Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Coming of a Beautiful Spring is Upon Us in Doll☆Elements' 'Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau' [MV Review]

All thoughts and opinions within this Review are my own and no one else's. Whilst you may disagree with what I say regarding the group, music video and song, it does not mean either of us are right; at the end of the day, we all have our own opinions, I simply choose to voice mine aloud right here, in the written word. So, please respect what I have to say, and do not be rude! You can disagree, but don't become self-entitled because you feel you're superior or whatever. Ta.

We're over halfway through January, and I have yet to write a PV review! Oh, woe is me, what do I do!? Why, oh why, have I yet to write for you all!? I have been busy and ill, it is true, but still! I am a terrible blogger! So, let's rectify that mistake, shall we, and talk a little bit, and also write my first PV review of 2015! Does that sound good? It does? 


Now it's time to take a look at something I have been wanting to write about since November, because there's nothing like writing a review in 2015, than a PV that was released in 2014... Yeah... o 3o

Let's GO!!!

Though the video has been out for a few months now, with it being released back in November of last year of all times, the actual release of Kimi no Sakura Hirari to Mau as a single was early on this January, marking this single as Doll☆Elements' first release of 2015. To make things more seasonally appropriate, it's also a Sakura-themed song, too! Oh, goody!

I could have actually talked about this video last year in review, and I nearly did, however at the time I knew that I wanted to talk about this video when it was, to me, an appropriate time; November and December weren't appropriate, because that was the season of Christmas, not Spring, so I decided to wait before writing this. Now that it's about the time Spring songs start coming out, I thought this would be a good time to write it, just after it's been released. And here we are!

Seriously though, it's been very hard to not review this song and video, because I really love it! I like Doll☆Elements in general, they are a group I try to watch out for all the time, but after watching the beauty that is Kimi no Sakura Hirari to Mau, I can't help but think that this is one of their best releases to date. It's a video that shows off their incredible beauty, allowing me as a viewer to appreciate their talent and graceful flow, but it's also a video that has had a lot of thought put into it - in short, it's great! So right now, since seeing this video, I feel the need to follow Doll☆Elements even more.

Before I badger on, however, I will let you all decide for yourselves how you feel towards the PV and what it has to offer to us viewers, if you wish to. It's your decision, dear reader; will you join me on an adventure to the land of the Dolls, and see what fantasy they have to offer us this time?

If you wish to join me, then step this way. The world that Doll☆Elements have created is not so far.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau, where Spring is everlasting and as beautiful as one could imagine...

Tacky, but cute. Let's hope this PV doesn't go the same way...

Awww, what a sweet little title! Not too flashy, but still, rather appealing.

Okay, this is pretty, but why the running, kid?

SHADOWS!!! Sexy as fuck SHADOWS!

Scenic. Holy crud muffins, SCENERY!!! I already feel happy watching this, and the music hasn't even started yet!

Look at that lighting, too! WOWZERS!

Seriously though, whoever thought that manipulating shadows for this video would be a great idea, THANK YOU! Shadows are so darned beautiful ;w;

Also, them leggies!

Dem shadows...

Awww, look, a dolly! Putting the Doll into Doll☆Elements, literally.

Parasols? Shadows? Dolls? Running Kids? What DOESN'T this PV have!? It feels like it has everything! Ears?

This kid has a PINWHEEL! Feel the jealousy rage on!

Seriously though, we've not even heard these girls sing, and this PV is already one of the prettiest things I have seen in a few weeks. So. Darned. PRETTEH!

... Okay, I love this choreography. It looks so old-fashioned, but still modern and beautiful and oh-so-Japanese!

By the way, the kids are cute too. But I have to ask, has it become a Doll☆Elements standard to include a random child or two in their music videos as of late? It feels that way xD

Still so darned pretty, and oh so very stylish!

I want to visit this place, wherever it may be. It looks so traditional and lovely!

Dolly: "Voodoo for life!"

Still, I do wonder why this kid is running around, unattended? Where are her parents!? Responsibility, people!

Oh all that is Holy and Leggy... look at those beautiful outfits!


Fan-girl (hurhur, see what I did there?) is very excited with her pinwheel!

Rika has a regal air about her, and damn, she is gorgeous!

Natsumi, can I have your headpiece, please? I need it for a party thing I'm going to...

Natsumi: "No, but you can kiss my hand~"

Cute kids are cute, and right now, I really want a pinwheel of my own ._.

Why can't I have nice things, too? ; 3;


Also, that stage is darned cute!

... Well hello, Outfit change and even more leggy glory! OwO Am I in Heaven, or is this just the magic and beauty of Doll☆Elements!?

No, it's both!

-insert sarcastic tone here-

Oh, oh no, girls, watch out...

Fan-Girl: "Ah, ow, itaaaaai!!!"
Dolly: "Outta my way, I got Voodoo to do here!"

And so, two worlds collide...

And here we see our Fan-Girl, on the Catwalk, modelling her new line of dresses 'Lolita Sweetness ~Child's Boutique~', which will be included in her Spring 2015 Collection!

These outfits are so gorgeous! I love this mix of the Modern Sakura girl, and then the Traditional Sakura girl. Seriously, nice work to the styling team!

Light and dark, but darned gorgeous no matter what, and as leggy as before! So much love <3

The Crouching Tiger, I see~ Who you gonna land a kick on, ladies?

Oh wow, this kid sure has a forehead o-O You werk it, gurl! Maybe one day you'll give SKE's Forehead-chan a run for her in money...

Also, damnit, girl! WHY SO CUTE!?

Seriously, she's the cutest. I like her when she smiles the most~

... Well, hello, legs, screen and beautiful shadows!

Seriously though, that black and then the hint of red. GORGEOUS!

I want that dress!

... Hnnnnnng!!!

Gorgeous effing scenery! Takes my breath away, and makes me appreciate the beauty of this PV. Seriously, best. Scenes. EVER!

Just makes me think of Japan, and spring, and how gorgeous both are when united together.

Rika, YOU HAVE A CUTE EAR!!! Lemme nibble it o 3o

Rika: "... Ew and no."

Awww, damnit );

In a way, this seems a bit sensual? Or is it just me being a pervert? xD

Natsumi is being her flawless, sweet self. Like, seriously, how can one not like her!? She's adorable!

Natsumi: "Give me your money? Teehee~"

Sure, why the heck not? -shells out money for Natsumi's cuteness-

... Hello, Haruka! What a beauty!

Seriously, you may be just the most beautiful gal in all of Doll☆Elements! Crikey, what a stunner!

-proceeds to howl at the moon- AROOOO!!!!

Runa is so darned cute in this, and blonde really suits her! Stay blonde, cutie, you look even more adorable like this!

... Yeah, I want this as a poster. NOW!!!


Holy shit, she is gorgeous!

I HAVE FOUND MY Doll☆Elements OSHI!!!

Natsumi: *gasp* "Oh no!"

Wait, why is everyone looking so... shocked? What's happening?


Now I'll never get that headpiece... D;

Rika: "... Well, shit."
Haruka: "The manager won't be happy when he hears about this..."

Runa: "Oh dear, I feel funny...~"
Yukino: "Aw shit, not you, too!"

Yukino looks so damned surprised, it's somewhat funny xD Over-acting at its best!

Rika: "... Well, that's two of four pieces of competition down, if you think about it."

Welp, bye bye, Runa! You were cute whilst you were human~

Yukino: "SHE'S NEXT!!!"
Rika: "... Well, shit."
Haruka: "Le Gaspeth!!!"

The award for most half-arsed acting goes to...


Haruka: "No, not me!"

Haruka, say yer prayers!


Yukino: "Okay, me next, yaaaay!"

... Yukino, why the fuck are you excited? xD You silly, overly cute dumpling~

Now they're ALL dolls! Oh noes!

... Okay, did you kids Voodoo the shit outta Doll☆Elements and do this to them!? How cruel!

Okay, back to the Shadows, the oh-so-lovely shadows...

Screw camera angles, it's all about the shadows for me, now!

Oh, those parasols in the choreography, they make me smile! That little bit of sweet tradition... <3

Actually, I love the use of reality + fantasy in this, and how we bring the dolls into reality with the little girls.

And then, we return to the fantasy, and we see our Sakura Dolls performing... so pretty!

Haruka is, hands down, the most beautiful member of this group. Also, I want her headpiece, too!!

By the way, note to the editors: QUIT IT WITH THE FUCKING BLUR EFFECT. IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING!!! Thank you~

Okay, this scene is pretty, I like the use of the light sepia tone and HELLO, SAKURA BLOSSOMS!

This completes the Spring feel to the PV, yup yup!

Yukino, you're my favourite, and the prettiest to me. Also, gimme your headpiece! *^*

Yukino: "How about no?"

Awe, damnit! ;^;

Aside from an annoying fucking blur effect that distorts their lovely legs, this is a really pretty scene, and one of my favourites... it doesn't beat out the scene with the screen, though.

Runa is so effing adorable, I actually do wonder if she really is a doll...

And Rika, with her nibble-some ears, is like royalty... <3

Natsumi, you're awkward and cute, and squeaky as fuck, but cute. Stay wonderful~

SAKURA BLOSSOMS!!! Catch them, girls! Catch the falling blossoms!!!

This is a cute scene, awww!

Elegant and classy... and then there's Haruka, looking as if she's ready to do a do-si-do... xD

Dolly: "And this is how we call forth the power of the wind!"
Fan-Girl: "Ah, but weren't you meant to teach me about Voodoo...?"

Still so very, very pretty ;w; Prettiest Sakura PV I have seen in a while, actually! With even prettier girls!

So cute! A friendship blossoming over Voodoo and dolls! How sweet!

... Can I make you my background?


I love those dresses, but wow, those skirts are... well, rather short... o 3o

The blur is back...

Seriously, Haruka, can you stop being, y'know? SO BEAUTIFUL!?

Rika: "Well, this is boring."

This is no fun for Her Royal Majesty, Rika the Amazing. Sakura Petals simply bore her.

Still, they're so pretty in this, even when our darling Rika looks bored!

Justifying their beauty in one image.

Just admit it; you love it, too ;D

When the song comes to an end, we return to the shadows, but we are still here...

In the imaginations of the friends that came together in collision, and leave together with smiles...

As of late, Doll☆Elements have become one of my favoured groups; for a while I have enjoyed their work, there is a certain calmness about their vocals that is very appealing to me, for one, but it feels like recently, I have really wanted to see and hear more of them, to the point where I feel like I am addicted to them.

I am especially addiction to Kimi no Sakura Hirari to Mau, in both video and song.

Mixing tradition with a modern feel, I find the music video to Doll☆Elements' latest title song a visually stunning piece that has a beautiful, almost fantasy-like quality to it, yet it is still as calm and gentle as a spring day. To me, this is a stunning piece that is simple in execution, but effective in how it looks and feels as a complete video - it is stunning, and every time I watch it, I can't get enough of how pretty it is.

I enjoy the setting of this world the girls seem to be in; it feels like the members of Doll☆Elements are living in an imaginary world, the world of the children's minds, perhaps, where they are free to perform thanks to the wonderful imaginations of two little girls who have come together by accident, but become friends and envelope themselves in a world where their dolls are real. I enjoy how, in this world, the members are celebrating the coming of spring with energy, dance and happiness, completely enveloping themselves in their surroundings and making full use of their stage.

One of my favourite points of the entire video, which I noted quite a lot in the screen captions portion of this post, was the use of shadows in the video; manipulated shadows, natural shadow, any shadow, I enjoyed how it as used in the video - that, for me, was the most effective point when watching Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau, and no matter how many times I watch the video, I am still completely overtaken by how gorgeous the shadows are in this video, especially during the sequences where we see a member of Doll☆Elements in front of the screen with her parasol, walking slowly as the cherry blossoms behind it fall down; it is a breathtaking scene, one which would not look as effective if shown in full colour or lighting. Though I very rarely take a look at how lighting works in a music video, I could not help but notice it here, and I am blown away by it.

I doubt that, without this use of manipulating the light and making use of shadows in the choreography or additional scenes, the video would not be as stylistic as it is now; the use of shadows makes this video, and though there are not many scenes or effects used, I feel that the shadows made the music video for Kimi no Sakura Hirari to Mau feel that little bit more expensive.
 Seriously, whoever their cinematographer, Director or Lighting assistant was... Kudos to you guys, you made this PV look really beautiful!

Shadows aside though, I do enjoy the entirety of the music video; it's a beautiful piece, and one of the best I have seen from Doll☆Elements since I first found out about them, but by far it is my favourite in terms of style and look. I enjoy how we see tradition made modern with the use of the stylish but cute kimono, and then the chique dresses to off-set that modern vibe. I love how we seem to be enveloped in the imagination of the children, where the dolls can come alive, but still get to see the reality of their lives and watch as they come together as friends, and play happily as the cherry blossoms fall from above them. In general, I love how sweet this video is, and I enjoy the beauty of it all.

It is truly a beautiful spring PV, even in all of its simplicity, and the song is beautiful too - as a whole, this is a video and a song that makes me think that spring really is coming, and it allows for me to look forward to it, too.

As a whole, Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau is, for me, a lovely Sakura themed video that I think fits spring perfectly. It mixes tradition, in sound and look, with modern pop and chique flare that suits Doll☆Elements wonderfully. Cute, sweet and stylish, this is one music video that I really can't look away from. Truly, it seems that spring has come, and I hope that it will be as beautiful as the spring is in this video.

Though it still feels like winter, please, let spring through! I am waiting!

Beautiful and entrancing, this is how Spring should be. I wonder... will Spring come to me soon, too?

For this video, what were your thoughts? Were you taken in by Doll☆Elements' rendition of Spring? Let me know! Until next time, though.

Much Love,


  1. Hey, I tried to post a comment earlier but I think the Internets ate it up. If there's other comments, sorry! You can just delete them.

    I really like this song/video. I love any video that plays with different lighting effects and angles, and so the different shadow effects really were interesting to me. This is probably my favorite Doll☆Elements song so far. The chorus is really catchy. I loved the black/white stripped dresses and I think they really fit the light & shadows feel to the video.

    I'm starting really get into Doll☆Elements but I'm not totally there yet. I've mostly been following them through their blogs instead of their previous releases. Do you have a favorite member?

    1. The internet may have indeed ate it up, I never received a comment until now! But thank you for re-writing it!

      Recently, lighting effects have become fascinating for me as a viewer, but I have always loved angles, however the way the director played with shadows in this was so fascinating! I can see why this would be your favourite song of theirs, too; it's one of their better ones I think, it has a lot of depth to it I think, and as you say, it's very catchy! In general, I found this release really good.

      I'm not totally there yet, either, however they have become a group I seem to favour and look out for! Also, in terms of favourites, as I don't follow their blogs yet, visually I find Yukino very appealing, but honestly, they all seem lovely and gorgeous! Who is your favourite member?