Friday, 2 January 2015

There's A New Hello! Pro Group? Well Why Didn't Ya Say!?

Of course, my first post of 2015 is News related. Good thing it is Good News, right? RIGHT! Let's get 2015 started here! Vroom vroom!

image from BARKS News
Earlier today (January 2nd, 2015) during the annual Hello! Project winter concert, it was reported that a new group would debut under Hello! Project, with their first indies single being released in March. The group is compromised of 8 members, all made up of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and NICE GIRL Project trainees. The members are:

Fujii Rio, Hirose Ayaka, Nomura Minami, Ogawa Rena, Hamaura Ayano, Taguchi Natsumi, Wada Sakurako and Inoue Rei.

The group, whose name will be revealed later on this month, will also perform in the musical Week End Survivor alongside Sudou Maasa, which will run from March 27th until April 5th.


Tokyo Girls' Update
Hello! Project Special Group Site


Say Hello the Berryz Kobou's cuter replacements!

OH, HELLS TO THE YEAH! If I had added 'New Units from H!P' to my Hopes/Dreams 2015 list, then wow, that would be one wish complete already... sadly, I didn't, but honestly? I thought they were done for new groups, what with Country Girls debuting and all.


Honestly though, I really did not expect a new group to be announced already, especially with Country Girls only just announcing their indies debut, too, so when I came home from some work to find this piece of news on my doorstep... well, I was pretty bowled over by it! Am I grinning like an idiot? Yes, I am indeed. Am I ecstatic? Of course I am! Am I prepared? Not one bit, but that doesn't really matter, because holy heck, it's a group of new Loli's to look out for! Sure, it's a Hello! Pro group, but I am indeed ecstatic, as it is something new and fresh to look forward to.

That said, I am not really anticipating one aspect about this group, and that's the fan-cackling that will come with the Hama-chan wota when they gloat about their one and only getting into a group, fiiiinaaaaally, gaaaawd, and being the center of it. I didn't like it when Karin debuted, and I sure as heck won't enjoy it with Hama-chan, but whatever - the group itself, I am aye okay with!

So, in order to allow myself some way of getting to know the newest members of the Hello! Project major group collective (even if they are indies, which in about 3 months, they may not be - this is H!P, they don't have patience), let's take a look at the bunch of Hello! Pro Trainee cuties that managed to make it into this shiny new group, shall we? Along the way, we can also try to learn their names, and find one to fawn over!

First up, Fujii Rio! Rio is 15 years old and from the Aichi prefecture, and previously, all the way back in 2011, auditioned for S/mileage's second generation lineup, as well as for Morning Musume's 10th generation, however chose S/mileage over MoMusu in the finals. She didn't make it and, two years later in 2013, she made her debut with the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei as a part of the 19th generation.

Now, I don't follow the Kenshuusei, so admittedly, I had no idea who this girl was, and I still have no clue, even after checking her profile a bit on the Hello! Pro wikia. That said, upon first impressions, she's quite intriguing; she wants to attend school like Momoko and Airi, as well as be an Idol, which is pretty admirable in my eyes. In looks, she seems quite plain, but cute, too - I like her hair short, actually! When it was a bit longer it hid her features, and right now, it feels like short hair is her calling - she looks adorable, and she has a sweet smile.

I want to get to know this one more!

Next up, Hirose Ayaka! Ayake is 15 years old, from the Kanagawa prefecture, and a former NICE GIRL Project trainee. In 2014, she moved from NGP to Hello! Project, but was originally under TNX from 2011. Back in 2012, she auditioned for Morning Musume's 11th generation and, quite obviously did not pass - good thing, too, or she wouldn't be here! As a part of the Hello! Project Kenshuusei, she was in the 22nd generation.

Okay, I follow NGP less than I do the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei (especially since Canaria Club aren't around now), so my knowledge of this girl is just as bad as my knowledge of Rio, but dang, she is a cutie! She has a very refreshing look, and a sweet face too! In a way, I imagine this girl will be a real beauty when she becomes an adult, so I look forward to watching her grow! Also, in regards to her being a part of NGP before becoming a Hello! Project Kenshuusei, I'm glad that she was able to debut after years of training under TNX - I know NGP are often overlooked, so it's nice to know that a few of their girls have been able to debut after years of training and waiting. Hopefully, when the group has debuted this year, I will be able to see how good this little cutie is.

So, Ayaka... I rather look forward to your l33t skillz!

Third along, Nomura Minami! Minami is 14 years old, and she is from Tokyo. Originally, she auditioned for Morning Musume's 9th generation, before joining the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei's 16th generation in 2012, and then went on to audition for Morning Musume's 11th generation, only to fail once again.

Okay, d'awwwww! This one is adorable, she looks just like a puppy! Seriously, how innocent can someone get!? I want to hug her, guys! Can I hug her, pleeeeease? -hugs the cutie pie-

Okay, cuteness overload is over with, but seriously, she is adorable beyond measure! The fact that she seems to look nervous in an 'OMG its a camera hiiiide me nooow' way is super sweet, too, but in general I just find her absolutely sweet-looking, so yeah, there we go! I don't know much about this one either by the way, other than that she is only one of two in her generation, and that she is 14... despite looking about 8. Seriously though... too cute!

I could go on about her cuteness all day, but I won't. Still, she is currently the most adorable member of the group so far, though she could be a little devil, too... I anticipate her character the most!

Finally making her group debut, Ogawa Rena! Rena is 14 years old, and she is from Tochigi. She originally auditioned for Morning Musume's 9th generation, and when she did not pass that audition, she passed the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei audition and joined as a part of the 12th generation. After that, she auditioned for both the 10th and 11th generations for Morning Musume, and again did not pass. She is the last member of her Kenshuusei generation.

And finally, a Kenshuusei I know of! I don't actually know I came to know of Rena, because she wasn't a finalist for the 9ki auditions (as far as I know) but I had heard of her being placed in the Kenshuusei at the same time as Aina and Mogi, and have since looked her up. Honestly, she is really very beautiful, probably the most mature looking of all the girls in this brand-spanking new group, and very nice to look at... seriously, if we're going off of shallow first impressions, then I will say that right now, Rena is the one I want to follow the most, purely based on how she looks, and how calm she makes me feel when I look at her, too. She's very beautiful, and again, I feel at ease when I look at her, so for that, I really like her.

Also, apparently she's an airhead. I like airheads XD

I might follow this one more than the rest, just sayin'~

What the fidge did they do to your hair, Hamster-chan!?

The one the fans are crowing over, Hamaura Ayano! Forever 14 and from Saitama, Ayano joined Hello! Project back in 2011 as a Kenshuusei member, and then went on to audition for Morning Musume#s 10th generation, and then their 11th generation, however did not pass either auditios. Since becoming a part of Hello! Project, she has taken part in many stage plays. In the Kenshuusei program, she is a part of the 11th generation.

Ahh, Hamster-chan, finally. You are debuting. This will surely make your fans rage with happiness, and allow me to shrink back in terror at how eager they are with your debut. Most likely, because I dislike hype, this will also stop me from really caring about you for a while... even if you are cute, and even if you have that soul-devouring look in your eyes. Because, seriously, the hype around you before put me off. That said, I will wait till your debut to see how I find you!

Actually, I do look forward to Hamster-chan's debut, if I am being completely honest, but I'm not really excited about the reaction from her fans, either; I'm not good with hype, and tend to avoid it where I can, however I still look forward to what Hama-chan will bring to this new group, because honestly, what else can I expect? It's obvious already that she will be the center, so of course I'll anticipate it... somewhat. I just hope she doesn't suck too badly, or suck at all. In general, I just hope she's a suitable center.

I'm scared of what her fans will do, but honestly? Hamster-chan, I look forward to your debut~


Cracking on, this time it's Taguchi Natsumi! Aged 14 and also from Saitama, Natsumi is Hamster-chan's partner in the 11th generation, having joined alongside Ayano back in 2011. She has auditioned for Morning Musume's 9th, 10th and 11th generation auditions, but of course did not pass. She is small, being only 151cm (Fujii Rio is smaller, by 1cm), and seems to have a slight complex towards her height.

I think I've found the awkward one in the bunch! YES!!!! Nervous-chan, may I have your autograph?

Okay, in all seriousness, there is this awkward cuteness surrounding Natsumi that is appealing to me, but I suppose that's because I like under-dogs - still, cutie! In general, this whole group seems cute, but when it comes to the girls who look a little awkward compared to others, it makes the whole group seem that little bit more adorable and fun, and hopefully, Natsumi will bring on some fun, even if it is in an endearing 'awww, she tries so hard!' kind of way.

I don't know much about her, because of the 11ki Kenshuusei Hamster is the only one people harp on about, but I look forward to seeing how Natsumi performs on camera, in both singing and dancing. I think she will be a fun one to watch grow, more than anything, so I look forward to that!

I want to watch you grow in performance, but not height. Stay short and adorable~

Member 007, it's Wada Sakurako! Aged only 13 (tiny-aged one!) and from the Aichi prefecture, Sakurako has been in Hello! Project since 2012, after having auditioned for the 11th generation but failing to pass. Compared to the other Kenshuusei in Hello! Project, she has had the least amount of work in terms of modelling and acting. She is a part of the 17th generation Kenshuusei.

Okay, HELLO SMILES! And Hello Project-chan! Seriously, looking at Sakurako and reading up on her, doesn't it feel like she is the 'project' in a way? I suppose it's that refreshing charm, the little work she has done when it comes to stage plays and magazine shoots (compared to the others, at least) and just... well, just her aura in general! I mean, I doubt she is a project, because at the end of the day, she can't help who chooses who for media or stage attention, right? RIGHT! And anyways, she's probably pretty awesome, who knows? All I know right now is, for sure, that she is ADORABLE!

And she has the Ears of an Angel, and the smile of one, too. Right beside Ogawa Rena, based on shallow love, I rather like this one, too! Also, she's the beanpole of the group, which is just as endearing!


And last but not least, it has to be Inoue Rei! The youngest and aged only 13, she is from Tokyo, and a former member of the NICE GIRL Project  trainees! She debuted back in 2012, however transferred to the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei in November 2014, and is a part of the 22nd generation of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei.

Okay, mysterious girl right here, because there is barely anything on her... yet. So, that's something to look forward to. Also, dang, her hair! It's seriously long, but I like that; if Harunan is anyone to go by, I like it when an Idol has long hair! But, one with such a sweet face, and really cute ears? BONUS! Seriously, she's adorable, much like Sakurako, except Rie has this look on her face that says 'I know something you don't know...~' and, weirdly, that's appealing. She looks mischievous, but innocent, too... so, I actually anticipate that in up-coming videos! Also, as a former NGP girl, I do look forward to her performance style, and how good she is as a singer and dancer. In general, I look forward to what Rie brings.

However, right now, lemme fawn over those ears! Gimme gimme~


I apologise if I make no sense right now by the way, because for some reason, I can't write well enough today. Ah, well...

Anyway, in short, I'm pretty excited for these girls and, in general, this entire group; they are all pretty appealing in their own way, and will surely bring something to the plate for their group that is endearing, exciting and unique only to them. Currently, I don't know what to expect from these girls - it could be anything, honestly - so until they bring out their first single, I can only wait and see what they do, and how they do it, and to see if I'm excited after watching and listening to whatever they have produced.

Right now though, I'm just happy that Hello! Project are debuting a brand new group, especially now that Berryz are going, and also that they are debuting a bunch of their Kenshuusei as they do so - it's nice to see that we aren't at the point Kenshuusei were in a few years back, when barely any were debuting, and were instead leaving or being kicked out because H!P were going backwards instead of forwards. It's good that, finally, the trainees are actually given the chance of debuting in a group and having their chance to shine. I know that not all the Kenshuusei have had this chance, but hey; at least Hello! Pro seem to know that they need to harvest their talent before the crop dies out, right?

Times are changing, and Hello! Project has grown, seeming only to expand more this year. For 2015, I really do wonder what these groups will deliver, and what other surprises Hello! Project will bring...

For the debut of this new group, much like Country Girls, I look forward to it. What about you?



  1. It's Inoue Rei, not Rie. Also, Fujii Rio was the S/mileage audition finalist who was heavily criticized for her too wild & spasmic dancing back then.

    I'm glad that H!P decided to have another new group and I'm quite happy with the selection even though I don't know anything about the two former NGP Kenshuusei.

    On the ither hand I'm sad that Ruru, Icchan, Kaedi and Musubu were not chosen.

    1. Thanks for the correction! And oooh, I don't think I really remember, I know I watched the auditions for S/mileage 2ki, but I don't think I payed too much attention, either!

      I'm not too well-versed in any Kenshuusei in general, except Ogawa Rena and Hamachan, and Rikako who will obviously debut very soon. That said, I am happy with them all, but in regards to the other Kenshuusei members, I hope they debut - for their sake, and the sake of their fans.

  2. I'm so happy! Bring it on 2015 XD

    1. 2015, a year of debuts and happiness!? Please ;w;

  3. Awww yessss!!! While I've wanted Hama-chan to debut since forever, looking at this line-up I have no idea who the centre might be. Like you say, it will most likely land on Hamster-chan (but her hair! Dear lord what did you do UFP!?!?!)

    From what I remember of past videos and such, Hama-chan's not as stable in performance though... That aside NEW GROUP HELL YEAHZZ.

    As for you wanting to know more of some of the other girls (non-NGP that is), might I recommend the Kenshusei show "~Onedari Entame!~ Hapi★Pure"?!~_Hapi%E2%98%85Pure

    That's how I got to learn all the names of the Kenshuseis at the time and a bit of what character/personality they're going for.

    And am I the only one finding Rena a close resemblance/vibe with Sakura? No? Just me, OK, lol.

    Not to mention her name - such a throwback combo to the days of Ogawa Makoto and Winky.