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From the Top, Idols! ~Idol Rankings 2014~

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own. What I state is not fact, but just my opinion, so take it as it is; opinion. If you feel offended, that is your problem, not mine. If you do not agree with me, fine, if you agree with me, also fine, but remember to not take things to heart - it's unhealthy!

With 2014 coming ever closer to its end, and the End of Year posts piling up here, I thought that it would be fun to add another list to the blog before 2014 well and truly shuts down, and what better than to do an Idol Ranking system for the year gone by?

For the end of 2014, this is my Idol Ranking! I wonder... just who made the cut?

It's been a while since I last did one of these, and though my Ranking posts are a rarity on this blog, I do enjoy doing them, and considering I never did one this year... I thought, why the heck not? It's nice to have one done every year or so, and actually, quite a few Idols appealed to me that weren't always so appealing before. With all of these different, appealing Idols in mind, I thought that it would be fun to share them with you all, and to see if we agreed or disagreed!

Sadly, the list isn't that diverse, and there are many faces you will be well-aware of here, however some of these girls were girls I didn't think much to before, and suddenly, they caught my eye and made me well aware of their existence! So, for 2014, I have compiled the list of girls who stole my heart, and made me look at them more throughout the year! Who knows, maybe next year, one of them could become my new Oshi Queen? Only time will tell~

So without further delay, we're going to take a look at the Idols who have made my 2014 that little bit cuter, and the ones who managed to make me like them even more than I thought! From the Top, these are the Idols who have somehow found my love! Who will you see that you have also noticed?


Akaneya Himika (i☆Ris)

Though I haven't actually taken note of her a whole lot this year as an Idol or even her activities, there is something about Himika that has been very present in my life during 2014 that I cannot ignore, and that is her voice.

Listening to Make It! so much this year, of course I heard her voice, but for me, her voice is one of the best I have experienced this year - she's a pretty good singer, her vocals are strong, and they aren't overly cutesy or gratingly annoying like most Idol singers can be. Plus, she has one of my favourite solo lines in a song this year, and she rocks it! So, despite not actively following her like I have other Idols, I think that Himika, for her great voice and how good she sounded in a song I absolutely adore, deserves a spot on my list for my 2014 Top Idols, even if it is pretty low - still, she's on here, and I really did love her voice.

I also love her in PriPara, but that I didn't even need to say that, right?

Akaneya Himika, the voice I absolutely adored in 2014.

Matsui Rena (SKE48)

Liking Matsui Rena this year came as a complete surprise to me - I've never really found her that appealing before, though I didn't mind her either. Somehow though, she really stood out to me in the 48's this year, winning me over with that dead-eyed gaze and her soul-eating smile. I've been drawn to her a lot lately, especially in Labrador Retriever, so I think that she deserves to be a part of the Top 10 list, even if she is at the #10 slot... still, she's won me over, and I'm really happy she has, because she's a doll!

Matsui Rena, devouring my soul since 2014.

Nakajima Saki (C-ute)

If there is anyone who can pull off having a weird-ass teacup on her head, it's Nakky. Also, I really liked her this year, more than any other C-ute member. Even I don't know why o-O

Honestly though, much like Rena, I have been drawn to Nakky this year and my eyes have pretty much been glued to her in music videos - it may be her charm, her aura, or just the overall appeal of her cute-sexyness, I don't know, but no matter what, she's the member I have looked at and admired from behind my screen for a good portion of the year. So of course, that calls for her making my list, because damn, she is just so good-looking and oogle worthy!

Nakajima Saki, my ogle buddy for 2014.

Michishige Saho (Houkago Princess)

As of late, Sahochi has really been standing out to me. I think it's because I follow HouPri as a group so much for the sake of finding stuff out, that her personality has grown on me. Seriously, I really do like Sahochi, and she can be incredibly funny when she wants to be!

I think the act that made me realise I like Sahochi was when, during her break this month, she posted an image of herself with a Santa beard added, and she explained 'It's been so long, I grew a beard!' and then followed up later with the same image, minus the beard, commenting 'I shaved it off!'. It was this weirdness that made me think that yeah, I actually liked this girl, and she was quite funny! Not to forget that she's really cute as well, and the appeal she has... yeah, I just really like her, and I hope she climbs up my ranks even more, because Sahochi is someone worth liking! All Idols are, but you get what I mean~

Michishige Saho, making me laugh since 2014.

Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48)

MA WAIFU-BAE!!!!!!!! How would my year be complete if I didn't add you to this Idol Rank, aye? Thank you for coming!

Seriously, how could I not add my little joy, Paruru, to this list? That would be almost criminal! By far one of my favourite 48 members, period, Paruru is always the one girl I am drawn to in a video (aside from Sayanee and Rena) and the girl I actively seek out - she's my girl! That said, due to not actively caring about the 48's as much this year (they so boring) I also haven't actively been seeking Paruru out. Ah, well...

Still, she's cute as a button and, amazingly, has been extra sweet and cute this year! Not to mention her Salty character has been on a high this year (I do love my Salty Paruru!), which just makes her extra cute and lovable! Seriosuly, she's a doll, and even though the group she is in has not really been that interesting this past year, Paruru herself has stayed intriguing and salty-sweet!

Shimazaki Haruka, my dose of Salty-Sweet for 2014.

Ayase Miho (Houkago Princess)

There is something about Mihotan...

Mihotan has gone up massively in my ranks, being one of the girls I didn't mind much in HouPri, to one of my favourites o-O Like, seriously, just how did you get this high!? I know how - you're the member everyone seems to adore, and you couple up so well with everyone! That, and you're adorable, and rather funny sometimes. Like, what was with that picture of you bundled up in your coat like you're a penguin!? And those expressions...

Sometimes, you look just as bored as Paruru. I suppose, in a way, that's your charm; that you look like you don't care, and that you're the adorable member everyone wants to get with. I mean, Miran and Maika are fighting for you...

She's intrigued me this year, and I want to like her more as the next year comes along and goes by, too. So I'll be watching you...~

Ayase Miho, making me like her at her own pace as of 2014.

Suzuki Kanon (Morning Musume '14)

ZUKKICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Ma baby, my boo, MY LOVE <3 Where ya been all my life!?

I won't deny that, to me, Zukki is perfect; I think she's stellar, a fabulous member of a group I really love and one of my Top Idols of all time, and whilst my eyes have been drawn to another member throughout the year in the same group, I still think that Zukki was fantastic this year in her performance, as well as on TV! Seriously, she's become so good, guys, and I can't help but feel so happy that my baby is getting recognition that she deserves. Granted, it's recognition for her weight, but it's spotlight of sorts, and that makes me happy! So, I hope that even in 2015, the spotlight upon her continue to shine bright like a diamond!

No matter what, Zukki has shone this year, and she has made me smile! What more could I ask for from my MoMusu Oshi? I have too many Oshi's, I swear!

Suzuki Kanon, bringing me smiles and talent all through 2014.

Kudo Haruka (Morning Musume '14)

DUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

I have fallen for Duu so damn hard this year, and once again, I have no clue why - I suppose it's the way she looks at the camera, how boyishly-gorgeous she looks, that little smile she does when she knows she's the coolest chick on the planet. That amazing talent...

Yeah, I know why Haruka's hit my ranks hard this year; it's because she is FABULOUS and she owns it! Of all the MoMusu members this year, Haruka's the one I've noticed a tonne, and she's been stellar. So of course, she has to be pretty damn high in my ranks! You earned it, baby <3

She's cute, good-looking, and one of the most talented, fantastic members of MoMusu that we have ever seen. So of course, my heart beats for her like crazy, and she is one of the Idols I noticed the most this year! Ahhh, DUU <3

Kudo Haruka, making my heart go DokiDoki throughout all of 2014.

Michishige Sayumi

Though she isn't a part of our world of Idols now, I still can't help but think that this year, Sayu really did give it her all and proved to everyone that she is a quality Idol, and for me, one of the best Idols we have ever seen. Truly, she is one of the Top, which is why she made it so high in my list!

Sayu has been amazing this year, balancing preparations for her graduation and a group that she was about to leave, to suffering from an injury during her final live but still pulling through the pain and giving her best regardless of the obstacles in her way. She gave her all in everything she did, no matter what it was, and allowed Morning Musume to grow even more under her care until she was gone, and proved to be one of the greatest leaders to grace the group since their beginnings. Truly, Sayumi has been a wonderful Idol this year, showing off her talent and the extreme love she has for MoMusu, and maturing greatly along the way.

She may have left the Idol world for now, but I know that she will not be forgotten. In our memories, Michishige Sayumi will always be there; an Idol we love, a Leader who was cherished, a Morning Musume member who only knew how to love.

Michishige Sayumi, the Leader who made 2014 amazing.

Uemura Akari (Juice=Juice)

She may look innocent, but really, she's a pervert! Consider yourself warned!

Despite Juice=Juice as a whole being extremely lackluster this year, Uemura Akari has been extremely appealing. I liked her anyway, with her being my #1 member of the group, however when it came to her personality truly shinging this year, that is what hooked me and made me think that I had made a right choice in wanting to favour her - seriously, this girl is nutty, and she's hilarious in her antics, and I feel no shame in loving her as much as I do!

Currently, she seems to be JuJu's resident perv - she threw Yuka into the bath even though Yuka didn't want to bathe with her, and seems to like having Yuka on her lap, or kissing her... it really feels like, of all the members, she's the perverted one, though apparently Sayuki's the same! Even when she looks so sweet and innocent, Akari is really a demon, but one who is beautiful and talented.

But it's not just her quirky, weird, perverted personality that I like about Akari, but also how strong of a performer she has become over the course of the year. Compared to last year, her singing has become far better than it was when the group first made their debut, and her dancing is pretty good, too. From one of the weakest singers, she has become one of the strongest I think, though she still has ways to go. Honestly, like all the girls I love in any group, I want to see and hear more from Akari, rather than keeping her as a visual appeal, because her voice is fantastic - I really like it, and I think her vocals deserve more recognition, just like Duu's, Kananana's, Zukki's and Harunan's do.

Uemura Akari, making my life that little more perverted for a good chunk of 2014.


So with 10 down, there is only one spot to go on my list for 2014's Top Idols, and that is the #1 spot, the title of my Idol of the Year 2014. Whilst I have loved all of these girls this year for many different reasons, there is one girl who completely stole my heart as an Idol and made me smile so much, a girl I have actually followed since her debut into the Idol world!

For me, she is my #1 Idol of 2014, the one who made my year truly happy with her presence! If it isn't Zukki, if it can't be Akari, then who could it be? My Idol at the Top, who are you!?

Chiima's Idol of the Year 2014
Sirosaki Himari (Houkago Princess)

It won't be surprising to say that officially, I have found my HouPri oshi! Presenting the Usamimi Chairman, Houkago Princesses Sirosaki Himari! Isn't she cute!?

Honestly, I don't think it's that alarming that I chose a HouPri member as a my Idol of the year, because throughout all of 2014, HouPri is the group I have followed and dedicated myself to the most, becoming one of my top groups quite easily, and also allowing me to find my Top Idol, too. Though she actually only debuted this year back in June, due to how much I read her twitter and blog, I've found myself really drawn to Himari to the point where I realised that, actually, I really do like her!

Granted, she's not the cutest Idol ever, however she is really appealing - she seems quite social, given how many other Idols she is friends with outside of HouPri, but she's also addicted to Sailor Moon, she loves rabbits, has a fondness for cosplay and Lolita, and is overall a very appealing character! Of all the Idols I have followed this year, and the amount really isn't that many, believe me, she is the one who grew on me the most, and the Idol I think of as my #1 for 2014.

Currently she is still a Cadet for HouPri, however I hope that soon she rises in the ranks as a Regular member, because I do want her to debut so that I can see her more in videos and live performances! Though she's in the back, of all the members HouPri has to offer, she is the one who shone the most and moved to the front, my Idol from the Top!

And now, for winning the title of my Top Idol, it's SPAM TIME!!!

Princess of my heart~ <3

Even though Christmas is over, my adorable Santa is here! <3

I am her Romeo, and she is my Juliet... ahhh~

Usamimi!!! <3

She's cute, but secretly, she can be sexy too...~

Squishy squishy~ <3

Maid-chan~ Please serve me in 2015! ^o^ <3

The cutest of them all, she is at the TOP of the Top, my HouPri Oshi and Idol Supreme, Himarin! For the year gone by, I am so happy she was the one who stole my heart the most and came into my Idol-loving life. She is worth all the love in the world <3

For the year of 2014, Sirosaki Himari is my Queen! Please continue to grow on me from now on!


And so for my Idol Ranking of 2014, that is it! I know that my list isn't as diverse as it could have been, and believe me, I wanted it to be a lot more diverse instead of keeping to the typical H!P-AKS roster, but for 2014 these are all of the Idols that appealed to me and made me like them the most in the year going by.

Next year though, I'm going to work towards noticing more Idols! Let's see if I can do that without fail!

For 2014, these were the charming Idols I noticed and fell in love with, the ones I could never drag my eyes away from. Even when some of them are stuck in the back, they are the ones I noticed and thought were the Top Idols, the girls I want to keep my eye on for the year that will come. For everyone else though, who were your Top Idols this year? Which girls were the ones you noticed and loved, no matter what? Please let me know as it will be really interesting to see which girls won over your hearts for the year of 2014!

And with that, I will end this post. 2015 is making its way towards us, and soon we will be enveloped in a new year! Until we get to that point though, please treasure 2014 in its last few days, and think back to all of the good times!

Take care~

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