Friday, 12 June 2015

In which that Child of the Damned, Shimamura Uta, Withdraws from Country Girls

I Spy with my Idol-Loving Eyes, a group made up of five...

Of course, it's C-ute, right? Wait, what, wrong? What the heck do you mean 'wrong', there's only one 5-nin group in Hello! Project, I swe---

... Ah, fuck it!

So... Shimamura Uta has graduated, and it's apparently due to contract disagreements that could not be resolved, meaning that she's pulled an Aina on us all and ditched the group that she pretty much owned, centered and lead, without so much as a wave goodbye.
 And yes, the fans have been left absolutely shattered because of it. There have been tears, there have most likely been arguments, and y'all can bet we've had a bit of bitterness! Because, c'mon; it was Shimamura Uta, and she was that groups shining star.

Hell, I bet she was the reason that the group even got it's Major Debut so quickly - she was popular! Now though, she's gone, and holy shit aren't we all sad about it.

Honestly though, despite not having much time to process it, I am sad, but I know I'll get over it - I barely know Country Girls as a group right now, and whilst Aina leaving Juice=Juice cut me up, it's because I had gotten to somewhat know that group through the three singles they had released as an indies group... that, and her withdrawal truly was sudden. With Uta, there was a lot of speculation; she didn't turn up to some events apparently, and she had stopped blogging all together. With her departure and its impending announcement, there was some build up to it - Aina's was completely out of the blue. So, in a way, I suppose I was mentally prepared for it.

In a sense, I've also had other things to worry about aside from Idols recently, so it wasn't completely shocking to me either. I've yet to cry, in fact I am eerily calm about this, and the only thing I've realised I am completely sad about is that, now she has gone, I won't get to make even more Children of the Damned jokes about her.
 Yeah, that's where my true intent lies with Uta xD

Seriously though, I did like Uta-chan when she was a part of Country Girls. She had this innocent, awkward charm about her, and those dead eyes that never linked to the soul. Uta-chan was charming and charismatic, and whilst she couldn't sing, she was still pleasant to listen to. I liked her, and I enjoyed her presence, but honestly speaking? I'm happier that she left the group with only one single, than for me to get used to her and then have my heart ripped out like it did with Aina, even though I didn't care for her much, either.

Currently I am still processing this announcement, because I only found out after I completed my unpacking (having moved out of my University Halls and returning home) and I've still not allowed it to settle in completely. Yes, it's a little shocking, but I do think I'll be okay even when I've realised what has well and truly happened. It's sad to know that Uta has left Country Girls so suddenly and that we are still vague on why she left, other than knowing that the contract did not meet the standards of herself or her parents, but I'll get over it. I have to, because that's what we fans do - we accept it, and we move on.


Does this mean our little Manakyandi will get Uta's lines? Teehee~

Lookit me, being all positive! Seriously though, life goes on and Country Girls will continue no matter what. This isn't the end of the world (though with how some reactions, you would think it is) and Uta was only ONE of six members within this group. Yes, it's extremely sad that she left, especially this early on within the group, but with what time we had her, we cherished it.

Country Girls will LIVE ON!!!!

... And that's the end of that.

I'll try and update as soon as I can, and it's sad that this is my first second post of June, and the first post in a while, but these things happen.

Until next time, in which I hope for happier news or happier posts.


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  1. I couldn't help but feeling that even with Kanon's graduation, there was something in the air. H!P was on the move, but things seemed to have calmed down a bit too much. (That feeling wasn't helped by the hype given to C-ute's 10th anniversary celebrations. I actually thought they'd pull a Berryz! At least I was close... right?)

    Either way, this really stinks. One bright side is that appeal aside, Uta's departure is early enough where the damage isn't too great. Like you said, Country Girls is still starting out while we've seen Juice=Juice grow with three indie singles. Only thing to do is watch how things go from here.

    (On a semi-related note, why am I suddenly thinking of Murakami Megumi?...)

    1. H!P seems to be constantly moving, but you're right, after Nyone's grad announcement, it DID settle rather quickly for a while, and was so steady... and then this happened. It's the calm before the storm, basically, so I get that. And heeey, C-ute are gonna be around another 10 years, ya hear!? xD

      I agree that, with such an early departure for Uta, there won't be that much damage because it is just one single she's been in. Yes, she was the center, the ace, the most popular member, however CG will grow and become stronger, and the fans WILL live. I have faith in CG, and I think they will do well even without Uta.

      (Honestly, it's very much like the whole Aina / Megumi thing, isn't it!?)

  2. Woah so the Country Musume curse is real?? Luckily nobody died from a car accident this time lol.. It's unfortunate that they had to lose Uta but I think it won't affect the group that much. My girl Chisaki is there to take over the center spot xD

    1. Seems so ): But yeah, we only lost a member through graduation this time around, but it's still very sad for a lot of the fans. Honestly though, the group has not been around a year yet, they'll be fine. AND NOOO NOT CHISAKI!!! She's too plain XD Please, let Mai or Manakyan take the center!!!!

  3. Firstly: I love how much effort and love you are putting in your blog �� I really enjoy reading it ^_^

    Now to Uta-chan.
    I'm still in shock and very sad and confused.
    I always needed time to find my oshi in H!P Groups and while following the members i always discovered my love for one or two members very suddenly. When i saw the first video of country girls i was like: Wow ,i found my oshi already. She has a somewhat strange but very shining way of behaving and performing. She had a special smile and amazing eyes (or soulless as you said and this matches so much, i can't even xD)

    I surely continue following country girls along cause they are super amazing and arorable and shit ���� I just hope other Uta-fans do that as well.
    And i really hope that the withdrawing was not only a choice of her parents but also of her. It would be sad if her parents wanted her to leave this one and (maybe only )chance to compete in the idol industry. I really hope she is well and gets more exciting challenges in her life and spends it full of happiness and no regrets.

    1. ;~; This makes me feel so happy every time I read it, you don't know how much that means to me! I love this blog, so it means everything to me when you say all of this <3

      Even now, some time after this announcement, everyone is still reeling a bit I think. I find it weird looking at CG and not seeing her there, but, I will get over it, I know that. But yes, Uta had this distinct feel, a look that was appealing and fresh, innocent and cute. She really stood out from the crowd, and you could see that she was a true Ace, and a perfect member for Country Girls. So, to have her leave, I can understand why it's absolutely heartbreaking, but it's something we cannot help.

      For the fans who leave now because Uta left, that's a shame; Country Girls still has a lot to offer, and as you say, they are super amazing and adorable. They deserve so much support now!!!
      If there was no choice from Uta herself, I might actually cry, because that means she was forced out, and that she was taken away from something she enjoyed actively. One day, I do hope that she comes back to the industry and meets with Country Girls again, because that would make many fans' dreams come true, I think.

      Your speech, it was beautiful ;w; <3

  4. Seriously.... can they be this stupid?? after this happened already... They SHOULD show the contract to their parents BEFORE they just release the 1st single, whether is Indies or major single... imbeciles.... so now you know im angry >(

    1. I have a feeling the contract was signed from the beginning, and a new one drawn up with the major debut, and it was signed... but the parents probably fought about it with UFP and H!P, and decided to wait for a bit to see if anything could happen, and when things didn't pan out they pulled Uta. This is IF it was the parents who made Uta leave. The contract would be there from the get-go, regardless. I don't think UFP are that stupid.

  5. Uhhh... Well that was totally unexpected! Since these kind of 'disagreements' are so opaque, there's no point speculating, but I hope Uta's happy with this. It's a shame for the group, but all the members are really strong so I believe they'll carry on well. Uta and Mai were my joint secondary oshis (with Risa as my first), so while I'm disappointed I've still got plenty of reasons to enjoy the group!

    1. Yeah, unexpected is the right word, and the term 'disagreements' could be anything in the world of H!P - in fact, it could totally be the companies fault, but for now we don't know. We can simply speculate. Honestly though, the group is under a year old still, so their time to grow is still there - they will move on, as all groups do, and though they lost their Ace, they WILL gain a new one and move forward. It's what Idols do.

  6. Buuuuts...J=(fucking)J is a 5-nin as well...It might as well become a trend. Amarait?

    1. OH YEAH, THEY ARE! I keep forgetting (cause I try to forget Karin's there, heehee) but yeah, 5nin groups will be the new thing! Hello! Project 5 is the new name for H!P... >o>