Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 ~A New Year's Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions~

A New Year is upon us, rather like Saorin is nearly on top of Maika... er, *ahem*

The fact that this isn't a Hello! Pro/MoMusu image is alarming
With 2014 coming to its close and 2015 happening in only so many hours, of course I only feel its right to once again return to my year-end bonanza that is my Predictions, Hopes, Dreams, Fears and much more for the on-coming storm that will surely be the year '15, and leave my last post of 2014 with what I think will happen in the on-coming New Year.

As per tradition here on the land of Okay! Musume Time, ever since 2011 in fact (old series is old!), I will be thinking about what I would like to happen, what I think will happen, and what I don't want to happen for 2015, whether it is Idol related or something to do with my personal life - whatever it may be, I write it here for all to see. The wishes/hopes/fears may be serious, some will be jokey, but no matter what, they are, for me, my own way of celebrating the New Year and the surprise it will surely bring us all.

So, without any further delay, let's get into the Predictions, Hopes, Dreams and Fears I have set for 2015, and run head-on into the New Year! It's not here just yet, but we're getting there, so to prepare myself, and maybe you guys as well, I have devised my own little thoughts of what could be into a list. I wonder, what will be on it?

You will have to read on and see...~

The Hello! Project x UFP
Predictions, Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions for 2015

1. C-ute Announce their Disbandment

This is more of a prediction and, for many of you guys, a bit of a fear too I suppose. Honestly though, with Berryz floating away on their raft, forever to be forgotten, I kinda expect C-ute to announce their intentions of jumping ship, too.

That, and they gettin' OLD!


This is an order, a wish, and a fucking dream I want to come true, but seriously, UFP? BRING BACK MY FUCKING B-SIDES! Geez! I don't give two fucks if you're shelling out the yen for some shiny new PV's, I need those b-sides back! We haven't had any b-sides since around 2013, at least not for the groups I care about! So yeah, bring them back, because I need to have at least some Zukki lines in my music!

And no, I am not waiting for a fucking album in order to get me some Zukki goodness, so yeah, bring these fuckers back, or I'ma go Hulk smash on ya!

3. Morning Musume ('15) do worse in terms of how good/decent their songs are

This is a fear, if y'all didn't know, and a strong one - I sense that production value will go down, or, their songs will just generally suck. Let's hope that's not the case, because dude, I don't want to hate MoMusu's music, or have them suffer AKB shit song syndrome...

4. S/mileage ANGERME release good stuff next year

Not gonna lie, as a group, they don't appeal to me, so I hope that for next year, what with their image change, new members and a new composer working on their debut song under the best name to take the piss out off, they somehow release good stuff that makes me think they're worth following, at least more than I do now.

Honestly, I really do hope that ANGERME makes me want to like them more again, because they keep finding ways to turn me off of them (hiii, NananananaNana Mystery Shite).

5. Country Girls stay indies for a year
(Well, that didn't pan out o 3o)

I doubt this will happen, but hey, one can dream right? What with J=J debuting so quickly, which pissed me off greatly, I would like to see Country Girls stay indies for a little bit longer, just so that they can, y'know... grow and hone their sound, before destroying all of that by Major Debuting.

That, and most Indies Idols don't Major debut after a week of being indies, so.

6. A New Group emerges from the Kenshuusei Nest (IT HAPPENED!!!)

I have a feeling this may actually happen, what with all the changes in H!P happening in 2015, as well as my inkling of a feeling that C-ute may announce their disbandment, so if it does happen I won't be surprised - there are a lot of girls in Kenshuusei who need to debut, or they're going to be left in the dust like a good chunk of other Kenshuusei who never got to debut (and then they can have revenge debuts, kinda like Up Up Girls). So yeah, if I see some more Kenshuusei debut, whether it's in a pre-existing group, a reboot or something new, I won't be surprised.

Please though, UFP... USE THEM!!!

7. Zukki gets a solo line... in an A-side (IT HAPPENED!!! HOLY SHIT, IT HAPPENED!!!)

I believe that I wish for this every year, and until this fucker comes true, I will keep on wishing it! Why? Because if Riho can get a damn solo line with her used-to-be-weak-ass vocals, then so can Zukki with her deeper voice! Seriously, give this girl some lines, geez!

On that thought...


I ain't fucking around with this request!

9. Iikubo Haruna gets a photobook

Still wishing!

And yes, I will wish for this until the cows come home, or at least until Haruna gets a PB, or until my desire for one by her is lost, or until she graduates.

Hoprfully, only one of those things comes true, and that's the one where gets the damn PB! FFS, UFP, get your cameras out, she's ready for some photobooks to sell!

10. Rinapu gets more time to shine

In general, just time to fuckin' shine, because of all the members in ANGRYSMILES, she's the one who gets shafted, and she doesn't deserve it. Yeah, she can be a bit squeaky, but she is a pretty decent singer, better than Dawa by far, and yet... well, we hear and see less from her than we do the other members, and that's sad.

We need more Rinapu smiles ): So, give me her smiles, even if you have changed the name to ANGRYME. We want smiley Rina, not sad, shoved to the corner Rina!

Give us Rinapu!!! -protests angrily-

11. Miyazaki Yuka gets a push... Please

DAMN, how are you 20? You look 14...

This post is seriously lacking in Juice=Juice, so, here's my wish for J=J; Give this girl a PUSH! Like, seriously, of all the members of Ju=Ju you choose to shaft in both vocals and vision, it's this little cutie riiiight here. Like, why? Why? She's adorable! I know vocally she isn't the best, nor is she a dancing machine, but she does have that cute factor going on that the rest don't - of all the members in her respective group, she is the sweetest little thing in looks!

She's also Akari's woman, but that goes without saying.

She's one of the members who I see and hear the least (well, in terms of singing, Akari also gets less lines, so...), and I would love to actually have more of her in future releases because, gosh darnit, she's Yuka! Much like Rina, we need more of her shining loveliness, and I hope that for 2015, there WILL be more!

There's only five of them, so geez, can't you somehow manage decent distribution?

12. One of those OG's announces a relationship/marriage/pregnancy... (Hopefully Gaki or Koha)

My want for a new relationship is strong, guys! I mean, I've been waiting since her graduation for Gaki to get some lovin', but nooope, girl doesn't want any! This year gone by, too, I've wanted Koha to get herself a man or woman of some kind, but NUPE! Both defy me!

So next year, someone, anyone, get some action, whether it's a lover, a marriage, or a baby bump... no matter what it is, do something!!!

'Cept you Mari. You kinda need to be on the down-low when it comes to the lovers...

13. No Graduations... Please ;A;

If my heart wasn't so torn up after Sayu's graduation, I could probably hack another one, maybe an announcement, but now...? NOPE! Plus, the group is so shiny... so I actually don't expect one at this point, though I do fear the fucker.

Fear is not good. So, I am HOPING and PRAYING it doesn't happen next year, y'know, the G-word...

Stay as you are, girls. Stay as you are.

14. OOHaru isn't pushed to the back. At all.

In general, I don't want this to happen to any of the 12ki cuties, or any member in general, but this is an Idol group OOHaru is in; it's bound to happen, so I just hope it doesn't happen to her. Or Miki. Because I like her, and I think she will become my 12ki lovely.

I don't want to see her pushed to the back ; 3; I know of them all, she is the weakest in dance and singing, but she's also really cute and interesting! So, please, don't push her to the back - she will prove that she is the very best, like no one ever was!!! -plays Pokémon theme tune loudly-

15. In general, Hello! Pro releases nice, decent PV's (THE UFP GODS ARE LISTENING!)

They have gotten better, granted, but I would love to see a lot more effort put into the future releases of the group music videos! Style, thought and effort, that's all I ask for. Yes, we've had some glorious music videos this past year, but we've also had some duds that weren't worth the money (or lack that was payed) so of course, I just hope for better quality music videos, maybe even some outside?

So yeah, up to ante with videos, Hello! Pro, and don't just focus on the choreography - a video focused on dancing is nice, but we have dance shots for that. so, y'know... give me quality! I need it!

Houkago Princess
Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions for 2015

Y'all saw this group coming with their own section, I know ya did o 3o

1. HouPri announce something BIG! (IT HAPPENED, YASS!!!)

No idea why, but for some reason, I have a feeling that HouPri will announce something pretty big come the new year, whether it's the fact they're going major, signing their souls to a pretty epic deal of some sort (commercialism, whoop!) or going to perform in another country; whatever it is, I think they'll surprise us with something big, and it will make me so happy, I cry.

So, big announcement... get to it, HouPri!

2. Michishige Saho and Sirosaki Himari are promoted to Regular lineup (TEARS ARE REAL Y'ALL)

I wished for Sahochi to get promoted to the regular lineup last year for 2014, however it never happened, so once again I am looking forward to a promotion, if it ever even happens! Still, given she's been in the group over a year now, I expect it to happen this year coming. If it doesn't, colour me surprised!

Same with Himari pretty much, except she's not been in as long as Sahochi has, however she recently made Cadet, so I hope that next year, she gets to be a Regular member - it's what she wants, too, like all the Cadets/Apprentices, but I want it for her as well.

In general, they both deserve it - I want it to happen for them because, seriously, they need to be promoted, and also Maika was already promoted two months after joining. So, PROMOTION!!!

3. HouPri release their first album (On a role with HouPri predictions!)

Do y'all know how I dream of an album from this group? About as much as I dream of regular PV releases, that's how much I dream of it! And seriously, a HouPri album would be divine, especially since they hit that 3 year milestone just this year gone by, so an album would be swell to have in my collection of HouPri releases!

That said, even if it didn't happen, I wouldn't mind... just so long as they have a few single releases.

4. More Single Releases, plox. (AKA A new single next year, plox.) (YASSSSSS)

I'm content with one single a year, actually, however it's when they don't release even one single a year that bugs me, so hopefully the group keeps up their momentum of one single release a year. That said, two singles next year would be ace!


5. No more Graduations... PLEASE! (At least, not so many. Thanks)

At least not an excessive amount of Graduations, because seriously, 6 per year is a lot of idols to go through @.@ Honestly, the group has been pretty stable thus far since adding Maika and Himari (one member left, and one is on an on/off hiatus) so I'm happy with that, however I don't want to see more members leave... that gets pretty damn heartbreaking, and it hurts a lot, too.

So yeah, keep it to 0, or at least a minimum of 2... urgh.

6. Mihotan gets a solo line

Such Hope. Much wishes.

Mihotan, my bored looking baby, needs a new solo line. She hasn't had many, not since Uchuu no Ichi no Christmas from 2013, so I would love to hear her weak little voice once again! She isn't the best singer, granted, but of all the Regular lineup members she's the one who gets the least spotlight in terms of singing or dancing - Mayuka gets a solo line, Nana and Maika as well, and Saori and Miran get a dance duo, but Mihotan? Natta. So yeah, give her a solo line or something.

I want to see more of this cutie being her cute little self!

7. HouPri 7ki?

I wanted more members last year, and got me some new members, and I want more new members for next year! Why? BECAUSE BIGGER = BETTER! Okay no it doesn't, but honestly, I would like to see at least one or two new faces in the group, especially if Sahochi and Himarin are promoted...

That said, if no 7ki comes around, I won't mind either. This is just me thinking 'Yeah, fuck it, let's see if this one comes true!' and adding it in here! HAHA!

8. Someone aside from Mayuka gets a solo song (Nananyan's Rainbow Photograph, YESSS!!!)

This would be nice to see, because honestly? It gets boring when one girl gets all the solos. Okay, Nene got a solo, granted, but still - Mayuka has three, Nene one, the others zilch. I know, I know, they both have vocal talent, but I want to hear someone new...

Actually, this may be a prediction, because Maika's a part of the group now, so she could easily get herself a solo song if staff were kind enough. Hmm...

Yeah. Give a girl a solo, and not Mayuka! She has three already, with one yet to be released!

9. 6ki Song?

So far, the only generation songs the group has yet to do includes a 5ki song (aha, like that'll happen now!) and a 6ki song... so, where's my 6th gen song!? I'm actually impatiently awaiting one right now as I really like the 6ki girls, and I think they would have a pretty nice song to accompany them!

So, yeah... song. Now. 6ki. Plox.

Such a wish which may or may not come true... /sigh

Hopes, Dreams, Fears & Predictions for 2015

1. AKB48 release good, or at least semi-decent, music

AKB48, in general most of the 48's, have had a shockingly shit hoard of music releases this year, and I honestly hope that next year, it gets a little better, if not significantly better.

Seriously, for their 10th year of being a group, get your act together, management. Just cause you literally turn their shit into gold via commercialism and brainwashing, doesn't mean you can keep on doing the same old tripe over, and over, and over again... that's MY job on this blog!!!

2. Kojima Haruna jumps ship

Takamina's going, so I think this one'll announce her graduation at some point in 2015, too. I know my prediction with her leaving this year didn't happen, so I hope 2015 will be the time for her to say she's leaving.

Please. Just please make it happen. Thanks.

If it doesn't happen, then fuck it, I'll live with the fact that she is never going to leave.

3. Paruru wins Senbatsu

There is a higher chance of pigs flying, but HEY, I can dream, right? I know I called it with Mayu winning this year, but that does not mean this will happen - I want it to, but I actually doubt it will. Still, I can dream, right?

I will continue dreaming until her graduation, or AKB's imminent decline...

4. I get into THE HOOPERS

I want to get into this group for the fact that 1) They are the lil' brother group to Fudanjuku, 2) They can do cartwheels/back flips and other cool shit I suppose, and 3) They all have bitchin' hair except mushroom head at the end there. So yeah, I want to get into this group, because they look seriously cool.

I just hope their music is as bitchin' fiiiiine as they are.

5. I follow Fudanjuku... again

Speaking of, I need to get into these fine ladies once again. Seriously, I've neglected them, so now that they have a cute looking new member it's time for me to follow their music and PV's for the year of 2015! Thing is, will I commit? WHO KNOOOWS!!!

6. AXELL also make their Major Debut!

If THE HOOPERS are doing it, then why not AXELL!? I've not seen much in terms of performances from either groups, but really, I do look forward to what both groups bring to the plate in terms of Idol Cross-dressing and, for some reason, I have high hopes for AXELL... so yeah, I would like to see them Major Debut like THE HOOPERS will do in the New Year!

Also, aren't they adorable? I want to see them in PVs!!!

7. Palet... Intrigue me...

Given that they impressed me with the release of SNOW DISTANCE, I now kind of want Palet to intrigue me a bit, whether it's in their music or music videos - whatever it is, I want them to allow me to become invested by them. If it doesn't happen, eh, whatever, but if it does, then awesome.

Let's see how this one pans out, shall we...

8. i☆RiS continue to make me like them more and more (still love them XD)

I liked Make It! a whole lot, so I want i☆RiS to keep on doing whatever they did with that song, and allow me to like them more and more, until I love them. I mean, when they first debuted I liked them, but then I lost interest and now... well, the interest is back, so I want to like them more again! That, and my heart is in need of a new Idol group to fill that gaping hole Bump.y and Ono Erena left there with their disbandment and departures from the Idol world.

So, i☆RiS, get to it. Bring me LOVE!!!

9. Wake Up, Girls! return, and I continue to swoon

Please let this happen, PLEASE!!! Even if the return was without the anime this group is tied to, I want. It. To. HAPPEN! I really like this group, they are pretty damn strong and addictive, so of course I would love to see a 2015 return, and a new single release to boot. I know they may be present in Japan still, however I don't see much from my side of the world, so would I like to see them return, anime or not? Heck yeah!

No matter what, I just want to hear their music again. Is that too much to ask for?

10. Tsuribit interest me more

I already have some interest in the cuteness that is Tsuribit, however throughout 2014, due to waning interests in most Idols that weren't HouPri, I have been out of touch with the cute group. So, for 2015, I hope to follow the group a bit more and see if my interest in them develops, cause y'know, they are adorable.

That, and they have the niche of being a fishing group! So, my little mermaids, catch me and reel me in! Sakura's the bait!

11. Yuuka Ueno becomes my Soloist Oshi (and releases even more fabulous music)

Ono Erena's left the Entertainment industry, and Hello! Pro isn't going to add a new soloist for me to fawn over any time soon, so I'm looking to Yuuka Ueno to become my new soloist love of my life next year to keep me happy, and also to patch up that hole Erepyon left in my heart. I already love this girl to pieces, what with her gorgeous voice and her lovely face, so why not make her my soloist oshi?

Well, we shall see what 2015 brings, but I think she may become one of my favourites over the course the on-coming year. But that's what I think. The fates, they may not be so kind...

Fates a bitch and will throw a spanner in the works by making Uemuu a soloist in H!P or something.

12. I follow AAA so much more, and they continue to please me vocally and visually

It goes without saying that I aim to follow a few more groups next year, but AAA is one I want to follow the most. Why? Er, have you seen them? I drool just looking at Nissy, and then he opens his mouth and I drool more! So yeah, aside from looking damn good (all of them, I want one of ALL OF THEM!)  they also sound really damn nice together, and alone.

They also have some pretty damn fantastic videos, which is another bonus. In general, AAA is a bonus, so there we go.

Honestly, I need to just follow this group and be done with it, because they are fantastic, however I never seem to completely follow them... well, let's see if 2015 can change that, aye? Nissy, I'ma coming for ya, BABY!!!

Groups to Watch Out for in 2015

I realised that, for 2015, I actually had a few groups I was really looking forward to, ones I thought I should watch out for in the New Year, so I thought that I would share the list here, and give you a few groups to watch out for if you so desired.

Here we go~

Yumemiru Adolescence

Even before their Major Debut announcment (Read: FUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!) I was going to look out for this group come 2015, because they're pretty damn spectacular. Throughout 2014 I was on/off with how much I followed them, but no matter what their release I enjoyed what they did visually and vocally, so I knew that for the New Year, I wanted to look out for what they did.

And, if I'm being honest, I suggest you guys check them out throughout 2015 as well!

Rev.from DVL

Rev.from DVL only debuted this year, and with all of the hype around the group and Kanna, I didn't want to get into it that much, I admit. Still, after watching some of their releases, they really are a cute group so, for 2015 I hope to follow them a little more closely and see what they do.

Though they aren't one of the groups I am most excited for in the New Year, it will still be fun to see what they do, so come on, Rev.from DVL!


I heard about PASTEL CALLA earlier this year with the rumour that they were a Houkago Princess sub-group (I still think that's a lie, there is pretty much no proof) and, whilst this may not be the case, I'm pretty damn excited for their CD debut next year and what the girls have to offer in terms of music and performance! They seem pretty talented, and from the preview of their first two songs I know I already like their style, so I hope for the on-coming year I get invested in their work, because I think they will be worth it.

Who knows, maybe they'll become a favourite? Time will, as always, tell.


Another group to look out for is i☆Ris, and not because I'm in love with their song or anything, but because I genuinely think they will be pretty damn good next year, or at least good for me and the Anime fans. Recently they have been recognised with the help of PriPara it seems, so I hope the boost will increase their momentum as a group and allow them to release even better songs, and get them recognised that little bit more.

For 2015, I want i☆RiS to shine like the star in their name! And to appeal to me more, of course.


They can do cartwheels and some of them can do back-flips, and they are beautiful women dressed as god-damn sexy men ('cept you, mushroom head!), so it seems like for 2015, this is a group truly worth looking forward to! More-so, with their concept, cutting edge look and their tagline, I begin to wonder what their music will sound like, and how their PV's will be styled? Personally I hope for something edgy in visual style, and cool for their music. So, for 2015, I think that this is a group to truly anticipate not only because they are a new cross-dressing unit, but also because they seem to have something fun and edgy in mind for their debut single, and hopefully future releases.

Seriously, I'm looking forward to their debut and what they release further along the line. I anticipate everything they do right now!


Though I didn't follow them much this year, I think that in 2015, we should anticipate Fudanjuku and what they bring because there has been a change, not a massive one, but a change all the same - with Momotaro having graduated the group and Light taking his place, it feels like there is something to anticipate with the new lineup, so I look forward to what they bring for us all in the New Year.

Let's just hope my anticipation is for naught, aye?

Houkago Princess

Okay, this one goes without saying, but for everyone but myself... I want you all to watch out for, or even just glimpse at, Houkago Princess in 2015, because I think they will improve even more than they have. I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart.

Houkago Princess have continued to grow stronger since they began as a group 3 years ago, and whilst they still aren't a force to be reckoned with in the Idol world, I think they are getting better and better with each performance, release, music video... you name it, I believe that they've improved in it, and I strongly believe that they will only get better in what they do next year. So, for 2015, please take note of this group and watch them grow, and if not, then just look in every now and again to see how they're doing.


They only debuted this year, but I think that GEM, despite how new and shiny they are, are a group to be recognised, and one we should all look out for - from the iDOL STREET label, they seem to be one of the strongest groups next to Cheeky Parade, and already I love them for what they do. They're addictive, have pretty good style in songs, and their dancing is fun, too! Whats not to like, aye?

I think that, for 2015, I want to watch this group a lot more myself and take note of how they grow as Idols and performers. So, for the New Year to come, I want to watch this group a little more closely, like all of the other groups, and see the progress they make. I think that if anyone can fascinate me though, it might just be GEM.

My Personal
Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions for 2015

1. I write more on my blog

I didn't write on here enough this year, and that saddens me quite a lot. I love this blog, I say that enough on here, and so I want to try and write more on it. I won't sacrifice my studies for it, however.

Hopefully for next year, I will be able to write on here and keep the blog updated, even if it's not as much as what I can normally do. Still, I want it to be a bit more than the amount I did last year, especially in terms of reviews! Seriously, I can't leave it until December to give you reviews, can I? Nope!

2. I experience more things at University that I never did before!

In general, I want to do a lot at University, however experiencing new things is something I want to do more... this year alone I got to experience Diwali for the first time (it was so beautiful!), not to mention moving out and living with a bunch of strangers, so for the next year I hope to experience even more things! Who knows, maybe I'll get to go on a school trip abroad for once... never been on one of those before (I'm being serious).

3. Watch and Review more Films

Honestly, for a Film Student, I am piss-poor at keeping up with the recent releases and watching the damn things. So, for 2015, I hope to change that - I want to watch more, and review the films as well, because in general I like talking about them afterwards and also writing about what I think, even if it bores me to death.

So yeah, hopefully I will get to have a few more cinematic experiences than I have this year, and I already have a plan for some releases to watch lined up! Granted, they're mostly Disney (and that last Mockingjay movie), but it's a plan all the same! So, come on 2015, get me watching some movies...

4. Review more on my Movie Review blog and update that layout, geez...

I rarely update on it, but hopefully, with me planning to actually watch some movies in 2015, I will be able to keep my second blog updated with reviews of movies I have seen, because seriously, I do enjoy reviewing movies! The style of the blog is a little different to this one, as in I actually seem to have a serious tone over on that site, so I want to try and write there more to allow my own writing style to improve in a serious manner, rather than always writing so freely and straight from my mind.

It's a fun blog to have, and it's a shame it's going to waste with so little reviews. Not that my reviews are interesting, but it is a waste of a blog that I really do want to write one. So yeah, there's a hope I want to last longer than 3 days in how long I keep it up.

5. I don't set off a Fire Alarm in University

This is more of a joke Hope/Dream, but one I want to make sure doesn't happen all the same. We have a joke where I currently live that a certain block of flats in our building are always the ones to set off the fire alarm, and honestly, it is always that same block, so they are the running gag of our entire building - even for themselves! Still, I don't want to be the one to set off a bloody fire alarm where I live, because those things are crazy loud, and everyone hates you if it happens.

So yeah, no. Keep me in the unknown section of my building, please. Unknown, innocent and not a fire alarm setter-offer.

6. Read. MORE!!!

Sorry for the generic computer images, but I'm too lazy to do my own photography! Anywhoo, reading, yes. I need more of it in my life, because I love reading, and books are amazing, and because I haven't done a lot of it for a while. I mean, I have books I want to read, but I just never get around to reading them. So next year, I want to read more.

And more.

... And more. Time to get my reading on!

7. And, of course, get through my First Year of University!

I want to get through my first year, with some good grades, decent even, without setting off a fire alarm, and without killing a flat mate, or yelling at one of them.

I want to get through this ALIVE!!! Is that too much to ask for?

I know the year ahead will be busy, what with the end of my first year coming and the start of my second happening in September, but I want to get through it  all and stay as sane as I am right now (and I'm not that sane, so...) so, yeah. I want to get through University: Year 1 with as much ease as possible.


Now before I truly finish this post off, I want to take a look back at the predictions that I made last year that, for the year of 2014, actually came true. For the year gone by, I wonder what I said in my last post that actually came to a realisation? Will this many appear next year?

You can see my 2014 Hopes, Dreams & Wishes post HERE!

Now though, let's look at some Predictions Come True~

- Zukkini gets a PUSH!!! - It happened, I'm happy, and I don't have to use this prediction this year. YES!
Michishige Sayumi Announces her Graduation - FUCKING CALLED IT! + A Graduation! Nooo!
Morning Musume hold 12ki Auditions... AGAIN!!! - I think this was obvious as fuck, still... CALLED IT!
The Kenkyuusei debut more new groups - A reboot, but a new group all the same!
Either Berryz lose a member/disband, or C-ute disband - HALF OF THIS CAME TRUE! And fuck YES, it was the Berryz half of it! Fucking CALLED IT, man!
Berryz Kobo get better PV's Group chemistry is still at an all time low but, whatever, BETTER PV'S! WHOO!
Watanabe Mayu wins Senbatsu - I called that shit.
Yuuka Ueno continues her beautiful career - She is so damn beautiful, as is her shiny career.
READY to KISS release a CD+PV I found out about a CD release recently but the PV's been out a while!
Houkago Princess introduce new members! - Called. That. AGAIN! That said, it ain't surprising, either.
HouPri bring out more singles and PV's, and go back to TIF '14! - ALL OF IT! CALLED IT ALL!
Fudanjuku bring in a new member - IT. HAPPENED!
StylipS release more in 2014 - They did release a bit more, but it was not that amazing, either.
Nogizaka46 continue their amazing songs and PV streak - Songs, I may disagree a bit, PV's? HELL YUR!
Naaboudoufu@Nana release a new single - Under the NanaNon unit, sure, but it's a release! YAY, NANA!
I write more in general - If poetry is writing more in general, then, yes!
I see my friends more + go travelling - I saw friends, I traveled, I CALLED IT!

Hmm, a few came true... funny.

I will let you know that, with the Berryz disbandment one, I burst out laughing when I realised it had come true. I so called it!


And so, with my list of Predictions, Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Wishes completed, the year for Okay! Musume Time ends right here, with my final post for 2014. The year has been a fun one, filled with opportunity, new beginnings, good memories and so much more in my personal life, as well as a year filled with sadness and tears for the Idol world, but also happiness, too. Now, we must move on, heading towards 2015, where something new awaits us.

It is time to anticipate a new beginning.

I can't say what we can expect for 2015, nor can I look into the future and tell you all who will join us, and who will leave us, but together we can speculate and perceive, and with that enjoy what we see, or lament over what will happen. Hopefully, for 2015, the year will be abundant in Idol love and liveliness, as well as fulfilling in your own everyday lives as well as my own.

It's almost time to ring in the New Year, but before you do so, what are your own Predictions, Hopes, Dreams and Fears for 2015? Did any of last years Predictions come true? If you want, let me know, and if not, then simply enjoy what the New Year brings you, okay?

We're moving into the New Year, and though I wasn't here as much, thank you all for sticking with me throughout 2014. You have been amazing this year once again, and I hope that for the year of 2015, you will all enjoy your lives as much as possible, and that you will also enjoy this blog. To each and every one of you, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and a wonderful life.

It's time to let go of 2014. Right now, a new chapter begins.

Until I see you again in the New Year, please, take care and stay Happy.

From 2014, moving onto 2015, and on-wards.
Much Love and A Happy New Year,

*** Bring it on, 2015! We are ready for you, and we are ready for the Idols! We. Are. WOTA!!!!!

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