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[12 Days of Idols] A Winter Date's Symphony - Sunmyu's 'Hatsuyuki no Symphony' PV Review

All thoughts and opinions regarding the song, music video and Idol group discussed in this Review are completely my own and no one else's. I do not intend to step on toes, however if you feel I have offended you and stepped on your toes, then I will be blunt and say that you don't have to read what I write. If what I say really annoys you, then why bother reading it? I can be ignored. In fact, I'd rather be ignored than be harassed for having a voice that I like to use. Ta.

What's your favourite thing about the Winter season? For me it's the lights, the cheer and the fact that even when it's dark and cold, we somehow manage to banish away the Winter blues by lighting up the world and singing happy songs whilst spending the days of winter with the ones we love! This time of the year fills me with happiness, especially when I see my family enjoying it as well!

Another part of the season that makes me happy is listening to and watching the music and PV's provided by Idols filled with Christmas cheer and love, each one different to the other but always something to look forward to! So with that in mind, let's take a look at the next installment in the [12 Days of Idols] series as our Idols embark on a Winter date with a gift wrapped up in love and warmth! I wonder what we will be presented with today?

For the date today, what will you give to me? I look forward to the present!

There are 10 days to Christmas so the Idols gave to me...
A Winter's Symphony~

Sunmyu are a bit of a mystery to me I guess. I mean I know their background history and a little bit about them, such as the fact that they are the first Idol act under Sun Music in 21 years and that for a while, they covered a few 80's Idol songs, namely Kuchibiru Network by the late singer Okada Yukiko, who was also a part of the Sun Music agency. After that, I really don't know much about them other than that they're still releasing stuff and seem to be doing well, and honestly I didn't care much about them or their music; they never appealed to me, to put it bluntly.

But like all groups, I finally found a song that actually struck me and made me notice how nice this group was. I'm not following them or learning names at all, but I've found something I enjoy by them and, yes, I am looping the shit out of it. Funnily enough it's a Christmas song and, when randomly trying to find new Chrimbo releases from the Idol collective, I stumbled upon Hatsuyuki no Symphony and fell head-over-heels in love with it. I don't know why I did, I just... I just like it, okay?

It's a sweet song, a sweet symphony if you will, and it managed to get right into my skin and keep itself there for a long time, burrowing into my brain and letting me enjoy the delight that is Hatsuyuki no Symphony. So because of that, of course I have to review it! So with all of that said and done, shall we take a look at this lovely Winter Symphony?

With my heart filled with warmth and a present wrapped in love, I am ready for a Winter Date! What about you? Let's go~

Oh, will this be a knitting lesson? Drats, I hate knitting!!! Never tried it, so shouldn't say that... XD

So what'cha knitting, kiddo? A hat, scarf... baby booties? Who knows! We will have to see if the end of the PV reveals all!

Spoiler: It doesn't.

You know, this scene would look a lot prettier if there wasn't a fucking watermark obscuring the faces of some possibly cute girls!

Ahhh, much better! Now I can see their eyes!

As I thought, pretty cute~

I think she's the centre... I wonder why...?

Girl, you look more worried than you do happy! Add a little more 'oomph' to your emotion!

ARRRGH, HEATHEN! The Idol's dating some random middle-aged dude! Quick, start the fire, we must BURN THE WITCH!!!

Well, damn! This ones a looker right here, guys! Why ain't you the centre!? You've got the ears for it! <3

Even when she's sleeping, she's a looker. Sleeping Beauty right here!

... That should be their next PV, and one of the short-cut chicks should be her Prince!

Okay, that's a damn pretty shot. Why can't parks in England look as good as this park does?

Be prepared to wait a while kid, boyfriend-san is currently dating Center-Chick, so it could take some time for him to eventually get to you...

Wait a seco-- why does this chick look like Maachun from NMB48? Or is it really Maachun!? Is she moonlightin' with Sunmyu all of a sudden!?

Either that's a lot of soft focus, or this caption is real low quality...

Maybe it's both.

Holy shit, she's a cutie! O-O

... I'm liking Sunmyu a lot more thanks to being a shallow cow~

Holy daaaaamn, this ones a real looker! Sadly she can't hold a tune, but ehhhh whatever! DAMN GURL!!!

Okay, whoever littler derp-smile is, I like you already! That platypus face is just... d'awww!!! <3


I am not worthy!!!

Center-chan is actually pretty cute too, but Platypus is my savior! Out of the way, Center-chan, I need my derp-smiles!!!

Pretty much my face right now at how pretty these girls are, and also, those legs.

All the legs!!!!

Damn, another beauty has risen! Sunmyu is one good looking Idol group...

Okay, is this groups just filled to the brim with cuties or what!? I mean look at them!!! I just want to follow them now because of how adorable a bunch of these girls are!


Whoever you are, you're a stunner. I like you.

In fact, I kinda like all of you.

Damn Maachun, how are you doing two Idol groups at once? NMB not enough for ya?

That said, you're adorable here and the best singer of the bunch in my opinion, so you can stay~

This is my Platypus baby, isn't she adorable!? Officially my favourite of the lot!

Whilst all these girls are cuties, I do have to admit that this one looks a bit like an Alien to me XD Sorry!!!

That said, her ears are awesome! *^*

Ohoho, found another awesome voice in the group~ Well, more soft and pretty and well-rounded than awesome, but still! Another talented one in the bunch!

It's nice to find a none-squeaky girl in this group, honestly XD


ALL HAIL IDORU JESUS! He Hath returned in the form of Sunmyu's Center Idoru, here to give us joy in song and dance! Bow down!!!

Center-Jesus has a really cute smile, too! She shall dazzle you with her glorious chompers! Just don't look into her eyes, or she'll weep!!!

Platypus, don't run after him! Even if he's hot, I'm better for you! ;^; I'll buy you candy~?

Okay, let's get away from the fact that my Platypus baby denies my love for the hands of a man and go SHOPPING!!! YEEEAH!!!

Okay, holy shit those are some wide fucking eyes, and they are creeping the hell out o-O

The fuck, why does she look so god-damn CREEPY!?!?!?!?

Here because she's beautiful <3 Daaaamn, gurl!

JESUS!!! Forming the cross to forsake our sins!!!

Don't drop that now, girl! You break it, you buy it!

Honestly though, this a really pretty scene. I don't know why, but it caught my attention XD I guess Alien-chan just looks especially cute here~

Whoa, Platypus baby has a glorious smile!!! Ahhh, I love her more now! *^* Become my child!!! > ^<

Awww dangit, just hold his hand already!!! No need to heighten anticipation when we already know it's gonna happen!

Maachun: "Er, yeah, when does this end? I kinda need to get back to NMB for AKBingo..."

Hush Maachun, we'll be done when we're done! Now, bow your head in shame like the rest of the girls!

Center-Jesus: "These be my bitches, and this be mur Harem."

Er, you need to be a guy in order for this setup to qualify as a harem...

Center-Jesus: "If I say it's a Harem, it's a Harem, damnit!!!"


I'm just gonna throw this out there and all but honestly, this chick has the worst voice of the bunch. So yeah, pretty glad she doesn't sing as much as the others XD

You can't sing worth a dime either, but gert damnit, you're a cutie!!! <3

Another one for the road, just cause that platypus is the darned cutest thing I ever did saw! DAAAAAMN <3

A toothy Platypus is a Happy Platypus! D'awww, she so cute!!! <3

Lemme pinch dem cheeks! <3

Even with half her head cut off, when the Alien-One smiles, she looks really beautiful. She needs to smile more, damnit!!!

... Okay, that's not a smile, that's a smirk XD Still, she looks damn adorable doing it, so keep on smirking girl! <3

... Center-Jesus, why so miserable? Do you want a hanky for the tears?

Okay, this girl isn't shown enough in this entire MV, and she is by far one of the prettiest members. So, because the PV lacks her face, I will just stare at this image (or any others I managed to grab of her) all. Night. LONG!!!

Because she's worth it!

Awww a present, for me!? Thanks! But... why do you look like you're judging me? WHAT DID I DO?

What, is this cause I favour others over you? Well sorry for preferring the cutest Platypus alive! Hmph! Even I have preferences >___>

Well actually, you're all cute! My preference is all of you! Mostly the Platypus though, and the Beauty we barely see

Finally, a smile has cracked through the surface! It looks like a weepy smile, but I'll take what I can get with this one, so HURRAH!!

Okay, the PV's over which can only mean one thing; It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty side of this post and talk about it in Review. Arrrgh, the horrors! Still, this is actually one of my favourite parts of the whole process of reviewing a PV - writing the actual review! So now that we're done looking at all of the pretty pictures, let's have a talk about it shall we?

Honestly speaking, I really do like this song. I mean it's really squeaky and hardly any of the girls can actually sing in the studio recording of Hatsuyuki no Symphony, but aside from the lack of singing ability or the fact that they hurt my ears a bit... I do think this song is precious. It's delightful, it has a sweet melody and it feels very loving and Christmassy, two things I rather like when it comes to my Idol songs! I like a lot about Idol songs, granted, but when you bundle love with the warm feeling of a Christmas tune it makes things so much more... special, if you know what I mean. This song, in all of its squeaky glory, is pretty spectacular and seasonally appropriate as well, so that wins even more points! The instrumental is really well done, and factoring in how much I enjoy it I can forget about the horrible vocals for a bit and enjoy the song in all of its glory. It's a pretty song! I like pretty songs, so of course, I really like this one!

And of course, I ramble on too much, but I do think the song itself is really well done, one of the nicest Christmas songs I've heard so far this year from an Idol group, and whilst Hatsuyuki no Symphony isn't my favourite song of the year or this season, it is one of the songs I return to frequently. So, there is that!

Speaking of the PV though, I actually prefer the song over the video itself. The video is pretty to watch, don't get me wrong, but it's also rather boring as well. In all of its simplistic glory, and we all know how I love simplicity, this video didn't exactly capture me like I would have liked it to; I didn't see enough progress in the barely-there story line, nor did I see enough of the other girls who weren't a part of what I suppose is 'The Big Four' of the group. Really, aside from a pretty dance and some nice shots (that seemed to have been tampered with far too much soft focus for my liking) this PV was rather bland in how it looked. Thankfully some of the girls managed to appeal to me, so I was saved from a dull video and an Idol lead who looked like she wanted to cry instead of act like she was in love.

It's a sweet enough PV, but for me it was also quite boring to watch and it felt like some of the performance wasn't really performed that well. The dance itself was cute, the girls are really pretty to look at, giving a pleasing view to the video itself, and the shots were nicely done but layered with far too much soft focus. I'm glad it was simple, because the simplicity works for the video itself as a whole, but it felt like it was lacking something more.

Overall, I prefer the song over the video, however finding and listening to Hatsuyuki no Symphony has somewhat intrigued me, allowing me to feel the need to look at the other songs from Sunmyu and to see how they perform in them. Who knows, maybe next year I will be reviewing more of their songs? We will have to wait and see...

A sweet but squeaky symphony, the perfect setting for a winters date! Did you enjoy what was given this year?

Until next time,

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  1. I liked the style of the group in this PV until I saw a wide shot of them in their whities and realised I could be watching a pageant where they're all wearing tooth costumes because that's kinda what they look like, expecially in that shot where they're all standing side by side in full toothy grin formation. Then I imagined them being chased around by two dudes in black ninja garb wielding an almighty big toothbrush and realised what a damn great opportunity for awesome was missed in choreographing this PV. I can't be the only one to have thought this. I mean, hello... ob~vi~ouuus!