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For Her US Debut, Please Aid Tomimoto Airu in Coming to Idol Matsuri!

Idol Matsuri, the first Japanese Idol convention based in the United States of America, will be hosting its second year of Idol love in Seattle this coming August, and already the acts are being prepped and announced for those attending. With Chii Sakurabi, Beri! New Day, Berri~Team! and Pete Ellison already announced for the up-coming event, and more to be revealed, there is one act that hopes to make her US debut, but is in need of a bit of help...

Images from Tomimoto Airu's Official Ambelo Blog
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Tomomito Airu, 10 years old and a part of the Actors School Hokkaido, is a children's fashion model as well as a regular performer of live concerts and fashion events in both Sapporo and Tokyo. As of now, Airu is an active soloist who performs various cover songs from other Idol groups and singers, and is continuously growing her fanbase in Japan, and now, she wants to begin her international career in the USA!

Though she's young and still in her early stages of being an Idol, it's obvious that already Airu has the determination and drive some older Idols may lack, as well as holding a broader insight to a potential and prospective new fanbase. Certainly, she is stretching her limit to the sky and beyond, but without the help of the fans and those possibly attending Idol Matsuri this year, Airu can't make her desired US debut a reality this year.

(be sure to switch on the captions for English subtitles!!!)

With any live performance from any artist or group overseas and out of the way, it of course costs money to not only fly them over, but to also host and provide for them as guests of honor at events such as conventions like Idol Matsuri. So in order to try and help Airu to get to the US and make her live debut, Idol Matsuri have set up their Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign to aid Airu in her mission! With the help of the fans, no matter if it's big or small, hopefully the contributions will allow Idol Matsuri to hold Airu's international debut!

By contributing to the campaign, you will be awarded a variety of perks depending on how much you choose to offer, ranging from digital photo's of Airu's performance, to a personalised video message from Airu herself.

Without the help of everyone, however, Airu's American debut cannot be, so if you are going to Idol Matsuri, want to help out just a little, or even have something to spare, please consider Airu and think of the debut she could have if everyone comes together and makes a dream come true!

If you want to help out with Idol Matsuri in other ways, you can also enter the Mascot Contest for Idol Matsuri 2015, which closes on July 14th, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. You can also book for panels, workshops or attend as an Artist to help out and contribute, too! And if you are thinking of registering, but have not yet done so and want to, then be sure to sign up before it's too late, as spaces are limited!

Mascot Contest (Link)
Panels, Workshops & Contests (Link)
Artist & Vendor Registration (Link)
Attendee Registration (Link)

Idol Matsuri is still only in its early stages, and are striving to improve and strengthen as a convention, and aim to spread the joy of Japanese Idols all around America. Though they are only in their second stage, Idol Matsuri has big plans for the future, and hopes to grow and bring great Japanese and American talent to its stage, as well as to entertain the fans as well! If you can help, then please do what you can, and continue to support Idol Matsuri as it heads into its second year, its third and beyond!

Please help out if and when you can, and until next time, I hope to see you all soon! Please take care, and stay happy and loving!

Much Love,

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  1. It always is nice to hear about idols crossing over to reach more audiences. I'll definitely give this a boost when more people are awake on my end.

    Great work, Chiima!

    1. It is really positive when you hear of an Idol who wants to go overseas, so it's nice that, even at aged 10, Airu is already prepared to make that transition and step onto English-speaking soil! Also, thank you for boosting it! My friend will be happy! :D

      Take care!!!! <3