Thursday, 14 May 2015

I-Candy à la Mamitan

WARNING: This post contains GRAVURE, so some images may be NSFW. If you are under the age of 17 or feel offended by this sort of content, then PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER / AFTER THE BREAK! THANK YOU!!!

In which Chiima becomes far more comfortable in commenting on Idol gravure...

Despite the fact that I claim to be no fan of gravure, I seem to be sharing it quite a bit as of late...

Mamitan, a 19 year old who looks 15
A 2nd generation member of the indies Idol group Station♪, Koike Mami, affectionately known as Mamitan by her fans, is a contender for the 6th Young Champion Audition of 2015. Inexperienced in gravure, the images shown are from what seems to be one of her first-ever big photo-shoots. Hopefully, though this gravure-based contest, she will be able to accumulate some wider interest, as well as show off her absolute cuteness!

Either way, we're going to look at some gravure! Through the Twitter accounts of Station♪, Koike Mami herself, yakkun_station and fandamoon, I present to you the sweetness that is Mamitan, Gravure Newbie, in all of her plentiful off-shot glory...

Seriously though, how would anyone know what goods Mamitan was hiding away!?

Wait, wait... stop covering up, Mamitan. You have far too many clothes on!!!

When Idols wink, Chiima comes'a crawlin'!

Spot o' tea!? After that, how's abouts some gardening...

After all that gardening though, it might just be time for some well-deserved rest on the sofa...

Mamitan!!! There you go again, covering yourself up...

Still, I do forgive you.

... Hmmm, I like that bikini.

I like this one, too.

In fact, let's just say that I like all the bikini's, and I like them on Mamitan.

She rather likes big ball(s), it seems.


Dang, even when she looks all cool, she is still so sweet to look at!

It has to be said though, she does have a bit of an odd side to her, this girl...

Macho Mamitan!!!

But regardless, I do like Mamitan quite a bit from just seeing these images. I mean, I like my Idols a tad nuts with a side of weird, after all.

And then, she goes and does the lip bite... DANG!!!

And now, courtesy of Twitter in all of its glory, we have professional imagery of our Mamitan. There isn't much, but hey! It's something. Plus, she's cute, so forgive her already!

Can we get a DANG!!!! up in here!?

Indies Idol and gravure, they seem to go hand-in-hand with me right now. Mamitan, though... such a cutie-pie when you look at her, but once she takes off that jumper, she's kind of a handful.

Maybe it's Mamitan that will bring about the big break Station♪ have been waiting for all these years? I bloomin' well hope so!

If interested in Mamitan and her Gravure adventure with Young Champion, then be sure to vote for her this year, if you can! Mamitan is counting on you!

Until next time, Happy viewing!

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