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[12 Days of Idols] It's Crackers! It's Cray Cray! It's a Sugar-Dosed Meririririririririririririririririririririri CHRISTMAS! Ah, It's the Shooting Star Girls' 'Meriririririri Christmas' PV!

All thoughts and opinions within this review are my own and no one else's. What I say about the group, the song and PV within this post should not affect you in any way. If it does, why? Why should it affect you? It's my Damned opinion, not yours. If I want to be a cow, so be it, but it shouldn't affect your everyday life. Don't take what I say as fact, okay? That is all.

Okay, Christmas is nearly here! Ah it's so close, I can almost taste it! The jelly, the Christmas dinner on the table, my family bickering over something and the sound of Christmas crackers being pulled, not to mention wrapping paper decorating the floor! The delights of Christmas, I can't wait to see/hear/smell you all over again! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

And so, what better way to show off my excitement than a long screen-cap PV review, one of a hyperactive PV and song to boot!? Counting down the last days to Christmas, let's all dose up on sugar and get happy and HYPER! Are you ready to act cray cray with me!?

3 Days until Christmas, are you excited yet!? Let's go have some FUN!!!

3 Days, it's coming! What will the Idols send to me?

Before now, I never knew who the group Shooting Star Girls (or Ryuseigun Shoujo, to be more accurate) was or how long they have been around, though I think I heard or read their name in passing once or twice. I never actively went looking for them, nor did I really mind much that I was unaware of them, but upon finding this video for their fourth single, a Christmas track no less, I was suddenly intrigued.

Really though, with a song like this and a video that cute, how could I not be? I'd be a tad cray if I wasn't at least a little interested.


So, I found this video and song on youtube when looking for an abundance of Idol PV's to review this year, oh gosh, did this make me happy upon finding it! A video and song I never expected to find, this is something special I think. Okay, not that special, but the fact that it was one of those PV's I knew immediately I wanted to review eventually, well that speaks volumes for me. Seriously, it's addictive! After watching and hearing it, it's the sort of song that has been on a loop this season for me, alongside Star Shine Story, SNOW DISTANCE, Stay with me and Mr.Snowman (holy shit, that's a lotta 's's) and has, quite quickly, become one of my favourite Christmas tunes of this Winter! And why wouldn't it be a favourite? It's hyperactive, quirky and downright adorable, not to mention super-Christmasy in sound and look!

So, of course, I have fallen for it hard, because it's so darned wonderful. Some would beg to differ, but honestly, I really do enjoy it! The energy and smiles that these girls have is absolutely amazing, and whilst the budget probably isn't the best,t his is still a really sweet, really fun PV to watch this Christmas season, and by far one of the friendliest I have seen. Who cares at how professional it could have been? It's FUN! And what is Christmas like in my mind? Yeah, that's right; FUN!

So get your Santa Hats on and pull out the crackers and party poppers, because we're going to a party with a bunch of nutty kids! Had your sugar overdose yet? Well you might need it, because be warned; these girls are a little crazy.

It's time for a Meriririririri Christmas with the Shooting Star Girls! Are you ready to go in and experience their own brand of nutty, because I sure am! Let's GO!!!

Whilst never one for overly-small baby Idols, these kids are fuckin' cute. Just sayin'

LET THE PARTAY BEGIN! Break out the alcohol!

I mean... adult soda for Chiima... >____> You kids can have some pepsi or whatever it is you drink nowadays.

Holy shit, they both have lovely looking ears, and fabulous grins! WHICH TO CHOOSE FROM!?

Oh wow, is that a Llama/Alpacca/Sheep-hybrid plushie you got there!? I WANT ONE!

Grinny: "Holy shit, these blasted blighters are a noisy lot, aye!?"

Literally my mother every time I blast out the Japanese Christmas tunes ever December!

Little One is looking moody! Now happy that your spotlight's getting stolen by some randomer, sweety pie?

Little One: "Heeey, I want the cameraaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Tough shit kid, the smilers gettin' the camera!

... Okay, what the fuck, why does the Little One look like she's ready to murder me!? HELP?

I have no idea what this chicks on, but holy shit, I LOVE HER, CAN I KEEP HER!?

She's so fucking crazy with all her weird facial expressions, but that's what makes her wonderful in my demented mind!


I don't think this kid needs sugar to go cray cray, cause she IS what cray cray is all about on a normal day!

That said, all of them could lay off their sugar, their a bit nuts!

I found a wink, and it's a good one! Finally, an Idol who can wink with perfection!

Little One in the background there is not fucking impressed. Maybe it's because she's wearing a jumper with god-awful pompoms tacked onto the front?

Christmas Jumper hater, right here!

Okay, this ones a little sweety. I can see her winning many hearts with that face, those ears and them gnashers.

Holy shit, for a second there, this PV seemed a tad calm and... normal? o-O

Normal, what is that?

This girl is also a favourite, and she's a cutie.

The little one in the background also entertains me greatly in this.

AND THE CRAZY IS BACK!!! She's with her chompy friend, too!

You know, this video kind of reminds me of my own Family Christmas when we get together...

'cept we kinda don't have some insane cuties running around like fucking lunatics!

The cuteness is getting so HIIIIGH in here~

Little One is finally getting herself some camera time, but the Pretty One ain't havin' none of that, nuh-uh!


Hog that camera, baby! Shine bright like a diamond~

I love it when my Crazy and her Kinda-Miyamoto-Karin-look-alike friend turn up for my entertainment, they're just so adorbs~

And damn she looks down-right adorbs when she's acting like she's not dosed herself up on sugar and candy canes! Her friend is so cute, too!

That little cutie with the yaeba is also worming her way into my heart! Keep being adorable, kiddo!

Pretty One: "Here, have a gift."
Chompy: "What, for me?"
O'Pretty: "No, it was someone else's. I stole it."

Is Little One holding a Bread Pillow in the background? I WANT IT!

Ma Cray Bae be back!

And gosh darnit, isn't she the cutest little stinker you ever did see!?


Y'all know what they say about people with big feet ;D or was it just men? Oh... okay...

Holy shit O'Pretty, are you trying to choke the competition!?

For crying out loud girl, if you're gonna go for murder to cut down the competition, DON'T DO IT WHEN FILMING!

Legit reaction to screen-capping this scene:

Is... Is that fucking croissant?

What the fuck is croissant doing in a Christmas PV?

That said, it looks like a damn good croissant!

Little One wants one, too!

But wait! Our Little One has a baguette! NO NEED FOR CROISSANTS!

Seriously though, what is it with these girls and fucking BREAD!?


Grinny, don't just grin! HELP OUT A BIT!



I can't even guys, I CAN'T!!!

Wait, is that...


O'Pretty: "Nothing to see here, folks~"


A Little One for all the Little Fans out there~

Oh wow, nice glasses, girls! Where can I get a pair? Specsavers?

Little One: "Stop stealing my SPOTLIGHT!!!"

Our little One isn't taking too kindly to being pushed away from her beloved Camera-san! Fighting like this also reminds me of my family Christmases!

Okay, Little One has a surprisingly good voice for a kid o-O

Also... what is the girl in the background doing?

BEAUTIFUL! Bestest picture EVAR!!!

So cute, light shines around Little One!

Anyway noticing how sweet Cray Cray looks here, too? DAMN ADORBS!

Grinny looking a tad like Yajima Maimi here is gettin' in on her camera time, OH YEAH!

But watch out, Little One has a mallet! She'll bash yer 'ead in if you get too close!

Oh is that a present, for me!? Finally, I was recognised!!! KOUHAI!!! <3

Grinny, what the fuck are you doing? No, DON'T EAT THE BUBBLES!!!

Cray Cray, stop feeding her bubbles! GAAAH!!!

Hey Little One, those your beer goggles?

Damnit though, she's freakin' adorable! When she smiles it's like SHIIIINE!!!

Fucking adorable, I like you! I like you ALL!!!

A buncha cute little stinhers, THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE!!!

Can I have a hug from each of you, now!? C'mon, gimme!!!

This is a picture full of ADORBS and Yaeba <3

YAEBA ATTACK! And a bit of a derpy Grinny, coming from the back!

So, Chef Cutie, how is whatever the fuck it is your eating?

Chef Cutie: "Dewishus~"

AWESOME, now gimme some of dat~

Er... Cray Cray, are you a little Drunk Drunk right now?

Cray Cray: "Mhm... yesssh, I mean... I mean nuuu~?"

Oh wow, that cake looks disgusting xD What did you girls DO to it!?

Urgh, fine, ignore me in favour of the food porn you have going on there.

CRAY CRAY! You have some attractive cake for me!? Aww, how sweet! And look, Chompy has some too...

Wait, what!? IT'S NOT FOR ME!?

Cray Cray: "Muahahaha~"

... Is Grinny going to smush that cake into the kids face!? NOOO, WATCH OUT, KID!

Dat Lip Bite, though! Damn, Grinny! You have an attractive lip bite going on, there! NOM!

Little One: "OMG, is that... CAKE!?"
Grinny: "Yes, Little One, this is cake..."
Little One: "ER EM GEE!!!"

Jeebus and Heaven to Betsy, can here eyes get ANY wider!?


Party Poppers, cause ma Cray Bae be here for me! AW YEAH!!!

Okay, this is damn adorable, but who the fuck is creeping there in the middle!? XD

... Okay, what the heck is with that face? XD Is this girl naturally a troll!?

O'Pretty: "It's true, she's a born troll!"
Troll: "You got me!"

She's a cute troll, though!

Cray Bae and her Chompy friend, both adorable beyond compare! <3

Good lord, this bunch is pretty darn adorable. Can I have them all?


Grinny is that one drunk uncle you always invite to your Christmas parties...

Grinny: "So Help me Lordeh, I need me another drink..."

Wait... is - is that a look of love across the room I see before me!? Why, it is! Cray Bae and Chompy, they are lovers!

I KNEW IT!!! >8D


In general, everything about this PV is cute. I just want it all, even when it looks like this!

Oh hey look, picture perfect again! O'Pretty is looking cutely awkward though, not that I mind~

This is adorable beyond measure, and completely calm. I'm scared by this calm image of these girls o-O

I know what they're capable of!!!

Adorbs, absolutely adorbs, and quite possibly one of the best quality screen shots from this entire music video! I see no blur aside from the bubbles in sight! SWEET!

Y'all can fool others with this, but I know you're batshit crazy!

I don't mind though, I look your cute brand of weird! In fact, I LOVE IT!

And of course, it has to end with Grinny taking the entire damn shot XD You go Grinny!

Holy moly, that PV was cute, and a bit hyperactive and cramped. A little like Christmas in my folks' house...

Ahhh, similarities. It's nice to compare my own Christmas experience to an Idol PV, even if they aren't that similar. Still though, it reminds me of how nice Christmas is here, not that I even needed reminding, really... xD

Anywho... when I first found this video, like I said, I really enjoyed it and fell in love with Meriririririri Christmas as a whole. The hyperactive look and feel to it, the sugar-induced activity that goes on in the entire video and the really fun Christmas sound the song has really drew me in to the entire video upon watching it. It has such a friendly, loving atmosphere, one that is a tad bonkers but also very endearing as well.

So of course, being a tad bonkers myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this PV, finding it to be a perfect introduction to Shooting Star Girls for myself because yes, this was the first song and video I had ever heard/seen from them, and despite the small scale of it all and how crowded it seemed at times, I really thought that this PV was a perfect representation of Christmas for some, and a perfect way to show off a childish, friendly side to the group that I adore when watching the video; seriously, it's wonderful to see the closeness of all the girls and how they just look so darned happy to be there! It's really great, and it makes the video seem real and charming, rather than forced and, well... less than charming.

For such young girls (seriously, how old are they all? 5-12?) they are really captivating in their performance! Then again, this may be because they haven't been restricted by costumes or a set choreography, and were probably told to let loose and go a bit wild, do what they wanted to do and all that jazz, allowing for them to act naturally and to just have a really good time whilst also filming a PV! Two birds, one stone.

Of all the videos I have seen this year I will admit that, of them all, this is quite possibly one of the cheapest of the bunch, but who cares? It's very clear that the girls in the PV are enjoying themselves, and that is what makes the video so fun! Of the other videos I've seen, everything was formal and structured, though fun its own way, but also overly processed and strict. Here, it's a different story; the girls aren't restricted to just doing what a director tells them to do (though a director may be behind this a tad...) with the only structured scenes being the ones where they are laying on the bed, and seem to do their own thing, performing in front of a camera that probably had no one behind it and dancing around like lunatics, hitting each other with props provided, eating cake and generally having a jolly old time that feels warm and cuddly! Of course they are performing, given they constantly go up to the camera, however you can still see them having fun in the background and playing with each other when it isn't their turn, which reassures me of the warmth and closeness this video holds.

Speaking of the closeness...

Did you guys notice the amount of contact these girls have with each other in the video? That's really melting my ice cold heart right here, you know? It's so sweet! Not only is the video close in how small it is, but close in how the girls feel towards each other, if you get what I mean. Like, the girls seem to all be on really good terms with each other, some more so with others and all, but they seem to have good relationship regardless. That's awesome to see, to be honest, and seeing this video and how close these girls are makes me realise how in most PV's, the members of some groups don't feel that close or natural like the relationship between the members of Shooting Star Girls in Meriririririri Christmas. I wish it was more apparent in videos and not forced like some of the bigger Idol groups, but seeing it here is really nice and also enjoyable to see; I like seeing that bond between Idols in the same group, no matter their age.

Now in regards to the song, if you have already listened to it, did others notice that Meriririririri Christmas is a song made up of other existing songs? I mean I have no issue with this, because I actually enjoy the mash-up of songs used here, it makes it fun and cheerful in its own way. That said, it did also remind me of the cray-fest that is Momoiro Clover Z's Santa-san heavily. Given I also enjoyed that song at one point, this is a good thing because let's be honest; Santa-san is wonderful and perfect for this season of being jolly and, in general, a bit nuts.

Okay, I can't pin-point all songs used in Meriririririri Christmas, however I did pin-point Merry Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon in there towards the end of the video (huh, did not expect that!) and I was also surprised to hear some of Koi no Dial 6700 in there, too (how the heck did that get in there...?) and, surprisingly, it fit! There are a bunch of other Christmas songs and carols thrown into the instrumental that I can't remember too well, but I know they are there, and it does make for an interesting mix and a rather hyperactive, fun song that is, overall, pretty damn addictive!

As a whole, Meriririririri Christmas is a ball of fun that is suuuuuper close and super cute! It's not a high-budget PV, however it is one that shows the strength of closeness between the members of a really adorable group, and how nuts they can all be when together and in front of a camera doing what the heck they please. It may look more like a home-video than a cute, well-structured Idol PV, but it is a really wonderful home-like PV that feels warm and festive, making it absolutely perfect for the Christmas season.

Even without much of a budget, you can still create something cute and festive, something that reminds us of home and family. So for me, this PV is something special and to be treasured among the others, because it feels so personal and loving, something the other music videos have lacked. Thanks to that personal touch, Shooting Star Girls have won a place in my heart.

When it comes to Christmas, just rock the cray and get your nutty side out! That way, everything's a little more FUN! A Nutty Christmas = A Happy Christmas, wouldn't you agree?

3 days and counting... Are YOU excited!?

Until next time~

Much Love,

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