Saturday, 24 January 2015

Musings & Mutterings Episode 5: This is Where I Rant

Y'all can listen to this weeks podcast HERE! Have fun!

And this is where I rant, and my god-damn opinion really comes into play. Don't y'all hate it when I open my mouth and voice an opinion? XD

This weeks episode has a little bit about what I did for the past week (I bet that was boring~) and then, when it comes to the Idols, I start ranting about Country Girls and their up-coming Major debut... because it fucking aggravates me, and I wanted to show my annoyance via podcast. Hopefully, that part is more enjoyable than my intro into the podcast! But yeah, I get annoyed, voice said annoyance, and ramble and rant and all that jazz... I am not sorry!

I had fun ranting XD

It was a fun episode to create, though I was um-ing and ah-ing a lot, as usual! Still, it's difficult to come up with something on the spot! I need to really give myself weekly themes or challenges and topics, or something! Give me a hint, guys! What do YOU want me to talk about? Remember, I want this to be a pretty broad podcast in terms of topics... so, not just Idols, but life and such as well! Whaddaya think?

Anywhoo, this is Episode 5, and I need to go and do... something. I hope you enjoyed!

Until my next Musings & Mutterings update, take care and be good!


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  1. As a Johnny's fan I feel more comfortable with the idea of a new group from one of the mainstay agencies to have a major debut. The whole indie release thing is something new to me and I was disappointed to learn that I may not have been able to get the debut single for Country Girls when it was indies, but that won't be an issue since it's major.

    And overall whether a group is major or indie tends to fall back to the agency than anything the groups themselves have done. And from what I hear Uta from CG has been a huge hit with fans so H!P probably saw how well the merchandise for the group sold and decided they could make more money with a major debut compared to an indie release and went with that. Plus with Momoko becoming a full member after BK went on hiatus I always expected the group to go major once that happened and have only a few months as an indie group.

    1. I'm mostly having an issue with this because, as a fan of groups that are indie or have been indie for a long period of time (HouPri - 3 years and still indies, ManaMinoRisa - 5 years until they major debuted), I feel it's a bit of a bitch slap to the whole idea of being indies - it's a great way to test out music, make slip ups and become a better group, in my opinion, and with S/mileage's own indies process, it was fun, plus they had that challenge, so I feel annoyed that CG are given a major debut just because of Momoko. It's good they have lots of fans already, especially Uta.

      UFP and H!P are just annoying me in general though lately, but I see what you mean, and I see that it is beneficial for them to be major for the sake of singles being sold and such, but... it's hard for me to be happy about this, because an indie period to me is a period that I think should be taken seriously, rather than a two-month deal and then BOOM, major debut.

      Still, at least H!P are using their damn KSS...

  2. I'm on the same boat as you are with all these H!P groups not getting a lot of time as indies. C-ute stayed as indies wayy longer than any of the groups H!P has debutted in recent years (S/mileage, J=J). I would like to think that maybe they (as in the company) is fairing a lot better than before? The marketing/promotion team has definitely upped its game compared to the past, so that could also be a part of it. So they are pushing these girls into major debut, but I'm just doing wild guesses here.

    I agree that challenges and the girls being indies first provided them with a challenge and something they want to improve on/gave them a goal or purpose, made them work harder etc. I was actually surprised S/mileage (ack, Angerme) 3rd gen got to perform in Budokan so quickly. The 1st and 2nd gen (but especially 2nd gen) worked real hard to even get their 1st concert at Budokan, so I didn't know what to feel when I heard that 3rd gen could perform there so fast.

    Then there's J=J. They weren't indies for long until they landed their major debut. They were doing well, but why the rush? OK, we as international fans probably would have less of a chance getting hands on them, but I would've liked to see them been indies a little longer just to find their own colour. They've lost a bit of their momentum with recent releases too, so I hope their next release brings some of that spunk they had back in "Romance no Tochuu" and "Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete" (or maybe it's the songs they've been getting rather than the girls, hmmm).

    Now that Country Girls are going to have a major debut instead of an indies, it irks me too. I can see the argument that major debut >>> indies in this case because of Momoko and popularity of the members among fans, but I dunno..

    (Gosh, sorry! This turned into such a long comment!)

    1. I'm not the only one! Sometimes, it feels like others think it's amazing, and then there's me, on the boat of Indies Pride o 3o I know it's nice to have accessible music and instrumentals, but... I kinda just want to see them go the distance, and work hard for their major debut, rather than half-ass it because the girls are popular. I feel somewhat cheated.

      Regarding 3ki S/mileage/Angerme - I'm disappointed, but also, I don't care any more regarding that group, which is probably why I never reacted to the fact that the girls didn't get an initiation of sorts into the group. I was glad to see 2ki have that trial period, because I was invested in the group back then, but right now, not so much. That said, 3ki... they're talented, I suppose, but yeah, why get to Budokan so fast? Urgh.

      J=J... THAT PISSED ME OFF!!! I was like 'really!? It has been a matter of months, YET THEY DON'T GET A YEAR OF INDIES!?' I'm still somewhat sore about it, actually. I wanted to see the group blossom, but they're major, so can't help it :/ Also, I do feel like their releases as of late have been so lacking since their major debut, which is sad. The good thing about Indies is that this trial period allows them to experiment, like they did with C-ute and S/mileage. J=J had very little experimentation, and Country Girls doesn't even GET to experiment now. Urk.

      But yeah it has annoyed me. Still annoyed xD Also, don't worry, long comments are good! :3

  3. Hi, Chii. Kudos on another splendid podcast! It's nice to hear you haven't forgotten my question but if it's proving too much of a bother to research I won't love you any less for telling me and my question to bugger off. I'm sure you've got loads of educational research to do for Uni so it's entirely your call. I just thought you might know off the top of your head, which is why I asked in the first place. Anyway, you mentioned you were bullied and might have some advice about that. Can never hear enough bullying advice so I'll bite. Chiima, were you bullied? What happened and how did you handle it? Also, if you could bully anyone in history, who would you bully? Wait. I think I lost track of which side of the argument I'm on. Bullying is bad. That's right. Scratch that last silly question. Anyway I'm trying to turn a new leaf and not prattle on pointlessly so much so - Sonda out!

    1. Sonda, HELLO :D Thank you haha, and no, I really have not forgotten your question! It's just one I do have to think about! But it really is a great question to ask, I thought it was really original when I first read it, so honestly, thank you~

      Regarding the bullying, I can answer those... apart from the last part about the history bit xD And prattling is fine, you know I don't mind! I prattle plenty XD