Saturday, 21 February 2015

[A Week with Berryz] It's a Freakin' MONKEY DANCE! Get yo jig on! 'Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance' MV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own. Don't whine because you disagree with me, otherwise, I might add some cheese and then whine myself. Ta~

I should probably be in bed right about now, however I have a video uploading on youtube (which is taking its own darned sweet time) plus, I never did complete that second post I was supposed to do for this series... so, as I sit and wait, trying not to fall asleep, I'm going to complete what I intended to do way earlier, and also continue this series.

There's no point in wasting precious time by reading fanfiction, which is what I would be doing, if I didn't push myself to do this review. Actually, I want to do this review, because holy heck, I've avoided this song and video long enough.

It's time to do the Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance. Wanna have a jig with me?

If it wasn't for the fact that people seem to really like this song, at least that's the feeling I got when people suggested it when I asked for help on what songs to review for this series, then I would have probably ignored this song and video a little longer, because from what I can remember of it, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance freaks me the fuck out. Seriously, it's weird, and we know how I am with the really weird Idol stuff sometimes.
 Why do y'all think I ignore MomoClo Z and Kyary as much as I do? They're trippy, and they unsettle me. The same goes for this video.

I have to admit though, once you get into it, much like Yurina and her height... it grows on you. Monkey Dance I mean, not Yurina. She grows on me anyway, though.

Still, despite my initial desire to ignore this piece of Berryz history, I'm glad I did look at it, because this is a part of the era where Berryz were, in my mind, at their best. As in, they all look amazing. Puberty treated them well here, and no longer were they awkward, nor were they experimenting with their hair or making it rancid. Yes, this was a time where Berryz were darned beautiful.
 It was around this period that I actually didn't mind Berryz, because y'know, they were still fun, and they all looked helluva cute and relate-able. Even Momoko, in all of her Gremlin glory, was sweet as pie to look at.

The video still freaks me out though, no matter how cute/beautiful they all look. I'll bear with it though, because I love you guys, and because I have actually grown to enjoy the song a lot. Also, it's a fun PV to screencap... the personality!

So, without further ado, let's take a hop and a jump, and do our own little Monkey dance! Tiki Tiki Tiki, who will become your favourite Monkey? Let's find out!

I like that the giant-ass Banana is like a moon here, though honestly? I can't help but think it's one giant phallic symbol...

Is it a rain dance? NO, it's the Monkey Dance of the Risako tribe!

Seriously though, this dance is a little weird...

But it has Chii in it, so of course, it's about 1000x cuter already.

Really though, as a song and a video, isn't this type of music perfect for Risako!? I mean, looking at her ears, one would think she was part monkey anyway...

And with how she looks nowadays, you'd mistake her face for a monkey, too.

Miya-Neigh: "Why can't I have a song about me!?"

Don't worry Miya-Neigh, you'll get one in about 2014. It's a lot shitter than this one, though, be warned.

... Holy shit, Captain! Not only do you look less awkward than usual, but damn, puberty has blessed you! FINALLY!

She's looking hotter already! ^o^ still looks like she has a gun held to her head, though

Risako is freakin' adorable in this. Then again, it's a monkey song - she's in her element ;D

The warbling was coming around at this point in time, though not as terribly intense as it is today.

Holy shit, Momoko. So. Cute. I don't even care if they're doing the McDonald's sign, Momoko is adorbs!


She's the best part of this music video. Not gonna lie. She;s also damn beautiful.

I think that was the era where Chinami had no idea how to lipsynch without looking like she had no clue what she was doing. Seriously, close them chompers!

Risako was pretty damn on-point, however. Also...


Momoko: "Please, don't let me grow up! I don't want to be an annoying embarrassment!!!"

Gremlin was not so annoying, surprisingly. I liked her like this o 3o

Chinami's making a grab for the Risako goods! Daaamn, gurl, you gonna make the wota jelly!


Well, at least we know Yuke Yuke got its inspiration from... o-O

Seriously though, this is some scary shit o-o I'm gonna have nightmares for days...

Oh look, there's the annoying Momoko in the background...

Let's ignore it in favour of a really cute Saki, and a kinda freaky Yurina. Kay? KAY!

OH, SWEET NORMALITY!!! Thank you for blessing us with your ears and natural cuteness, Risako of the past...

When her mouth is somewhat closed, Chii seriously is adorable. She's still adorable when trying to catch flies, but this version of her is so sweet :3

Maasa wins hands down in the beauty department, though~

Oh look, nervous-awkward Captain's returned! Still darned lovely to look at, though~ It's like she finally grew into her eyebrows...

Once out of that freaky as shit costume, Yurina is truly a babe. Like, seriously! Puberty treated her well!

My favourite costumes from the MV, by far.


Okay, I may hate these ugly-ass costumes, but seriously? Maasa works it. By far the best Monkey in this entire video xD

Chinami works well in this too, though I keep mistaking her for a bald guy in these costumes... >o>

Miyabi, stahp. You're a horse, not a monkey!

Why didn't they just give Risako a costume without ears? I mean, hers are big and nibbly enough to suffice for real monkey ears o 3o

Still, she looks farking cute as a button here.

Maasa is totally into this xD


-sings the Fast Food Song...-

Seriously though. Maasa + Monkey = Best Combo EVER!!!

It's like she was made for this video.

Chinami in all of her bald-man glory was also made for this video.

Of course, really, Tsunku made this song specifically for the real monkey of Hello! Pro.

I wanna nibble dem ears, guuuurl o 3o

I wish they had made a song about trees for Yurina, you know? );

Bless her hotness, though

I actually hoped they burned those costumes, though. They are uuuugleeeeeh!

Can I have some fries with my MaccyD's Burger, plox?

No, this is a cute scene, actually XD Miyabi is adorable here!

Yankee-Chii'll come over and knock yer teeth out! Grrr!

Naaah, she can't be anything but cute! D'AWWW <3

Monkey-Maa: "MONKEEEEH!!!"


ARRRGH, when did they start adding Gremlins to this song!?

... Oh, wait, it's only Momoko. Oops o 3o

... The fuck, girls? XD

Still, best scene is best XD CAPTAIN!!! <3


Still inwardly screaming at those hideous costumes, though. Picture Maasa's face as mine.

That is how I feelz.

Ahhh, normality, thank you. Thank you for returning to me at the end of the video!

Oh, fuck it all >____>

Okay. The freaky-ass shit is done. Sure, it isn't as weird as what MomoClo do, and it's not as scary as Koi ni Booing BOO either, but still. It's weird. It creeps me out a little. A lot.
 And yet, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance is somehow addictive. The more you hear or watch it, the more it happens to grow on you, and eventually, you're engulfed. You like the monkeys. I liked monkeys anyway.

Admittedly, monkey outfits scare me a bit, kind of like clowns scare other people. I don't have a phobia of sorts, they just look really weird and creepy, so that's why I avoided this song, because the costumes are a tad unsettling for me. Again, though; it grows on you, no matter how weird it looks, and it becomes somewhat normal to see.

At the end of the day, it's a fun, childish and quirky release, and even someone who has a little bit of a monkey-suit phobia can admit that.

I can see why so many people like this PV and song; it's great to watch, being playfully funny and all, and it's actually a really great song, too. It's budding with character, and though there isn't much to the location or set at all, you still get enough to keep you entertained as a viewer; it's low on budget, but no matter what, you have fun watching the PV, because the girls are so endearing, and you can see they're really into the choreography, the song, everything about it... so you're pulled in, and you enjoy what they offer.
 The performance of Berryz is incredible, and I like that about the video. I like that they are invested, so you also become invested, because they pull you in and keep you watching.

Also, the girls are stunning in this, so how can you not watch them? I swear, this is the era where they were at their prettiest - they really looked great. They weren't trying too hard to be sexy (urgh) or too cutesy for their age (so much ew), but they were just being themselves, and being energetic teenagers who were enjoying themselves. I like that.

Actually, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, though it was released a year before I entered this fandom, is around the time I did start listening to J-pop, and it's this very era that I liked Berryz Kobou, so yeah, this period is somewhat special to me I suppose. They were lovely, cute, fun, and they weren't boring to watch. They were entertaining beings, girls who were at their prime in not only performance level, but also sound. So, even though this isn't my favourite song, nor will it ever be a favourite of mine, I do think Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance is a great representation of Berryz during the days where I thought they were truly great.

As a whole, I like the video enough, but don't count on me going back to the video itself anytime soon. Yes, it's silly and cute, the personality and character behind it is high, and it's a very fun brand of Berryz that everyone adores, however it's a brand that freaks me out a little thanks to the costumes used. Still, it grew on me, and Maasa as a Monkey is actually pretty darned beautiful to see. So, though it's not a song I would loop a whole lot, or a video I would care to look at again, I do think it's pretty good.

It's just a bit too weird for me, is all.

Now, I hope I get to some songs I hate soon, because my ice heart is melting a little for Berryz... I have a reputation to keep, darnit! Please, bring on the shitty era!

Until next time~

Much Love,


  1. I'm surprised you didn't notice Momoko falling on her butt and Maasa looking like she's trying to be concerned by trying to hide her laughter but REALLY failing...Happens at 3:10 and it's my favorite thing that has EVER happened to Momoko.


  2. Loads of silly antics in this one which spice up the fun factor and I love the funny faces they pull. The song is catchy too, but I think I'd tire of it much too quickly if I heard it more than once in a blue moon.

    Everyone looks good in this clip. Much more comfortable in front of the camera. I guess doing a silly dance and acting like a big goof helps when it comes to casting off inhibitions. What's left for people to make fun of when you're already making fun of yourself?

    Surprised by Momoko in this. For once my subconscious wasn't screaming "Kill it! Kill it with fire!!" I agree, my subconscious needs serious counseling.

    That grab of Yurina made me stop and rack my brain for where I'd seen it before. It looked soooo familiar. Then it hit me. Pitch perfect impression of Haruka Tomatsu in the Motto☆Hade ni ne! video where she's just goofing off around the house. Love it!

    1. The silly antics is what makes this pretty good, and admittedly, the video has surprisingly grown on me to the point where I'm somewhat fond of it, if only for Maasa and how great she is here! The song I like, though yeah, it has to be a blue moon kind of track for me, too.

      I think the fact that it was a rather free, but silly and funny, sort of video allowed them to be far more relaxed; it wasn't 'professional' in a way, like other videos - it required them to be idiots, in the best way possible. It's fantastic!

      Momoko was adorable, I admit. I enjoyed her personality here. But don't worry! We have a few more years of annoyance from her ;)

      I've never seen that before, so may need to check it out. But goofing off = GOOD!

  3. NOSTALGIA TRIP LORDY LORD. I remember when this MV first came out and I was "WTF" over this song (and those monkey onesies/costumes), but I came to love it over time because H!P started slowly, gradually going down the sexy, mature route like it is today with it's different groups (though I feel it really took the life out of Berryz - silliness was what they were good at!) and had everyone look serious that any silliness in MVs now is much appreciated.

    Maasa, Chinami and Captain are too precious - their expressions are on point! Maasa wins in my book hands down, the girl seems to be just rolling with it and having fun XD

    And oh Risako - so cute and pretty. She still is, but her ventures into different hair colours and some horrible choice of wardrobe by stylists over the years I miss her looking simple and being comfortable (not talking about the monkey costumes, the other ones they wear)...

    I definitely agree with you that the girls all looked their prettiest in this MV (puberty did well for all of them).

    Thanks for doing this series! I'm sad to say I've never paid Berryz the attention they deserve when they were still there. Their songs were mostly a hit and miss for me, and I didn't appreciate their style like I do now, "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" is an example of that.