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Spring just got Sexier in NEWS' 'KAGUYA' Music Video! Are You ready for this?

All thoughts and opinions within this review regarding the group mentioned, their song and/or video are opinions of my own and no one else's. You do not need to like my opinion, you can even rival my opinion, but do not think for a second that I will appease to your opinion just because you feel superior or that I am wrong. An opinion is not fact (though some choose to take it that way, for some reason) but just a mere thought - do not take it seriously. Remember; your opinion is your own, and you do not have to succumb to other opinions for the sake of agreement. Thank you.

Once Upon A Time, there was a blogger who liked Female Idols. When Spring came, however, she found the true appeal of a Male group. Through a tale of four Princes looking for Kaguya-Hime, this blogger realised how wonderful Male Idols could be.

But, one could wonder if, after she found this tale, would she follow this group until the very end? The future of her liking for the group is still somewhat foggy, but for now, let us simply find out how she came to enjoy the male group and the song they came to create. What story shall unravel?

And here is where Chiima becomes an objectifying cow, because MEN. More specifically, NEWS. I could not help myself, nor am I sorry.


Okay, so we all know I'm not the biggest of followers when it comes to all-male groups in the world of J-pop, but when I find something worth watching and talking about, regardless of the groups gender or style, I talk about it - it's the way I work, and also, I like to appreciate what I enjoy, and this my dears is something I enjoy. Like, seriously, hoo boy, NEWS have something to appreciate and talk about here, and if you have seen this video, y'all will know I'm talking about. Seriously though... have you seen this? There is a lot to enjoy, if you ask me.

If you have yet to see it, then hop to it, readers! It is a seriously yummy music video, and one worth about a million views. The songs good too, but dayumn, that video! Watching this, it makes me feel... well, it just makes me feel like I should become a fangirl of NEWS, you know?

Yeah, it's that good! So good, I'm willing to convert to the NEWS fandom, if need be. Somehow, these men of the delicious variety have ignited the fangirl of male groups in me, but how!? Why? Well, you may need to watch the music video to find that out.

That, or you can view my abundance of stupid screen captions, read my objectifying comments of the hunky men that make up NEWS, and then look at my prattle of a review at the very end. Your choice, reader dears. Either way, do one of those actions, and you will see why NEWS have ignited a flame in me and brought out my gutter mind once again.

For those who dare to read, this is KAGUYA. Let the story begin...

It's the Moon, and a Fish. The Moon part I get for Kaguya, but the Koi fish? NOPE!

Well hello, ominous opening! I wonder what this PV has in store for us today?

It's the return of the Sexy Shadows! UMPH!!!!

Hoo boy, it just got a little bit sexier in here!

Now please, take off the shirt!

... Okay, disappointed, because this guy isn't showing some chest flesh. Gert damnit! >___>

Under my Umb-er-ella-ella-ella, aye aye aye...~

It's like someone one day decided to say to the producers 'Hey, let's get some of those mini umbrellas you put in drinks, and STICK THEM TO A WALL!!!'

And this was how the Kaguya set was made~ GENIUS!

Not gonna lie, I would totally invite this sexy mofo to a wet t-shirt contest o 3o

He would win every. Single. TIME!

Dribble dribble some water on dem abs, UUMPH!!!

Your sexy voice does not suit your ah-dorable face, good sir o 3o


This is pretty much me, swooning at this sexy-ass beast! HNNG!

Chiima in the Background: "Oh my, I just saw a sex bomb!" *swoon*

Sexy-Hunky-Blondie: "Awww, baby, I feel so flattered, thank you!"

He's happy with my compliments, GOOD!

This was one is an awkward cutie, for sure.

Making those flowers so god-damn sexy and drool-worthy! YUM!

Forget poles or strip teases, Sexy Parasol dancing is where it's at!

... Well, I would hire them o 3o

Sexy-Hunky-Blondie: "Ooh, GUUURL! You working them booty huggers!"

He sexy even when he looks like he's checking out his band mates' ass and approving with pout and attitude.

Excuse me, but can I please have a nibble of that wonderful ear?

For all you neck lovers out there, here, have some sexy neck-stroking action to fill you up!

They look like seriously sexy Samurai, and no, I would not mind if they saved me. I will be the Damsel to your Hero, NEWS-Sama!!!

Umph, you may look cute, but you also look so divine!

This Hunky Blondie is giving me sass! Not that I mind...

His sass = SEXAY!

Even with parasols, they are divine looking beings of sexy manliness. UMPH!!!

Okay, this just got a lot damn sexier, and our Awk. Cutie is hotter than I thought O w O


Why don't you just take your shirt off and be done wit it?

As in just get naked right now, please.

Sexy Booty Pops, coming through!

Shake dem booties, awww, yeah!

That background is DIVINE!

... And reminds slightly of the Akatsuki from Naruto.

No! Our Sexy-Hunky-Blondie does want to see the resemblance to a Naruto clan! This is supposed to be Kaguya, not a manga!

I question why all of your tops are still on, you sexy beats o 3o

You can shut me up any day of the week, mister Awkwardly-Sexy-Cutie-in-disguise.

This is like one giant striptease except THERE IS NO STRIPPING!

God damnit >o>

Somehow, this dark horse has become a favourite of mine in this video. Awkwardly, he is cute, but when he wants to be, DAMN is he sexy!

At times, I wonder if he is just plain cute, or hiding that sexiness beneath a sweet face.

He is also my favourite

Sexy-Hunky-Blondie, don't hide from me! Hiding is futile!

Sexy-Hunky-Blondie: "This one is for the ladies...~"

And in One, two, three...



Let's just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of all of this, little cocktail umbrellas included.

Super Sentai Sexy Men! Now there's a show I would watch!

I don't care if it looks like he's doing the 'Yurushite Nyan~' pose, he's... well, gorgeous! He can Nyan me all day long, if he wanted to o 3o

Handle me how you handle your parasols, lads ;)

... Yeah, please just take your shirt off, I'm getting impatient >3>



KNSkandksnfknsdjkgvnjkwjIOJISKA\NKL -unintelligent noises are made here-

Now that's a damn sexy WINKU!

Dark-Horse-Sama: "Paint me like one of your French Girls~"

... Okay o 3o

Sexy-Hunky-Blondie: "What about me?"

I will pain you naked ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

I question why your shirt is still on, sir! That said, keep the wet hair, it is YUMMY!


Keeping it sexy and keeping Chiima watching since 2015.

Because rubbing his pecks is SEXAY, guys!

They can do their Parasol dance for me any day! Just so long as their shirts are off, and all.

In which Chiima becomes an Objectifying bitch, ladies and gentlemen


Our lovely little Blondie truly looks like a deer caught in the headlights here, but still... dat should, those wet pants...

Sexy sheeeexxxxxhhhhyyyy~

I am never gonna get enough of this dance movie, just so ya know~

Even when he's the only one that doesn't show his chest, he can still look sexy ; 3; <3

Still, seeing some damn-hot male flesh is very nice, ya know?

He looks so damn good with the flowers.

... Okay, his hand is dangerously close to a place it shouldn't be right now o 3o

Chiima's mind, once again in the gutter


Holy shit the background parasols look pretty!

Either our Blondie wants to kill me with that smile, or he's just a tad demonic. Either way, he still looks delectable!


I want to pinch his cheeks right now, such a cutie pie!!!

... This looks a bit like a Red Light District setting thanks to that lighting and how my Sexy but Awkward companion is displayed XD

KEEP IT GOING, LADS! Keep. It. Going!

Probably the sweetest damn scene in this entire MV. He's so sensitive ; 3;

And then our Blondie hunk just comes out with his SASSEH look! Grrr!

Guys, don't stroke your faces, STROKE MINE, onegai!

Blondie, honey, why do you tease me so!? JUST TAKE OFF THE DAMN CLOTHES, AND KEEP ME HAPPY, K?

And things just got FIERCE! Like a Lion, RAWR!

Blondie, why the feck are you so HAWT!?

You too, also, WHY DID THEY FORCE YOU INTO A FULL SHIRT!? ;W; I need mur skin pronz from you!!!

Okay, this just got a little bit more fabulous. Take a bow, good sir!

... HNNNNNNG thisissodamngoodERMAGERD

I love it when his eyes are closed, he looks so thoughtful and sexy and UMPH!


Also, can I have a nibble of your ear, too? o 3o PLEASE!?

... Okay, dude, your biceps look very strong and nommy-ful. Can I... touch them...? >o>

I want to kiss him, HE NEEDS THE KISSES, I SWEAR!


Definitely the Drama Mama of them all, AM I RIGHT!?


Always laughing at this scene. So awk and un-sexy XD Holy crap XD

Ready to kick some ass with sexy biceps, parasols and booty pops! These are the Sentai Sexy Men!

Feel the Wrath of the Parasols! HYAH!

And End Scene! Behold, the sexy shadows! THANK YOU!

Isn't this just so darned yummy? So yummy, I feel a few calories emerging! Oh, my!

Honestly speaking, I do feel that if there was one group that could convert me to male groups and idols completely, it would probably be NEWS - they have a certain charisma and ability about them that is very endearing and noticeable, especially in this video. If they can't do it, then I doubt another group could... and no, Sexy Zone does not count, either. They're too close to being like a female Idol group, whilst NEWS... Well, they're all men. Hunky, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy men.

... Welcome back, objectifying Chiima. You have not been missed.

Seriously though, aside from the appeal of sexy men, I do enjoy this video - it is extremely visual (skin, skin, skin!) and very beautifully filmed I think, though simplistic. I find the simplicity very welcoming however, because in many other ways, this is quite an entertaining video. The choreography is enjoyable, the charisma of the members is high and the style of the video is extremely pleasant to look at thanks to its old-fashioned yet modern feel. Though it isn't an extravagant video in setting, the director of the video, Ninagawa Mika, did really well in making this a beautiful and visual piece, in all of its simplicity.

I enjoy the vibrant colour of the video, the way shadows are played around with and how the lighting behind the parasols is used. I like everything about it, really, but most of all I enjoyed how the members of NEWS were so charismatic and involved in the video. Not one of them looked out of place or bored, and they made use of what they were given and just seemed to really fit in with the sound and style of the video. Their presence was professional and, of course, wonderful to watch. I really enjoyed their performance level, and each member is divine in this - they entertained me a lot, and not just with their sex appeal or their use of fan-service. Even when they were simply pulling a certain face or dancing, I found them fun to watch. Though the backdrops were eye-catching, it was the cast of NEWS that I could not take my eyes off of.
 Truly, they are professionals, at least it seems that way to me. I enjoyed what all of them delivered.

The music video as a whole is a fun one, representing a different view of the story that is Kaguya-Hime. I admit, though, that I was initially disappointed in the fact that Kaguya does not actually make an appearance in this video, however upon numerous views of the PV, I've come to appreciate how both the video and song seems to depict a different view point of the story, such as a prince or suitors endeavor to win Kaguya's heart and hand. This new take on the story is great I think, and I really enjoyed how NEWS managed to capture the essence of the story by making it their own within the lyrics.

Somehow, they managed to make the story of Kaguya-Hime a sexy and thrilling tale, delivering fan-service and joy to many a viewer, including myself. Give me a second to, y'know, swoon...~

I suppose the only thing some may not enjoy about this video is that it is, pretty much, filled to the brim with fan-service, but honestly? A lot of Female Idol PV's are full of fan-service, so I see no problem with that here. I'm actually happy to see a PV like this from a male group like NEWS, because it allows me to appreciate how great they all look, as well as how sexy and wonderful their charisma is.
 Okay, I use the word sexy way too much, but what the heck, it's what I think; This is a Gert-damn sexy PV, and all of the members of NEWS are good looking MOFO's! Especially that Sexy Dark Horse whom my dear friend Ashrii told me is the Leader.

My Awkward, Sexy Leader! UMPH!

For a Spring music video, this one has really heated up the season for me! Though it has some similarities in technique to Doll☆Elements' own Spring music video Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau', such as the use of shadows and the use of the parasols within the choreography, as well as an old-fashioned yet modern sound, this is definitely a PV that is far more charismatic and mature than what Doll☆Elements produced. Not to say either one is bad, because I enjoy both greatly, however NEWS definitely have a great sense of presence that is noticeable in the video, and I truly enjoyed what they delivered, in both vision and song.

KAGUYA is a sexy, energetic and enjoyable spring music video that I definitely recommend others watch, even if they aren't fans of the group NEWS. It is filmed beautifully, the members are eye-catching and charismatic, and the video as a whole is just a bundle of sexy, gorgeous fun that I have enjoyed watching again and again. Even the song in its own right is great; I could listen to it all day! Visually though, it really has captivated me and brought out the gutter-minded fangirl that I keep hidden when it comes to male groups. Well, NEWS unleashed her, and she rather enjoys them!

For their first single of 2015, NEWS' KAGUYA is a great start to the new year! I hope they continue with a strong sound and image throughout the duration of 2015 and beyond, and I hope that I also watch them some more even after this, because NEWS are pretty darn good. So good, I'm contemplating buying this single - that is the impact this song (and video) has on me, and honestly? I am addicted.

Looking for their Princess this spring, NEWS are sure to find her. If not, then hey! They've found me with this song, right?

Right now, I wish I was Kaguya-Hime... NEWS, will you come and find me, too!?

Let me know what you all thought of KAGUYA, too! Was the video as delicious as you hoped it would be? Now, until next time, please take care!

Much Love,


  1. As a huge NEWS fan you know I am happy that you loved this video so much. NEWS got me into J-idols in the first place and I have loved them since. Oddly enough though they don't have a lot of PVs that they really focus on sex appeal. Not that they don't have songs that are meant to be sexy but those tend to almost always be B-sides or album tracks so you have to watch their concerts for them.

    But yes, the one you liked the most is the leader of the group, Koyama Keiichiro. He's also the oldest and has been best friends with Kato Shigeaki (the one with the flowers) since they were teenagers and were in the same group as Juniors. But Koyama is so lovable, he was a host of Shounen Club for years so he is really good at working with little kids and is a real softy.

    The blond is Tegoshi Yuya, who does push a sexy image. A bit too far at times as with that one scene in the video. But he was one of the babies of the group when they debuted and he was adorable for years until suddenly he gained a bunch of confidence in himself and went down the sexy route. Of course Koyama was one of the members that spoiled him, as he can't say 'no'.

    The adorable one that won't take off his shirt is Masuda Takahisa. It is so very rare to see him showing skin let alone topless, so it is more of a matter of him being shy about it and he was probably the one that insisted on keeping himself covered up. Though the few times he has been seen without a shirt there really is no reason for him to be shy.

    While Shigeaki is my favorite I will admit he's easy to look past at first glance. He's the one that writes novels, his debut novel is even getting a movie made of it starring a Hey! Say! JUMP member.

    I do hope you keep enjoying NEWS. They do not release frequently but they do have a new album coming out at the end of February that will have a short movie for one of the songs to look forward to. Of course there are their older PVs, but there are only a few with the group as four members. Not sure if you would like to start getting into the history of the group and all the past members, there were nine at the very start.

    1. I had a feeling you would be extremely happy that I reviewed it, as I know you're a huge fan of JE and you want me to see them how you do yourself, or any fan, really; it's nice that you think so highly of them, and really, I did love this. But seriously, this is one of few sexy MV's!? WHAT? They need more, just saying! I need my fill of Keiichiro-sama!

      Y'know, of them all, Massu and Keeichiro are the two I like a lot. Tego is really eye-catching (hence so many screencaps of him) but I really find both Keeichiro and Massu attractive! Shigeaki, too, is attractive, in a sensitive way I think. Also, Shigeaki's an author~ I saw that his book would be turned into a movie, that's pretty awesome!

      In general though, I really enjoyed the MV and how sexy they all are XD They're really attractive, and even though Massu didn't take off his shirt... well, I think his innocence is appealing here. Still, I did go and look for a topless picture of him on Google, and I was not disappointed XD I might like his body more than Keiichiro's! XD

      Seriously though, I wouldn't mind becoming a fan of NEWS', they seem fun to follow... I'll watch out for their album (if I remember XD I admit I may forget) and see how that goes. Try and remind me, Thennary! XD

      ... And seriously, nine!? I thought 5 was their biggest number. NOPE!!! XD

  2. I feel like I need to know more Japanese guy groups. Any that has a similar sound to Matsushita Yuya that you would recommend?

    By the way, I'm back to blogging and want to do some guest writing or collaboration posts so if you're up for doing it, it'd be a great to do a post with you, Chiima! :)

    1. Me too, honestly - I am hopeless with following male Idol groups, so sadly, I cannot recommend any! That said, you could ask Thennary Nak ( about it; she is an expert on the Johnny's Entertainment scene ;D

      Maybe one day, we can do a post together! What could it be about!?