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I'm Sorry For This Explosion of Cuteness! Country Girls' 'Itoshikute Gomen ne' PV Review!

Beyond this wall of text, beneath the images and upon the hills far away, opinions are abundant, but they are also yours, and yours only. You do not have to like the opinions of others, nor do you have to think that, because they say this and that, you must conform to that opinion. However, in order to live in harmony, one must accept the views of others, and one must not insist that another person conform to what they think. So, dear reader, please remember; you won't always agree with what is said here, but that is okay, because I respect your views, and I hope that you respect mine. Opinions, they are great, but when they are forced upon you and it is expected for you to think the same way, then it is bad, for your freedom to think, it has been taken away...

Okay, that's a wall of disclaimer text ._.


I wanna spend more time to be with you...
I wanna see you soon cause I love you~

UFP are nearly getting there with their English game, aren't they? Yes. Yes, they are!

Okay, so, this PV Review is a tad late, I know, it's a couple damn months late but I've been flooded with essays and hand-in dates for the past few months, so I really haven't had the time to blog or even have a life much, to some degree, hence the extraordinary lack of posts here. Still, regardless of that, I did want to actually review and picture spam the heck out of the first Country Girls MV here, because, why not? It's cute, and it struck me.

It struck me like Lightning.

Also, I really like it, and for the first time in a while, I felt like a H!P PV was actually worth screencapping the shit out of. So, that's why we're here, to bask in adorable glory, and to look upon the sweetness that is Country Girls and their debut Music Video, Itoshikute Gomen ne.

Though, why they're apologising for being adorable is beyond me, because I really don't mind; in fact, I would love even more adorbs! But, what we have here, it's a lovely amount, so it'll have to do!

So, without further delay, let's delve into the absolute cuteness that is Country Girls' Itoshikute Gomen ne, where the girls will apologise for nature's doing, but continue to be adorable no matter what! And with that said, are you ready to accept their apologies on behalf of the fandom? If so, then let's get right into it, and bask in their adorable, apologetic persona's!

I'm sorry... for shamelessly apologising for being this cute! Forgive me, Nyan?

Momo-Satan: "I'm sorry that I didn't end my Idol career like you all wanted me to~ Yurushite Nyan?"

Ah shit, it's back.


Probably the best H!P opening ever, TBH.

Ah, yes, H!P's new Messiah, Shimamura Uta. Because ever since that disgusting haircut, Karin has lost her Jesus status, and fallen from grace.


Since the demise of Berryz, Momoko has taken up the job of being the puppeteer to the souls of Idols.

Wouldn't expect anything less from Satan herself, to be honest.

Satan: "Huehuehue, my almost-defunct Idol career shall live on through you, my pretties!"

Aside from having the ears of a Saint, Chisaki or whatever her name is really does nothing for me as a viewer or a fan.

I do like Our Messiah and Saviour of all things cute and snuggly, though <3

What a smug little bugger. is Mai! I love you, though, don't leave me ;w; <3

Not gonna lie, there are times where I look at Uta and I'm reminded of those creepy kids from Village of the Damned.

She's still incredibly cute, though, even if it does look like she wants to devour my soul right after ripping it out of me.

That's the Messiah for you <3

EARS! -nibbles-

Look at that cute little munchkin in the middle there, though <3

The reason I breathe, really <3

And this one is just plain ol' BEAUTIFUL! Look at that face and her hair and GAAARGH, BEAUTS <3

Messiah: "... Where the fuck are my souls on a silver platter?"

Aw, shit, The Messiah's pissed off with us all. I think she needs more lines?

Oh wait, no, she needs more souls to devour for her Lord Satan, Momochi. Quick, fans, get over to hear and let her take your soul for foodies!!! If you don't, you ain't no real fan! D8<

Wait, renting movies is still a thing? Kid, haven't you ever heard of Netflix or Hulu?

Wait, Idols can read now!?

This is just cute. Also fun to look at how tiny they all are, Satan herself included <3


Look at Uta, shamelessly scouting the camera! Only just debut and already, she knows where to look!

Stahp, Messiah, STAHP!


Well. This calls for my old friend, Photoshop.

Oh, hey, look, Uta found her brothering! She fits riiiiiight in! ^^

Other than being some Soul-Sucking Saviour, though, our Messiah does look like a very pretty doll a good deal of the time.

Wait, is Uta even Human!?

Manaka is Life.

Manaka is Air.

Manaka is Love.

Manaka keeps me Breathing, and Manaka is basically perfection in a tiny, chubby bottle. Manaka is my Dumpling <3

AKB manufactured a computer generated Idol, but UFP create a Dream Doll and made her come to life, and named her... SHIMAMURA UTA!!!

Messiah: "I'm sorry for being so perfect~"

Ears: "I'm sorry that you love my ears~"

*stops the ear nibbling* What, did you say something?

Manaka: "I'm sorry for being everyone's reason for Living~"

Manaka is Life-Force.

Manaka is the Force.

Mai: "Fudge's sake, what's with all the Manaka love these days?"

I love you too, you cheeky brat~ <3

Oh, HOLY SHIT, the Cheeky Brat has a Halo of Light above her head, IS SHE OUR MESSENGER ANGEL!?

Nah, she's just a cheeky so and so.

I love looking at how cute and short my Dumpling is.

She has these adorable chunky legs and all =3= <3

Dumpling: "Now how can I get more lines to appease my awesome, all-loving fans...? Hrm..."

-screams- DUMPLING-POP!!!


... I actually forgot that you were in this group, tbh o-O

Risa doing some lip-nibbling action here, forever pleasing le Chiima. Om nom nom...~

Chisaki of the Ears looking so done in the back there.

Mai, though. Mai is hitting that pose perfectly!

My Brat: "I'm sorry for... oh wait, no I'm not sorry at all, teehee~"

Oi oi, have some modesty and be sorry, you cheeky brat! XD

It isn't a bad habit when it comes to you, my little Dumpling <3

Risa: "I'm sorry for not being in this PV as much as I should be~"

Awww, Risa baby, you don't have to be sorry ;w; The butt-heads at UFP need to be sorry, not you, sweet-pea.


Still, let's have as many stills of you that I can get from this one shot!

... Yep. She needs to be a model o 3o

That, or be shown more, UP-FRONT IDIOTS!!!

Satan's not impressed with Up-Front, either, because they really haven't shown enough of her...

Satan: "I'm a seasoned Idol and so far I've only had 3 solo shots? TCH! Stupid punks..."

Messiah: "The Messiah wants YOU..."

The Messiah wants me to...? What? WHAT!?

Messiah: "... to give me your useless soul on a silver platter!"

Sorry, already sold it to Manaka-Dumpling and Houkago Princess :>

Not gonna lie, the ever-snooze worthy Chisaki actually looks seriously cute in this scene!

But DAMN, that Risa! <3 She would make a great wife to my friend Franky one day!

Dumpling-Pop, you look cute, with or without the bows. Because you are the cutest of them all <3

Satan: "Right now is the time... to talk to my magic mirror and see if I truly am the cutest of them all, or Hell shall be made!"

Ah shit, we need to break the mirror before Satan tries to feed my Dumpling-Pop some poisoned apples o 3o

You know, if I ever went out and did this move to someone in my home village, they would probably think I was impersonating a chicken or something...

Well, it's the countryside, so they shouldn't be surprised :/

Once again, getting in as much Beauty as I possibly can with Risa...

Because we're never to busy to look at this beauty ;)

Messiah: *Dances to her JAM*

Seriously though, this is so cute.

My Dumpling-Pop just happens to be cuter in my eyes, however <3

Because DUMPLING <3

Look at this cheeky brat, falling asleep because she's bored of me fan-girling over my Dumpling-Pop and the beauty that is Risa.

Oi, Cheeky Brat, wake UP!!!

Cheeky Brat: "Whoah, what a weird dream! Some old chick who blogs had an Oshi that wasn't me..."

OI!!! I'm not that old, you Cheeky Brat!

Okay, how are you so gosh-darned cute, little Dumpling-Pop that breathes life into this world?

The Messiah is deep in thought here, but I wonder, whatever could she be thinking about...?

Messiah: *thinking deeply* "Souls... how to get them? Already, I have all of UFP under Satan-sama's control, but now I must figure out how to harvest the souls of the living beings that call themselves... fans..."

... Okay, so maybe I don't want to know what this kid is thinking... -shudders-

Also, I enjoy how UFP seems to think I don't know what the word separate means.

This looks simultaneously cute, and extremely creepy, for some reason... o-O


Seriously, that sorta half-smile and the ear peeping through her hair may just be the death of me <3

When she isn't feeling all awkward and bland and whatnot, Chisaki is indeed adorable.

OH! A wild Uta has appeared! I wonder... will our Messiah notice us at all?

*gasp* SHE NOTICED ME!!!

Notice me, Messiah!

We interrupt the Messiah for an impromptu Chicken Dance, courtesy of Country Girls' Exquisite Beauty, Yamaki Risa!

... And back to the Messiah, and her sub-par drawing skills!

Still, she's really adorable with her sloppy heart drawings <3

I literally think of a really cute baby or toddler when I see this girl, because she's just so darned CUTE and such a Dumpling-Pop.

Okay, maybe Chisaki is charming...

She's still lower than Momoko on my rank system for CG, however.

Bloody cheeky brat.

Good thing I love ya, though <3

So, is it just me, or does our Messiah of the Dolls and Souls also look a bit like a cat?

Maybe she's just a shape-shifter?

Our Beauty of the Ages <3

And look, here comes The Beast... I MEAN SATAN!!!

Satan: "... I'll kill you for that, vile human."

This kid, though <3 She gives me life and air for my lungs to keep going <3

You're not sorry, you Cheeky Brat! I know you're lying!

Cheeky Brat: "Teehee~"


How can I not love you!?


... DAYUMN!!!

That girl is not sorry for how beautiful she is, I can tell you that for free right now.

Satan: *Satanic laughter ensues*

QUICK, hide your souls, Momoko's back!

... !!! MY HEART!

Guys, Kokoro down... my Kokoro is shot... gaaaah... <3

Seriously though, cuteness this high? It should be illegal.

In all honesty though, each one of them is very cute, though Risa's more a beauty than a cutie.


"I'm sorry for captioning so many cute pictures!"

Okay, so, screen-shotting and captioning this entire post has been Hell on Earth today, not because it was difficult to do (I may just be pro at this, right about now), but because my three year-old niece has been in my room at various points, and asking me every 10 or so seconds to read some damn text on her DS, or asking me to look at things or get her something. I've been disrupted from this so many times, and I don't like it. If I'm in the zone, I am in the zone, but not today.
 I'm surprised this is going to be finished at all, not gonna lie! Still, though, I love my niece, even if she is a pain and keeps me from my love of blogging.

She's walking up the stairs now, and she has entered my room. DAMN (18:52pm)

So, Itoshikute Gomen ne, quite possibly one of the best PV's to come out of H!P since ANGERME's Otome no Gyakushuu, as well as the cutest release since before S/mileage turned to shit back in the day. Yeah, this is it, the PV that H!P have been waiting for...
 A PV with character (dun dun duuuun!!!).

Okay, I'm getting a tad snarky, but for me as a fan, it's the truth; for a long time, a good chunk of the PV's in Hello! Project have felt dry and lacking in character and personality. I mean, the last time a PV really got to me was Yattaruchan, and that was because H!P had finally given the one interesting personality in then-S/mileage a lead in a genuinely good song. And, finally, they have returned to that kind of feeling in their videos, but in the form of Country Girls - and oh, am I loving it. Ba la ba ba baaaaa~

The Music Video, whilst it's extremely simple and very much a typical Hello! Project PV in its formula, is very entertaining to watch. The girls are quirky and cute, and give you plenty of shots that are entertaining and genuinely sweet. Ozeki Mai, for example, is the leading lady of personality in this video; she's hilarious! Every time I watched the alternative shots, I couldn't help but giggle at what she did, and it was all very simple movements. The part where she was asleep? For some reason, that part had me laughing, and even now after watching the video so many times, its my favourite shot.

With Shimamura Uta, the clear star of Country Girls, she is naturally very cute and sweet in her movement - I don't know what it is about her, but this natural air of innocence is very enticing, and it just radiates from her how good she is as an Idol. In every shot you see her in, she naturally gives a great performance. Even during one shot, where she twirls her finger I believe, she seems a little clumsy with hr actions, but it looks very cute regardless, and you immediately feel charmed by her. Also, she looks like she's having fun in each shot; all of them do, actually, and nothing feels forced or fragmented for the sake of the camera. It is, essentially, effortless for them all, though of course some probably feel a tad more awkward or forceful than others.

With Chisaki, especially, that awkwardness is high in volume; Chisaki is cute and very sweet-faced, however I can't help but sometimes feel very bored by her. One day, she may really bloom as an Idol, but right now, I really can't grasp her aura as an Idol. Still, there are times where I really thought she looked adorable in this video, but most of the time, I couldn't help but wish she had less close-up shots, because how awkward she could be... well, it did put me off a little. In future MV's, though, I do hope that her personality shines through a little more.

With Manaka, I do admit that at points, it probably seemed a little more showy than the other girls, however that's probably because Manaka has already filmed a PV beforehand, so the experience is there. Regardless of that, however, you can see that Manaka is really having a whale of a time - like Houkago Princesses Saori, whenever she performs, it reflects in her smile and eyes, and when I watch Manaka dance... well, I'm just completely engulfed by that smile and the sparkle in her eyes! She's adorable, and she loves it! She's like a toddler with a box, really, and you can see just how much she adores performing.

Yamaki Risa, she's more like a model in this, to me. She really looks gorgeous, and honestly, whenever I saw her I was absolutely floored by her beauty. Of all the girls, she's clearly the one you look at because she isn't simply cute, but instead she's very beautiful in a mature way, and looks like a woman. Heck, she looks more like a woman than Momoko does, it's crazy! But seriously, she has a professional aura about her, and yet you still see the joy that she exudes by simply being on set, with her very own group. Honestly, Risa is very charming, and I can't help but adore her.

Finally, there is, of course, the Idol who never ages, Momoko. Okay, so we know Momoko well already, and whilst I do wish that she had stopped being an Idol because the Berryz days are over, it is nice to see her here, performing with this young group, and basically becoming the butt of the groups own jokes - she really does fit in here, and she looks good with the other girls, and honestly? I wish that she had been shown a bit more, but I understand why she would be limited in her close-ups - we know Momoko, and we've seen her in action before, so of course it would make sense to show the other girls instead. Still, I do think we get to see that cute and playful side to Momoko that we know, but also, we see her 'play maker' side as she becomes the Puppet Master to these new, inexperienced girls. It's great!

For the PV itself, I really do enjoy it; it's simple and cute, just like the girls in this group, and it isn't cheap or tacky in how it looks, either, which is more a surprise than anything if you ask me. It just reflects the natural beauty of the girls in the group, and is very pure and easy on the eyes. It's a good-looking PV, if anything, and I'm glad that Up-Front put some effort and thought into this one, because we all know that they can slack on their job when they want to *coughMorningMusumecough*. Honestly, though, I really do love this Music Video; it's fun to watch, the girls entertain me greatly, and I like how honest the entire feel of the video is. There's nothing forced about it, and that is something that we haven't seen from Hello! Project in a long time.

Country Girls is a rare, raw to the bones girl group from Hello! Project that has not been present since the earliest days of Hello! Project history. Nowadays, all of the groups are so polished and prepped, w don't get to experience that feeling of newness or even watch the growth of the girls we slowly come to adore. Now, however, we have that very feeling in Country Girls; they have an essence of innocence that has been missing from H!P for so long, and finally, they have brought it back. Truly, it will be exciting to watch them grow into seasoned performers, and one day, they will really blossom.

Even though they're still inexperienced and learning the ropes, will you watch over them with me?

"For becoming Idols... we're definitely not sorry!"

Until next time! Once we meet again though, please, don't feel sorry for having an Idol-filled week!

Much Love,


  1. It's funny looking back to when the group was first announced and all we basically had was the footage of the girls being told about their debut and see the impressions of the girls then. It looked like many thought Chisaki was going to be the center as she had previous idol experience and initially not many cared for Uta. But all they saw of her was basically being shell shocked at the idea of her being able to debut with a H!P group. I think it was when CG had their first performance that she shot up in popularity, as while she is shy she does shine so brightly on stage. Chisaki feels like she needs to find her own niche in the group, other than being the overshadowed one with a group just bursting with so much personality.

    But I was in love with the group and Uta since the start and I love how Momoko has worked with the group. They have her position set up so well to basically make sure that the other girls shine with her. The act she and Mai do about her age is fun to watch and just any interaction as you can tell Momoko has gotten them to feel at ease with her so they don't have to feel so nervous making appearances and such.

    I just love this group to pieces. Satan better make sure the group continues to get the good stuff from H!P for them.

  2. I didn't expect to get on with this group, but they just are so damn adorable! I feel drawn to all the members in a way that's slightly lacking (for me) in other h!p groups, even though I enjoy their stuff and really like a couple of members... I mean, it took no time whatosever to love Risa, especially once I'd seen the live shows! And all the others vie for my affections too (though it's a close call between Mai and Uta for runner-up oshi in this group) :)

  3. Them PV reviews are backkk! XD Though I like your PV reactions too.

    I really didn't know what to expect with this group when we were shown their moment they were chosen.

    It's a surprise because I was quite taken with Uta during that time, but as she got pushed I drew towards Mai and Manaka (it's her cheeks I tell you) instead... Uta is cute and I still find her adorable to watch, but Mai and Manaka (double M!) have all this energy and sparkle (well, Manaka more than Mai) when they perform.

    However, I have to agree with you that Yamaki is truly beautiful. In some shots in the PV I felt like she was too pretty for all the adorable and kawaii going around, haha.