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Unicorns Not Included: Are You Ready for the Cupitron Parade!? - 'Unicorn Parade' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are, first and foremost, my own. If you do not agree with me, then that is perfectly fine, just don't offend if you dislike what I write. Respect is key here; You respect me, and I shall respect you back. Thank you very much.

Question time! What happens when you merge together Megatron, cute-ass little aliens and Idols?

Motherfucin' Cupitron, that's what!

This is what happens when you combine Megatron and Perfume and force them to procreate. That said, I am not really complaining. It brought us these Cutie Trons, after all!

Everyone, say a big hello and hurrah to Cupitron, the latest group to join the slowly but surely growing Kiss Point Records, home to Tsuribit, that fishing x Idol unit. Already I feel that this company is going to be dead set on gimmickin' up the groups a tad, and honestly, Cupitron is no exception! Do you like cute-as-a-button girls with angelic faces? Do you like techno pop so over-riddled with reverb and auto-tune that you have no clue if it's all three of them singing, or just one? Do you like fuckin' ROBOTS in your videos? Well, tick those check boxes, because here comes Cupitron! Stinkin' cute Angels with a robotic vibe, at your service!

I highly doubt they will disappoint, because seriously, I have not been disappointed, at least not with Unicorn Parade! And yes, I am being serious. Aren't I always?

For a group that's pretty new, having debuted only this year with this being their second song overall but the first release physically, I feel like Cupitron has had a pretty strong introduction into the Idol world. Okay, so I may not have been there when they initially debuted, but after having recently giving them a proper look... well, I'm really happy I took a chance on the group! I know I'm not the biggest Techno-fiend out there, but having listened to this song and watching the video, I am rather glad that Cupitron managed to capture my attention! I don't usually go for techno music, so realising that I really like this song (I really like it) was a surprising experience. Currently it's my most played song, and after hearing it only three times, my sister is sick of me playing it.

Good thing I'm in University and she's not. Now I just have nine other people to piss off with the repetition of this glorious song! HAHA!

Okay okay, I'll shut up for a bit now, because the intro is getting long, and anyway, I'm not talking about the song much today; instead, it is the PV I have a focus on, because it is this amazing video that is the reason I am actually intrigued fascinated by the entity that is Cupitron! So, buckle your seat-belts lads, because we're in for a galactic ride! Yes, it's time for one of my massive PV reviews yet again, and this one is no exception!

Are you ready to go on an adventure into a Robotic Universe? Are you ready for some Angelic faced humanoids to entrance you with their sweetness? ARE YOU READY FOR LIFT OFF? If so, then get ready, because it's time for Cupitron and their hypnotic Unicorn Parade! Be warned, though; Unicorns not included!

Let's GO!!!

Holy all things gorgeous CinemaScope!

Good lord, this is one beautiful opening shot! THANK YOU, Camera People! -drools all over cameraman-san-

Holy Close-Ups BATMAN! This girl has some pretty eyes, and dem SPARKLES!


Is this a circuit board or a Techno City Metropolis? Oh, who cares, it looks AWESOME!!!

Reporting for Duty: Cupitron at your service! Beam 'em up, Scotty!

Cupitron: -dusts off space debris from their last adventures in Galactic Space Conundrum- "All in a days work~"

Cute and sassy! What next, stylish in their choreography?

Cupitron: "Don't you FABULOUS in our Choreography?"

THE SKIRTS POOF OUT! ERMAGERD! -dies of happiness-

And I think I just found my newest Loli to fangirl over, eep!

That said, Saika-Tron is adorable in a Soulless, doll-eyed way...

But my heart is set on Rina-Tron! Rina-Tron, give me your love!!!

Rina-Tron: The lights... they are calling me home...

Nichika-Tron really looks like a robot xD Actually, she suits the group well! Robot-Tron!!!

Good grief, look at how cute my little Rina-Tron is! DAMN ADORABLE!

And Crikey Malikey, Nichika-Tron is gorgeous! When she's not staring off into Robo-Space, she looks seriously lovely! Saika-Tron is also exceptionally lovely, in her dead-eyed way.

That is some damn pretty Kaleidoscope action going on there! Galactia, here I come!

Saika-Tron: *Gasp* Impressive effects!"

See, even Saika-Tron is amazed by the prettiness of the Kaleidoscope effect! SUGOII!

Saika-Tron: "I'm more surprised that you like the effects, actually!"


Holy shit, this scene is fucking ADORABLE.

And this gorgeous scenery is just fucking incredible. Props to KissPoint Records' editors, they know how to make a good fucking PV.

... Dude, I'm barely into a minute of this PV and already I am in love... that's awesome editing, there!

Holy shit, Saika-Tron's hands have fused together! o-O That, or she's doing the Vulcan salute!

Are they holding imaginary guns or praying to go back to Homeland Galactia, where they belong?

Nichika-Tron! A damn beauty, but when I try to screencap her, she ends up looking a tad goofy!

Eh, nothing wrong with a goofball in the Tron clan!

Nichika-Tron, are you trying to become an air-plane? I don't think that's going to fly if you wanna go home to Galactia...

Nichika-Tron: "I'm Buzz Lighter! To Infinity, and BEYOND!!!"

I'm actually surprised that, so far, the background hasn't distracted me all that much... I man, LAZERS! AND TINFOIL! IT'S SHINY!!!

And yet, the cuteness shines brightest of all... IN RINA-TRON!!! <3

Saika-Tron: "Bitch, I'm the cutest of them all!"

Ah shit, I offended Cupitron's Front and Center!

Saika-Tron: "Haha, I'm kidding, you fuck-nut."

Oh, well then.. PHEW!

Nichika-Tron, are you on a DJ Deck or...?

Oh wait, are you the Ship controller!? Yeah, I bet you're the Navigator on board, and you steer the ship!

What the fuck am I talking about?

Nichika-Tron: "..."

She is not impressed with my assumptions. That said, DAMN GURL, you fine!

Successfully spotted this groups A~chan


I swear, this is the best solo close-up I have seen since forever... cuter than Sayumi, I do not even regret saying that, nope NOPE!

I see Saika-Tron is trying to get in contact with Homeland Gactica!

Saika-Tron: "I want to go home, NOW! BEAM ME THE FUCK UP, IMBOCILES!"

Holy shit, this scene is so pretty! Whoever styled the PV, props to you!

Okay, is it mandatory to put a running scene in Idol PV's? At least, Kiss Point Records so far have had both girl groups they manage do running scenes... is it necessary?

Though this one looks like it could be for a hair commercial.

Run, Saika-Tron, run!

Look at my little cutie pants, running for her little life! Run, you adorable thing, RUN!!!

Holy shit, she's so fucking CUTE!

... Actually, doesn't she look a bit like Ishida Ayumi!? But cuter?

Aaaand we just went into first person point of viw.


You don't even realise how much this makes my stomach flip when watching this scene, do you? It's so COOL!

Holy shit, she is a cute little Alien, isn't she?

Actually, they're all cute little aliens. Fucking hell, what are these Loli's doing to me!?

Wait a seco--- IS THAT TANK? Holy shit guys, that's a fucking TANK behind them! Seriously!?

Shit just got real, a Galactic Tank is here! Jesus, what planet are these girls from to have a tank that can quite possibly shoot LAZER BEAMS from it!? This is so incredibly fuckin' awesome!

Holy shit... A LAZER TANK, GUYS!

I just want to poke her... -pokes-

Holy shit... that tank is AWESOME!!! I need to buy me one of those!

Good Lord, Nichika-Tron pulls off a beautiful awkward smile!

Okay, Saika-Tron is slowly creeping into my love meter... keep it up, Dead-eyes!

... Wait, doesn't she look a bit like Katsuta Rina!? Except her expression is a little more varied, eyes a tad deader? Holy cripes!

Holy fuck, Saika-Tron winked! This calls for love!


Wait, why does Rina-Tron look like an exceptionally cute imp in this scene!?


Saika-Tron... the fuck are you doing, you deluded creep? XD

Wait... YOU HAS A SOUL!? No one without a soul could be this silly and express such joy at being weird! Whoa...

Oh wait, you've returned to the dead-eyed expression of a Tron without her soul. Never mind~

Please don't suck my life out of me! EEP!

Nichika-Tron, you are so damn lovely... but I like how goofy you can look, too! It's your charm, I swear!

I love how amazing everything looks, and then we see the tacky chairs... well, not everything on Space Ship Cupitron can be extravagantly gorgeous! There's no use complaining!

Oh my little Rina-Tron, you are so adorable...

But please, don't smile like you have a Galactic Tank aiming at you. You look creepy.

My adorable little Alien, please smile... WITH FEELINGS!

Rina-Tron: "... I have come to reap your soul..."

Oh, fuck nuts...

Saika-Tron, why so sad? There is a ferris wheel behind you! Go ride the bloody thing and get happy! No one likes a sombre alien!

Surprisingly, these sparkles don't annoy me! Weird, right?

Okay, this scene looks pretty damn majestic! Let us look upon Queen Nichika-Tron, our Majestic Ruler of Galactia!!! ALL HAIL NICHIKA-TRON!!

If I had to choose one of these Aliens to be my bride, it would be this Majestic Tron. God damn, she's a beauty!

This little cutie would totally be my daughter. I'm adopting her!!!

So freakin' ADORABLE, sparkles shoot out of her smile and light up her eyes!

Cupitron: "STOP!!!"

... Hammer time?

My future Waifu Nichika-Tron looks so damn beautiful when she's having fun, don't you agree?


Rina-Tron, I love you you cute little critter, but your smile creeps me the fuck out...

HOLY FUCK, MEGATRON!? When the fuck did you get here!?

Megatron: "I've been in the background all day... I party hard on Spaceship Galactia."

Saika-Tron: "He parties with us all night long! IT'S MEGATRON!"

Well... now I know where the extensive budget on this PV went o-O

I swear, with each passing scene, I come to love Saika-Tron more and more...

She's a cute little shit, alright!?

Nichika-Tron and her non-existent eyebrows pleases me so much ;^;

Megatron: "Look, I do the Robot!"

Rina-Tron: "Not again, Megatron!"

Jesus Cripes, you are too freakin' ADORABLE! Have I told you that yet today!?

You're so fucking lovely to look at.

Cupitron gettin' down with their homey, Megatron! These girls really know how to party with the big shots!

This PV would clearly not be complete without a solo Megatron cameo-shot, so c'mon, Megatron, don't be shy!!!

Megatron: "I don't like photos..."

Awww yeah, my little critter, Rina-Tron, front and center! ROCK THE CENTER, MINI ONE!

Rina-Tron; "And may I present to you, my bitches."

Rina-Tron: "Megatron, I think you've had too much sake..."

Megatron: "But Megatron LIKE SAKE!!!"

Nichika-Tron: "... Well, shit..."

No one parties harder than Megatron!

Okay, when this girl puts emotion into her expression, she is helluva cute, adorable and drop damn beautiful! Gurl, let that smile reach your eyes more, it's becoming of you!

Nichika-Tron: "I'm aeat the camera!... Nah, I'm just shitting with ya!"

Random, fun-loving Goofball Nichika-Tron is my favourite version of her of all time.

Rina-Tron: "Aw shit, gotta fix me hair..."

Hell, even Tank-to-the-head smiling Rina-Tron is adorable to boot! I just want to hug this girl and feed her oreos all day long, because yes, she looks like an oreo's dipped in milk kinda gal.

Want a cookie, sweetie?

Rina-Tron: "I'll bite your hand off and dip it in milk."

Yowch. Touchy. Still Helluva adorable, though

Saika-Tron: "Say hello to my little friends!"

Presenting: CUPITRON! Baddest Galactic Aliens on planet Adorable! Their cuteness will surely be our undoing!

God-damn, she is a beauty! How did I ever doubt your powers of loveliness during the beginning of the video?

... Wait, did she soulless gaze mesmirise me!? NOOOOOO!!!

But hey, damn, this girl. THIS GIRL! She is fuckin' beautiful.

Marry me!

Yeah, you're just perfect. I have no other words to say than; PERFECT. ADORABLE. FUCKING CUTE CRITTERS. LOVELY AS FUCK.

Saika-Tron is on-point and our little critter of adorable evil is so damn cute it's not even funny. And then we have the goofball.

You're doing an elegant knee hike, Nichika-Tron, not hoisting up a sack of flour or kneeing a creep in the nuts. The fuck you doin', gurl!?

I'm questioning whether or not that is product placement I see in the background... hmmm... -peers-

Dat hair, tho.

... And then the imp just looks so impishly cute running. D'awwwww!

God damnit, they are adorable! Especially when they point up in the air as if they have Unicorn horns. So. Freakin'. ADORABLE!!!

Holy shit, multiple Cupitrons! This is even better than an army of multiple Rina-Trons in all their cute, adorably impish forms! GAH, the cuteness is far too much!

Is this how the world ends? We become overrun and, eventually, corrupted by cuteness? I would not be surprised.

And we essentially end where we begin, except she's looking down.

Wait... did she shut down!? Has Space Ship Galactica denied her!? NOOOOO, Saika-Tron! Don't shut down!!! NOOOOO!!!!

... Oh would ya lookit that, we've finished! But didn't we already see the title sequence!?

If you were expecting Unicorns and Parades, then you might have been disappointed after finishing this PV. I, however, was not disappointed. In fact, I was very much captivated. This PV seriously impressed me, and now I have fallen in love with this song.

This is what Cupitron has done to me.

Honestly speaking, I did not expect to like Cupitron; I thought that the group would bore me and provide another run-of-the-mill techno group layout that was bland and just... well, far too much like Perfume for my liking, but a lot cuter and a lot more predictable. These girls were not predictable, because whilst I expected something techno, I did not expect a very well done PV that clearly has a lot of thought put into it, and above all, very well-shot sequences that are visually enticing and overly addictive to watch.

I'm being serious here - I am addicted to this PV. The amount of times I have viewed it just to look at the sequences and the editing techniques is not even funny. For me, a videophile who loves to dissect what she watches, this is an editing dream and it's a bloody debut MV! Kiss Point Records only have two groups now, and already they have very powerful editing masters behind the computers, creating amazing shit like this! How the heck did that happen!? Oh wait, the company's under Nichion Inc; no wonder

Okay, so maybe I'm laying it a little thick with the praise for Cupitron, but I'm being honest here; the editing is impressive, especially from a debut PV for such a small group that is only starting out, and the scene layout of the PV is dazzling to look at. Visually it's pretty remarkable because it gives you a little bit of everything: colour, light, various effects, overlays, mirroring sequences... there's a lot to take in, plenty of things to admire and notice, and each time I watch it, it's fun to find something new! This could have been one giant cluster-fuck that was messy and over the top, but when I watch Cupitron's Unicorn Parade, I see some form of balance; it's never really too much, and yet there is still a lot to look at to keep it interesting.

It's not boring, and whilst it has no set story-line, none at all, it's still eye-catching and keeps you invested with each scene. I'm impressed by it, one would care to guess.

I love how this PV works, to put it simply. I love how vibrant it is one minute, and then another scene in we're in a completely different environment where the girls are running in slow-motion with a lower contrast to set the tone. I love the fast pacing of the Kaleidoscope scenes and the rushing scopes of the roads ahead, as if we're running and watching the city go by ourselves. Everything that goes on here is fun to watch and figure out, and honestly, I have yet to become bored of Unicorn Parade's PV! It's fun, and I find it pretty incredible to look at!

For any regular viewer who does not have my weird affliction for the inner workings of PV's, this is genuinely a wonderful music video to indulge in. It doesn't have a great plot like an AKS PV does, but it doesn't have a stagnant look to its style like Hello! Project's older PV's did either. Visually, it's addicting to watch because there is so much going on, so you have a lot to look out for. Also, there are pretty damn adorable girls in the video as well!

If you're not one for mise-en scĂ©ne like I am, then definitely check Unicorn Parade out for the girls, because they themselves are wonderful to watch and just as addictive as the layout of the video! Honestly, when I first watched the video, I had very little interest in either Saika or Nichika, but after finishing the video I found something to adore about them both. As a whole, Cupitron is a group of girls who are adorable yet talented together, but individually they have varying expressions and ways of standing out that is amazing to look out for when you watch them in action. Take Nichika, for example; she has quirks about her that intrigue me more than the other girls when she's dancing - she looks involved with the song, and thus I want to involve myself in watching her more. It's the same with Rina, she seems to shine when she's dancing, and this I am looking out for more. Saika, however, seems to really stand out when she's doing solo scenes; she knows how to work the camera, though even when center for the dance sequences, she's eye-catching. No matter what though, there is something about these girls, and every time I watch this video I am captured by their charm and chemistry with the camera.

For a bunch of newbies, I am actually incredibly surprised by how well trained they are! I feel spoiled with their level of profession already!

Whatever the reason it is you are looking for to watch this PV, if you have yet to view it, I say take a look! It's appealing, and for me it is addictive, so take some time to take a look and have fun with the video! There are cute girls, amazing visuals and a fun song all thrown together in one 4 minute and 30 seconds video, so barely any time wasted, really!

I gave Unicorn Parade a chance with the idea that I would be bored, but I was sorely mistaken. I'm happy I watched it, I am happy that a chance was given and, ultimately, I am happy that I have found a group that has given me the desire to invest more time in them as well as the want to write about them. They are worth it, so I do urge you all to check them out.

There's still hope for me to love Perfume yet!

All aboard, Space Ship Galactica! Are you ready for an adventure with Cupitron?

Have fun with it, and take care~


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