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Me, My Blog & Idols Q&A (Vol. 3)

A/N: Hi, everyone. I've returned again... kinda. I seem to be a ghost right now, with the amount I don't write. Whoops! Well, until I get distracted by life again, I'm here! Ghost Chiima, to the Blog!
 I apologise for my absence, and my sillyness, and I need to write a more detailed account of why I'm not really here much, but for now this summary will have to do. Until then (if it ever happens) let's just go forth, onto the post! Have at thee, arrr!

The Bitch is back~ MWAHAHAHA! Grab your torch and pitchforks!

Oh, I bet y'all forgot this even existed... that, or you may have thought to yourself 'Once again, Chiima has conveniently forgotten to do something'. Either one works, but for once, no, I did not forget this little Q&A started, nor did I decide to simply drop it - I just got a bit too ahead of myself (like always) and decided to put this on the back burner for some time. Okay, maybe a long time, but I did think about it! I've just not found the right time to do it, until now! So, without further ado, it's QUESTION AND ANSWER TIME!!!

As per, I once again thank you all for the Questions you sent in! For now these will the last set of Questions I will be answering as no others have been entered (I would like more, though~ I am a big fan of Q&A's so send in whatever you want!) so, it's sad, but until I gather more Questions (I will poke you for them!) I won't return to this little series here, however fun it may be! Once again, like Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, I will answer Three sets of questions that have been given! To the Questioners who have interrogated me today, thank you for sending in what you wish to know~ I hope I deliver unto you a few satisfying answers ;)

Blathering sorted and written, let's get into Vol. 3 of this Q&A! Today's set of Questions have been asked by Airi Matsui, aichan and Nia! Thank you for allowing me to answer these for you, and also, enjoy! Well, as much as one can enjoy a dull Q&A by a rather weird person, that is...


The following Questions have been submitted by Airi Matsui:

Q: What are your favourite anime(s) and/or mangas?

A: I'm quite happy that this answer didn't take me too long to figure out, because I'm very set on what I do and don't like when it comes to my hobbies (as well know xD) and whilst I'm not exactly into Anaime and Manga as much as I used to be, I still know what I love and what manga series have become classics for me. When it comes to Manga and what I consider my favourite(s), it has to be Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yugi ~The Mysterious Play~ and The Gentleman's Alliance Cross!

I am not obsessed with Yuu Watase, I swear >o> She just so happens to be a fantastic being who captures mythology really well in a Shoujo Manga setting, and also creates wonderful characters... yeah, not obsessed, promise... ¬.¬

Oh yeah, and Arina Tanemura's sole non-magical Manga series is in there, too! Ooooh!

Okay, seriously though, I love these series! Fushigi Yugi was the first ever manga book series I actually finished collecting, so it has a place in my heart forevermore I believe, but it's also really good! Yes, it's a bit of a typical Shoujo manga with its character tropes and the whole setting, but the story is pretty solid I would say, and it's cute too! There's a lot going on, and a lot of History is obviously there because it's all about Chinese Gods and Priestesses and a different era to the one we are in now... so yeah, it's pretty interesting if you ask me!
 With Ceres, it's a little bit more opposite; there's a Thriller element there. The genre is Horror/Shoujo, but I say more Thriller, though blood is shed and there are really emotional deaths thrown in there too that just kill me every time I read the manga... and that's what it is, a thriller and an emotional roller coaster in a way. It's good, Ceres has a strong story line and also implements Japanese Mythology in there and a bit of History as well, but not as much as Fushigi Yugi; either way, both are darned good, and the Anime series are pretty solid too, so I recommend both. In fact, I just recommend Yuu Watase, period. Seriously. Check her stuff out!

With Gentleman's Alliance Cross... well, I love it. I consider it my favourite series to ever come from Magic-Girl Genius Tanemura, well this and Kamekaze Kaito Jeanne... I digress though! Seriously, for a non-magi series, I think this is one of Tanemura's best works. The artwork, though familiar to everything she does, is gorgeous, the story is fun but emotional too, the characters are comedic when needed, the personality amazing, and the story line is wonderful. Yeah, it's another shoujo girl series, but one I do highly recommend as well. It's cute and fluffy, but it has it's much needed Drama.
 Also, hot Manga dudes. Need I say more? 

Moving swiftly onto the Anime side of the question, need I really say more? Seriously, Ouran High School Host Club, how can one not love it!? It's a perfect series, and I do wish they had created a second season (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!) and it is by far my favourite series ever created; in fact, it was one of the few series I watched about five times after finishing it! I love it that much! The characters are fun and creative, you get a wide range of Bishi's to choose from, and the heroine is rather different to the typical gluttonous airhead you usually get in shoujo anime's. If anything, this series is more of a satire, but I love it, I just love it! It's incredible, genius, a work of art! I always laugh at the series, and I always seem to quote it (my favourite quote being 'Commoner's Supermarket!') so yeah... it's a great series, one I (once again) highly recommend. It's really just a ball of laughs!

Q: If you could marry any Idol, who would it be?


... Need I say more? xD

Q: Do you still like Pokémon? If so, who is your favourite Pokémon?

A: Amazingly enough, I do indeed still like Pokémon! Not as much as I used to, or would like to, but my love for it is still there. Sadly I can't play the games as much as I used to because I am poor and don't have a 3DS (sob sob!) so yeah... my gaming days are over for now! Anyway, I'm derailing from the question, what was it again? Favourite Pokémon? Well, let me think...

I find it weird how, for some reason, I have an affliction to sheep... maybe I'm destined to become a sheep herder, or to marry a Welsh man? Maybe I am a sheep? Whatever the answer, no matter what, I like sheep a lot or find myself strangely wanting to have sheep-themed things...
 Ironically enough, my older brother is really scared of sheep. Funny how things turn out, right? xD

Okay, originally I was going to say 'SNORLAX!!!!' as my destined to be loved Pokémon, but honestly, it's Mareep. I don't know why I like Mareep so much, I just do. I never cared much for Mareep in the beginning of my Poké-playing days, but when I actually started to think about how my teams worked, Mareep somehow creeped in there (it's a bloody good Pokémon in the newer generations, I've found. ELECTRIC FTW!!!) and this, crept into my cold, dark heart. Seriously though, how can something that's so darned cute (I never let it evolve, by the way. Nope!) be pretty good in battles? Like, whoa. Before Mareep, I never cared a lot for Electric type Pokémon, I was all about fire and psychic (by the way, Chandelure is a good Pokémon for Psychic/Fire me thinks) but Mareep, man...

This is a damn good Pokémon! Cute, but lethal. I want to have one in real life!

Q: How did you discover Houkago Princess? How did you first come to know them?

A: I'm loving this mixed-bag of Idol and more personal nerdy questions here, just so you know! Why didn't I answer them sooner? @.@ Stupid Chii! Er, ahem... back to the Question at hand...

I was browsing Tokyohive one time back in 2011, when the group was set to debut, and at the time it was freshly announced alongside the news that Fairies were an up and coming thing, too. Based on their descriptions, I just attached myself to HouPri and from there on, I just grew as a fan with them. I liked the idea behind them, the original idea that they were a dress up group (not any more in my opinion) and I wanted to see what this rag-tag bunch could do. I just liked them, they were underdogs and needed improvement, so I began to follow them avidly. For a long time, I was probably one of very few foreign fans to follow them! In fact even now, there are so few foreign fans, but they're coming up in popularity I think. They're getting noticed, at least~

And that, my dears, is the story of how I met HouPri~ Goodnight.

Q: What inspired you to start blogging?

A: Anger and hatred towards the PV for APPARE KAITEN ZUSHI, and even now I resent that music video! Seriously, I had set up everything in my mind for a good PV for that song, only to find out it was a cartoon-themed video that didn't really do much for me! I was annoyed, so I wrote out my frustration. That's pretty much it xD The emotion was strong, though I'd wanted to try writing a blog like this before that PV came out. It just so happened APPARE KAITEN ZUSHI was the catalyst in the creation of Okay! Musume Time. Inspiration, not so much, just blind hatred!

Q: What are your TOP TEN most played songs?

A: WAAAAAAH, way to throw a spanner in the works! I can barely remember what I ate, let alone which songs are on repeat almost 24/7! Well, I'll figure it out... Let's see...

In no particular order, we have:

- Koi ING (Morning Musume)
- Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast OST)
- I'm Not a Girl Not Yet A Woman (Britney Spears)
- Sleeping with the Light On (Busted)
- My Sweet Heart (Tokyo Mew Mew)
- Uchoten Love (S/mileage)
- Mizuiro Melody (Koharu Kusumi)
- Fighting☆Hero (Ono Erena)
- Mother Symphony (Mermaid Melody)
- Simple and Clean (Utada Hikaru)

Okay, I am literally spanning across my entire child, teenage and adulthood here with this random playlist! Honestly, there are the songs I think (some I know for sure, like the Britney Spears one and Koi ING) I have listened to more than I should on here, but yeah, this is the list; the Top 10 most played songs in Chiima's life! Some songs in there are really important (Koi ING and I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman actually) and some that I just frekain' adore to the point where I've played them to death. Yeah. I just love these songs.

Nice to see that most of them are Japanese xD

The following Questions have been submitted by aichan of Ai's Life as a Wota:

Q: What are your favourite Hello! Project songs?

A: Ah, this is pretty easy! YAY, EASY QUESTIONS!!! Let's have a looksy!

- Koi ING
- Uchoten LOVE
- Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND
- Sakura Mankai
- My Days for You

Clearly, I have a thing for the titles with giant font xD But yeah, those are my favoured songs. I'm sorry for making C-ute and J=J feel left out here, but this is the truth and I speak it! MWAHA!

Q: What was the first Japanese artist that you ever listened to?

A: Amazingly enough, it was Morning Musume! I just never realised it!

When my sister introduced me to Anime/Manga way back when, you know, when Dinosaurs roamed and meteors showered, we watched a video to Sailor Moon that was an AMV, and the song was Say Yeah! ~Motto Miracle Night~. We didn't know who it was, we just liked the song. Yonks later, I find out that the group I really love now were the singers behind that song. Coincidence? Yep, but it's a good one~

Maybe this is why I love them today? I was conditioned via Sailor Moon!!! ARRRGH!!!

Q: If you could set up your own Idol agency, how would you produce them, treat them, train them and would you have any rules that they would have to follow?

A: This is such a tough question to answer! For a second there I think 'huh, these are easy~ YAY!' and then suddenly I'm thrown a curve ball! Boo! Well, to answer this, I want to just say I don't want to set up an Idol agency; it would flop, because I am terrible at things like that! Figuratively speaking though, I would want to treat any girls who came into the agency with the respect and love they deserve whilst also expecting to be treated as I treat them. So, say I yell, they can yell back because I've done it to them, but only if it's deserved - I want them to know we're on the same page, basically.
 Training wise, I think vocals would be the big thing for me, though I'd want their stamina in dancing up as well. I would want to give them equal training as well, because I know some Idols get better training treatment than the lesser members (Hi, MoMusu~) so I'd do what I could to let them all have equal training time, in dancing or singing. Basically, I want to be a fair manager xD

Production and rules wise, well, I would just want to be fair to them. I want to give them all chances, if I could, but I wouldn't be too lenient either - they need to be serious! I want girls who seriously love singing and dancing and bringing happiness to others, not girls who just think it's an easy job. They have to work hard! And finally, regarding the rules, I would probably do a love ban until they are about 17-18, but once they hit the age where they're old enough to decide whether or not to go to school, then to me they are old enough to pursue a relationship. I'd also have the rule to basically always come to events unless ill or something has happened to the point where you can't make it, and things like that... but regarding the love-ban rule, I'd basically retract it, but if they're too young and still in school, then it would be implemented simply because they're focusing on school and work already, so a relationship would be too much...

Actually, I might change the Love-Ban Law rule thing to 15, because 15 is an age where girls start to really focus on boys I guess (from my experience, at least XD).

Weird how I have implemented the Love-Ban Law in there, somehow o-O

Q: What do you think about Idol Love-Ban?

A: Okay, I don't like the Idol Love-Ban Law, if that's what your thinking xD BUT it is a complicated thing to follow as well, and whilst I say I disagree with it a lot, I do see why it's there; it's been there for years and once upon a time, it was in the British Music industry too, where members of boy or girl bands couldn't have a lover because it could jeopardise their big careers and thus their future. For Idols, it's a little more iffy, if you ask me because they expect more. I know it's to keep the pure image the girls have, to sell them to the public and to basically produce fantasies for the fans in a way, but it still seems weird to me because most of these girls are under the age of 18... so I don't like it for that reason, and also because it does take away the girls' freedom from dating.

Whilst members of Japanese boy groups, on the other hand, can freely date.

Yeah, that pisses me off a lot.

If they can date and not get kicked out of their groups for dating, or even get demoted if we're thinking along the lines of AKB, then why not the guys? That's pure sexism there to me, but I won't get into that because that's another debate for another day if I ever get to it. But yeah. It pisses me off that Love-Ban Law does not apply to the guys of Japanese pop music, just the girls.

Love-Ban is, in a way, needed, but it seems the law itself is cracking in the Idol world, which is a good thing. That said, it's stupid because it's totally one-sided and only affects the girls in J-pop. I do want it gone, but I know it is there to keep the desires of the fans and also to keep the girls a little more focused on their careers... not that the love-ban law always helps, that is.

TLDR; It's weird, but I see why it's there. Still, I find it stupid.

The following Questions have been submitted by Nia of Nia's Wonderland:

Q: Will you accept Perfume as your Lord and Saviour?

A: NEVER! YOU WILL NEVER CONVERT ME!!! I shall not conform!!!! Hiss hisss!!!!!

Okay, no, that's not my real question. But these are!

Always fun to have a bit of a silly question thrown in there once in a while ;D


Q: Are there any blog posts you wish you could write again?

A: I want to say 'yes', but honestly? No, no I don't. Are there posts I cringe at? Yes. Are there posts I wish that I hadn't been ballsy enough to post? Indeed I do. Do I loathe some of my older posts? HELL YEAH! But honestly, I wouldn't change or re-write any of them because I simply don't believe in that. Those posts, however bad or biased they may be, are posts that allowed me to grow as a writer; they shaped how I am today. Okay, so sometimes I want to bang my head against the wall when I remember that post I did about Riho's fans once upon a time because Good Lord, I was a bitch still am! butI know that if I didn't do that post long ago, then I would have done something equally horrid, and I would probably still be a biased cow... now I'm a less biased cow, thanks to how my writing has helped me to grow.

Point; I wouldn't change any of it. It's helped me to become the Chiima I am today! Stupid, silly and a little less of a biased bitch.

Q: If you could join an idol group (a current one), which one would you pick?

A: Don't be surprised when I say who I pick, but honestly?

Yeah, don't be surrpised XD I usually make a point of saying I won't (figuratively) join a group I like because I don't want my fandom to affect what I do with the group, or work alongside who I love, that kinda stuff, but I would honestly audition for HouPri if I could; I think I'd love it there! I enjoy the songs and the energy they have, and the girls make me so happy! So yeah, HouPri, and if not them, then FUDANJUKU!!! Hello, cross-dressing!!!

Q: Finances and travel arrangements out of the equation, would you rather see a group's performance in Japan or have them come overseas?

A: Oh, the possibilities of financial issues and travel arrangements being out of the way! If only this could happen, but alas, t'was not meant to be! Ah!
 Okay, dramatics over and done with, I don't honestly know; if I wanted to be comfortable, I would pick them coming overseas to my country because it's simply easier access and, well... comfort zone. That said, if I wanted to feel the full power of a Japanese concert, I would happily go to Japan and basically place myself in the middle of the Wota and take on the true experience of a Japanese concert. I want both, to be honest, to go to Japan and to see the groups I love come over to my country, because both settings would be different I suspect. Maybe one day.

Maybe... One day... ; A;



Okay, so for Vol. 3, which has finally appeared, this about pulls everything together and wraps it all up in a nice bundle fo muddled answers from a very muddled blogger! I'm scared that so far, this is the longest of the Q&A's I've done, because I went a bit overboard on the answers I think! ARRRGH! Why do I do this to myself, to you guys? Because I am me, and I am Chiima. Chiima is a doofus, and she makes things a bit of a bore when she writes lengthy posts like this. Aye aye aye...

Why am I speaking in Third Person?

Anywhoo, those were the final set of Questions that I received long ago, finally answered! Hopefully what I have said is (somewhat) satisfactory, and I apologise for the wait! I didn't mean to just lose track of the Q&A, I seriously didn't, but life. Life got in the way, but hey! I've done it, and I'm happy I've written it out, so to those who read it, thank you~ I hope you enjoyed, and to everyone who has sent in Questions, I thank you once again. It was fun reading them and formulating my answers!

Well, that is all for now~ So, until the next time we meet, I shall bid you farewell!

Many Love and Hugs and all that sappy stuff, and take care! MWAH!


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