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Bikini Butts and Beach Babes Galore! It's P.IDL's Summer of Fun and Happiness in their new PV, 'Natsu!'!!!

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It's SUMMER TIME!!!! And what happens when it's the Summer time in the world of Idols and cuteness? That's right, it's time to hit the beach! The Three B's are comin' in already, rushing with the tide of the summer wind, and they are ready to attack with their almighty cuteness and deliver us a refreshing, sweet summer! So be sure to grab your towels and sunglasses, because it's hot outside, and we're going to enjoy all the sun brings us, as well as enjoy all the Idols provide us in both sound and vision! For the Summer of 2015, are you READY!?

Summer is here, and with the beautiful summer time comes some of my all-time favourite PV's of the four seasons! Yes, it's that time of the year all over again, the very time in which Chiima gets a tad too over-excited for what the Idols of Japan have in store for us all in the form of their much anticipated summer PV's. Will they be refreshing, sweet, or overly-bikini clad!? With our beloved Idols, who knows just what we can expect?

Okay, so I admit, I have three types of themed PV's I like a lot; Summer PV's, Halloween PV's, and of course, Christmas PV's - these sorts of PV's are, to me, some of the more creative and energetic videos you can get. Whilst Spring and Sakura themed videos are, indeed, very beautiful and well paced, they don't have that refreshing or energetic feel that Summer PV's do, in my mind. Summer is all about the zing! of life, spending time with your friends, and just having a good time in the sunny weather! It's positive, it's hopeful and it's a whale of a time, which is why I adore the PV's that come to us all in the summer months - they make us happy, and they're truly the heart of an Idol groups discography.

So of course, it's now time to share the heart of summer with everyone here, and bring to you all the awesome PV's that the Summer of 2015 has provided us all with in the land of Idols! Of course, which amazing PV to start with is always beyond me, however after thinking it over, and also because I kinda love this PV for various reasons, I thought that it would be a no-brainer to begin my Summer PV Reviews with the lovely P.IDL's latest single release, Natsu!.

So let your cares fly away, grab hold of that towel, get your swimsuit on and head to the beach, because Summer has truly begun, and we sure are ready for it! Even with this heatwave we are sure to be having, we'll still have a splash in the waves to cool us all down! It's the sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-SUMMER TIME, so let's play!

Let's SPLASH!!!!

Ignoring the cheap and tacky title, dude look at that sea! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!




The 3-B's of Summer are officially here!!! and no, not the 3B Juniors. Who wants them? xD

Because Summer is all about dem cute-ass selfies you filter to hell and then eventually put on instagram, am I right!?


Seriously though, whilst I do think Maika is a cutie, she really does like to over-express herself to the point where I want to scream at her. Jeez.

Serious AKB vibes here, except they're currently well clad and their costumes are tackier!

I want your earrings >o>

Hey, look! It's MM15's very own Ogata Haruna, starting her new day job as P.IDL's ace! Except now she's calling herself Miyazaki Nanami? What gives!?

Oi oi, there's no need to hide! I bet you look fine in a bikini, aye!

... Well DAMN!!! O-O

Bounce plox Don't listen to my pervy side, please <o<

Dude, even Jeff the Killer Maika thinks Ayaka's bewbs are out of this world! But Jeff, seriously, it's not nice to point!

Dude, is that girl even Ayaka? NO CLUE 8D

Seriously though. Dat bikini.

Ogata Haruna, why are you shopping alone!? You're in MM'15, you might just get mobbed if you don't have Miki to protect you!!!

Oh wait, you're not in AKS,  no worries - you won't get mobbed ;D

Wait a second... isn't that the bikini the other girl wore!? Girl, unless you wanna seem like a copy cat, I suggest getting another bikini to wear!

Also, ew, don't wear that until the store or yourself has washed it! Y'all don't know who has worn that! Blech!!!

Ogata Nanami: "Oh shit, paparazzi fans! Gotta run!!!"

Erm, I don't think MM'15's that popular yet, Haachin...

Yuka: "What the fu--- was that Nanami?"

No no Yuka, it was Ogata Haruna!!!!

Shedding a tear for all the Idols P.IDL has taken from AKB and MM'15 to create their perfect group.

Seriously though, this is well filmed, and it's fun!

... Okay, that's a fail duck face, Ayaka XD Try a bit harder, plox

Damn, those outfits are tackier than some of the things MM'15 wear, and seriously, H!P get pretty tacky.

... Still a lot cuter than some outfits H!P pull out of their asses, though. Buuuurn!

Not gonna lie, this chick does scare me a bit, HOWEVER she can do a mean wink, and that always wins in my books! plus bewbs, dude

WHEEEE, that looks fun! Can I join in!?

Honestly, I really would love to yank that blasted bow out of Yuka's hair and place it right on her head. It looks so damn off sitting where it is in this PV.

Okay, whoever the hey you are, get in the Van!!!

Nah, I kid... but still, you a cutie, can I keep you!?


Leave me be as I drool over this bloody perfect shot, okay!?

Also, are they holding hands? Scandal! SCANDAL IN P.IDL, I SAY!!!! Whoo, lesbian love!!! (waves Rainbow flag)

Seriously though, this is just too darned cute. And really well shot. Like, damn, son!

Ogata Nanami: "Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku...~"

Ogata Nanami, alone on the train. Please, please don't get attacked by some old man, okay!?

I don't trust trains. Actually, I do, but shhh!!!

And now she's pouting in the sunlight, or maybe it's her resting bitch face? Who knows~

OH!!! She's jealous of all the cute, bikini-clad girls, isn't she? That, or she's spying on them and hoping for some booty shots...

IN-COMING!!!! Please watch out for old ladies, you don't want to bowl them over!

Ogata Nanami: "... Ew. A hand."

Nanami, sweety, please don't recoil at some nice ladies help, okay? That's rude!

See! Wasn't so hard, was it?

... And now you have cooties ^o^

... Okay, that's too darned cute >o> Nanami should be made illegal...

... TIA!? O-O

Who the heck is touchin' yer!? >o>

Okay, she is cute, but let me tell ya, this was the least creepy smile she did. For some reason though, I like her, despite that creepy aura she may have... >o>

Tia, Gaijin GODDESS!!!!

... aaaand this may just officially be the BEST PART OF THIS ENTIRE MV, EVER!!!

Because, daaamn, who wouldn't nosebleed at the sight of Tia in all her bikini-clad glory!?


Me and every other Wota this Summer.


Where the fuck have you been? <_<

Rina: "Wi-un-ku~"

Urgh, I am so weak to really good winks, and those damn earrings. I want a pair *^*

Shit, now I want to run down a beach!

That said, with how icky our seas are here, I wouldn't exactly want to run in them. But a Japanese or Hawaiian beach with clear seas? YES PLEASE!

Nanami, you're too effing cute, okay? Can I keep you, too!?

I know, I know. I'm wondering why the heck Nanami isn't in a bikini, either. I'd be boiling in all those bloody clothes on such a hot day!

Ah fuck it, PEACE!!!!

Splashy splashy!!!

This ones for the Wota! ;D

Y'know what this looks like? Some cheesy ass film sequence you would get in a chick-flick where the girls point out their rivals who are, understandable, sexier than they are. Let's see if that's the case...

Nailed it!!!

Seriously though, I do want a good chunk of these bikini's. THEY SO CUTE! *O*

THIIIIIGH hnnnnnng!!!

Okay, now this is a nice shot. Very damn pretteh and all that jazz!

But just. Look. at. it's. GLORIOUSNESS!!! -wheezes-

Nanami: "This PV is pretty damn awesome, friend~"

Seriously though, if Abe Aimi wasn't so damn cute, I would probably become a fan of Ogata Haruna's twinny, here o3o

Yuka: "... Yeah, you're not returning to MoMusu, are you?"
Nanami: "What...?"


She's so cuuuute *^*

Shut up Chiima, all of them are cute, you love them ALL!!!!



P.IDL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get the guns, we're going in!!!

Oh shit, it's one of those ex-BiS Idols, comin' after the cuties of P.IDL!!! She has a bat, HIDE!!!


Bikini weather and BEWBS!

Actually, that's quite a cute bikini!

Oh look, the tacky diner costumes are back owo where's the bikini's!? Well, not all of the summer is spent in a swimsuit, right?

And Scene~

So after many days of churning out Graduation and news related posts, I have finally come out with a PV Review that I have just been dying to do since the summer days began here in England! With all these damn announcements though, as well as moving back home for the summer and also reading the days away, I've become incapable of writing anything that isn't news related... until now!!!

Natsu!, though it isn't actually the first summer PV that came out this year, is a fun summer track that has an even better video to accompany it. Truly, I am a fan of the video more than I am the song, though I do enjoy the song in small doses. After about ten listens, Natsu! gets on my nerves a bit with it's really weirdly compressed vocal arrangement, and the grainy sound it seems to have when the girls are singing. Still, the song itself is nice, though reminiscent of some AKB48 summer songs, just better in sound, catchier in tune.
 Still, it is forgetful, and I did have trouble remembering it before I put the PV on for this review. Doesn't make it any less enjoyable, however.

Really though, what won me over with P.IDL's summer release was the music video, and whilst this is the case with the other two PV's I have reviewed for this group, I really think that the PV for Natsu! is one of their best for shots and variety. It has a wide range of camera angles and pans, and also hosts quite a few locations. Some of my favourite shots from this PV happen to be the long shots that capture the girls when they're running or walking, watching the Idols of P.IDL behind. I don't know why, but it was these shots that I found the most beautiful; they stood out, and they looked remarkable.
 For a group that has only been going on a year or so, their team truly is talented and dedicated to bringing a quality piece with their videos, and you can see the effort and time taken to perfect this summer PV.

It really is remarkable, how gorgeous and professional these shots and scenes within the music video are. They look like scenes from a movie sometimes (especially the shot where Yuka and the other girl hold hands) and, really, I was left deeply impressed by this music video and what it provided. The group, though still fairly new and not that well known yet, at least in the Western fandom, is already showing how great they are as performers, and how wonderful their team behind the scenes is. From just Stay with me, Teenage Blues and now Natsu!, I get the impression that P.IDL is nothing but professional in what they create and provide for the fans.

In a way, they're even better than some of the bigger, well known groups out there, more-so when it comes to the quality of their videos and their performance aspect. Then again, a lot of Idol groups are now.

What I liked greatly about this PV though, other than its great quality and the luscious amount of shots used that just sent my film-wired brain into a skitter of happiness, was how this entire PV, in all of its bikini-clad goodness, seems to be more of a parody than a serious bikini MV. Whilst parody videos aren't that uncommon now, it was still quite surprising to see P.IDL take on the idea of making fun of an Idol summer PV, and honestly?
 They do a ruddy good job of poking fun at some of the more generic, fan-service filled Idol PV's out there, more specifically, those of AKB48 or other Idol groups that choose to wear bikini's whilst seriously singing a song.

I don't mind bikini PV's, but recently, I seem to favour the ones that poke fun at the concept of a summer in swimsuits, rather than the ones that seem to take themselves seriously. Here, it's obvious that it's done in jest and doesn't intend to be taken seriously, if the scenes with Tia and the nosebleeds is anything to go by, at least. It's just harmless fun, and whilst the wota do get a good chunk of cleavage, butt and thigh shots, it's all done deliberately, to show that it's being filmed to laugh at rather than something to get all hot and bothered over.
 Still, someone'll get hot and bothered by it, I'm sure. It's cleavage and butts, for crying out loud.

I applaud the PV though, in all of its nature and with how funny it is. I still laugh at it now, because it is a genuinely good PV that is hilarious to watch. It has a lot of good elements to it that make it great, not just in its amazing filming and its good use of humor, but also the cute and subtle storyline about friendship and coming together. It is, in all, a good PV that's a blast to watch, and perfect for the summer time. Sure, the songs a bit shitty, given how it gets annoying rather quickly, and the costumes they wear when dancing on the beach need to be shredded, but aside from those things, it's pretty darned good, if a little reminiscent of AKB's own beach PV's.

Overall, I enjoy what Natsu! brings me as a viewer; fun, laughter and really awesome shots, and honestly, what more can a fangirl ask for, aye?

It's a good MV, so if you ever get the chance to watch it, be sure to check it out, and have a cheeky look at the 3-B's of Summer!

It's the beginning of a beautiful summer, and a great summer playlist! But, which Idol group has captured your attention this time of the year? Be sure to let me know!

Until next time, chaps! Cherrio!

Much Love,

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