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A Vibrant case of Teenage Blues! It's Team I's 'Teenage Blues' Music Video! [Review]

All thoughts and opinions within this post are completely my own, as per usual. You really don't have to agree with me, nor do I expect you to. Just respect the opinion I give, and I shall respect yours in return... unless it's hateful. Then I won't respect it. Ya~

I haven't blogged in a while, because of the following: 1) Android Otome Games, and 2) My creative funk has been out of whack lately. And because I miss blogging, and also because there are some PV's that I actually really would love to review, it's time to slowly start forcing myself back into writing.

It is also 7:12am as I write this, and I have been up since 3:30am. FML. So, what better way to kick myself into gear, than when I am a tad sleep deprived!? Sadly, this is something that I actually do way too much...

So, alongside Chiima: The Sleep Deproved Blogger, how about we check out an MV that has captured my attention lately, and procrastinate on going back to bed, where I truly should be? I wonder what today's pick will be~?

Okay, so ever since I stumbled upon Stay with me by P.IDL via some youtube playlists last Christmas, I have since followed this group in pursuit of their latest releases. It took a few months, but finally, back in February the group released their latest music video, but minus quite a number of members.

Then again, this song is strictly performed by Team I, so no wonder.

Team I is, if you are unaware of P.IDL's system, Team I(dol). The group is one giant as a whole, with various Teams for P(op), I(dol), D(ance) and L(ady), but for the projects most recent release, Team I was picked up to sing the theme song for an up-coming anime movie, file(N): project PQ, made by Toei animation and set for a 2016 release.
 It's an Idol anime, too. Because Idol anime is all the rage right now, which actually makes me quite happy. I freakin' LOVE IDOLS!

ahem... Anywhoo, yeah, Team I sing the theme song, and whilst the song is cute and fun, but not really that memorable, the PV is quite eye-catching, and definitely one of the best promotional videos I have seen that actually promotes something other than the group in quite a while - seriously, it is glorious.

You don't have to agree with or believe me, but if it's worth anything, definitely take a look at it. In fact, take a look at it with me, here. In my bedroom... okay, in your bedroom. With tea. Biscuits, too. Maybe some jaffa cakes. Now. LET'S WATCH!

This is Teenage Blues, Team I's debut single, and probably the nicest promotional video I have seen in a while. At least, when it comes to promoting anime, that is. It does it well.


HEY! Why didn't my school ever put ball pit balls on our chairs!? Let me into this school, now!

... Yep. This PV is already glorious. Thank you, Thigh Gods!!!

I have to say, this is one of the most colourful, bubbly titles I have ever seen...

This also happens to be the most entertaining opening title I have ever seen, I believe. Well, aside from the opening for Itoshikute Gomen ne...

Can I kiss that cute pout? ;)


What the heck is Minegishi Minami doing in Team I!? Did AKS kick her out!?

Meet Kunugi Maika! Yes, she knows she's cute. Now stop staring! She's mine! They're all mine, actually!

The slight KojiHaru look alike is actually named Totsuka Yoshimi. What a seriously cute name o3o


I like this one XD Toyooka Nagisa, is she!


Actually, she goes by the name Kajiki Yuria in Team I! Shhh, don't tell Aki-P... >_>

... DUU!?

No, wait, she's called Abe Aimi here. Right...

Shit, gurl, how many groups you moonlightin' in!? Y'all even have the same member colour as you do in MoMu! o-O

I don't know her last name, and it looks like she doesn't care if I know or not either, so let's just go by her forename; THIS IS Ayano!

And finally, channeling her inner Resting Bitch Face, it's Runa of DE's prodigy, Miyazaki Nanami!

Let the cuteness begin! (Though technically, it already started... yeah)

Oh look, anime clips that are actually from the storyline, and just taken from one giant fucking performance clip...


Aimi "What the fuck do you mean 'Go back to MoMusu'? This is my group, BITCH!"

Aw, shit, Duu's mad, Yo. o 3o

Maika: *Gleeeeam!* 



And I am looooving it! -eats McDonald's-

Ayano: "Aye, Duu, Johnny's called for Marius! They need ya for a gig!"

Ooooh, salt to the wound! BURN, AYANO, BURN!!!

Maika: "Oohoo, you gonna get smacked in the head, gurl!"

Maika's expressions make me giggle like a toddler xD

Aimi: "I though I fuckin' told y'all, I don't fuckin' work for them jerks any more!"

Yeah, not after they shunned you from Sexy Zone. Why, I don't know ._.

YES! Chase that booty, Duu Marius Aimi!

Okay, this is a cute effect. Also, HAI, GIRLS!

I swear, the editorial team probably just sat together, then thought 'ah, fuck it, ALL THE EFFECTS IN THE MV!' and this one happened to be the most normal transition effect of them all XD

Miichan! Yuria is seriously pretty, like ermagerd. I'd date her <3

Okay, Maika, what the feck are you doing there? Don't make the Duu angry, now!

Oh shit, you pissed off BOSS DUU!!!

... Oh holy all things cliché XD I feel like I'm watching a shojo anime...

Oh wait... >o>

SPARKLES! Also holy shit, where have you BEEN, Nanami!?

Nanami: "... Ignoring you."


Yeah, this is what you get for throwing a plastic ball at Boss Duu's head, Ayano. And for bringing up the Johnny's thing!

Still, it builds character, sometimes muscle. Keep at it~

... Are you two having a love affair? >_> I mean, that's what the pink leaves/petals on the screen and those looks tell me...

Nagisa and Yoshi, sittin' in a tree...~


Remember what happened the last time you got into a Scandal!? NU!!!!

I am absolutely loving these cheesy-ass effects. It feels like the 80's returned to editing, ya know?


Holy shit, I want those uniforms.

I want those boots, too, even if they aren't a part of the traditional uniform code.

Team I: "All hail the Leggy Boots!!!"

This reminds me of the time where all MoMusu fans went crazy over MM's colour-coded boots for One Two Bleh... because now I want all of THESE babies!!!

That chick in the back's face, though XD She's all like "The fuck, you expect me to dance like that? Fuck dis shit."

!!!! <3

Also, what the fuck, Maika? XD I take a cute screencap, and then BAM, trolling Maika, ready to Photobomb!

Aimi and Maika, I love them both xD <3

So Aidoru, they punch STARS into the fuckin' sky! YEAH!


Never go back to that group that doesn't appreciate your voice or talent ; 3;

I mean both of them. SZ and MM. STAY IN TEAM I, DUU!!! <3

Yoshimi, though she bores me a tad, she's actually real cute~ She looks like a lady~

I question why Duu and Miichan don't just completely transfer to Team I, too, Nagisa. Sigh...

... Maika, whaddaya doing? Maika...

Nagisa: "Mufufu...~"

LMAO, Nagisa!!! XD What the heck is that face for!?

Nagisa: "Mufufu... Grilled Cheese~"

... I hope you're not meant to be keeping lookout, Nagisa, cos if BOSS finds you, then...

Oh, shi---

BOSS Aimi: "Ahem..."
Maika: "Aw, shit."
Nagisa: "... Eep!"


Also, DAMN, Maika's drawing game is STRONG! You go, girl!

Yoshimi: "Heeheehee...~"

Yoshimi, stop making fun of Ayano for being kicked out into the Hall! You gonna get yo ass whooped, girl!

Ayano: "... HAAAAH!?"

OH SHIT, someone's gonna go all Yankee on Yoshi's ASS!

... Miichan Yuria! No! DON'T DO IT!!! I don't want you to be demoted again... T^T

... THWAMP!!! Problem: SOLVED!!!

Well, that's one way to stop an Idol confessing, isn't it? XD

But, if you want to, you can still confess to me!?

Yuria: "... No."


... Oh, hello, Idol Anike cliché o 3o What character will you inspire to join you today?


Holy shit, I almost forgot you existed ._.

Also, watch out for...


Oops. Too late .-.

Nanami: "... That hurt."

Yeah, I bet it did! Are you okay?

Nanami: "... I feel angry."

Nanami: "You won't like me when I'M ANGRY!!!"

OH SHIT! Nanami Hulk, COMING THROUGH!!! Seriously fucking cute when she's angry though, ain't she!?


... Everything pretty makes me happy, okay? o3o


One of my favourite moves from this dance. Also... isn't that the library from Dream5's I☆my☆me☆mine?


I swear, I'm getting better at picking up on Idol locations for filming now, and it scares me a tad ._.


Nanami, only YOU can beat BOSS Aimi! YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!!! Because you weren't shown until last, so therefore, the power is YOURS!!!

BOSS Aimi: "Ah, an opponent."



BOSS Aimi: "COME AT ME BR--- Well, shit."


Oh look, an Idol scene from the Anime! And it appeared at the end, wouldya lookit that, H!P... >______>

... I think it's safe to say that I have some issues with Ima Koko Kara, right now ._.

Good grief, they are all too cute. And those costumes! <3

I also really like how snazzy this looks, even if the graphics freak me out a little in all of it's tacky CGI glory...

... WTF are these poses!? XD Still, as long as BOSS Aimi loons Gangsta, I am OKAY with it!

One of many Anime cliché's, though a cute one~

... A cliché that transitioned into reality!? What a way to tie the two together, aye? ;D

And here lies the book of how many damn Idol References I made in this post. Because damn, it was HIGH!!!

Okay, so the screen captions are done! I was surprised that I actually only managed to do 67 of them, because I could have done way more with all that this PV had to offer, but I restrained myself somehow... still, it was seriously fun to watch all over again, and comment as I captioned! Haha!

Away from the fun of captions now, however, let's look at the PV that is Teenage Blues by Team I of P.IDL (whoah, that's gonna be a mouthful... @.@) and have a little talk about it, shall we? Because, whilst the song isn't the greatest thing to ever hit the world of Anime, the PV is something great in my eyes, especially when you look at the creative aspect of it.

As a viewer, I really enjoy Teenage Blues. The video is vibrant, it's fun to watch, the pace of it is absolutely perfect for the song, and all of the members of the group are extremely likable and enjoyable to watch. I also enjoy the fact that, with the anime clips, there aren't too few or too many thrown into the video for promotional value, and that these clips also vary; they aren't from the same scene, and whilst most, if not all, are cliché for anime scenes, they are still fun to watch and show off the style of the art, and give you an idea of what the show is about - but, for me, it is the variation in these clips that really did make me think more highly of the video, because there is nothing worse than a video that just uses one scene, and doesn't change it up. That sucks.
 But I won't get into that, because it's not really that relevant, plus, it's another PV's issue.

I'm a big fan of fun, energetic PV's in general, and whilst I do love a good performance based PV, I do also treasure these sorts of PV's; you know, the PV's that are actually creative and have some thought put into them. A PV that was made with a great deal of effort. Yes, it looks a little like the editor had too much fun with this (or, he handed the reigns to his three year old niece, who knows?) but, it isn't overwhelming and doesn't feel clustered - it feels just right, and it looks great. The energy of the Idols, too, matches the tone of the PV - Team I are great! They all look happy, they are having fun, and their choreography matches well with the beat and style of the video.

I enjoy that, with this video, you get a story line, and then you get the 'Idol' side to the girls. It's the same with the anime portions of the PV - we see the story aspect, and then finally, we get to see the girls as Idols. It's great!
 Yes, this excites me. How can it not!?

As a video, Teenage Blues is definitely colourful and creative in how it looks; it takes on the idea of a comic-book styled Music video, and makes use of various effects, transitions, graphics and stills to create an animated story that is vibrant and energetic in its telling. It's abundant in colour and effects, yes, but it never becomes too overpowering or gaudy, nor does it feel tacky. At the end of the day, it's just a whole lot of fun to watch, and makes the simple, fun story line even better than before! It's entertaining and highly appealing, and definitely something kids would enjoy if given the change to watch it, thanks to how it looks, and how the Idols of Team I react around each other.

And, regarding the promotional aspect as well, this video's use of eye-catching graphics and great personality embedded into the video is sure to catch the attention of the audience when watching it! It's not all about the anime, of course it isn't, but it still gives us enough to know what the movie will be about, and will garner interest thanks to how bright the video is and what it provides for the viewer.

In regards to the song, whilst it isn't the strongest anime song to grace theaters, it's easy to listen to and fun to sing along to. Sadly, it is also extremely forgettable in the long run, and won't be memorable if you put on a lively song afterwards. As background music, or something cute to listen to that won't give you a headache after the first few bars, this is something that would be great to listen to. It's enjoyable and attractive, don't get me wrong, but it isn't amazing, either.

Though the song isn't perfect, as a video, Teenage Blues is definitely one of the best videos I have seen so far this 2015, and probably one of the most perfect music videos I have experienced that was made to promote an anime. It's amazing, the video is highly memorable thanks to its use of graphics, colour and effects, and all of the girls within Team I are great characters who made the video fun and cute, this is an MV that I will enjoy greatly for a long time, and hopefully, many others will enjoy it, too!

Teenage Blues is amazing, and I highly recommend this video for those who love colour, cuteness and, of course, Idols! Are you ready to be overtaken by the greatness that is Team I of P.IDL? I sure am!

Tell me, Tell me, Tell me... are P.IDL now on your list of Idols to watch out for this 2015? If they are, definitely check out what else they have to offer! You won't be disappointed~

Until next time!

Much Love,


  1. Nice song and fantastic PV. I really enjoyed reading your screencap commentary. Thanks!

    1. Awww, thank you! :D I enjoyed creating it haha ^^ <3