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[12 Days of Idols] It's A Very Fluffy Christmas Time! So Let's Become Adorable with SKE48's '12-gatsu no Kangaroo' Music Video! Let's Get FLUFFY!

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Christmas is the time of year where we can dress real cute. Well, we can actually dress really cute all year round, but when it comes to the Winter season we can become these fluffy bundles of cuddles that are warm, cosy and adorable to look at! Sure, it's a pain in the arse to layer up because of the cold, but we look downright adorable doing so! Think of all those fluffy hats, the stylish coats and pretty scarfs... ahhh, the Winter time is truly a year of fashion and fluffiness!

Still, when we do it wrong, we look like divs who have no clue how much fluff they're putting on, but who really cares? WINTER FLUFFINESS, it's so good! And what better way to celebrate the true cuteness of winter clothing than SKE48?

In all of its adorable Christmas glory, how cute will SKE48 become? Tis' the season to be fluffy...~

8 Days and Counting, Oh please Idols send to me...

Christmas Kanagroo's via SKE!

Ah, SKE48, how have I ignored you for this long? No clue, because I actually do enjoy SKE48 - they are by far the best 48 group out there right now right next to NMB48, usually bringing out the best type of music and also one of the two groups that holds some of the most talented girls, though that is my view of SKE48. To me, they have the better singers and one of the better images as well, and I suppose that's why I like them.

Still, somehow I managed to ignore them and the rest of the 48's this year, probably because AKS as a whole has been rather boring lately. Ah, well~

That said, SKE48 did somehow manage to capture me again this year, though that's only because they brought out a Christmas/Winter-themed song, and when it comes to Christmas jingles I am all over that music like a bad rash, so of course I just had to watch and listen to whatever they were bringing out, no matter how stupid the title looked when I first saw what it was called. Who cares if it's about Kangaroo's? IT'S A CHRISTMAS SONG! Who cares if it sounds like a lack-luster, watered-down variant of Oki Doki? CHRISTMAS! Who gives two flying fucks that this sounds like a cast-off song for toddler-group HKT48? FUCKING CHRISTMAS! So it's time to unwrap my period of ignoring them, because gosh-darnit, it's CHRISTMAS!

This is SKE48's Mother-fuckin' Christmas single, and hells to the YEAH am I reviewing it! Get your jingle bells ringing, it's time for 12-gatsu no Kangaroo!


We've only just opened up the video, and already we have a miserable-looking AKS member. Ahhh, is it really that hard in a popular group where finally, you're one of the two center's!?

Misery-guts: "Ahhh, I wanted to be the one and only center..."

Oho, so she's just greedy~


Okay, this is adorable. I also really want their coats and scarves for myself! NYAHA!

Also, they're clearly in a snow globe. Spoilers~

Aww fuck yeah, JUMPING! I love me some energetic jumping and flying coat skirts!

Misery-guts is not impressed by the jumping. Also, she wants to eat your soul by the looks of her face...

Have fun being devoured, peons of SKE48! MUAHAHA!!!

Okay, this one is adorable. Thank goodness there is someone here who knows how to express emotion!

Pigtails: "Ermagerd, HIII!!!"

Already fighting for the camera, I see~ Also, all of these ones are ADORABLE! And there's a forehead behind them that looks very cute!

Fish-Eyes has caught herself a Loli! Quick, run girl, or she'll devour your soul so that she can continue her Idol domination!

And another adorable one has landed! Seriously, when did SKE48 get so young they became adorable and less cool?

Ehhh, whatever!

Cutie-Pie-Syndrome: "Gimme a Huuuuuuuug!!!"

Is that a stretch? Is that a yawn? No, it's a sign for a HUG!!!

Misery-Guts: "Don't fucking touch me, peon."
Cutie-Pie-Syndrome: "Ehehehe, I know you love me, TsunTusn~"

Ooooh, someone's been rejected!

No clue who any of these girls are, though pigtails looks like some JE kid moonlighting as an SKE48 member here...

Oh wait, it's Milky. No wonder I got those JE vibes... but isn't she meant to be in NMB!? I reject the idea that they did that stupid shuffle this year. Ew

Awww, so damn FLUFFY!!! I want to pinch your cheeks too, little girl~

Step away from the most-likely underage Loli, Chiima!!!

Forehead-chan looks freakin' adorable, everyone else can step aside and let her become center. D'awww~

Actually, she looks like a cuter Loli version of Maeda Atsuko, but more adorbs and with pinch-able cheeks! <3

Wait, isn't the center one here Sato Sumire? YEAH, I RECOGNISED ONE! I would know that demonic forced smile and wide-eyed fear anywhere!

Jurina: "Winku~"


Hi! Hi! Hi!

Okay, I admit, the neon lights are bloody adorable and really add to the cuteness of this entire shot. Also, makes it feel that tad more Christmassy!

Emotion, dear, EMOTION!!! Put some smile and sass into it!

FFS, these toddler Idols, so unprofessional! Hrmph!

You though, I like you~ You can stay you adorable little thing, you!

Holy shit, that's white o-O

Also, cuddle buddies! ^o^

Ah shit, watch where you're running, girls! You could knock over poor Fish-Eyes if you ain't careful!

The fluffiest group hug EVER! This is how all the SKE girls keep warm in the cold winter months~

Is it just me, or does this girl look like she's wearing a promotional outfit for McDonald's? All she needs to complete the look is a McCheese Burger!

Oh wow, looks like we're going a bit Yuri here, KISSY TIME BETWEEN THE CENTERS!!!

Gotta get in some fanservice for the Wota, aye? ;D

Misery-Guts: "Ahhh, where the fuck is this damn bus? Don't they know I'm a fuckin' CENTER? Center's don't wait!!!"
Jurina: "Fucking kids, stealing my center spotlight... -mumble grumble-"

The pipes on the bus have frosted over, it ain't coming!

Oh, oh a lip bite... the cutest lip bite ever... ahhhhh, what is she doing to me!?

And... And then a smile! Arrrrrrgh, the double-whammy! My kokoro be unfreezing!!!

Fish-Eyes looks exceptionally cute in her winter gear. Actually, I kinda wanna cuddle her in all that fluff...

And where she was cute, suddenly she shows off a gorgeous, stunning look to the side! Ah, Matsui Rena, why are you so beautiful in all your Fish-Eyed glory!?


Okay, what? Are you kidding? Are you seriously fucking kidding? This I expect from H!P or HKT, but SKE48? NO! Nope. Nuh uh. This has to be a joke!

Basu-Driver: "It's not a joke, we couldn't afford a real bus..."

WHAT!? BUT YOU'RE MANAGED BY AKS! Your management is rolling in fucking money!

Basu-Driver: "Well, yes, but we're also overrun with toddlers right now. At least, the center positions are toddlers..."

Ahhh, it makes sense. No wonder we went down the Mini Moni route with this MV! It's cause the center's are 12 year olds >__>

Actually, they're 16 and 17 years old, but who cares?

Okay, I admit, this is a really pretty scene. I do like how it's done, though it's very... white and stark... XD

CUTIE!!! Is this center-girl finally gaining some emotion!?

OHO, MORE YURI! I accept!!!

So long as the girls are of age and consenting

By the way, who the Heck is trolling them in that gap before they kiss? She hoping to get in there or something? XD Major cock-blocking there!

Sumire: "Smoochy smoochy, Center-chan~"

Jurina ain't givin' her lips up to no one but Fish-Eyes!

Holy cow, Forehead-chan is a Zombie! Ahhh, the cutest Zombie ever though!

AHHHH, OMFG SHE'S FUCKIN' ADORABLE!!!! Definitely my favourite of the current toddlers in SKE, OMG!!! <3

No clue who she is, but Fish-Eyes wants to kiss her! Fish-Eyes, no! Your lips must only be for Jurina!!!

Fish-Eyes: "But her skin is so... so young and youthful... ahhh, I need to kiss her, I need... to suck out... her soul..."

Aww shit, rena has her new prey! o-O

It's a full bus! Quick, step on it, Joe! We need to take them back to the AKS building where they can't run away!!!

... Well, isn't that, erm... symbolic o 3o

ALL THE CENTER'S!!! Loving how expressive Misery-Guts is, too~

Oh look, Milky's managed to fish the camera as well somehow! Girl, go back to JE XD

AS I THOUGHT! They trapped their cuteness and youth in the snow globe! Now... MAKE THEM DANCE >8D

Cutie-Pie-Syndrome: "Hehe, dance puppets, dance~"

I would feel sick if they shook me around whilst in a snow globe, not gonna lie.

Awww, how cute!!! The girls are hugging their JE boyfriend, Milky!

This scene in general is damn adorable, so let's just stare at it for a while!

All the cutie pies on the bus say AYE-OH!

SKE48: "Aaaaaaaye~OH!"

Jurina fist-bumping her prodigy there in the front, I see~

Damn adorable. Honestly, if I ever thought Jurina was incapable of cuteness, I was wrong!

And Rena is milking the adorbs! Ahhh, Rena, why the fuck are you so gosh-darned cute!?

McDonald's is also a looker, and I want her. She's so fluffy, I wanna cuddle her!!! Also, can I have some fries with that hug? Thanks~

I am legit jealous of those ear muffs, and how cute this kid is! Why can't I be this adorable!?

You might just be my second favourite, whoever you are~ You're gorgeous!

Seriously, I need to start learning a few names XD

By the way, is Basu-Driver Sae? I thought Sae had jumped ship to SNH48?

Ehh, whatever, she's a hawt Basu-Driver XD Probably the only one old enough to drive a bus too, no doubt XD

Milky be surprised! Her friend, however, don't curr!

I like the one who don't curr. Basically, I like them all xD

Sumire: "Stop... stop poking me, you weirdo..."
Weirdo: "Nuuupe~ Ehehe, so soft~"

Oh wow, Sumire does not look impressed XD Maybe she heard about the new name for S/mileage? Er, I mean ANGERME...

FOREHEAD!!! God damnit, she is so damn adorable! Best forehead EVER, and I'm not usually a big fan of foreheads, so she's my exception!

Holy shi--- well kid, ain't you got some chompers on ya? You could cause damage with those things!

Rena approves of her new Chompy friend!

Fish-Eyes: "Yes, my little one, yes... Eat all the souls with that smile, yes...~"

o-O This is a dangerous duo, guys!

Jurina's so pretty, though her Misery-Guts of a friend really needs to learn the art of expression a bit...

Still, cute scene <3

Oh Jurina, what a sexy face~ xD Quite possibly the best screen caption of the entire post, just cause Jurina is so lovely in it XD

Also, Rena <3


I'll have one of each, please! Actually scratch that, two of the forehead and two of the Sleepy Fish-Eyed Rena!

You know, I'd be a little freaked out if I had a bunch of Idols trapped in a small snow globe... like, how do you feed them? They could die in there!

And yet, these sick little Idols are entertained by the hostages! How cruel!

And so ends this adorableness for one day, with my cute Forehead Zombie right in the middle there, forehead on show for all to see! Ahhh, how lovely!

Now, who wants to go and buy some real cute winter coats with me? Anyone? No? Okay... );

Okay, I'm going to state the obvious here and say that this PV was downright adorable. Seriously, this is really cute as a video, though not something I would expect from SKE48 really. Actually, it feels more like a HKT48 PV and song, however I've gotten used to the fact that SKE48 performed this and whilst it feels weird seeing them act so... youthful in a way, it's rather refreshing I suppose. Still, it's definitely not what I would expect from SKE, though it's nice to see them perform something quite cute and energetic once in a while,e specially for a Christmas-themed song.

Really, it's sweet!

So 12-gatsu no Kangaroo, how can I describe it other than 'adorable' and 'wonderfully Christmassy'... well, it's fun! When I first heard the preview for the song my immediate thoughts were that it was a really fun sounding song, one that is catchy and entertaining, but also that it sounded like a cheap knock-off of Oki Doki, though I don't mind so much now because I actually love that song... still, it sounds like a knock-off, and I won't ever shake that feeling away any time soon. That said, I do enjoy the sound of 12-gatsu no Kangaroo greatly! It's a very quirky song that is memorable and a ball of fun to listen to, so for being a rip-off, it is forgiven.

The video is also really fun to watch, though definitely not the sort of video I expected to come from SKE48. When I saw who the two new center's were, even though I have no clue what their names are, I do think the video suits their cute and innocent image, however it feels strange thinking that this is a video from a group I classify as 'cool' and 'mature' in look and sound.  Well, for these two new center girls it really does work, and it was nice to see Jurina and Rena in a setting that was less mature and more cutesy and cuddly, because they both look absolutely lovely here! I can't get over how cute they both look, especially Rena! She is so fluffy and I can't help but like her more after watching this, though in general she has been catching my eye in the few music videos I have seen her in lately. She's a stunner, and honestly, she was probably one of the girls who caught most of my attention in the video... well, aside from the cutie-pie with a lovely forehead!


Okay, so it looks like something HKT48 would do rather than SKE48, but it's still a good music video. It's fun and colourful, and whilst it seems like it would be more suited for a kids' TV show (say hello to the animated bus!) or even a kid-based Idol group, it is really sweet and innocent. Honestly, I do think that kids would like this PV a bit more than adults if you're not into really childish, bright and colourful videos because it's what most kids would probably enjoy - a burst of colour, a lot of energetic dancing with really easy to follow dance steps, a lot of damn cute animal ear impersonations and a catchy song with memorable lyrics! Because I am a kid at heart, I do like the look and feel of the finished video admittedly, and I find it really appealing to watch! I just love how it was done, how all the girls look in their adorable winter costumes and how bright the song itself is!

As a whole, 12-gatsu no Kangaroo is a really sweet PV that is fun to watch, with a nice little ditty to accompany it. The image is not what I expected from SKE48, however for Christmas I think this is the perfect image to portray, especially for kids or those who love to watch something cute and innocent during the season of giving. For me in general, I find that 12-gatsu no Kangaroo, even in all of its weird-titled glory, is a great new addition to my 2014 Winter x Christmas playlist, and a wonderful video to watch to really get me in the mood for the Christmas period that I am currently going through!

For this Christmas season, will you wear something adorable as well and become overwhelmed with fluffy cuteness?

Ah, it's such an adorable time of the year! I wonder if it will be this cute next time?

Until we meet again~

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  1. Chiima has a serious case of potty mouth this post. Go to your room right this minute FFS!

    Last time it was ears. This time it's foreheads. Chiima I had no idea you were such a connoisseur of all sorts of random anatomy. Next week - clavicle eye candy!

    Sonda is too confused about what Kangaroos are doing featured in the title of a winter Christmas song. It's summer down here. I can assure you all the Kangaroos are spending their time lounging by the pool, sipping cool drinks through silly spiral straws and eating icy poles.