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Sudou Maasa - The Graduation Appreciation Post

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The Appreciation Posts keep coming, and before I even dare to go to sleep tonight, I'll write one more so that I can keep on schedule a little! For this post, let's take a look at a member who was once an Idol I barely noticed, to someone I eventually fell in love with, though I rarely boast this love!

Of course, it only has to be the Cool but Cute and Expressionless Sudou Maasa!

When I look back at my brief history with Berryz and think of Maasa, I admit that up until recently, I actually payed little to no attention to her. For a long time, she kind of went under my radar, though I did get brief glimpses of her personality. She likes cosplay, that I know of, and she was a sweet looking thing. Aside from that, though, I didn't really think much about her, and just saw as another member of Berryz.

Recently, however, I kind of really like her. Heck, I might even say she's my #2, because dang, this girl!

During the early years of being a Hello! Pro fan, I think that my reason for not caring much for Maasa, or noticing her for that matter, is because there was nothing about her that really caught my attention. Her vocals were below average (still are) and whilst she was and is a beautiful specimen of loveliness, she didn't have anything unique about her that made me think 'Yeah, I like you!', so for a long time, I just didn't think much to her. Yes, I thought she was attractive, and no, I didn't ignore her presence, but she wasn't like some of the other members - she didn't exactly stand out. The only time I took notice was when, on the off-chance I watched anything, I saw her personality through clips on youtube.

Then, when Berryz became seriously boring, I realised that I was starting to notice Maasa more, because she looked bored.

I find it really ironic that, what pissed me off about Risako and Miyabi looking bored in PV's, was the reason why I began to notice and enjoy Maasa more - for some reason, her bored face was really appealing to me, like she really was not just bored out of her mind, but completely done with Hello! Project and Berryz. The fact that she seemed to look like she was full of contempt... I found it funny, in a way, and that became appealing to me. It wasn't like she was trying to hide her feelings, either - it really felt like she was showing her disdain, and I loved it!

Where others faked their happiness, Maasa was one of a few who looked like she wasn't faking it, like she was showing exactly how she felt through her expression. I know, I know; this is her 'cool' persona, apparently, but I'm going to beg to differ and pretend that, really, she is just bored and hating her time in Berryz. Why? Because it makes things funnier, to me at least.

It was that, and also, I realised quite suddenly how much of a babe Maasa was. Despite her so-called 'cool' expression, she is seriously gorgeous, one of the nicest looking members of Berryz if you ask me, aside from Yurina and Risako (when her hair isn't a mess or she isn't trying to look sexy). Honestly, if I was to go after one of the members for a wife, it would probably be Maasa - she looks like solid wife material, and yeah, I would love her unto the day I die.

That said, if she wants to go all Ikemen on me, which is her most recent pursuits of absolute hotness, I swear, then I won't complain either! If anything, Maasa is great at being both girly and boyish; she suits both, and she looks good no matter what!

Actually, I really am happy that I found an appeal in Maasa, even if it is pretty recent and also pretty late, considering she'll be graduating soon; she's a stunner, and whilst I won't consider her in my Top Voices of H!P any time soon, I do think she's a fun performer, too. I know this moreso now, because I took on the [A Week with Berryz] posts, and I saw what a lively, energetic bundle of joy this girl could be, so when I saw it in later MV's, it truly was a treat, because dangit, a Happy Maasa is a freakin' ADORABLE Maasa!

I mean, I love her Resting Bitch Face and all, but seriously? The cutest thing is when Maasa smiles, because that girl can light up an entire room with just her expression.

She takes my breath and heart away every time <3

I think of all the girls, I will actually miss Maasa the most, if only for the fact that she truly did look like she hated her last year or so in Berryz. I know, it's a weird thing to miss someone by, but that's how I came to know and love Maasa; her lack of expression was appealing to me, and it was what made me look at and appreciate her more as a member. Without this supposed 'cool' facade, I would probably still be thinking of her as more of a background member, which she isn't, because Maasa is amazing.

Much like the others, Maasa has already chosen her path to go down now that she is free to spread her wings, and I am honestly really happy with her decision to take on acting - I don't know how good Maasa is at it, I admit, but I do hope for her to be successful in what she does, and to basically have fun with it. Given she likes cosplay, and can pull the coolest case of Resting Bitch Face I have ever seen, I think she will do pretty well. I hope that, in the long run, she can eventually do movies and the like, because it would be wonderful to see Maasa on the big screen at one point.

She's a little bit cool, a little bit cute, but also a helluva lot wonderful. It may have taken me time to find something to enjoy about her, and whilst it was a little later than I would have desired, I am glad that I came to find love in Maasa, in one of the most unexpected ways.

Through her 'bored' and 'expressionless' face, I became entertained by this Idol, however fell further in love with her as a performer when I realised just how lively and happy she could be, too. It is her smile and liveliness that I have come to treasure when watching videos, but this expressionless doll that allows me to enjoy her boredom, too. It's a complex thing, to love an Idol for both boredom and happiness, but hey? It's Maasa, and that's all that matters.

In her future, I really do wish Maasa great success. I want her to prosper, because within Berryz, she must have a hard time, but she still had some fun with it I believe. Yeah, she looked bored, but I doubt she ever stopped loving Berryz... none of them did. She just grew up, and wanted to find a different path I think. Now, she can take that different path and become someone even greater.

The next time we meet, please be happy! I hope that you achieve everything you had hoped for, and live your life to the fullest!

From the bottom to the top, Maasa is my babe in Berryz! She may have left me with little impression in the beginning, but eventually, she really did win my heart.

Until next time...

Much Love,

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