Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I-Candy à la Mayuri

NOTE: This I-Candy Post contains NO bikini or underwear shots. This post is 99% Modest!

Once again we delve into the world of Idol imagery, but who shall we go on a date with today...?

Through the random threads that we call Fate, I somehow stumbled across the delight that is Tani Mayuri, a model who has only recently debuted as an Idol with her digital single release, EDEN. At 18 years old, Mayuri is a sweet-faced beauty who has modelled for the likes of POPTEEN and various websites, and is signed to the company RR Promotion.

With this fresh-faced cutie, we shall be going our own little date and experience the joy that is the sweet-looking Mayuri Tani. Today, allow her adorable smile to relieve your stress and wories, and blow them away~

Monday, 25 May 2015

Are You Ready to Relax in the City with REMOTE GIRL☆? 'Relax in The City' by REMOTE GIRL☆ ~PV Review~

All thoughts and opinions within this post are completely my own, and no one else's. I believe in the right to speak your mind, and here I speak mine. If you do not like what I say, that is fine, I do not expect anyone to agree with me, however please do respect my opinion. If you respect my opinion, then I shall respect yours, but do not expect acceptance of your opinion and then disregard the opinions of others. Thank you.

Within our fandom of Idols and all that is adorable, a part of this fandom is made up of coverists; fans who sing or dance along to the tracks made by their favourite artists and groups to share with the rest of the community. I admit, I am one of those coverists; it's fun to get together with others who love these songs, and to create something amazing together. When you've created a successful fan cover, it can become the best feeling ever, right next to the feeling of successfully writing a blog post.

For the group REMOTE GIRL☆ however, it's not just about singing a song that already exists, but about paying homage to the original in their own distinct way, and with their latest cover, pay homage and create their own version of the product is just what they did!

Compromised of three members, REMOTE GIRL☆ brings together 4TE's very own Chii (who shares my nickname, whoo~) and Jenny, who has just debuted with REMOTE GIRL☆, as well as the talented producer of 4TE, PromWolf. With a focus on covering various J-Pop songs and turning them into more J-Rock styled arrangements, REMOTE GIRL☆ has a different sound to that of 4TE's, but allows us to see the diverse style of Chii, Jenny and PromWolf as singers and composers. As of now, the group has six songs under REMOTE GIRL☆, with one of those songs being an original composition.

For now, however, we will be talking about the latest cover from REMOTE GIRL☆, and the first to introduce their latest member, Jenny. So, without further ado, let's take a look at REMOTE GIRL☆'s take on Perfume's latest single A-side, Relax in The City.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Fulfilling Single Filled to the Brim with Love... MACO'S 'LOVE', Single Review

All thoughts and opinions within this post are completely my own. That is all, and thank you~

This Review has been Cross-Posted from Selective Hearing. Feel free to read it at the SH Headquarters, too! <3

After stumbling upon the Music Video preview for MACO's physical single debut, LOVE, I was hooked on the sound of her voice and the beauty of the song that I had heard from the second that it had started. Sadly, it wouldn't be until a Month later that I was able to listen to the full track list for this lovely single - but, upon hearing each song, I knew that MACO was someone I would want to keep an eye on in the near future.

Simply put, she is incredible, and she is music to my ears. Literally.

So, without further ado, I well get into this short review for MACO's beautiful single, LOVE. Please do enjoy~

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Maruyama Karin, The Idol of An Eternal Summer, has Passed Away

To everyone, whether you were a fan of Maruyama Karin or not, please remember her fondly, and please remember her with absolute love.
Image from Maruyama Karin's Official Website
On May 22nd 2015, at 1:30pm, the Idol who had hoped for an Eternal Summer has sadly passed away. Maruyama Karin, who was 21 years old, lost her battle with lung cancer that she had been fighting. The Idol had also suffered a brain tumor from a young age, and yet, despite all of this, she still strived to live out her dream to become an Idol, and was able to make that wish come true this year with the release of her first single.

Karin, nicknamed Rin-chan, worked hard to live out her dream career despite her illness, despite all of the surgeries, and despite how much it tired her. She worked hard, and through this hard work and dedication to become an Idol, she reached out to a lot of people and inspired many, both Wota and Idols alike. She truly became the Idol that inspired all.

Image from Maruyama Karin's Official Website
Even though she was only here for a short time, debuting in 2012 but finally releasing her first solo single in 2015, Rin-chan allowed her presence to be known, and fought for what she wanted to do the most. She is a person who we see that shows us all that life is a one time chance for many, and that sometimes, you must do the things you love and aspire to do even when you do not have much time left within this world. For Rin-chan, it was a dream to bring happiness to others no matter what the set backs, and by doing so, she became an Idol who not only made others happy, but also became an Idol who many would look up to for the battle she was taking on, and the setbacks that could have easily deterred her from such a tiring job.

Since her passing, Idols around Japan who have known and met Rin-chan have grieved for and praised her, just as many Wota have. It is sad and unjust that, in this world, Rin-chan was taken away so early on in her life, when she had so much to live for. But, even though she was struggling in her personal life, as an Idol she would still smile and shine, and she took her once in a lifetime chance, and never let the cancer take away her status as an Idol.

Image from Maruyama Karin's Official Website
Even though I personally was not a fan of hers, nor did I really know of Maruyama Karin as an Idol, I still thought that she was an admirable person who was, in many ways, a strong and wonderful person. It takes strength to pursue a career in being an Idol, however it takes even more strength to pursue such a career as well as battle an illness as draining and threatening as cancer.

Upon hearing of her death last night, I was deeply saddened and taken aback by the news that she had left our world and made her way to a new life. Her death has touched many, and her days as an Idol left a great impression upon not only the fans within Japan, but the Western fans as well. Though we did not know her for long, she was an Idol who everyone knew of, and an Idol we greatly respected and, for many, adored and loved. Though I was not a fan of hers, I was still a fan of Idols who respected what she was doing, and felt inspired by her, too.

Now, however, Rin-chan is without pain, but in her last moments of life, I hope that she held only happy memories from her short-lived life, and held close to her the days she spent as the Idol that she had always wanted to be, and the great joy she brought to those around her. Truly, she will be missed, but forever she will be loved.

Image from babymetal.net
May you Rest in Peace, Maruyama Karin. Though you are now gone, you will be remembered fondly by family, friends, Idols, fans, and even those who were not your fans. To many, you will always be an Eternal Idol.

Maruyama Karin
August 2nd, 1993 ~ May 22nd, 2015


The announcement, through Karin's mother, announcing the sad news that Rin-chan had passed on, and lost her fight with cancer.

Rin-chans first and only single, Eternal Summer, and its PV.

A video my good friend Vivian suggested for me to watch, that allowed her to fall in love with Rin-chan.

Finally, Rin-chan's final video that she had recorded before her passing.

Articles On Maruyama's Passing:

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Let's Feel Happy and Energetic with Doll☆Elements' 'Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai!' Single!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own, and I can't be bothered to write much more for this disclaimer. SO LET'S GO~

I'm so behind in what I want to write and review...

and yet I will always procrastinate, because that's what Chiima does best! HAI!!!

With their next single already planned and a PV up an' running on the youtubez already, I thought that it was about darned-time I got this review written and posted, because, y'know, I wanna review the groups newest PV at some point, too... just not until this single review has been posted, that is. So, procrastination be damned, we're gonna review this single, because guess who really likes it?

Me. That's who.

For a while now, my love of Doll☆Elements has slowly been growing, a bit like a plant I suppose, and ever since I purchased this single, I can only see that love towards them growing more and more as time goes on. The group is cute, they have catchy tunes, and the single I am about to review seems to offer something different each time, and yet caters towards my personal tastes each time. There are many elements about this single that are just appealing, and I find it downright entertaining, too.

So, yeah, already we know it's a winner, but what's the content like? Well, I'm gonna tell you, and I'll tell y'all now.

Without further ado, we're going to get into this review, and I will stop my babbling for this really weak intro. As I allow Doll☆Elements to grow on me like a tree, will you also allow them to plant a seed into your hearts, and allow it to blossom into love and devotion?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fukuda Kanon to Graduate ANGERME and Hello! Project This Coming Fall!?

Please note that all thoughts and opinions, however harsh, brash and bitchy they may be, are completely my own and, regardless of how others may deem my opinion, something that I will not change unless they eventually change overtime naturally. These are my opinions here and now, and I will record them how I see fit. You do NOT have to agree with me. You do NOT have to conform to what I say. You SHOULD NOT think that my word is law, or that I am right. Think I am wrong, please, but this is indeed what I think, and I would appreciate if you didn't try and sway my opinion just because you think I need to conform to your ways of thinking. I won't do that to you, so don't do it to me.

There is no right or wrong in an opinion. It is all subject, and that is that.

Earlier today on May 20th, 2015, it was announced that ANGERME's first generation member, Fukuda Kanon, has decided to graduate from both ANGERME and Hello! Project come the Fall. This will be the groups first graduation since 2011, after Maeda Yuuka departed from the group in order to continue a regular life.

Fukuda Kanon's comment regarding her Graduation, as well as a small reason to as why she has decided to leave the group and Hello! Project come Fall, has been translated via Up-Front Link, which you can source HERE.
To all the people who have always supported me. I, Kanon Fukuda, have decided to graduate this fall from ANGERME as well as from Hello! Project. Now that I became a member of S/mileage around 6 years ago, after the 3rd generation members joined and the group changed its name in order to become more powerful, I oriented myself to the thought of graduating. So after my graduation, I trust and feel relieve that the group would become bigger and bigger. Then, as well as graduating from ANGERME this fall, I have decided to take a new road.All of this came from me. The remaining time until my graduation is quite limited but in order to not waste one day, I took a break from the university I was going to. Now I devote myself and rush to ANGERME’s activities until the end. After my graduation I will go back to the university, and I will firmly study to graduate from the university, as well as for the work, going through new challenges, so please continue to support me. 2015/05/20ANGERMEKanon Fukuda
Fukuda Kanon joined Hello! Project back in 2004, and has been a member of the group ANGERME since its formation as S/mileage back in 2009. She has also been a part of the units Shugo Chara Egg!, Shin Minimoni, LilPri, HI-FIN, MobeKiMaSu and the Hello! Project Station Dance Club.

For 2015, Fukuda Kanon's graduation is the first to be announced, and will be the second graduation to undergo, after Berryz Kobou graduated this March.

Personal Thoughts

Okay, so, regarding my feelings on this matter; No, I am not surprised. I've been waiting for Maro's Graduation Announcement for a few years now, around the time Yuuka graduated, actually, and have always felt that, of the remaining two first generation members, she would be the first one to leave the group. So, for me, this announcement was something I simply waited out, as opposed to being shocked or surprised by it.

I suppose she had a bit of Risako syndrome going on when it came to her PV performance; for a long time now, she has looked so dis-interested when in the group, and just doesn't seem that bothered with her co-workers, which is why I always felt she would be the first to say bye before anyone else could.

Now, Maro is by far the least favourite member within ANGERME for me, but I don't dislike her, either; I think she's a fantastic performer, one of the best acts within the group, and also a stellar singer, however what has always bugged me about her for the past three years is that she looks like she'd rather be elsewhere, or seems to give off a feeling that she may be too good for the group. That's the vibe I get from her, and whilst I think she's amazing as a performer, it's just that I can't get over how much of a snob I feel she could be.
 And I may get major dislike for that comment, but it's how I feel towards her, and I definitely wanted that out of my system.

With that said, again, there is a lot to like about Maro, moreso for her performance aspect, but whenever I read translated posts about her, I find it funny what she writes. But, aside from her performance skills and how she can seem funny in a snobbish was from her posts, I probably won't miss her.

I definitely don't feel sad right now, however I may feel something towards the date of her actual Graduation, because Maro has been a member of this group since around the time I became a fan, and I have followed them from their major debut since. Yes, it was a loose following, especially when they hit their shitty years, but I've still watched the group grow as I have grown as a fan, so she does mean something to me, I guess... she's just not as important to me as other members are from this group.

Despite this Graduation Announcement, however, I still think that ANGERME will do well without Maro; it's obvious that they're already prepping for someone to take over her spot *cough*MUROTANIT'SSOFUCKINGOBVIOUS*cough*, if their latest single is anything to go by, and the group has a great deal of some of H!P's strongest singers in there already, with both Maho and Dawa being the weakest at this point in time. So, yeah, I do think the group will go on without Maro quite well - if Morning Musume could survive without Reina, then I'm pretty damn sure that ANGERME can do okay without Maro.

It's been a long time coming, I believe, and it's not surprising or saddening for me that Maro will be leaving the group. To a degree, I know I'll miss her, and I will certainly miss the high quality of her performance skill that she has provided thus far, but as a character? Nah, I won't miss her, not that much.

Seriously, though; if Berryz were the first group I thought should go based on their sloppy video performances, then it was going to be Maro that I would have thought should go next based on how annoyed she looked just being with ANGERME, I have to admit.
 I know, I'm a bitch.

At least it's not C-ute, though.

I did a video too, by the way. Because I haven't done a 'Let's Talk...' in a long while, and this moment called for videos to be recorded. YEAH!!!

If you wish to, feel free to leave your own thoughts on the matter in the comments below. Feel free to also disagree with me, because I know my opinion will not go down well with everyone XD

Until next time.


Monday, 11 May 2015

I'm Sorry For This Explosion of Cuteness! Country Girls' 'Itoshikute Gomen ne' PV Review!

Beyond this wall of text, beneath the images and upon the hills far away, opinions are abundant, but they are also yours, and yours only. You do not have to like the opinions of others, nor do you have to think that, because they say this and that, you must conform to that opinion. However, in order to live in harmony, one must accept the views of others, and one must not insist that another person conform to what they think. So, dear reader, please remember; you won't always agree with what is said here, but that is okay, because I respect your views, and I hope that you respect mine. Opinions, they are great, but when they are forced upon you and it is expected for you to think the same way, then it is bad, for your freedom to think, it has been taken away...

Okay, that's a wall of disclaimer text ._.


I wanna spend more time to be with you...
I wanna see you soon cause I love you~

UFP are nearly getting there with their English game, aren't they? Yes. Yes, they are!

Okay, so, this PV Review is a tad late, I know, it's a couple damn months late but I've been flooded with essays and hand-in dates for the past few months, so I really haven't had the time to blog or even have a life much, to some degree, hence the extraordinary lack of posts here. Still, regardless of that, I did want to actually review and picture spam the heck out of the first Country Girls MV here, because, why not? It's cute, and it struck me.

It struck me like Lightning.

Also, I really like it, and for the first time in a while, I felt like a H!P PV was actually worth screencapping the shit out of. So, that's why we're here, to bask in adorable glory, and to look upon the sweetness that is Country Girls and their debut Music Video, Itoshikute Gomen ne.

Though, why they're apologising for being adorable is beyond me, because I really don't mind; in fact, I would love even more adorbs! But, what we have here, it's a lovely amount, so it'll have to do!

So, without further delay, let's delve into the absolute cuteness that is Country Girls' Itoshikute Gomen ne, where the girls will apologise for nature's doing, but continue to be adorable no matter what! And with that said, are you ready to accept their apologies on behalf of the fandom? If so, then let's get right into it, and bask in their adorable, apologetic persona's!

I'm sorry... for shamelessly apologising for being this cute! Forgive me, Nyan?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Let's Take A Moment with Yuuka Ueno's 5th single release, 'Hoshitachi no Moment / Slow Motion' [Review]

What is stated within these blogging walls are opinions of my own, no one else's. We are all born with a free-thinking mind, and I intend to share what is on my mind when it comes to Idols and music. If you do not like what is said here, then there is an option to leave, or to stay and think about how our opinions differ, as well as what we agree or disagree on as lovers of Japanese music and Idols. If you feel offended by anything I say, then I wonder; why are you offended? Someone else's words and opinions should not influence you in such a way.
 ... And that is my piece. Good day.

Okay, it's been a while (to me, at least), and now that University is over for the first year and Summer is ahead of me, maybe I can start on my blog again and review some songs that I have been loving recently~? Yeah, that sounds like a plan! But, who to review first? So many Idols, so little time...

Well, given that this is the soundtrack I'm currently listening to as I tap away at this post, it can only be the fabulous Yuuka Ueno with her fifth single, right!?

Ah, Yuuka, can you do no wrong? Right now it seems that you can't, because ever since your debut I have enjoyed all of your releases, b-sides and all; yes, some sound a little similar in composition, but I actually don't care, because it's your voice that really gets to me. That voice that makes the world go round, almost. I swear.

Okay, so I am a major fangirl for Yuuka's work, but why the heck not? She's incredibly talented, and so far her singles have been consistent and entertaining, with great b-sides to boot. Also, whilst her voice hasn't changed a great deal over the past two years since her debut, Yuuka still sounds amazing, you can hear that her confidence in singing has grown nicely, and she still sounds real. Also, she's just Heavenly.
 She is pretty much my Angel, and my favourite soloist right now, though there are some pretty darned good soloists out there at the minute.

Okay, annoying squeeing over Yuuka's perfection aside, today I actually wanted to take a look at the latest single release from Yuuka's ever-growing collection, Hoshitachi no Moment / Slow Motion, which is her fifth single overall as well as the first release of the year.

So, even though we are quickly moving into the season that is Summer, let's take a look at this sweet Spring release that Yuuka has presented us all with, and enjoy her heavenly voice together. Though Spring will end soon, together, we shall look at the flowers and enjoy the time of the year that creates life once again.

In this moment together, shall we enjoy the last fragments of the season of flowers together?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

☆~Haulage Time~☆ Idol Goods GET!!!

I typically don't do Haul-related posts here, I never seem to find the time to post the pictures or talk about what I have hauled, but once in a while, it is nice to want to show what Idol products I am hauling, and who I am liking currently, especially if the Idol(s) in question aren't always linked to the Hello! Project boat I row most of the time.

And, because my recent haul is something that I was really excited to get the second I returned home for a visit, I thought that I would do a Haulage post and show the goods that I have recently bought! 

In truth, though, this is also a tribute post to the recently deactivated Konno's Story; Konno was pretty active in his Haul posts, showing the CD's he bought and the groups that he supported, and whilst I will never do my posts as he did is, I wanted to do this in memory of his blog, because I really loved it. I miss Konno and what he provided to the Idol community, and do hope that he one day returns. So, if you read this Konno, this is for you. You are dearly missed here.

Anyways, without furthe ado, we shall get into the Haulage! Time to look at some Idol GET!!!

Okay, so upon returning home, I was met with these two beauties; CDJapan packages! MUAHAHAHA! A majority of my CD's come from CDJapan, though I do sometimes buy through Yahoo Japan Auctions via a third-party person. I have yet to attempt HMV Japan or YesAsia, and any others that come to mind, but so far CDJapan have done well for the past, what, four years since I've used them?

Yeah, I'm a dedicated customer, what can ya do? :P

Okay, time to shut up and open: THE FIRST BOX!!!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Life Updated: I Have Another Nephew!!! (+ other things)

You know, my family really can't keep it in their pants, can they? Not that I care; I like little sprogs!

On April 24th, 2015, just 15 minutes before midnight could strike to the next day, my latest baby nephew, Loki (no I am not kidding), was born unto the world! So, little one, welcome!

Not gonna lie, though, he is the most alien-looking of the three recent babies in this family, however when he opens his eyes he so darned cute, and yes, I do love him! He sounds a bit like an annoying cat when crying, but whatever... adorable! And tiny! And really big eyes right now! SQUEEEE!!!

As of right now, Loki is my fourth blood-related nephew, and the third son of my second oldest sister (and also her last child, as she has expressed that she won't be having any more after Loki). He's barely a year younger than his brother Damien, who recently celebrated his first birthday actually, and is almost 17 years younger than his oldest brother! WHOA! So, yeah, he's a titch in this family!

To be honest, I kinda can't wait until he starts acknowledging people and realising I'm the nutty aunt he can kinda take advantage of (as both Annie and Damien kinda do already, especially Annie).

Oh, and regarding Loki's name; he is actually named after the Norse God, Loki, and not the Avenger's character that is also named Loki - **to clarify; my sister wanted to give her son a name with meaning behind it, and also to be a bit unique in a sense; she didn't want to simply name him after a character from some film she once watched. She likes mythology, too, so that helped.
 That said, wouldn't it be hilarious if, one day, baby Loki met a baby Thor during playtime in school? Yes, that would be AWESOME!!! Says the girl who refuses to watch The Avengers series, period.

Anyways, I do want to apologise for this late life update; I have been busy with assignments and a few issues with next year's house-mates in University life, so an important update like my latest nephew's birth had to be put on hold, as well as blogging in general. Now, however, I have actually finished my first year of University, and will be on Summer break!

Currently, I am visiting my family, mostly to see Loki for the first time, as well as to do the mandatory voting for our government (urgh, don't get me started), and also just to relax, which is hard to do in such a busy house, and also, I have been demanded to play some old-school Spyro for Annie as of late, as I made the mistake of showing her that I knew how to play it. Oops.

Still, it's nice to be home, to see the youngest nephews, youngest niece, one of the older nephews, the parents and older siblings, and to basically be home in the countryside. I mean, I knew I was really back today; I smelt freshly mown grass for the first time in ages, and honestly, that's something you don't often get in the city. So yeah, it was refreshing.

Oh gosh, I'm a total bumpkin, ain't I?

Well, until the next post (which I hope will be soon), I will have to say toodle-pip!

Take care, and much love,

** To anyone be thinking I didn't know Loki of Avengers was loosely adapted from Loki of the Norse God variety. I like reading things, I can research - yes, I know that Loki of the Marvel variety is taken from that one Norse God Loki. Don't worry, I'm not that stupid, even if I act that stupid.