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[A Week with Sayu] A Final Merci with Sayu's Shaba-Daba-Toodle-oo! - 'Shaba Daba Do~' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own completely and no one else's. You do not have to agree with me, nor do you have to even read this post, but please respect what I have to say; no two opinions are ever alike! I will respect what you believe as long as you respect what I have to say. Thank you!

*About this Series: [A Week with Sayu] is a week-long series dedicated to Michishige Sayumi on her impending graduation from the group Morning Musume. The intention with this series is to focus on Sayumi as an Idol, personality and member of the group she loves dearly, allowing for me to take a closer look at how she has grown as an Idol since her debut up until her graduation. To do this I will be looking at both past and present forms of work that she has done in her 11 year career, some I have previously loved and some I may have ignored. By the end of this series, I hope to have had a better look at Sayumi as well as seen how she has evolved and progressed as the Idol we know today called Michishige Sayumi. Thank you.

11 years, 38+ singles, 11 solo photobooks and the longest tenure in Morning Musume to date, we have finally come to the end of an era; Michishige Sayumi is about to graduate, reaching her final destination as an Idol with her last single, the final goodbye. With her career coming to a close all too soon, I will take a look at her final PV as a member of Morning Musume '14 and the last solo song that she will have sung as a part of a group that she joined all those years ago, wanting to become a part of something she dearly loved with all of her heart. Now she is leaving it, a group she has helped to grow since becoming a leader, a group that she still dearly loves even today.

From a young girl who debuted in Shabondama with no experience to a young woman who has become a true Idol in Shaba Daba Do~, this is the final song and dance of Michishige Sayumi, Morning Musume's cutest Idol! Her last hurrah, will it do her justice?

This is the final Review in my [A Week with Sayu] series, and the last review in general that I will ever write about Sayumi whilst she is still in Morning Musume. It's sad to think that we're this close to the end of an era, to the end of Sayumi's time in a group that I have really grown to love these past few years. From when I first became a fan, Sayumi was there. She was a part of it and always has been, so knowing that today will be my final review that includes Sayumi of Morning Musume '14 is a sad thought, and looking at this PV and the pictures... well, it is emotional.

It's really overwhelming, and I just want to cry.

But before I cry or even before I babble on and let my feelings get in the way of the review and this entire post, we will be taking a look at Michishige Sayumi's final PV and solo song within Morning Musume as their beloved leader, the girl we never really thought could sing. Here we see her in all her Idol glory, enveloped in all that is Michishige Sayumi.

This is Shaba Daba Do~, a Grand Finale for Morning Musume '14's cutest Leader and our very own Ichiban Kawaii! Join me as I look at her end note in full, appreciating her beauty and cuteness all rolled into one! Are you ready?

Let's Go!!!

Michishige Sayumi presents 50 Shades of Pink by E. L. James

Holy Pink Panther, now that is pink.

And is it just me, or does Sayu look a little like Minnie Mouse in that dress? Or a giant sweet?

Now Sayu, don't go hidin' that pretty little face of yours, you hear? This is your last Hurrah! Soak up that spotlight!

... Why in fuck nuggets name is there giant lettering on my screen!? That's almost as obnoxious as...

Subtitles... -hisses-

Speaking of which, they're back! I can't be arsed to re-cap all 113 of these bloody things...

Sayu: "Graduation flowers, anyone?"

Still, Chayu's worth the effort, and she can distract me from those blasted subtitles in all of their ugly glory.

Sayu: "Hahahahaha actually, they're mine!!!"

I am digging the effects being used, though! And of course Chayu's charming self~

Sayu: "Awwww, you make me blush! <3"

... Is that...


Nope, it's Shaba Daba Do~, but close enough!

Still, nice reference there Up-Front. I like!

I do want that Umbrella, though.

Sayu: "Take my umbrella and I will beat you with it, you ungrateful urchin~ Teehee!"

Erm, okay... you can keep your Umbrella... o-O

Sayu: "Heehee, all mine~"

... Wait a seco---

Hello! Recycling~

How many more recycled PV methods will I find in this very video? Drink a shot of whatever you have on hand (that's drinkable, I don't want y'all gulping down soap water for the sake of a game) whenever you find a similar concept or idea from a previous PV here!

Hopefully this won't get too ugly...

Whoa! A language other than Engrish is being used! Well done, UFP, you've finally evolved to the next level! French-ish! That totally does not work, Chii

By the way, is the microphone going to be used in all of the graduating members' solo PV's? I mean, they've all used one, right?

... 'cept Gaki, maybe... BUT STILL!

Oh yeah... SHOT!!!

Damn though, she is a doll in both her lady-like attire and her Minnie Mouse costume. Adorable to the max!

Actually, this PV seems somewhat reminiscent of 80's Idol PV's - even the hue is somewhat similar...

If I've fucked up on timelines again, forgive me. Me and dates do not go hand in hand...


Her hat looks like a piece of cake sitting on her head. Yum, cake hair.

Darned cute three-way shot of Sayu in all her loveliness!

... It still looks like the Pink Panther puked all over this party, though.

I can't take my eyes off of her, especially the top left hand corner image...

Oh gosh, she's so PRETTY!!!!

Sayu: "Oh me oh my!"

Wait, why so shocked, Chayu!? What did I do now?

... Well, ain't that the truth!

And damn, I love this image! In fact I like all her 'spotlight' images!

Forever 18 year old wannabe...

Wait, isn't that everyone!? XD Actually, no it isn't...

But Sayu, you're cute even now! You grow cuter with age!!!

ALL THE SOAP BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then Minnie Mouse right there in the middle!

Sayu: "Er..."


Sayu: "Are these curtains from Yattaruchan?"

No, actually, but another set might be...

Why are you shocked!? We've already recycled some PV's in this one, what's the harm in borrowing from one of S/mileage's greatest PV's since 2ki!?

That said...

Hello, Yattaruchan curtains!

Time to drink up, loves...

Syau: "If you keep pointing out UFP's recycling habits, I'm gonna smack you so silly you'll fall into next week!"

Ooooh dear, Sayu's getting feisty!

Sayu: "Me, feisty!? You can't prove a thing!"

Your little Lolita Army can back me up, I'm sure...

Good grief and gravy, she is adorable! Why is she leaving again?

Oh yeah, all that hard work she puts in...

And her charm... All that charm...

Wait, aren't we trying to find reasons as to why she's leaving, not reasons for why she shouldn't leave!?


Sayu: "RihoRiho, I choose YOU!!!"

Sayu: "Boop-de-boop-boop-boop-BOOP!"

Now we're leaving the realms of UFP and borrowing from Betty Boop! Oh me, oh my...

Eye spy... LEG SHOT!!! The most important part of the PV, if you ask me!

Sayu: "... Why haven't I hit you yet?"

Because you love me~

Sayu: "Not a good excuse."

She seems so at peace, sitting alone with her...


No, it will not get old~

Sayu: "I am going to smack you so hard with this, you won't remember it even happened!!!"

To be honest, I don't want to remember being hit by an umbrella...

Sayu: "Do you want to be slapped around the face with this fan, too!?"

You'd waste a pretty fan on me!? Don't go gettin' blood in that, you'll never get it out!

Awww, you're sleepy? Well go to sleep then, let go of that anger! It's best if you rest your mind before doing any unnecessary actions...

... Okay, is that candy!?

Can I have one?

Sayu: "Er, NO! They're MINE!!!"

Awww, dangit!

Oh gosh, HAPPY SAYU <3 <3

I just wanted to grab this shot because it looks pretty awesome <3 Actually Sayu looks pretty damn awesome in general!

Wait, you cried!? Is it because Kamei wasn't there to be silly for you? Is it because she graduated? ;____;

... Yeah, I think this song is hinting towards her not-so-hidden relationship with Kamei-Turtle. But honestly, don't cry! And go run to your Kamei-Turtle!

I actually kinda want to see Sayu throw a tantrum XD It might be cute to witness!

Ohoho, look who's being all coy~

... Okay, we can take relief in many ways, but I'm gonna say that you and Kamei-Turtled patched things up, hugged it out and then said goodbye, because that's appropriate.

It's like watching pink smarties on a screen...

I actually wonder how it hasn't hurt my eyes yet XD

Sayu: "Well, my image colour IS pink..."

I know that! Still, there is a lot of pink. It's not like Reina was bathed in light blue or Aibutt dressed in a gown of yellow and gold, or Gaki thrown into a pool of Yellow-Green...

Sayu: "But pink is everything, and it enhances my cuteness!"

Well, I agree about it enhancing cuteness...

Also, I do love these shots of Sayu! It's nice to see her up-close and looking fabulous in her sunnies!!!

Oh gosh, why are you pulling that face!? I said you were fabulous!!!

If she had some white gloves on, this look would be complete and very... well, just very dainty and vintage!

Oooh! I actually like the starring Michishige Sayumi title!

Strike a pose for the camera, beautiful! Yes, that's it!

And we're back to the Betty Boop! Oris this that leg-pop thing from The Princess Diaries? Oh, who cares any more?

... I actually wonder why I decided to screenshot all of these images individually, it seems such a pointless effort right now because I have no clue what to comment on XD

And damn, she is a cutie! I do like that dress on her actually, I hope she gets to keep it for dress-up with Kamei-Turtle during her retirement years!

Oh damn, someone's getting sassy! I like this side of her!

Sayu: "I'm waiting for Kamei to put a ring on it~"

Our Queen has arrived! RISE!!!

Queen Sayu: "I wonder which peasant I shall pick on today... Ah, yes! YOU, BALDIE!!!"

She is as graceful as she is cute, how are we even worthy!?

But no matter what, she is still a little bit of a Diva inside out...

And yes, we love her for it! Queen Sayumi, our Goddess!!!

I hope that's not alcohol, young lady!

Sayu: "Oh sugar-puffs, how'd you know!?"

I didn't, but you just proved that you're drinking on the job! HA!

Ooooh, BALLOONS!!!

Can I have a balloon, please? *^*

Sayu: "Is Kamei in here!?"

Sayu, that book is not a hat! Read it properly!!!

Interval time! Show off those outfits, girl!

Gosh darnit, she is a cutie! How can any future Idol compete with her!?

I'm actually in awe of those legs right now, because damn... those legs...

I will miss those legs.

By the way, this dress, it vaguely reminds me of this dress here...

And I say vaguely! This new one of hers is more ruffled and less poofy and gigantic. Still, reminiscent of Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game if you ask me.

Sayu: "Oh look, all the lesser beings are looking up at me! Hello, peasants!"

Sayu: "Ahaha, all you peasants working for me, feel grateful! I am the cutest Overlord you shall ever have the pleasure of working under! Ahaha!"

Sayumi is enjoying her reign with laughter, or what remains of her reign...

Sayu: "What remains of my reig--- How dare you say that!"

What, but you're graduating!

Sayu: "I know that, but my reign will still live on, you ungrateful swine!"

Yowch, you're getting offensive now!

Sayu: "... My tummy hurts now..."

That's because you've been laughing at us too much! Of course it'll hurt!

Sayu: "Well, maybe I shall laugh silently from now on! Ohoho~"

That will NOT solve the problem, Sayu!

Sayu: "Oh look, legs~"


Sayu: "You're predictable..."

Sayu: "Now STOP!!!"

Hammer Time?


Harunan: "Captain Harunan, Reporting for Duty!"
Sayu: "Now Harunan, remember everything I taught you about Lolita's and creating the Lolita Army, okay? I put my trust in YOU to keep up with my pervy ways~"
Harunan: "Yes, m'am!"

A secret with secrets? Wait, what is this, a diary within a diary now?

... Why are you telling the flowers...?

Sayu, that's a little cuckoo, don't you think?


Let's sing Utada Hikaru songs, now

Sayu: "I believe I can FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~"

No no no, we are going to talk about this First-Love-Scandal you have going on!


Wait, did you just rick-roll me!?

Sayu: "Like I'd ever fall in love! I'm gonna live with Kamei forever!"

... Good.

Okay, now I want a lollipop. Damniiit...

-eats mint humbugs-

Sayu: "Le Gasp! You have candy!?"

Yeah, but it's mine. You have lollipops.

Sayu: "Mhm, yes I do... om nom nom <3"

Sayu: "Look, I'm a Pirate! Arrrgh, Candy Pirate's Ahoy!"

You little cutie pop, you~

Sayu: "Teehee, no one could ever be as cute as me~"

I would actually like to see someone try to be as cute as you in MoMusu, none of them quite cut your idea of cuteness just yet...

Sayu: "Forever your Idol, right?"


Sayu, you're too adorable for pimples~ Also, stop smacking yourself in the head!

Time and Space? Are you talking about planet Kamei?

... Also, I wish I was that bouquet of flowers, then she would be hugging me...

Sweet and demure Sayu, does not compute!!!

You're treasurable!

This PV is treasurable!

Your time in MoMusu, it's all treasurable!!!

Sayu: "Oh yeah, Happy Late Cake Day!!!"

Wait, you celebrated Cake Day with me already though!

Sayu: "Hehe, I know. I just wanted more cake..."

Why you sneaky little!

Sayu: "Om~"

Wait, share some with me!!!

Sayu: "Nope~"

Lady Sayu, as graceful as ever, I see~

No matter what she does, she looks divine.

... Why is she leaving us!? ;w;

Now this beautiful scene reminds me of Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game! But somewhat prettier and with less water!


Okay I think I want to cry looking at this image, it's saddening for some reason ;____;




Looking towards the future, our Michishige Sayumi.

I need a handkerchief... ;^;

Sayu: "Minna Merci! Thank you for watching~"

Wait, it's ending? No! No, Sayu, don't leave!!! Nooooo!!!

As cute as a button, sparkling as the Top Idol she is, it is Michishige Sayumi!

Sayu: "Morning Musume's Ichiban Kawaii, Michishige Sayumi! Merci~"


Oh cocoa puffs, this is the end, isn't it? o-o

En fin~

I highly doubt it is just me who feels sadder the more I watch the video when the date for her Graduation nears, but that's a natural reaction I believe; it is that looming feeling of dread as we acknowledge that this is it, the final PV we will ever see Sayumi participate in fully as a performer and singer before she leaves - no matter how cute or sugary it is, nothing can fully stop that feeling from overwhelming me as a viewer, and I just become more and more saddened as I watch her perform in Shaba Daba Do~ each time.

And yet I still feel happy when watching it, how can I not? The video is rather bittersweet in its approach that way because, no matter how sad you feel when watching it (because realisation hits you like a brick), it is quintessentially Sayumi in every way possible. For one, it's all shades of pink and much more, and then there is an overload of cuteness to set the rest of the video in place. And then we have the undertones of classic Idol thrown in there for good measure, showing us a more demure, sophisticated side to Sayumi as an Idol that actually works really well for her as a performer - where I expected the PV to be bubbly (no pun intended), hyper and sugary-sweet to a T, it actually surprised me (and possibly many other viewers) with how slow and soft it actually was. It was nothing we ever expected, that was for sure, because I have a feeling we were anticipating something a little more a la Lalala no Pipipi.

Instead, Shaba Daba Do~ was surprisingly sweet, in a subtle way that wasn't over the top. It's relaxed and, oddly enough, reminiscent of Sayumi's early days as an Idol where her voice was still under-developed and unpolished.

Not to say that the video is entirely relaxed, because it isn't; the loudness is in the colour scheme. In movement, flow and sound however, it's a relaxing video unless the scenes are working with the instrumentals beat, ultimately allowing the video to fit the pace of the song. I loved that about the video, how well everything flowed and fit together, never looking messy and constantly delivering a scene that worked with the beat of the music, whether it was in the added effects (which I adored) or the change of a clip to another scene.

Speaking of fitting together, I actually really liked how the lyrics and video flowed together seamlessly in Shaba Daba Do~. Reading the lyrics, which I've taken to doing a lot more recently (mores the pity), I found that the video's actions worked with lyrics, giving action to the dialogue so to speak. It was intriguing to see that in play with this video, and once again it was something I never expected from the video - Shaba Daba Do~ is full of surprises - but another interesting point of the song itself was how well it spoke of Sayumi and how she has portrayed herself as an Idol; I was impressed with how personal and aware the lyrics were of Sayumi as a character, rather than singing about the future or thanking the fans, because I do think that for Sayumi, these are the type of lyrics that befit her the most. She's a narcissistic character, so what else would fit her? It's no lie that she is appreciative of her fans and fellow members, but Sayumi was built on a character who loved herself completely, so to see that represented in the lyrics as well as to see her talk about her career in the song is great! It's also rather refreshing in a way.

This whole song is refreshing actually, and that is down to that surprising pace it has. It is so soft and gentle! And once again, completely unexpected!

For Michishige Sayumi, I think that Shaba Daba Do~ is the perfect send-off alongside Mikaeri Bijin because we see the two sides of her that we all know; the side of her that is all about Sayumi, and then the side of her that is loved by the members of Morning Musume, a group she has grown with and also the group that she has allowed to grow with her help in her time as a leader. For Shaba Daba Do~ alone the PV is a perfect representation of Sayumi as an Idol; it's pink, pretty, fun and filled with Sayumi's character that she has crafted over the years with a pace that is subtle and soft, like Sayumi was when she was first introduced into Morning Musume. It is a video that allows us to see how she has progressed as an Idol, and watching it I come to realise that I now fully appreciate Sayumi in her final act; she has become the Top Idol she always said she was here.

I'm actually having a hard time writing about the PV, I don't really have any other words for it right now other than this; This video is a story of her Idol career, her thoughts, feelings and actions as an Idol, painting a portrait of the young woman we know as an Idol. Everything that Sayumi is, it is here in this video. She is bright, sparkling and aware, confident on the outside but working at her own pace on the inside. As her final PV, it is sad to see Sayumi go, but to see the progress from when she was just 14 to the Idol she has become today is astounding. From the weakest link to Morning Musume's beloved and respected Leader, Sayumi has truly flourished in so many ways, becoming an Idol many admire and envy today.

This is a beautiful video and I am glad that so much effort and time has been poured into making this video as amazing as it is when I watch it now, showing off Sayumi in such a glorious light that she so very much deserves. Though the song is slow and light, it still manages to capture Sayumi perfectly.

I can't express myself well with her final PV, because what can I say that I haven't already said, or without becoming an even bigger bumbling wreck? This is a great PV, but it feels bittersweet when I watch it. I'm going to miss Sayumi, in all of her squeaky glory.

This is it, her final Shaba Daba Toodle-oo. Soon, we will have to say goodbye completely...

For now, let's enjoy her reign while it lasts.


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