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[12 Days of Idols] Will You Become my Pinky Santa this Christmas? BOYFRIEND's 'Pinky Santa' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions regarding this song, the music video and the group behind it all are completely my own and no one else's. If you dislike what I have to say, then you know what? Don't read it. I don't have to appease to the way others think just because they believe I have no right to speak my mind. This is MY blog, and here is where I have the right to speak my mind. The End~

Christmas! It's a time that is not just for family and friends, but also romance! I wonder if romance will bloom for anyone over this beautiful Christmas period? If it does, then I hope that snow will fall on their beautiful date and create the perfect atmosphere, in all of its cliched glory... ahhh, if only...

That said, we don't always need to have cliche's at Christmas when it comes to romance, do we? But I suppose the cliche's in the season of spirit are what makes it so... so magical and lovable in a way. It can also make it cutesy and sickening, somewhat unbearable I suppose, but when used correctly it can make the romance of Christmas feel very warming and sweet! Still, cliche's can be annoying regardless! So, let's review a PV of cliche's and cuteness!

In all of its cute and cliched glory, what will we unwrap today on this lovely Christmas date?

Oh 9 Days to Christmas, Idols please send to me...
BOYFRIEND and cliche's under my tree!

I had no clue who BOYFRIEND was until I stumbled upon the name whilst reading Yamaguchi Miran of Houkago Princesses blog post yesterday, and through that, I cam across the name BOYFRIEND when she showed an image of a few CD's she had on her shelf beside Manatsu no Yoru no Yume, and the CD Pinky Santa was there. I had no clue who this group was, I didn't know the song, but because I wanted to know what sort of groups Miran liked I thought that I would look them up.

And because of that, I kind of became obsessed with this song. So here we are, on my [12 Days of Idols] journey for the Christmas season, reviewing their video and taking a crap-ton of pictures from the PV. Miran, the fuck did you do!?

Okay okay okay, I actually feel happy that I stumbled onto the glory that is Pinky Santa when I did, because whilst I love doing my [12 Days of Idols] series and reviewing different Idol PV's from various girl groups, it's really nice to sometimes stumble upon a boy group and their songs once in a while that I enjoy. Seriously, I don't review enough of them and I know I don't, so to bring a bit of diversity with a boy group, a Korean one at that, is a nice change of pace here on O!MT, so I feel glad that Miran's blog post somehow lead me to this video, and now this blog post... so Miran, thanks!

Also for those who don't know, whilst BOYFRIEND is a Korean group, Pinky Santa is their fourth Japanese single released back in 2013, so of course it's all in Japanese... but honestly, it's cute! So for all you female Idol fans out there, please give this song and PV a chance! Pinky Santa's adorable and perfect for the Christmas season, so check it out if you're a lover of the Christmas jingles! Don't ignore it because it's not your usual cuppa tea, kay?

With that all said and done, I am excited to move forward with the review and look at the PV itself! Are you ready to be bombarded with some adorable guys and a really cute Christmas song? Get yourselves ready, because the date with BOYFRIEND will begin soon! Just watch out for the cliche's though, they may hit you like a surprise snowball to the face!

With a leap forward, let's head right into this date! Ahhh, I hope it snows! Let's GO!!!

That title pretty much sums up what I expect from this entire video. Pink, Santa's and... well, Boyfriends! Let's hope it lives up to its name, aye?

Say Hello to the Heroine, an actress who looks 10 years too old to still be in high school!

No it isn't, but damn, those are some cute keychains! *^* Can I have one? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaseee?


I need that sign for my room, like seriously o 3o

Okay, whoever is speaking, you're damn adorable! Can I keep you!?

It's always good to get a bit of Leap Frog in before going on stage and performing. Also, nice suits, lads ;D


Oh my LAWD, you're adorable! Holy shit, you're like, damn cute! Can I carry you home with me!? I promise I'll give you cookies *^*

That said, you're an adorable smiler too! Also, who the heck is sticking their tongue out oh-so-cutely behind you!?

There's one zoning out on the far left, too xD

Mushroom-Head: "Do you trust me?"

I feel like he's going to serenade me with A Whole New World any second now...

It's funny how right now, when considering clothing, our Heroine has the expression of a Yankee waiting to punch someone XD

Heroine: "Tch, whaddaya lookin' at, ya punk-ass bitch?"

25th!!! Christmas day is on the 25th, ahhhh!!!

Oh gosh, I can't wait! So glad this Calendar was here to remind me!

Okay, that's cute. I approve! I also adore that wire mannequin you have there in your room

Adorable smiles all day, every day! Not just for Christmas!

Seriously though, how are these guys so cute!?

Playboi: "Aye, gurl, wanna come back to my place? I'll let you sit on my lap~"

I think I've found the manly one who'll get the girls. Less cute, more... charming~

Holy shit, that Fairy tale set is super cute! Forget the amazing amount of Bishounen on the stage, I want that set!

... Oh, it's one of those PV's.

Instant Hotness when the glasses come off. Ew, cliche's. She still looks older than a typical Highschooler, even without the glasses

Okay, I found the Daaaaaamn hot one. Holy cow, you're freakin' gorgeous!

... Can I marry you? At least lemme touch your hair... ¬o¬

Mushroom-Head: "Would you like some cutie with your sexy?"

Why yes, I would love some cute Bishounen with my Sexy Mofo, thank you!

Kyaaaaaaa the cuteness is killing me! Santa-san, I want one of this guy!!! Actually, just deliver the whole group to me!

Back to the story at hand, though! Our old High schooler finally meets her man! Is he a part of the group Boyfriend? Or is he just a plain ol' boyfriend? We may never know...

Actually, it would be cool if he was a part of the band in the story line. Spoiler alert though, he isn't. Hmph >__>


EAR!!! Holy cow, that ear! Daaamn, son!

I actually wonder how old she is? 27? 30? I have no idea :/

Damnit, why is the center guy so gosh-darned cute!? I can't compute with how adorable he is!!


Seriously though, this is one damn good looking group, and they rock the heck out of those suits!

Scarfy happens to be my favourite, however <3 Damn boy, you're a looker! I love your hair, too <3

Wait, HELLO KITTY'S IN THIS? Girl, get away from ma boys! I see you trying to get close to them! >o>

Damn, that adorable smile and that ear! I do love me some ear~

Duuuuude, if someone took me on a date at this place, I would be the happiest chick alive. Seriously, I love Fairy Tales and stuff like this...

Take note, people! XD

Heroine: "I wanna go there!!!"

Oh wow, even whats-her-names date looks pretty damn old for a High schooler. They must have been held back for about 10 years or so...

All good things come in three's, as my mother always said! So, what good thing will happen to us today? ;D

God damnit, Scarfy, why you so sexay!?

In general, all you boys be FABULOUS!

D'awww, our sweet Old Heroine is giving her lover one of her Keychains! Cuuuuute~

That said, I wouldn't give a keychain that adorable to my other half. Bitch, that's my key chain!

Heroine: "Lover-da, I got us some drinkies!!!"

Wait, at what point did she depart from Lover-boy to get drinks? Did we just skip that part entirely?

Oh wait, it's a music video. Continuity? Who gives a fuck about continuity! It's all about the music!

Some Dude: "Wrong guy, idiot."
Heroine: "... Well shit."

Well fuck, Lover-boy isn't there... Now she's lost and date-less. Did he stand her up!?

That said, how the heck did her boyfriend and some stranger manage to wear the exact same outfit on the same night? Like, whuuut? That's another cliche!

Lover-Boy: "Bitch better pick up her phone... gurrr..."

Oh, he's still there! Phew! No stand-ups tonight!

... Is that Miffy? Or another bunny character?

And why are all the Sanrio characters stealin' our boys!?

... Well, fuck nuggets.

Now her date is ruined! Oh nooo!!!

Heroine: "Oh, fuck..."

Best. Face. EVER!!! This is worthy of all the screencaps EVERYWHEEEERE!!!

Lover-Boy: "Bitch ain't taking my calls!"

She hasn't stood you up yet, promise! She's kinda looking for you. I guess... okay, she's just standing around pitying herself about now.

... Well, what a face XD Also, is the guy to our Mushroom-Head's right ready to clock him a punch or what!? WATCH OUT, MUSHROOM-HEAD!!!!

Punchy: "Say your prayers, mother fucker~"

Hello Kitty, get the heck away from mur MAN!!! Go for some JE boys!!!

Awww, our Heroine feels and looks dejected! ): Don't worry honey, you'll find your boyfriend. He's gotta be around here somewhere...

But first, we'll knock you down via random running couples, kekekekekeke!!!

Seriously though, how does one lose a contact lens through a slight push!? Also, why the Hell is the contact lens flashing like a shiny object you find on Final Fantasy or Pokémon? Even I could see that when blinded!

Heroine: "My glasses! I can't see without my glasses! Jinkies!"

This is how the world looks to me when I don't have my glasses on, either XD

God damnit, you're a cutie!!! I won't ever get enough of that smile, you know?

Remember kids, she's blind now! So she doesn't realise it's him. Daaaamnit!!!

My gosh, this kid is giving me all the ear-porn today. Damnit, why do your ears have to look so cute!? Gaaaaah!!!

Ear freak

ALL DA CUTIES <3 Why can't they do Radio for me!?

... why is this group so good-looking? It makes me want to follow them! > ^<

Oh Scarfy, why were you never in my life before now!? Why aren't you in my life, period!? Waaaah!!!

Still fabulous, the lot of them. Gosh darnit, they're awesome! Also, I want that stage and those lights and that set!!! I want it ALL!!!

... Nooo, she still hasn't found her date! ;3; Still, at least she found another form of a Boyfriend, but this time in a group of 6 lovely young men! WAHOO!!!

All the pinky fingers!!! Momochi would do well in this song, though she would ruin the atmosphere and image if she just barged in~

Whenever I see this guy I think to myself "Okay, you're freakin' adorable, I want to dress you up as a girl!" Like, seriously, he looks like a girl! Can we put him in ribbons and dresses, please!?

... Okay, my heart be breakin' for our Heroine ; 3; She misses her beloved, to the point where she wishes they were together again on her cute phone strap! Waaaah!!!

Heroine: "I wish... I wish for him to find me..."

He will find you!!! I swear, I pinky promise!!! ; 3;

... Okay, can I wish on his smile? It's so lovely, it must be magical!!!

Damn, he's adorable!

Okay, this rap doesn't fit the song but what the heck? Ear-Porn is serenading me! Oh yeeeah!!!

Also: WINKU!!!

Side view of this perfect specimen and his perfect ear, awww yeah~ Sexy sexy look, too <3

And a beautiful shot of that ear and a winku to go with it! Ears and winks? YES PLEASE!!!

This sends me back to the days of the Wining Wota slogan! Not used that in a while!

My Kokoro is beating for you, Ear-san! And damn, dat ear!

Adorable Cutie: "Oi oi, look!"

What, look where? What's happening? You pinned your eyes on the old High schooler???

... Oh wait, they spied the phone strap, but how!? They're way too far away to see that!

Still, they saw it! So of course they'll go to her, right? That's video logic!!!

Okay, most adorable scene in the MV. I want to hug them too, though!

As I thought! On their way to the Heroine, because she has a phone strap!

Still, very sweet. I really love this scene actually! Serenading the saddened heroine and making her night that little bit better!


What a sexy face ;D Serenade all the ladies with that face, darling! XD

... Ooooh, it's on the big screen! And of course, the second he says 'Destiny' the guy looks at the screen and sees his beloved there! Ahhh, all the cliche's!

Lover-Boy: "... Wait, she went to the concert without me!?"


... Okay, so his hand glows o-O Is he a Twilight Vampire!? Why, oh adorable one, why!? You were so perfect before! ;^;

The Power of the Pinky! THEY BRING SPARKLES!!! This is the true power of BOYFRIEND!!!

Oh my gosh, he finally found her! The power of Cliche's has helped to reunite a couple once again, YES!!

Heroine: "Eh, you're here? You didn't stand me up?"
Lover-Boy: "Naw babe, you're ma booty call. Why would I stand you up?"

D'awww, romance at its finest!

They make such a cute old couple ; 3; so sweet!

The Power of the Pinky's brought them together! Thank you, Pinky Santa Boyfriends!

BOYFRIEND: "It's our pleasure. Bringing couples together one Cliche at a time is our specialty!"

Scarfy: "Hey, you..."

Huh, me?

Scarfy: "Yeah, you. Here comes..."

Scarfy: "... The Smoulder."

Oh... Oh my Gawd... -faints-

... Okay, what the heck is the guy in the back doing? Is he ready to become a Power Ranger or calling forth his Moonlight Prism power Make-Up?

Super-Sentai Boyfriend: "PINKY SANTA POWER... MAKE-UP!!!"

Ear porn!!! Y'all know I gotta have my dose of Ear Love before the MV ends, right? SO HERE WE GO!!!

Damn, dat ear ;D I'll be dreaming of it tonight!

Still, Scarfy is one foxy man <3 Mmmph, I love him. I love them all.

I barely even know them, but damnit, I LOVE THEM ALL!

Yeeeeep, definitely older than the average Japanese High schooler.

Gonna die laughing, because they're both younger than me LOLOLOLOLOLOL

In fact, pretty sure the dude is actually STILL a high schooler, because he's my 16yo nephew's age...


Actually, L is for Love! NYAHAHA! Y'all love me, so there!

The guy doing the Heart with his hands looks so bored, but to his right we have an adorable guy pumping his fist in the air like he JUST DON'T CARE!!! Awww yeah, makes up for that unenthusiastic heart XD

Adorable. Fucking adorable!

The power of the phone strap, it brought you happiness! Haaai!!!

I want that phone strap now, but only if it'll bring BOYFRIEND to me.

PINKY... POWER!!! Sparkles may vary

Heroine: "Ah, it's snowing!"
Lover:Boy: "Of all the fuckin' cliche's..."

Ah, cliche's, will thou never end!? Still, what a pretty scene!

... Oho, he gave her his scarf! And of course, it's pink. Two cliche's in one, two birds and one stone! HAHA!

And with that, the PV ends... unless you loop the hell out of it like I do.

The End...

I admit, I feel like I've blasted through the opening of this post due to sheer excitement over how much I like this video. I mean, I found it only last night, so it's still very fresh and new to me, but the song and look of the video just excites me greatly, so my writing has begun to reflect that I think... honestly though, the PV is worth it. It's really cute and really fun! Ahhh, it feels so nice to get so hyped up about a song and video! Eep!

So, Pinky Santa... that's a really interesting name and when I first saw it, I thought that the group would dress up as Santa's with pink suits, rather than the traditional red. Surprisingly, that didn't happen at all (thank goodness XD) but upon my first viewing of Pinky Santa, I really didn't know what to expect. That said, it did fulfill that cheerful, sweet Christmas theme that the title seemed to promise, and there was also the colour pink which was expected, and Santa did indeed make an appearance, albeit in the clever form of cute BOYFRIEND key chains, all wearing santa costumes! So the PV, though it wasn't in the way I originally expected, did indeed keep true to the title of the song in its own way.

Speaking of the song, it's really adorable. It's got that lovely Christmas sound to it that's so familiar and bright, staying cheerful and fun all the way through. I really enjoy this song, I love listening to it and immersing myself in the sound of Christmas, and the vocals on those lads... well, they're drop-dead-perfect, I want to melt hearing them! They all have such great voices, so it's delightful to listen to them all the way through. Basically, I really enjoy this song in all of its glory and won't stop listening to it for now, though my one gripe regarding Pinky Santa is that the rap portion feels out of place, but not so much that I find the song bad or annoying... so even with the weird addition of the rap, it's still great in my mind. So great that I feel the need to find more songs of theirs to listen to, their voices are just that good and the sound so catchy... whether that happens or not is beyond me, but still - the desire is there, so I may indeed pursue that desire! We shall have to wait and see~

Moving onto the PV itself... well, it's addictive XD I like the storyline used for it, even in all of its cliched glory, because it's sweet and easy to follow. It's also Christmas, where cliche's are used in abundance, so of course it can be forgiven a little bit here! The only cliche that was used badly was the part where the lead actress for the video took off her glasses and BAM, insta-bombshell. Seriously, I hate that cliche, it's far too over-used! Also, whilst I am still griping and whining about things I dislike about the video; those actors. Seriously? They look nothing like high school kids! They both look a lot older than the ages they seem to be portraying in the video and, whilst I know you want quality over being an amateur in videos like this one, couldn't they have just gotten an Idol who could act? Or, you know, a younger-looking actress and actor? That would have worked a lot better for the look of the video at least, though the actress was pretty. Still, she looked too old.

... Okay, I need to shut up. My griping is getting out of hand!

The video is seriously cute though, especially the members of BOYFRIEND when we get to their solo shots! Seriously, how are they so~~~~ CUTE!? I honestly think they've stolen my hearts, they're a bunch of the cutest/best-looking K-pop guys I've seen since the last time I checked out K-pop, and I do kind of want to watch more of their stuff just to fangirl over them... I suppose it helps that they're really good performers as well, but how they look and the cuteness levels of some of them... well, it kind of brings out that inner fangirl for boy groups that I keep stomping down in favour of the female Idols! For these guys though, I suppose it's worth bringing out my inner girlishness for the boys? Who knows! I need to find more of their songs, though...

In all of its glory, this PV is pretty much eye-candy for me. I won't lie, I didn't pay much attention to the camera shots (for once) in favour of the boys, but I will say this; the PV for Pinky Santa is really well done, it looks absolutely beautiful and I love the mixture of live shots added to the PV to bring both the story and the boy band together, creating something rather cute and fun for everyone watching it. It's a bit of a cliche I admit, however I think that is what makes it so nice to watch. The PV is easy to follow, and though we've probably seen this story line a few times in our lives, whether it's on the TV or in a music video, it's still something that can never get old.

Pinky Santa is cute, bright and fun in sound, and even cuter and a tad romantic in the video's story line. It's a wonderful Christmas song, one filled with adorable smiles and even more adorable boys! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get you some BOYFRIEND in your system!

This Christmas, will you pinky promise to make it merry and sweet? Please... spend it with me to make it even sweeter than last year!

Much Love,

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