Monday, 16 March 2015

The Future Growth of Our Friendship will Bloom this Coming Spring... Doll☆Elements' 'Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai!' Music Video Review!

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This PV Review is dedicated to my Angel. You know who you are!!!

I'm the sort of person who likes all four of the seasons for different reasons, and whilst I can be a grumpy so-and-so in the Spring, it is one of those times of the year that I cherish, too, because FLOWERS and SUNLIGHT!

And also because we get freakin' cute Idol PV's! Eeeeee!!!!

Though they released their first Sakura-themed Spring PV last year, in the winter of all seasons (pfft), Doll☆Elements have recently unveiled another Spring-themed PV that will become the groups second release of 2015, titled Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai!, which will be released on April 1st... at least, I hope it will, and that this single isn't a hoax.

By the way, they sure do like that Kimi hanging around in their song titles, don't they?


Since this PV was released all the way back at the tail-end of February, I've been itching to review and look at it in a little more depth, because it's a highly enjoyable piece from one of my ever-growing favourite groups. Seriously, the more these girls release, the more impressed I am by them, and the more I like them. By the end of this year, I honestly won't be surprised if they are one of my Top 5 groups.
 Just sayin'.

But, yeah, I've wanted to review this song and video since it came out, I like it that much. Of the latest releases from my favoured groups, too, this is the song that I have enjoyed the most, and the one I have claimed as my 'Spring Song'. Aside from Country Girls' Itoshikute Gomen ne, it's pretty safe to say that Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai! is one of the most addictive Idol songs I have stumbled upon for various groups' up-coming releases.

It's catchy as heck, yo.

I'm also currently kicking myself in the butt for not putting Doll☆Elements as one of my groups to look out for in 2015. Real sad, cause these girls are strong contenders this year. Train of thought, derailing...

Getting back on track, in short, I am gonna review this thang! Why? Because I like it, and because I need to get y'all to look at this PV, and get hooked on the Doll☆Elements choo choo train like me. SO, with that said and done, all aboard the Kimi express! Sit tight, because we're heading for Spring time in full-force, with an extra dose of cuteness!

Heading towards a Future Spring with You, will you share with me the many experiences of Friendship and Love? This is Doll☆Elements' Kimi to Mirari Tsukuritai!, and our journey is only just beginning. Are you ready to come along with me?

I want those backpacks.


Like seriously, holy shit, this PV could be all about those backpacks and I would not give a damn.

... Hey, look, cute kids are attached to those backpacks! D'aww...

I am digging that font. Uuunf!!!

Holy fark, their initials are on the back of their shirts! Cute but supremely tacky.

I like!!!

Doll☆Elements: "Y..."

... M.C.A!

Let's all just sit here and appreciate the cuteness that is Runa, and the adorbs that is Yukino, aka future Mrs. Chiima.

Okay, please don't say that bucket contains the limbs of your Math teacher, girls.


Resting Bitch Face Runa is cutest Runa, just sayin'.

Haruka: "Runa, please, accept my love..."
Runa: "No bitch, bye bitch."

Runa so cold ;^;

Also, why is Rika doing the Scarecrow pose in the back there? I feel like sticking her in a field to scare away the crows, only they'd flock to her cause of her beauty... How counterproductive >o<



... Yeah, don't plant them, one Chiima is enough, guys ._.

Haruka: "Teehee, I choose you!!!"

Rika and Runa reject the notion of choosing me, Haruka. I kind of have to decline ;w;

asnkldcnaklnsd NATSUMI <3

Seriously, how can one be so darned PRETTEH!?

I want those dolls.

Seriously. Every doll in every MV. I want them. All.

... And those backpacks.

But d'awww, look, a little sign! I wonder what it says?

Sign: "Backpacks are not for Sale."


That is a darned cute set! Like holy heck, I don't know if it's real or CGI!

... Oh wait, there are shadows. IT MUST BE REAL!!!

Seriously, it looks like a candy factory barfed up this set. And OOOH, PRETTY DRESSES! I want them! *^*

Seriously, Doll☆Elements could do so much product placement, and I would buy it all... if I had the money, that is.

... Time to rob a bank >_>

These two <3 Such cuties, like awwwwww!!!

... Wait, is this a continuation of their Sakura PV?

... Yeah, let's pretend it's a sequel, for now at least.

Urrrgh, Rika, you make my heart go Doki with your lack-luster expressions and awkward smiles <3 DOKIE <3

By the way, Yukino looking cute in the background there. I see you, Future Mrs. Chiima >3>

... Wait, why does that grass look like it was only recently laid out? IS THAT A GRASS CARPET!?

Ah well, whatever, this scene is super cute <3


Oh heck yes, this is adorable! Mini Haruka, watering the little sporut and making it grow! She's like a Flower Fairy ;w;


These two are too cute, though, like seriously <3 And can they see the Fairies of Doll☆Elements!? Yes. Yes they can!

Oh heck, this scene confuses me, I don't know if this set is CGI or what. That said, I do love the use of the overhead camera shot <3 Loooove!

Haruka is just so darned gorgeous, I can't get over her sweet smiles and lovely eyes <3

Also loving them bows.

djakwnejksfnjkenfjnd Future Mrs. Chiima, you look so lovely sitting there! Are you watering a flower for me, for our wedding day!? How cute!

I just want to put you in my pocket, yes I do! <3

Screenshot because it looks cinematic and fabulous. That is all.

Darnit though, these two <3 I like how they actually look like they get along and love what they're doing, it's just too cute for words!

Rika, you're adorable. Try not to sink into the soil, though!

This actually reminds me of when we had to grow cress in school for science experiments.

Runa: "... Aw, shit."

Oh no, it's raining! Runa, don't let your beautiful hair get wet!!!

Totally adorable! Runa wins for cuteness everyday, every night!

These two are just... argh, adorbs! I like them both!

Please use them in the next MV? K, thanks, bye~

My beautiful wife fiancée, finally getting a solo shot <3 I have been waiting for this...

Holy heck, these are some detailed instructions on how to grow a plant. Is this what the Doll☆Elements Fairies do every spring? Draw out how they will grow a plant?

<3 Natsumi, you're too cute, especially with the head-eating bow that's nomming on your brains right about now...

Those. Dresses. My Lord!

I want them. And I want their legs.

The pompoms they seem to attach to their shoes and ears, though, I can let go. So tacky.


Good grief, these are some top quality scenes, right here.

I <3 these two. Canon shipping, right here.


Just look at how it poofs out on Runa, like, HELLO, so cute!

Also, their bows have colours on them *^* YASS!!!

Rika's half-assed expressions are so <3 Her dancing is just as half-assed as her expression, too ;D

Awww yiss, perfect dresses, perfect legs. Favourite scenes EVER!

Now, where can I order a Dress for Spring like this, hm?

Uunf, that shot, that backpack satchel.

All the love, right here.

Y;know, some fuckwad in Cinematography or Editing really needs to be fired over his trigger-happy use of blurring and shitty focus.

Or, we could shoot them. Either one works well with me.

Emphasis on the hand-holding.

And the satchel Backpacks.

Runa's a cutie <3 A cutie with hair that I totes dig ;D

A little annoyed that Haruka's the only one with a scene like this, but whatever; GIMMETHAT PLANT, GURL! -grabby grabby-

The pklants aren't dying, let's HIGH TOUCH! Yeah!!!

Seriously though, how are you two so cute?

... Why does it look like the girls are trying to break dance? Girls... STAHP!

UNF, that arm work.

Time truly does fly by, doesn't it?

It's this shit use of focus and blurring that leaves Runa with resting bitch face for most of this PV, I swear.

Runa: "Urgh, fuck this blur with a rusty chainsaw. Please."

Still only a bean sprout, but hey! It'll grow, I'm sure. Just like the growth of friendship...


Now, spring truly is here...~

The flowers grew, so let's JUMP FOR JOY!

Love this shot <3

Resting Bitch Face Rika is on fleek point <3 Gosh darn, such a beauty! -sighs-

... Wait, the flowers grew over the board, too!? How I will I draw on it, now!?

So happy, such pretty flowers <3 All of your hard work and friendship shows within this one flower... <3

Natsumi's so happy! So I'm happy, too!


Rika tries her hardest to express herself, but truly, the emotion can't seem to make itself known on her face.

Who cares, though? She's beautiful no matter what! <3

Haruka looks so proud. Well done on growing the flowers successfully, girls! YATTA!

... Oh, wait, whoah, the board is surrounded by flowers! Okay, that is helluva cute...


Hating the amazing amount of sunlight that's washing her out, however. Go away, I want Haruka's smile!

My darling Yukino, is this an invitation for a hug!?

My future wife is so happy to see me! Eeee!!! I just wanna pinch her cheeks >3<

Beautiful shots. Just beautiful <3

... Y'know, this could easily be an advertisement for cute satchels, right? RIGHT!!!

I'm sorry, but this scene was kind of too perfect to pass up on screenshotting. Like, hello, Future Mrs. Chiima is shining bright like a frickin' diamond, Runa is laying her Resting Bitch Face to rest, and Haruka is just gosh darned beauts.

All we are missing now is the cuteness of Natsumi, and the beauty of Rika's emotionless state.


I literally want to eat that stage, though. IT LOOKS TASTEH!

Gaah, Natsumi. Stahp. You're too cute!


She's literally perfect. Like, how? How do I get to be as cute as you!? Give me tips!!!


The sun is in Runa's eyes and she's pissed off about it.

Fuck you, Rays of Light.

Still wanting those dresses. And those legs.


I do love the simplicity of the sets for Doll☆Elements PV's. It makes the additional scenes seem a lot lovelier, but also gives us that doll house-like feeling in a way, and adds an 'unrealistic' quality that makes the scenes with the members feel more doll-like.

TLDR; I likey likey the shoebox look to their stages.

Fuck this blur. Fuck whoever did this to Doll☆Elements with a rusty spoon, and fire them on the spot.

No wonder Runa and Yukino looks so pissed off. I would be too if someone blurred out my lovely legs...

Now, where can I buy me some cute satchel backpacks and Doll☆Elements dolls? I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE!!!

This PV. My gosh, I really love this PV.

Well, except for all that crappy focus and blurring that the cameraman seems intent on shoving down our throats. That, I hate to the depths of Hell and back. The rest of it I love though, because this is a pretty good PV in my eyes.

In terms of their videos, Doll☆Elements have been doing pretty well lately; they've found a style that works for them, a style that I already think of as 'theirs', if you will, and it is a style that I enjoy and think suits them well. Will it get boring? In the long run, possibly, but right now it's pretty new to the group, and so far I like it. It's fitting for them, and brings that doll-like quality of theirs to life.

Following in the same vein as their previous PV, Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau, the video for Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai! follows a similar pattern and story line to its predecessor by taking a look at a growing friendship, this time between two classmates, and the closeness of their bond as they grow flowers together in the spring. The difference in this video, however, is that the girls already know each other, and spend time together differently. No matter what though, both videos have this in common; the story is about the growing friendship between two individuals, and how they become closer towards the end of it.

I love all of the scenes in this video, it has to be said; the dance shots are fun and cute, with a sweet little piece of choreography that is enjoyable to watch, and I like both sets of costumes used for the scenes, too; my favourite has to be the spring blue piece the girls change into, of course! I also love the solo shots used here, and the additional scenes where the girls are drawing on the chalk board - the variety within this video is really high, and whilst it doesn't have the chiaroscuro quality of Sakura Hirari to Mau, it does have tone and light to it to bring that spring-like feeling to life within the video, more-so in the final solo shots of the girls when they are in front of the chalk boards. I like all of the scenes that include Doll☆Elements in them, honestly, except when the focus is in the way; that is annoying, and it looks tacky.

Of course, some of my most favoured scenes within the entire MV of course have to be the shots of the two girls that drive the story line along; I like the use of the girls growing flowers together to portray a growing friendship, and I love how the dolls these girls have together are their 'Fairies' who help them to grow these flowers. I love the scenes where we see the girls hold hands when running or spinning, to show their strong bond, and I like the cinematic feel that these shots have to them. It gives depth and substance to the video, and brings a reality to the world of Dolls that we otherwise would not have.
 It allows us to believe that the girls of Doll☆Elements are from a different realm, and a part of our imagination, making their world that little bit more fantastical.

Kimi to Mirai Tsukiritai! is an extremely beautiful music video, and a perfect sound and look for the on-coming Spring. It speaks of growing friendship and strong bonds between two little girls, whilst also bringing the dolls they share to life in a cute world through song and dance, with the same dolls aiding the girls in strengthening their friendship. From my first viewing of the PV, I have truly enjoyed all that Kimi to Mirai Tsukiritai! has had to offer. It's cute, bright, fun and energetic, and by far the groups best PV release to date.

Though I have said previously that Doll☆Elements' Sakura Hirari to Mau was their best PV, the group only proves to me that they are getting better and more serious with their content and what they have to offer. I am continuously surprised by Doll☆Elements, thoroughly entertained by the work and taken in by the cuteness of their songs and performance quality.

No wonder I am falling in love with them so quickly.

As a whole, I really do enjoy the sound and look of Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai!. It is a perfect introduction to Spring, and it lights up my world. Ever since it came out, I have been obsessed with hearing the sweet sound of Doll☆Elements, and I have fallen even more in love with the video and the girls themselves. They continue to impress me, and I sincerely hope that with their next release, they will keep growing stronger in both look and sound, and take over my heart even more.

This Spring, please let our Friendship grow and bloom like the flowers we see by the sidewalk. Someday, I want to see them with you by my side...

Together, let's all be Happy.

Much Love,


  1. Runa's “resting bitch face” OMG I'm dying! She does that a lot.

    I want the voodoo dolls also. I wish they sold them at their concerts.

    Rika's “lack-luster expressions and awkward smiles” Super lol!

    That was awesome and highly entertaining.

    1. Runa's RBF is so funny, I love it! XD And yes, those voodoo dolls, I think that if DE sold them at events they would make a bunch of money!

      Honestly, any face Rika or Runa makes, I enjoy. Don't know why, they're just fun!