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Maruyama Karin, The Idol of An Eternal Summer, has Passed Away

To everyone, whether you were a fan of Maruyama Karin or not, please remember her fondly, and please remember her with absolute love.
Image from Maruyama Karin's Official Website
On May 22nd 2015, at 1:30pm, the Idol who had hoped for an Eternal Summer has sadly passed away. Maruyama Karin, who was 21 years old, lost her battle with lung cancer that she had been fighting. The Idol had also suffered a brain tumor from a young age, and yet, despite all of this, she still strived to live out her dream to become an Idol, and was able to make that wish come true this year with the release of her first single.

Karin, nicknamed Rin-chan, worked hard to live out her dream career despite her illness, despite all of the surgeries, and despite how much it tired her. She worked hard, and through this hard work and dedication to become an Idol, she reached out to a lot of people and inspired many, both Wota and Idols alike. She truly became the Idol that inspired all.

Image from Maruyama Karin's Official Website
Even though she was only here for a short time, debuting in 2012 but finally releasing her first solo single in 2015, Rin-chan allowed her presence to be known, and fought for what she wanted to do the most. She is a person who we see that shows us all that life is a one time chance for many, and that sometimes, you must do the things you love and aspire to do even when you do not have much time left within this world. For Rin-chan, it was a dream to bring happiness to others no matter what the set backs, and by doing so, she became an Idol who not only made others happy, but also became an Idol who many would look up to for the battle she was taking on, and the setbacks that could have easily deterred her from such a tiring job.

Since her passing, Idols around Japan who have known and met Rin-chan have grieved for and praised her, just as many Wota have. It is sad and unjust that, in this world, Rin-chan was taken away so early on in her life, when she had so much to live for. But, even though she was struggling in her personal life, as an Idol she would still smile and shine, and she took her once in a lifetime chance, and never let the cancer take away her status as an Idol.

Image from Maruyama Karin's Official Website
Even though I personally was not a fan of hers, nor did I really know of Maruyama Karin as an Idol, I still thought that she was an admirable person who was, in many ways, a strong and wonderful person. It takes strength to pursue a career in being an Idol, however it takes even more strength to pursue such a career as well as battle an illness as draining and threatening as cancer.

Upon hearing of her death last night, I was deeply saddened and taken aback by the news that she had left our world and made her way to a new life. Her death has touched many, and her days as an Idol left a great impression upon not only the fans within Japan, but the Western fans as well. Though we did not know her for long, she was an Idol who everyone knew of, and an Idol we greatly respected and, for many, adored and loved. Though I was not a fan of hers, I was still a fan of Idols who respected what she was doing, and felt inspired by her, too.

Now, however, Rin-chan is without pain, but in her last moments of life, I hope that she held only happy memories from her short-lived life, and held close to her the days she spent as the Idol that she had always wanted to be, and the great joy she brought to those around her. Truly, she will be missed, but forever she will be loved.

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May you Rest in Peace, Maruyama Karin. Though you are now gone, you will be remembered fondly by family, friends, Idols, fans, and even those who were not your fans. To many, you will always be an Eternal Idol.

Maruyama Karin
August 2nd, 1993 ~ May 22nd, 2015


The announcement, through Karin's mother, announcing the sad news that Rin-chan had passed on, and lost her fight with cancer.

Rin-chans first and only single, Eternal Summer, and its PV.

A video my good friend Vivian suggested for me to watch, that allowed her to fall in love with Rin-chan.

Finally, Rin-chan's final video that she had recorded before her passing.

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