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Bikini Butts and Beach Babes Galore! It's P.IDL's Summer of Fun and Happiness in their new PV, 'Natsu!'!!!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are completely my own. Whatever I may think or feel towards the group I am speaking of, their songs, MV's and members, is something I truly think or feel, and I hope that my opinion is respected, or at least tolerated, by yourself, the reader. You do not have to agree with me, you do not have to like what is said, but in order for you to gain respect for your own opinion, you must also respect what others think. Thank you.

It's SUMMER TIME!!!! And what happens when it's the Summer time in the world of Idols and cuteness? That's right, it's time to hit the beach! The Three B's are comin' in already, rushing with the tide of the summer wind, and they are ready to attack with their almighty cuteness and deliver us a refreshing, sweet summer! So be sure to grab your towels and sunglasses, because it's hot outside, and we're going to enjoy all the sun brings us, as well as enjoy all the Idols provide us in both sound and vision! For the Summer of 2015, are you READY!?

Summer is here, and with the beautiful summer time comes some of my all-time favourite PV's of the four seasons! Yes, it's that time of the year all over again, the very time in which Chiima gets a tad too over-excited for what the Idols of Japan have in store for us all in the form of their much anticipated summer PV's. Will they be refreshing, sweet, or overly-bikini clad!? With our beloved Idols, who knows just what we can expect?

Okay, so I admit, I have three types of themed PV's I like a lot; Summer PV's, Halloween PV's, and of course, Christmas PV's - these sorts of PV's are, to me, some of the more creative and energetic videos you can get. Whilst Spring and Sakura themed videos are, indeed, very beautiful and well paced, they don't have that refreshing or energetic feel that Summer PV's do, in my mind. Summer is all about the zing! of life, spending time with your friends, and just having a good time in the sunny weather! It's positive, it's hopeful and it's a whale of a time, which is why I adore the PV's that come to us all in the summer months - they make us happy, and they're truly the heart of an Idol groups discography.

So of course, it's now time to share the heart of summer with everyone here, and bring to you all the awesome PV's that the Summer of 2015 has provided us all with in the land of Idols! Of course, which amazing PV to start with is always beyond me, however after thinking it over, and also because I kinda love this PV for various reasons, I thought that it would be a no-brainer to begin my Summer PV Reviews with the lovely P.IDL's latest single release, Natsu!.

So let your cares fly away, grab hold of that towel, get your swimsuit on and head to the beach, because Summer has truly begun, and we sure are ready for it! Even with this heatwave we are sure to be having, we'll still have a splash in the waves to cool us all down! It's the sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-SUMMER TIME, so let's play!

Let's SPLASH!!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

After 4pm, Houkago Princess will take on their Royal Debut this August with their New Mini-Album, 'Seifuku Cinderella'!

"At 4pm after school, when their uniforms turn into the dresses of a princess and they place on their tiaras, they become real-life Princesses!"

Houkago Princess, who will be holding their Royal Major Debut this year, have announced the release of their debut mini-album, Seifuku Cinderella! To tell their very own Cinderella story, they have produced six songs to bring forth their feelings, and show us all their hard-work since their formation in 2011.

The much anticipated debut is set to drop on August 19th, 2015 under the groups new label, Universal Music Japan.

The mini-album will be released in three editions; Regular edition, which depicts the girls in plain but charming Seifuku just before the clock strikes 4pm, and Types A and B, which show the girls off in thier Cinderella costumes, with Type A's clock chiming 9pm, and Type B's sitting just before Midnight, when the spell is broken!

The concept of the charming covers comes from the fact that, during live performances, the members of Houkago Princess will perform during the day in their seifuku, and then perform again after school hours in a different assortment of costumes! Like real After-School Princesses, they transform when school is well and truly over!

(Regular Edition)

(Left: Type A Limited ver  |  Right: Type B Limited ver.)

The track-list is as follows:

1. Seifuku Cinderella
2. Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 no Riyuu~ (2015 ver.)
3. Dream Door
4. Kimipedia
5. Gachi Only You
6. Nanairo Photograph (Odagiri Nana solo song)

For both Type A and Type B Limited versions, there is of course a little bit extra to go with your dose of HouPri Love! With Type A, fans will get an accompanying DVD that includes a Music Video (possibly for Seifuku Cinderella) and with Type B, there comes a mini-pohotobook (20 pages) for those who purchase it! Of the three, which one would you choose?

As well as the single covers, track-list and their new promotional images, the group has also unveiled their latest profile pictures as well, in which they show off their latest princess attire, the Cinderella costume! Which member wears it best?

Aren't they just cute!?

*Professional Mode: OFF*
*Freak-Out Mode: ON*


-breathes heavily, rolls over, breathes even more heavily-

My. Babies. Are. DEBUTING andomfglookatthemtheyaresogorgeous eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!

I am VERY happy right now, and yes, OF COURSE I CRIED!!! I always cry when it comes to HouPri, we all very well know that, but upon seeing their costumes after waking up, seeing that they are major debuting with a mini-album, I of course felt rather overwhelmed! I'm really really happy, because for a while I've wanted this group to release an album of some sort though honestly, most of their singles could be seen as mini-albums, with how many songs are on the damned things AND NOW THEY HAVE!!!

I am ecstatic, and yes, I'm going to buy one of these editions. Most likely Type A, because it has a freakin' Music Video accompanying it, but actually, I really love the Regular Editions cover.

I may just get both, ya know? o3o CAUSE HOUPRI 8U

BUT. SERIOUSLY!!! They are well and truly Major Debuting, and it's in August. That's barely two months away now, and I am so freakin' EXCITED, OMFG!!!! Sure, the Cinderella costume doesn't suit them all in my opinion, and those giant-ass sleeves are atrocious, however I love the entire concept that Universal have taken on with this single and its meaning. It's great! It provides a story for the fans, whilst still keeping in line with the way HouPri works.

Also, those covers... daaaaamn they are truly spiffy! I really really like those covers and the attention to detail on the clock and time, ya know!? I just want them in my hands, now!!!

I truly am happy as a fan of HouPri right now, and honestly, I cannot wait until their debut mini-album drops and we get to hear its contents! I know for a fact that many Western fans are eagerly anticipating Nanairo Photograph, and whilst Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 no Riyuu~ (2015 ver.) is no new track to our ears, I still await it with great anticipation.

But, what I honestly anticipate most is that. Music. VIDEO!!!! Where is it, I need it in my life, GIVE IT TO ME!!! I am hungry for HouPri, and whilst this news may sate my hunger for now, I will surely need that MV in the next month or so, because it's what I like most - seeing my #1 group in action, and to see them truly come to life with their Major Debut!

Seifuku Cinderella is what all the fans of HouPri have been waiting for ever since their indies debut back in 2011. The group has gone through so much change since then, but with all of their hard-work, they have finally come to this, their Royal Debut!

And honestly, with all the bad news and graduations that have gone on this past month already, I do think it's time for the good, don't you? In fact, I will embrace it to the fullest!

After 4pm, let these schoolgirls change their seifuku into their princess dresses and put on their tiaras! For Houkago Princess, please support their Major Debut and watch these Princesses blossom into Queens!

Until next time, please stay Happy and in Love with Idols!

With Happiness and tears,


Houkago Princess Official Website Announcement
Universal Music Japan Houkago Princess Official Site
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

For Her US Debut, Please Aid Tomimoto Airu in Coming to Idol Matsuri!

Idol Matsuri, the first Japanese Idol convention based in the United States of America, will be hosting its second year of Idol love in Seattle this coming August, and already the acts are being prepped and announced for those attending. With Chii Sakurabi, Beri! New Day, Berri~Team! and Pete Ellison already announced for the up-coming event, and more to be revealed, there is one act that hopes to make her US debut, but is in need of a bit of help...

Images from Tomimoto Airu's Official Ambelo Blog
All rights belong to that of Tomimoto Airu and her Management
Tomomito Airu, 10 years old and a part of the Actors School Hokkaido, is a children's fashion model as well as a regular performer of live concerts and fashion events in both Sapporo and Tokyo. As of now, Airu is an active soloist who performs various cover songs from other Idol groups and singers, and is continuously growing her fanbase in Japan, and now, she wants to begin her international career in the USA!

Though she's young and still in her early stages of being an Idol, it's obvious that already Airu has the determination and drive some older Idols may lack, as well as holding a broader insight to a potential and prospective new fanbase. Certainly, she is stretching her limit to the sky and beyond, but without the help of the fans and those possibly attending Idol Matsuri this year, Airu can't make her desired US debut a reality this year.

(be sure to switch on the captions for English subtitles!!!)

With any live performance from any artist or group overseas and out of the way, it of course costs money to not only fly them over, but to also host and provide for them as guests of honor at events such as conventions like Idol Matsuri. So in order to try and help Airu to get to the US and make her live debut, Idol Matsuri have set up their Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign to aid Airu in her mission! With the help of the fans, no matter if it's big or small, hopefully the contributions will allow Idol Matsuri to hold Airu's international debut!

By contributing to the campaign, you will be awarded a variety of perks depending on how much you choose to offer, ranging from digital photo's of Airu's performance, to a personalised video message from Airu herself.

Without the help of everyone, however, Airu's American debut cannot be, so if you are going to Idol Matsuri, want to help out just a little, or even have something to spare, please consider Airu and think of the debut she could have if everyone comes together and makes a dream come true!

If you want to help out with Idol Matsuri in other ways, you can also enter the Mascot Contest for Idol Matsuri 2015, which closes on July 14th, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. You can also book for panels, workshops or attend as an Artist to help out and contribute, too! And if you are thinking of registering, but have not yet done so and want to, then be sure to sign up before it's too late, as spaces are limited!

Mascot Contest (Link)
Panels, Workshops & Contests (Link)
Artist & Vendor Registration (Link)
Attendee Registration (Link)

Idol Matsuri is still only in its early stages, and are striving to improve and strengthen as a convention, and aim to spread the joy of Japanese Idols all around America. Though they are only in their second stage, Idol Matsuri has big plans for the future, and hopes to grow and bring great Japanese and American talent to its stage, as well as to entertain the fans as well! If you can help, then please do what you can, and continue to support Idol Matsuri as it heads into its second year, its third and beyond!

Please help out if and when you can, and until next time, I hope to see you all soon! Please take care, and stay happy and loving!

Much Love,

Source(s) and Links:

Airu's Official Ameblo Blog
Airu's Artist Profile (Recochoku)
Airu's Official Youtube
Airu's Indiegogo Campaign

Idol Matsuri Official Website
Idol Matsuri Twitter
Idol Matsuri Facebook
Idol Matsuri Youtube

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Monday, 15 June 2015

And so Kobushi Factory will Major Debut, said the Hello! Project Demon Overlord...

This post contains my thoughts. Don't like it, don't worry - I don't expect everyone to agree with me, or anyone at all, really! Reember, if you find me so offensive, you don't have to read!
*I feel like this is such a passive-aggressive post XD

Just two days shy of Shimamura Uta's withdrawal from Country Girls, it was suddenly announced, much to the surprise of the Hello! Project fandom, that one of the Factories would Major Debut!

Yeah, this ain't no coincidence, I'm sure.

On June 14th, the announcement that Kobushi Factory, the original 'successor' unit to the now defunct Berryz Kobou, would make their major debut this coming Fall with the release of their up-coming second single release, Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan / Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta / Nen ni wa Nen (Nen'iri Ver.), a rather intimidating Triple A-side. One of the songs, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta, will be a cover of the Sharam Q song Ramen Daisuki Koike-san, and will also be the theme song of the up-coming TV Drama, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, which is set to air this June. So already the group is getting a pretty good gig for their major debut, and a rather gigantic release by debuting with a triple A-side.

So... what's the problem?

Okay, so I don't mean to be a negative ninny here, but because I am, I will be however with only two days that have passed on by since Uta's leave of Country Girls, I can't help but feel like Kobushi's sudden Major Debut announcement is just a tad too convenient. I have no doubt that, even before Uta's leave, their major debut was in the works, but with how things have gone recently, this new announcement of H!P's feels rather premature - it's like it's the cushion used to soften the all mighty blow, in a sense.

I don't doubt the fans are happy, because heck, the Kobushi fans are ecstatic about this news, and I am happy for them - but it feels like another Juice=Juice with me. With Juice=Juice, it was way too early to major debut them, having only given them time to grow within three months and nothing more, and it's the same with Kobushi. Instead of three singles though, Kobushi only had one single release.
 So yes, I feel like we haven't had time to watch the group grow even a little bit, moreso for us fans who don't follow the Kenshuusei as much as others do. For me as a viewer and listener, it feels like they're just being shoved into our faces rather quickly, and not given a proper demonstration of just what they can do.

I don't doubt the abilities of Kobushi Factory - I've listened to their debut indies single, and whilst it's not to my taste, it's very well done and one of the best set of songs we've had from H!P this year, however I can't help but feel iffy with this group and their rather quick major debut. To me, it's all too convenient, maybe a little rushed.
 Again, the major debut would have been in the works already, but I have a feeling the announcement was made so soon after Uta left to give the fandom something positive, and to give them little time to dwell on the bad news. I have a feeling this was supposed to be announced a month or so later, but nope. It was announced now, and I just think it feels like it was thrown in at the last minute.

Honestly though, when I heard this news, I didn't care, nor did I find it overly surprising. With recent events within H!P and the Idol world in general, this news actually fell really flat when I heard it. It wasn't exciting to me. Not to say it isn't to other fans, because again, this news has made a lot of fans happy, but for me, I just don't seem to care because right now, Kobushi Factory do not appeal to me in image or sound.
 Honestly, I am probably more of a Tsubaki fan, and they have yet to do anything.

I'm probably sounding super negative on these girls major debuting, and in a way, I am; it feels like Hello! Project are rushing to debut new talent and groups at the drop of the hate, and whilst that is good in some cases, it feels like they aren't giving the groups enough time to ripen in their indies phase, or that they're counting their chickens before they are about to hatch. Already we've had two groups announce their major debuts in under a few months of each other, and Tsubaki have yet to release their own indies single, or we've yet to hear of any other groups second single release of the year that isn't ANGERME. It's a tad overwhelming, actually.

Still, at least H!P are using their trainees this time around, and not kicking them out once they're tired of them like they did with UUG. This way, the fans are happy, I suppose.

Still, would it be too much to ask for H!P to, oh I dunno, slow the f*#% down? Seriously, calm your tits H!P, it won't hurt to wait - we fans should know, given how you like keeping us waiting for new single announcements.

Anyways, until next time. Peace!


Friday, 12 June 2015

In which that Child of the Damned, Shimamura Uta, Withdraws from Country Girls

I Spy with my Idol-Loving Eyes, a group made up of five...

Of course, it's C-ute, right? Wait, what, wrong? What the heck do you mean 'wrong', there's only one 5-nin group in Hello! Project, I swe---

... Ah, fuck it!

So... Shimamura Uta has graduated, and it's apparently due to contract disagreements that could not be resolved, meaning that she's pulled an Aina on us all and ditched the group that she pretty much owned, centered and lead, without so much as a wave goodbye.
 And yes, the fans have been left absolutely shattered because of it. There have been tears, there have most likely been arguments, and y'all can bet we've had a bit of bitterness! Because, c'mon; it was Shimamura Uta, and she was that groups shining star.

Hell, I bet she was the reason that the group even got it's Major Debut so quickly - she was popular! Now though, she's gone, and holy shit aren't we all sad about it.

Honestly though, despite not having much time to process it, I am sad, but I know I'll get over it - I barely know Country Girls as a group right now, and whilst Aina leaving Juice=Juice cut me up, it's because I had gotten to somewhat know that group through the three singles they had released as an indies group... that, and her withdrawal truly was sudden. With Uta, there was a lot of speculation; she didn't turn up to some events apparently, and she had stopped blogging all together. With her departure and its impending announcement, there was some build up to it - Aina's was completely out of the blue. So, in a way, I suppose I was mentally prepared for it.

In a sense, I've also had other things to worry about aside from Idols recently, so it wasn't completely shocking to me either. I've yet to cry, in fact I am eerily calm about this, and the only thing I've realised I am completely sad about is that, now she has gone, I won't get to make even more Children of the Damned jokes about her.
 Yeah, that's where my true intent lies with Uta xD

Seriously though, I did like Uta-chan when she was a part of Country Girls. She had this innocent, awkward charm about her, and those dead eyes that never linked to the soul. Uta-chan was charming and charismatic, and whilst she couldn't sing, she was still pleasant to listen to. I liked her, and I enjoyed her presence, but honestly speaking? I'm happier that she left the group with only one single, than for me to get used to her and then have my heart ripped out like it did with Aina, even though I didn't care for her much, either.

Currently I am still processing this announcement, because I only found out after I completed my unpacking (having moved out of my University Halls and returning home) and I've still not allowed it to settle in completely. Yes, it's a little shocking, but I do think I'll be okay even when I've realised what has well and truly happened. It's sad to know that Uta has left Country Girls so suddenly and that we are still vague on why she left, other than knowing that the contract did not meet the standards of herself or her parents, but I'll get over it. I have to, because that's what we fans do - we accept it, and we move on.


Does this mean our little Manakyandi will get Uta's lines? Teehee~

Lookit me, being all positive! Seriously though, life goes on and Country Girls will continue no matter what. This isn't the end of the world (though with how some reactions, you would think it is) and Uta was only ONE of six members within this group. Yes, it's extremely sad that she left, especially this early on within the group, but with what time we had her, we cherished it.

Country Girls will LIVE ON!!!!

... And that's the end of that.

I'll try and update as soon as I can, and it's sad that this is my first second post of June, and the first post in a while, but these things happen.

Until next time, in which I hope for happier news or happier posts.


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LIVE Blog: AKB48 41st single Sousenkyo (Of which has Ended)

So, I've decided to live blog the AKB48 41st Sousenkyo, because for some reason I think I can do this whilst really bloody tired, and whilst on skype with a nutball (hi, Vivian) as I try not to fall asleep on my keyboard. Clever Chiima, I am not.

Oh, and I may be using Twitter, too. So, yeah.

So, I'll be Live Blogging this and updating every so often, possibly every hour, as I go along. This may be fun, or not... Let's do this!