Monday, 23 February 2015

[A Week with Berryz] When Whales Call, Risako Comes a Warblin'... 'Aa, yo ga Akeru' [Quick Review]

My opinions are my own, screw the rest of my philosophical spiel I usually cough up. OPINIONS BE MINE!!!

This is a bit of an impromptu review, I admit, because I was supposed to write out a post on that 10 year Idol PV Berryz did last year, however after being requested to do this song, for a great reason, I thought 'why the heck not?'. I can try and do three PV reviews for the price of one tomorrow, or attempt to get a second one out at some point tonight. Key word being try here.

So yeah, very last-minute decision, this review, because I honestly wasn't going to talk about this song. I mean, I had thought about it, but chose not to in favour of Ai no Dangan, however in the end, I'm going to do it. I'll do it quickly, sure, but I'll still do it!

So major thanks to Atsuke Akiyama, who asked for the review - you called for the Whales, so I brought them to you! I apologise if it's short, but with the time limit I have, this is all I can pretty much do right now.

This is the Whale Calling of all Callings, andas a song, it is a piece of trash to my ears. Behold, Aa, yo ga Akeru.

Holy Heck, I hate this song. When it came out, I hated it with a passion, and I still resent it now. It's not a great song, though I admit, it is catchy. The thing that pissed me off the most about it, however, was Risako's god-awful vocals in it.

Seriously, they're terrible. It's like she's trying to Free Willy here via her voice, except she's failing terribly, so just keeps on going on, sacrificing my ears to the Devil himself in the process.

That said, the song isn't as bad as I remember; the opening chords and chorus are actually pretty catchy, it's just those auto-tuned lines and Risako's warbles of horror that are terrible - still, if it's somewhat catchy, I can get past the really bad parts that could give me nightmares, and I like the chorus enough to forgive it right now.
 This is still the worst song on their discography to my ears, however. Hey, can I burn it!?

Luckily, the PV is actually really pretty. Back when Aa, yo ga Akeru first came out, I didn't like it. Why? I don't know - I was dumb back then, less impressed by videos and their prettiness, but now that I've learnt more about film and grown with my reviews, I actually think that this is a very nice looking video, even a little sexy, but not stupidly uncomfortable like some of Berryz' videos can be.

In fact, it's rather ero-kawaii, a little demure, a bit sultry. Yurina, especially, is sultry.

I suppose it's because of the way it has been directed, where the girls are pretty much sitting like dolls in a doll house, that makes this video less awkward than other 'sexy' videos by various Idol groups. They're not forced into trying to turn the audience on, nor are they expected to be flirty or adult - they're just meant to be looked at, like pretty dolls, and honestly? They are very pretty, and this is a very nice video. It has seriously good production value, great camerawork, the outfits are nice, and the girls all look great.

The only issue is the song, but whatever. I can silence the video and put something better on. Maybe I can exchange this terrible wannabe ballad for Omoide? That would work!

For such a shitty song though, the PV is surprisingly good quality, so there is some form of light at the end of the tunnel. Again, though; the song isn't all bad, at least not in the way I used to think it was. It has its moments where it's really catchy and fun to listen to, with promises of being great, but at the end of the day, it still falls flat for me, and yes, that is mostly because of Risako and her really horrible Whale Calling Warbles. Urgh

Point in case, Aa, yo ga Akeru as a song does nothing to entertain me the way I want it to.  The video, however, can entertain me everyday. Especially Yurina. Yum.

Until my next Tear-It-Up Post, take care!

Much Love,


  1. I am SO happy! Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot! And I guess that Risako should get some lessons with Dory from Finding Nemo, her Whale Calling Warbles are top notch.

    By the way, I'm not a native english speaker/typer, so please forgive any mistake I might have made. Oh, and have a good day!

    1. Haha, you're welcome~ I was going to decide not to do it, but I loved how you put that this was the single where Risako showed off her impressive Whale skills the most, and I knew I had to talk about it, even just a little bit (or very quickly XD). And oh gosh, that comment... Dory would be proud of Risako, I'm sure! ;D

      And your English is wonderful, don't worry! I understand you perfectly, and thank you! Have a wonderful day as well! :D

  2. For the first time I'm seeing just how far they've come from goofing around in that school bus and hammer pantsing it up in the great outdoors. We've covered so much ground in a week!

    LMAO at the title of this quick review. Damn harsh. Damn funny!

    The PV is really well shot. Guessing the plot I'd say this is about an upscale brothel that's going out of business either because someone forgot to advertise or gentlemen callers weren't making it all the way up the drive owing to the cacophonous sound of a whale chucking a wobbly.

    Fun fact: Google translate reveals the song is titled "In For The Krill"

    HA! I kid. Actually it's: "Oh, Yo Truck"

    What the... truck?

    1. Yeah, I think the past 10 singles of theirs shows their decline, pretty damn well. For 36 singles, though, we have covered a lot of ground! It's nice to see how they have grown and fallen xD

      I am a harsh being. I like being evil! Also; THIS SONG DESERVED IT!!!

      But yeah, the PV is nice, in every aspect, really. And your plot... oh gosh, that is amazing! I laughed so much! If this was the storyline, I'd buy it as a plot XD it's really bizarre, yet makes perfect sense! Risako, shut up! YOU'RE SCARING THE CUSTOMERS AWAY!!!

      ... Well o 3o

      The truck is up with THAT name!?

  3. Like the song - I've listened to Ai no Album 8 so many times on long car trips. But it's not my favorite song on the album - there are better songs like Renai Moyou, Ai no Dangan and Seishun Gekijou