Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I-Candy à la Nagasawa Marina

WARNING: This post contains GRAVURE, so some images may be NSFW. If you are under the age of 17 or feel offended by this sort of content, then PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER / AFTER THE BREAK! THANK YOU!!!

Roaming into a world unknown, today we'll be looking at something a little different to the norm here...

In celebration of releasing her very first Gravure DVD, titled MINARAI PRINCESS, why don't we delve into a few previews of what Houkago Princesses Nagasawa Marina has to offer for us all?

Through her official twitter, Marina has posted both quality previews and off-shots from her debut DVD.

And yes, she looks HAWT.

She's been promoting her DVD like a trooper, too! (Images sourced from GirlsNews)

She's also been quite busy with other gravure work these past few weeks. Recently she had a photo-shoot with Weekly Playboy Magazine next to four other Gravure models, and yes, once again, she looks damn hot.

She posted a bunch of off-shots from the shoot, which all came from her official Twitter.

And then there are the all-important official photo's... (Images sourced via apple daily and ettoday)


(Front Row: Nagasawa Marina, Nakai Yuki
Second Row: Wachi TSUKASA, Hashimoto Rina
Center back: Serizawa Jun) (*mistakes may have been made)

Marina, standing in the center back there. So. CUTE!

And, even more recently, Marina had a photoshoot for a magazine titled BITTER, I believe. Once again, she has generously provided off-shots from the shoot via her official Twitter. Thank you, Marina!

In short, Marina's awesome, and she's my 'first' Gravure Model that I like, hence this post.

So cute, but damn, she's too hot to handle...

Maybe I'll post more gravure or I-Candy one day... who knows? >o>

Happy viewing!


  1. Is it just me or are my pants real tight all of a sudden?

    1. Marina has that effect, even on girls! XD

  2. woah how is this even possible?? cute face with a sexy body... xD