makes me want to hug her, haha!

Look at that face. This is the face of a determined mother duck, watching voer her baby. That's Takamina, for ya!

Okay, the need to hug aside, who is at #9? We're getting close! -does random sugar high jig-


Shimazaki Haruka of AKB48's Team A


EH!? GET OUT THE FUCKING DOOR! NOOOOOO my Baby!!!!! ;_______;

I'm actually really surprised by this, that she dropped down by two, that she didn't get into Kami7... That she's actually making a speech and not looking salty or just literally saying thanks then leaving ASAP.

Seriously though, I'm shocked. I wanted to scream out 'NO!!!!!' and then cry. I really did think Paruru could once again be a part of Kami7. I didn't think she could win, that's unrealistic thinking on my part, but at least Kami7 seemed possible...

I'm a little heartbroken, honestly ):

... -sigh- Number 8?


Miyazawa Sae of SNH48's Team SII and SKE48's Team S!!!

SAE-SAAAAAN!!!!!!! YEEEEEEAAAAH! Representing SNH48, 2015! Also, she jumped up from #12 to Number 8! Yes, I'm sad Paruru didn't get higher than Sae-chan, but, I am immensely happy that Sae-chan made it back up this high! She's a great member, and she is dedicated to SNH, so I am happy. Well done, Sae-chan!

But of course, now that #8 has been announced, this can only mean one thing. It has to be:



Miyawaki Sakura of HKT48 Team KIV and AKB48's Team A!!!

... Well, she had to place somewhere, right? And with her healthy 81,422 votes from the fans, she landed the Kami7 spot! But, boy, does she look soulless XD Regardless though, it's not surprising she ranked so high; Sakuratan is popular.

Still, would have loved to have seen her rank in the last half of the Top 16, as opposed to the Top portion XD I am not cray cray for the Sakuratan, not gonna lie. Still, whjatever, she deserves it - she's been aiming for the top for a while, though honestly? I'd rather see Haurppi here than Sakura XD

Too cruel, Chii, too cruel~




Yamamoto Sayaka of NMB48's Team N and AKB48's Team K!!!!


But, honestly? I would have thought for Sayanee, the Top 4 could be possible, so I'm a little sad, but happy that she's above Sakuratan, not gonna lie! Sayanee, though, she is precious, and I am happy to see her rank so high! Even if she's stayed at #6 from last year, she's still done super well. 97,866 votes is a lot... and with how many people vote, or, more like how many fans buy multiple to hundreds of copies of the CD's, it took so many to keep her at #6.

Still, next year, I hope to see her in the Top 5, or hopefully the Top 4! Sayanee deserves this! <3


Okay, so the livestream had a quick break before returning to Sayanee. It's basically the Top 5 now, and it does make me wonder, just who will make the Top 3? Obviously, we don't have KojiHaru or Matsui Rena in the running, so it pretty much leaves TakaMina, Jurina, Mayuyu, Sasshi and Yukirin for the Top Spot that so many covet.

And, I won't lie, I am actually excited now. Top. 5!!!! Holy cow!


Matsui Jurina of SKE48's Team S and AKB48's Team K

HOLY SHIT, IT'S JURINA!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

That said, her speech is actually heartbreaking to watch already. She's crying so much, and I don't know if she's happy, or disappointed? She's one rank down this year, and honestly, whilst I'm happy she hasn't won (maybe next year?) I'm sad she ranked one down, and honestly, I thought she would get into the Top 3, at least.

Seriously though; she got 105,289 votes. THAT IS A FUCK TONNE OF VOTING, THERE! She's done incredibly well, and her fans should be super proud of her!

Her look of defiance during her speech, though, how she went from tears to this determined stance..

Honestly, Jurina, she truly is great, and next year I do hope she breaks the Top 3. I don't want her to win now, she's too good for AKB, but maybe in two years' time, she could win this? I'll be ready for her then, I think.

ANYWAY, #4!!!!


Takahashi Minami of AKB48's Team A

TAKAMINA!!!!!!!!! ;_____________________;

I actually just started crying. I was truly hoping that she could get #1, it seemed like a possibility when Jurina was announced 5th place as opposed to anything higher, but, Takamina instead jumped from 9th to 4th, and came back into the Kami7. This is the power of her fans. It's amazing that she was able to get this high, and I feel so happy, but I do wish she could have been #1. That would have been amazing.

With 137,252 votes however, she's truly done an amazing job and come into the Top 5, earning her highest rank since being a part of AKB48 and taking part in Senbatsu. She's done so well, and she really earned this spot.

... But, she's really milking her speech time right now XD Takamina, seriously? Girl. Y'all will make us all cry!

Seriously, though... she truly has earned this spot, so congratulations, Takamina!!!


Acchan came to visit before the Top 3 were announced ;w; Takamina was so happy and surprised, she fell!

Also, Acchan is looking so much better now than when she was in AKB. She looks like she has... emotion!

But yeah, seriously, this scene was cute and necessary. PULLED ON THE HEARTSTRINGS, YO!



I nearly screamed! My heart was beauting so fast when they were announcing #3, too, and I thought for sure 'it'll be Yuki, and that makes me sad, I actually want her or Sasshi to win this year', and I thought Mayuyu would surely get #1 again.

And then it was announced that Mayuyu actually got it, and I felt so shocked and happy, and I want to cry again. The thing is, Mayuyu looked so happy, too. I feel so proud of her.

Seriously though, this is me right now, cause #2 is coming up...


Kashiwagi Yuki of AKB48's Team B and NGT48



Honestly, I thought if there was someone who had a chance of winning this year, it could be Yukirin. I thought 'this is her chance', but getting #2, that's truly amazing too. Even if she isn't my favourite member, even though I think she's boring... she really deserves this, and I am happy she got #2 She deserves this so much.

Whilst she didn't win, Yukirin could still get #1 next year. I actually anticipate the day that she does, because I would like to see her get #1. Hopefully it will be next year, who knows?

Well done, Yukirin!

#1 Senbatsu
HKT48's Sashihara Rino of Team H!!!!

SASSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMEDETOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy right now, I'm crying... she received so many votes, 30 thousand more than last year. I had actually originally resided myself to thinkign that she would get #2 or #3, but instead she got #1. I feel really happy for her. I was happy back in 2013, but right now I'm even happier, because Sasshi won again.

She's truly an amazing girl.

With an amazing 194,049 votes, Sashihara Rino is this years Senbatsu Queen! Congratulations, Queen Sashi!!! Omedetou!!!!!


Whilst I am not a biog fan of AKB48, nor will I ever be I believe, I am a fan of following Idols and their activities, and things like the Sousenkyo are, indeed, fun to watch and participate in. Originally I was watching with friends, but after my nap and the shutdown of my computer, I decided to watch alone, but converse on Facebook instead, and it was still just as exciting.

I like the Sousenkyo - it's competitive, and it brings out the side of me that gets excited at the prospect of seeing certain girls get placed somewhere in the ranks, and also watching the ones I don't care for fall behind the ones I like. It makes me cry and feel shocked, and it makes me happy when a girl I predicted would be in the Top 3 wins.
 In fact, it just makes me happy that the Top 3 I chose for my predictions were indeed the Top 3. It also makes me happy to see that Mayuyu placed third, instead of second or first. So, yeah, I am currently a happy bunny.

I'm happy, and whilst I did lose sleep, and whilst I did get a bit er, A LOT annoyed at the beginning because of the concert and how much time I felt it wasted, it was fun to finally watch the Top 16 go through. I'm glad I woke up in time for that, and that I was able to experience Senbatsu at least a little bit this year.

It was fun whilst it lasted, and it whilst it was hard work to live blog and watch it at the same time, I'm glad I could share this with everyone, a little piece of my experience for the Top 16.

I fail at Live Blogging, but whatever. It was a fun first-experience, and it was a time of happiness, tears and rage. Thank you for joining me.

Until next time everyone! For now though, let's bow down to our new AKB48 Queen, Sashihara Rino, and pray for an amazing 41st single song!

All Hail Quen Sasshi! Hooray!!!!

Much Love,


  1. I have the worst luck trying to post comments on your blog (it ate another comment)! Good luck if you plan to stay through the whole show lol. I started watching around HKT48 performing 12 byou. It's not even halfway finished lol.

  2. ue kara sashiko part 2. I'm happy she won. Really makes up for last year,
    194k votes! She keeps breaking records :)

  3. Aw I wish I'd known you were live-blogging! I watched the whole thing too lol. Personally, I'm delighted that takamina made top 4, mayu was content with 3, yukirin broke her curse of 3 and Sasshi won :)
    One correction though - suda akari wasn't crying hysterically because she was happy, it was because she ranked down from 10th last year D: