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The Okay! Musume Time PV Awards of 2014

All thoughts and opinions within this post = MINE! Don't like it? I don't actually care, just don't whine at me because I don't agree with you. This be mur blog, I post what I think/want on it, and these thoughts be mine, so they be posted here~ Got that? Goody!

That said, if you have your own list to counteract mine, PLEASE SEND! I like reading ^o^

It's nearing the end of 2014, so you know what that means, right? It's the END OF THE YEAR POSTS, that's what! So, what better way to kick-start the End of Year Posts than a post all about my Top PV's of 2014, aye? Best. Idea. EVER!

Except, everyone else has already done one, so there is that. Still though, I wanted to wait until Chrimbo was over before doing this... The Year isn't nearing it's end until Christmas is out of the way, in my eyes! And given that Xmas is done and dusted, it's time for me to crack on with the posts I have not even prepared properly.

So, crack on we will! ON FORTH, SON, FOR WE SHALL REVIEW THE YEAR! Starting it all off... THE PV AWARDS OF 2014!

Ugly banner is Ugleh
... Holy shit, I'm hyper o-o I suppose that's because it's nearly 5am, though... hrm...

Anyway, yes, this is the first of a few Year End lists for me, and whilst I have no specific order for any of these PV's, I do have two Top Categories that two PV's have won over the rest, though y'all will need to wait until the end of the post to see what Video has won my heart, and which one has won my distaste.

Now I would like to note that this year, my viewing of Idol videos was pretty... well, let's say it was sparse, because I was freaking out over a lot of things. I didn't have the time to care about Idols as much as I used to, and I wanted to focus on a lot of other things, so my life came first and Idols became something a lot less important to me, so a few videos went under the radar and I ignored many releases because I just couldn't find the time for it. So, if this post seems like it doesn't have much to it, that's because I've not viewed much.

Still, I find I have a decent list from what I have seen, and though I wish I had watched more this year, I am happy with what has been compiled from the videos that I have viewed. So, without further ado, I will get into my 2014 list of PV Awards for this year! Though it may seem mostly positive, I do have two PV's to throw a punch at here, so when you find them, have fun with the read, or hate me for my damned opinion! I don't mind, either way.

With that said, it's time to dive into the PV Awards of 2014, Okay! Musume Style. What will we find in my list of Awards today...?

The Cheapest PV of 2014 Award

Black Butterfly by Juice=Juice

Okay, so before I can pay any compliments towards the very deserving Music Videos of the year, I do feel some rambling and whining is due! Starting off on a rather positive negative kick, we're going to look at what I call the Cheapest PV of 2014! I wouldn't say crappiest, because if it was crap, it probably wouldn't even make it into the list at all... but it is cheap as fuck! So, where credit is to be due, I must hand the Award for the cheapest music video I have seen all year to Juice=Juice, because damn H!P, you were spectacularly cheap with this one.

It's like we've gone back to the era of 2011! Oh, my!

Seriously though, of all the H!P PV's created this year, this one takes the cake for being the cheapest yet, and probably one of the most try-hard, at that. Not that being try-hard helped, because it was... weird, and tacky. It was also very glaringly obvious that no thought was put into this video at all, and that no money was spent either. Seriously, H!P? This is what you hand to one of your, by far, best groups in Hello! Project? Is this the thanks they get for being talented? Some wire fences you stole from a local garbage dump and some flowers you dug up from Grandma's garden? Nice, thanks - we appreciate it!

This PV is terrible visually, and one of the cheapest of the year I have seen so far. If there was any creative output or thought put into the execution, then maybe the video could be forgiven for how bare and cheap it looks, but there is nothing here to dis-sway us from how lacking it is, and how little money was clearly spent to make this PV what it is. Is this worth a view? Hell. No. But it is a decent(ish) song, so go ahead and listen.

At the end of the day though, we can't deny it; this was just plain ol' lazy, and stupidly sloppy. My faith was almost lost in H!P, it really was, because this is what I would expect for Berryz, not J=J! So H!P, get yo act together for 2015, son! I expect better from you!

OKAY, POSITIVITY HIGH TIME! Let's look at the good stuff for the year!

The Best PV Debut of 2014 Award

Unicorn Parade by Cupitron

Starting off this award system, I will begin with a Debut music video, because what better way to start off a post than the true beginnings of a fresh, new Idol group, aye? So without further ado, I present to you all Cupitron, the second Idol group under Kisspoint Records (home to the Tsuribit cuties)! Specialising in the theme of Cupid-like Trons, these cuties were only introduced in the early days of 2014, and have only released one music video so far, but honestly, that was all I needed to want to know more about them, because it's fabulous!

Though I have seen hardly any debuts this year as such, this video and rise of a new stuck out to me more than I had expected it to, making it one of my favourite releases of the year. It's cute, flashy, well-made and very fun to watch, so why wouldn't I love it? The biggest factor that attracted me to the video above others though was how well-made the video looks, and the professional quality of it all. Seriously, is this an Idol PV, and a debut one at that!? It looks super cool, with a hint of a futuristic feeling to it and a high quality appeal - it's so good looking as a video, it even beats out some of the older Idol groups (hi, Hello! Pro!) in how well-produced and directed it is!

It's a very attractive PV, one that I have enjoyed and remembered time and time again since seeing it for the first time this year. Despite the freshness of this group, only being introduced to the Idol world this year, this has to be one of the best, if not the best, Debut PV of the entire year for a group or singer. Flashy, colourful and addictive, Unicorn Parade is definitely the best looking debut music video I have seen in a while, and I am so glad that I gave it a chance! Thank you, Kisspoint Records, and thank you Cupitron! I look forward to what comes in 2015!

The Most-Improved of 2014 Award

Manatsu no Yoru no Yume by Houkago Princess

EH!? Didn't they win the same award last year!? Goes to show, they're still improving... XD

"Most Improved" could go many ways - most improved in music, most improved in production, style, direction... you get the general idea, and given that this is a Music Video award, I of course mean in style, look, feel... everything to do with how a video looks and how it was directed, and honestly, who better to give it to than my bias group, HouPri? Because, biases, and also because they have improved immensely.

I mean, come on. They had pink frocks of absolute horror last year, and whilst Atsu wa Natsui and Uchuu Ichi no Christmas were so much better, neither were on the production level this video is on. So yeah, they're milking the award here for me, because finally, there is a HouPri PV that looks really damn good and to a standard that is above indies-level. Thank goodness~

Seriously though, this is a good-looking PV, one that I enjoy watching. There is a lot to be fixed of course, especially in terms of timing with the dancing, but the quality of the video is great! Effort was made here (effort is always made, but... the effort in this! <3) and you can really tell when watching it that a lot of work was put into this in order to make it look as good as it does. Of course HouPri still have a long way to go in terms of becoming a really amazing Idol group, but in my eyes they have improved greatly, which makes them deserving of my Most-Improved Award for Music Video production this year.

They look good, the video is great, and with a few more improvements they could be well on their way to becoming a pretty strong Idol group! Let's just hope that the quality stays up, or better yet, improves some more!

2015, will you show me the great improvement of HouPri?

The Happiest PV of 2014 Award!

Manmadeiya! by Chubbiness

Where does one start with Manmadeiya other than it is, pretty much, one of the most colourful, happiest PV's I have encountered this entire year? Seriously, it's as if someone threw a bunch of rainbow paint on the girls and was like 'HAVE FUN!!!' before dishing out a buffet of scrummy treats that makes us all want to grab some cookies and cake and eat! Really, it's a damn yummy, really happy video, and I love it!

It helps that the song is, by far, one of the most cheerful Idol songs of 2014. The amount of times I've listened to it, I admit, it's pretty high... but I can't help it! I love this song, and I love the video as well! For a debut PV (I found another one! YAY!) it's really cute, well-done, and very tasty to look at! I suppose that's what we should have expected from a group that is pretty much based around girls who enjoy having a nom, right?

Even though people have issues with the fact that this is a song about food, from a group that celebrates chubbiness and enjoying food, I really do love what the PV for Manmadeiya has to offer visually - it's fun, bright, energetic, the dancing is pretty great and there is humour in the video as well! It's by far one of the most entertaining videos, and if you're looking for something to make you feel cheerful and, of course, a little hungry for some sweet snacks, then this is your video! Once you've watched it, your sugar-levels will sky-rocket!

Next year, I hope for Chubbiness to bring forth some more of their fun and sweetness, even if it isn't in the form of sweet treats. Honestly though, this was by far the sweetest PV of 2014! Let's just hope I don't get toothache from it, right...?

The Coolest PV of 2014 Award

Mawaru Sekai by Yumemiru Adolescence

Though this isn't actually one of my favourite songs of 2014 (in fact, it's quite boring when I think about it...) I found Mawaru Sekai to be one of the coolest PV's I have seen this year after watching it again. Seriously, how awesome does this look? YumeAdo have been on my radar for a while now, constantly improving each time I watch something by them, and this video is no different. It's stylish, well-done and very high quality in how it looks if you ask me, and for something that is based around the concept of a photoshoot... well, it's definitely not boring, let's say! If anything, it really is interesting to watch, and the girls look great as an added bonus!

Even when the song doesn't appeal to me, the video does, and it's really nicely done and has good direction. I love that it's built around a simple photoshoot but progresses to something a little more, such as the girls wearing their masks (possibly to show that Idols hide their identity?) and that it allows you to speculate as a viewer.

For what it offers and how amazing it looks, YumeAdo's Mawaru Sekai is definitely one of the best-looking videos of 2014, and the coolest in my eyes. They've actually been on a roll this year with their releases, but for the first of the year, they had a spectacular start - I hope they keep it up for 2015, and release a few more serious/cool songs with PV's as good as this one!

The Sexiest-Looking PV Award

Ambulance by AKB48's Yurigumi

... Well, now. This was definitely sexy, wasn't it? Yes. Yes it was, Chiima, and that's why it deserves this award, because for once, an AKS group that doesn't look that awkward is the group that is doing this sort of thing. Ah, maturity and knowing how to act decently~

I suppose that's what we call the power of maturity/being mature, right? Also, all dem fetishes!

Of course this music video is completely made up of fan-service, but it is a cool song I have to admit, and one of the better PV's released from any of the 48 groups this year. And whilst I may become a bit of an awkward turkey in the face of scantily-clad women sometimes (hi, badly-done gravure D8), I do know when to appreciate a well-done video that looks good and is also effective, and yes dears, this is effective. Nothing brings out woman-crazy Chiima than a decent PV full of beautiful, sexy women who don't look that awkward (because at some points, they look damn awk, but not always) and who own the video! So of course, this is the winner for the Sexiest-Looking Music Video of 2014! Well done, AKS! You grabbed my attention, and in a positive way! I commend you~ Without this PV, I actually doubt any AKS release would have found itself in this list at all... especially since I've ignored AKS a lot this year, because seriously, I give no fucks about them XD

It's Hot! It's so Sexy Looking! Ah, call 911, I need an... Ambulance~

2015, don't see me through with a heart-attack from this lovely Yuri, okay? ; 3; Thanks!

The Cutest PV of 2014 Award

Shaba Daba Do~ by Michishige Sayumi

Going from Sexy to Cute in a heartbeat, it really does have to be Sayu's final music video that takes the Hot Spot for the Cutest PV of 2014, because really, what could be cuter!? There are bubbles, pink, cake and, of course, PINK involved in the music video in question, and it's totally adorable to watch! Aside from gaining a headache from all those 50 shades of pink we see, what is there to hate about this video? It's downright cute, and totally Sayumi!

It also goes without saying that, for a music video produced by Hello! Project, this is one of the best that has come out of the company in a while. Yes, they have improved greatly this year in terms of making their videos look stylish, appealing and well-budgeted, but when it came to Shaba Daba Do... well, it really felt like a lot of effort and thought had been put into it, even if the execution is supposed to look simple. The style was perfect for Sayumi, and it looks really well-done, so to H!P I say Bravo! You really did your best, and your best actually turned out to be pretty much perfect for Sayumi's grand finale. WELL DONE!

This video is downright adorable and the cutest PV of the year, and of course Syau helps with making it as cute and loveable as it is. I am sure there was cuter out there this year, however considering I've been a bit distant from Idols this year, this is the cutest I have seen so far. So well done, H!P, you managed to charm me with this amazing amount of cuteness! Let's just hope this level of production keeps up for 2015, aye?

The Most Beautiful PV of 2014 Award

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe by Morning Musume '14

For The Best Looking PV Award this year, I actually have three contenders, because damnit, this year seems to have been a good one for really nicely done videos! So of course, I'll split the categories into three names, and this one will be the 'Beautiful' one, so there we go! Now I don't have to go for a Three-Way tie!

This pv is helluva pretty, so there is no chance I'll forget to add this here, and honestly? It deserves this award, because of all the MoMusu PV's released this year, this was the one that stood out in terms of how it looks and is one of the few current Hello! Project examples of how to do a good green-screen video. Also, it is a great example of how to use the right amount of glitter effects in a video to make it even prettier! SO YAY!!!

Though Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe still follows the same lines of simple execution like every other H!P video does, the video is definitely appealing visually and does not heavily rely on its performance to capture you, but also the background scenes as well as the girls themselves, and I do find that every aspect of this video is really beautiful! No matter what, something catches your eyes, whether it's the background, the choreography or the girls, and every time you look at it, it's beautiful. I honestly can't find anything unappealing about this music video, because everything about it is enchanting and captures my attention. For that, it really is one of the videos that I find the most beautiful of the year gone by.

It's super beautiful, and it's out of this world! Let's pray that in 2015, MoMusu '15 have PV's as nice as this one!

The Most Magical PV of 2014 Award

Mr.Snowman by E-girls

As if you weren't expecting this video to pop up! Magical? Yes. Pretty? HELL YEAH! Pleasing to the eye? Oh baby, you know it! When it comes to an Award dedicated to a Magical PV that deserves recognition, it can only ever be Mr.Snowman! It's made of... magic...

This is actually my sisters favourite PV this year I think, because ever since I showed it to her she really fell for it, and I can't blame her, but for me? It isn't the Top PV of the year, but it's one of the best I've seen, along with SNOW DISTANCE and Unicorn Parade. In fact, Avex in general have been on a roll with great-looking music videos this year; AAA have had stellar-looking videos, as have GEM and, of course, E-girls, so I have been impressed by the work that the company has produced this past year.

I don't think that I really need to say much for E-girls' Mr.Snowman to be honest, other than that I do really love it and find it pleasing to the eye, and also pleasing to my Fairy Tale obsessed taste buds. Even when it feels incomplete, I still enjoy it and find it to be one of the best PV's the past year has produced. So, well done, Avex! You keep entertaining me. Do this for 2015, and we are well on the way to becoming the bestest of buddies!

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing PV of 2014 Award


Coming to the end of my three 'Best-Looking' PV's this year, we're coming to what I think is the most aesthetically pleasing one this year. So, for being a good-damn-looking PV, SNOW DISTANCE has won an award! HUZZAH!

Really, it's a beautiful PV; I love the use of muted colours, haze and the light to create such a gorgeous, ethereal setting that seems fairy-like and mystical. This is, by far, one of my favourite PV's of the year and one of the most well-directed videos I have seen from Idols in 2014, and whilst it isn't given the Best PV of the Year award (blame those fuck-ugly pompom dresses for that) it is still one of the PV's that has made me think 'Well Damn... this is really well-made, and really damn good! I LIKE IT!!!'.

Mysterious, eerie in a way, and extremely beautiful, this is one of those PV's that I can't stop looking at because it's so pleasing to the eye and has such good execution. It may be simple in its structure, but the beauty of it all is very high, and the production quality is amazing. So of course, it deserves to be noticed, and noticed it has been!

At the end of one year, finding a good-quality video is always desired, and I found one! Now, please keep up this sort of beauty and quality in 2015, okay Palet? I don't want to ignore you again~


Here, we are coming to the end of the post, but wait! I still have two more Music Videos to hand awards to, so don't go yet! For these two videos, they have the biggest Awards of the year for any blogger and reviewer of Idols; The Best and Worst PV Awards, that is!

So, which video how found love in my heart, and which has found complete distaste and disgrace? To find out, read on and see if we agree, or if we completely disagree...~

The Most Awkward and Overall Worst PV of 2014 Award Goes To...

Mystery Night by ANGERME S/mileage

... Sigh... Sexy was not UFP's forte this year, fo' SURE!

For a video that actually has decent production value, Mystery Night is truly one giant mess of What The Fuckery. Like, seriously? What was going through H!P's heads when they decided that S/mileage would be the best group to stuff into psuedo-lingerie and ask to play sexy? Nothing, that's what. They just wanted to try and make them look appealing to the Wota.

If Awkward be your kink, then this is for you! But for the rest of us... No. 1000x NO! This is just plain old bad, distasteful and very awkward to watch. Compared to Ambulance, this is amateur-level in terms of trying to look and feel 'mature' and 'womanly', and also not that sexy in look, either. When this PV came out, I was all shades of embarrassed at the fact that I had to go through this, and feeling extreme pity for S/mileage, who looked like they wanted to just not be there. It felt. So. Awkward...

For a while, I actually forgot this PV existed, but when I remembered it, I shuddered. True story, bro! Honestly, for Hello! Project especially, this is the worst music video to be produced this year! It's tacky, awkward, embarrassing to watch and just overall a giant mess. No wonder the group decided on a name change! After this was released, they probably thought 'Oh shit, people are gonna remember us for this Unholy pile of shite! Better change our image and name, pronto!' and decided to become ANGERME. Best thing, too, because this really is the worst...

It's not ugly, but it is tacky and awkward beyond belief. Sure, S/mileage managed to release a few decent PV's this year, but this ain't one of them! The worst PV of 2014 is, in my opinion, Mystery Night, and it is a PV I really do wish that I could forget.

The Best Directed, Most Story-Driven and Overall Best PV of the Year 2014 Award goes to...

Kizuitara Kataomoi by Nogizaka46

... Wait a second, didn't they win the Best PV of the Year last year!? EH!? How could it be? How did they win again?

Because, dangit, this was by far the best Music video, that's why! Of course it would win, NG46 have some of the best production on the planet, if you forget about the shit they produced in the year they debuted! Also, this story, the way the video is shot, and how lovely it looks... it really is a beautiful music video, and one of the best directed ones. Is it the best looking? No, I don't think so, but the story, emotion and acting in Kizuitara Kataomoi is some of the best I have seen from any group this year, and it feels very real in a way. I know, she fades away like a dandelion, but I suppose that's the realest way to represent the disappearance of someone we love, right? To show that, just like that, they can disappear... it really is sad, and it has made me cry.

For performance, story, emotion and how well it was portrayed, Kizuitara Kataomoi is by far the most deserving video for the title of Best PV of the Year 2014. Really, I wish that I had reviewed it this year, because it truly is one of the greatest music videos 2014 had to offer, and one that I think people should give a chance. The talent of Nogizaka46 is so strong, and their strength as a group is shown here.

When they debuted, they were Ugly Ducklings in a sense, but then they grew and surprised me. I really do think they are an amazing group, but they just had to grow a bit more to prove that to me.

Still hasn't topped Barrette, though. Oh, well! What can? NOTHING!!!


And so the Big List of Awards for the year of 2014 is done! Creating the list itself was hard, especially when it came to remembering what I had seen over the course of the year, but once I had found the videos again and re-watched them, it became easier to hand the awards to the ones most deserving. Of course, figuring out the Top Video was the hardest task of all, but thanks to Konno's Story reminding me of the fact that Kizuitara Kataomoi was created this year, I was able to figure out my top MV, and the one most deserving of that spot at that!

Of course, I always knew which would be the worst PV of the year XD No mistake about that one, no sirree!!

Anywhoo, before I ramble the post away, I do want to give a wave hello to a few honorable mentions from this year! The list isn't as long (thank goodness!) but these were the videos that didn't quite make it in, but are still worth the watch, and also videos that made my 2014 that little bit cheerier! So, let's take a look, shall we?

Honorable Mentions

Ii jan by Kikkawa Yuu

For someone who generally bores me, Kikka has certainly gained my attention this year! Though I've been away from the Idol scene more than usual in 2014, Kikka did manage grabbed me with her little song Ii jan somehow! But really, I can't complain, it's so addictive as both a song and PV! If this were in the Big List, it would definitely have been my 'Most Addictive PV' Award, for sure!

Of her PV's, this one has to be my favourite overall, not just from this year! It's simple, but in all of its simplicity it's still fun and energetic, and not just in its sound! I really adore the drawings used in the video and how they come to life around her, matching the tone of the song perfectly and capturing imagination and creativity perfectly - it's truly addicting, and also a tad funny. I commend Kikka on a fabulous music video, one that is memorable and also a joy to watch!

Though she's not my favourite artist, I can't deny how much I enjoy Kikka in this. She performs well, she really brings the viewer into her world, and she makes what could have been a boring, too-simple video into something colourful and totally Kikka. She doesn't shy away, she doesn't look as if she's putting on a persona, and she looks like she's having a blast creating the imagery for her video and allows us to venture into her silly side that we don't really get to see, so for this video being produced, I am thankful! Now, let's get totally addicted to Ii jan together~

Do my best!! by Rev.from DVL

If I was addicted to this PV, it would have been a good contender for Cutest/Happiest/Most Colorful PV, but whilst I wasn't overly enamoured by it... this is the song that made me think 'Oh! REev.from DVL have some serious charm!'. The fact that it wasn't completely focused on Kanna either helped a lot, because whilst LOVE -Arigatou- was cute, there was clear bias for the sake of their promotion, and I can't get over that really. Kanna's seriously cute, though! Still, they charmed me, and this is one charming music video! Add in the pastel coloured doors, really adorable girls and that overall cuteness they exude, we have a really fun PV that is wrapped up in adorbs and sweetness!

For an Idol addict, that is all it takes, really. Ahhh, Rev.from DVL, you can charm me any day~

Seriously though, it's adorable, give it a chance and fall for the DVL girls! It's a song and video that gives you energy, and makes you want to do your best! So for 2015, let's do our best! YES! Let's GO!!!

JUMP! by Yumemiru Adolescence

Though this wasn't one of my absolute favourite music videos of the year, it is one I really enjoyed when I watched it for the first time, and enjoyed it even more afterwards... the songs also pretty addictive, but when it comes to the video, I really enjoy the atmosphere behind it, how it is like a small concert and the unity between YumeAdo and their fans. It makes it even more fun, and shows us a live setting of YumeAdo together with their fans!

In general, it's just a cute little video, and whilst it isn't anything special in terms of execution or creativity, I still think it deserves a spot here on my Honorable mentions list, because I do enjoy what it has to offer, and the rather easy style it has to follow. Cute and simple, and very fun to watch! Don't miss it!

Love by AAA

This was one of the first PV's that I did a review for this year, and whilst it didn't make my Big List, it's still a music video that I remember and enjoy completely. It's sweet, really beautiful when you watch it, has a cute storyline and also, it's all done in one-take! (I love one-take videos, because they're so hard to pull off and require a lot of good timing!) Of course I had to give this video at least a little mention, because really, it's so well done! Also, it's by AAA, and AAA are Love, literally! <3

It's such a cute music video, and I really find the innocent vision of 'love' used in the video appealing and well-applied - rather than using adults to show us what 'love' is, we instead have it from the viewpoint of children who love each other, and that truly is sweet.

It is a lovely video, and one that really was worth one of my first reviews of the year! It is also worth this mention, because I really do like it! AAA, you steal my heart, so please keep stealing it next year! I am waiting <3


With that, we come to a close! Hopefully reading my list of PV Awards has reminded you of a few PV's you saw this year and enjoyed too, or even introduced you to a few new groups! Honestly though, it was fun (and hard work!) to compile this list and comment back on the videos of the year gone by that tickled my fancy, or grated on my nerves - no matter what though, these were, by far, the most memorable videos of the year for me, the ones that left an impression and also made 2014 what it was for me, in terms of Idols and music, at least.

Though it wasn't as vast as last year in terms of what I watched, there was something I did notice, for sure; production value and the appeal of videos has risen, and it feels like companies are really putting in the effort, even for the smaller, lesser-known groups! So there's something!

Hopefully, production value will continue to increase next year. Fingers crossed for that!

So for now, that is it for my first post in my Year End series. We're coming to the end of 2014, and 2015 is looming upon us like a Ninja Fly that wants to have a swim in your soda. Before time is up, why don't you think about your favourite music videos this past year? It'll be fun to look back!

Until I see you all next time~

Take care, Much Love, and stay Happy and Healthy!


  1. You always have such great lists :)
    I'll have to keep this one bookmarked, since there are a lot of things I haven't seen (as per usual, lol).
    Happy New Year, and keep being fabulous ^___^

  2. Ah~ AAA! I actually got into AAA and found more of their music because of your review for that video!! Well, before that I actually liked that ending song they did for Inuyasha Final Arc, but the rest of that song didn't sound as good when I heard the full version ^^;;;

    Love your choice of names for these awards, LOL.

  3. Who doesn't love a list? They're great! This is the perfect way to lead people to new musical treasures if you ask me. I was particularly surprised and impressed by Kikka's high energy, oddball, and way creative effort which topped me up with happiness. Thanks, Chii!