Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tsukimiya Karen of Steamgirls Passes Away

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On September 8th 2014, it was announced that Tsukimiya Karen of Steamgirls, under the underground-Idol agency Alice Project, had died in what is being considered an accident in July of this year. Her father had alerted the agency of her passing on the same day that it was revealed to the press.

Karen, who was 17 at the time of her passing, had been taking a break from her activities within the agency and the group in order to treat depression and anxiety. She reported to the fans that she still wished to perform, however, and so did not graduate from the group or agency.

The cause for Karen's death is unclear, other than that is being referred to as an accident.

Now, Karen's profile and photo have been removed from the official website, but her official blog and twitter have been left open per her fathers request, at least for now.

This is depressing. Like, it really pains me. The fact that another girl has passed and also the fact that this is the third piece of Idol news this month, in the past two weeks at most, that I have heard an Idol has died. This is really sad.

I was really shocked to see this news, so soon after the news of the girls of LADIES' CODE, and I didn't expect it; who does? We don't expect Idols, especially girls this young and energetic and with so much ahead of them, to leave their lives so quickly and so suddenly. I was so sad when I read about all of this, not just because of the fact there has been so much in terms of death happening lately around the globe, but also because even though I didn't know of Tsukimiya Karen directly, I actually did know of Alice Project and Steamgirls, because I once followed Alice Project as a whole a few years ago. That, and hearing about the deaths of anyone really makes me sad and I feel hurt for their family, friends, co-workers and fellow group mates.

The saddest part about Karen's death, though, is that we don't actually know what happened to the poor girl; I have my own speculation that it may have been suicide, and I am sorry for voicing that thought, but that is what I think. When I saw that she had gone on a break to treat anxiety and depression, I just thought that could be the reason... and that's horrible, that's sad. Death is sad, and we've seen a lot of it lately, but I feel so... I don't know. I feel down, pained. All of this news is just so horrible, I don't like it, but who does? I'm really saddened by this new departure. She was so young, and I feel for everyone who knew and loved her, because she was the light in someone's life, for sure.

I cried when I heard the news. I think I tried to not believe it when I heard it, because it's just something I really did not want to hear, but I know it's happened; I'm sad. I'm truly, deeply saddened by this, and I feel for hr parents, family, friends, co-workers... everyone who adored this girl and loved her. She was gone too soon.

17 is too young to die. EunB and RiSe's tender ages of 22 and 23 scared me with how young they had passed, but 17 is even younger. It's scary, and no child or person should die when their life is pretty much just beginning, accident or not.

I don't know, like many others, what caused Karen's death, and I don't want to speculate on it. All I can say is that I hope, before she left this world, Karen knew how much she was loved and how blessed she was. I hope she rests in peace and is no longer hurting, feeling the pain or overwhelming stress. I hope that right now, she is in a happier place.

I pray and think of her parents, family, friends, the agency she was under and her co-workers, fellow members, and I hope that they remember the good times with Karen and all of her smiles, the joy that she brought everyone. I hope that now, she can rest.

It's sad news to hear once again, and I am sorry for once again writing a post about a young Idol's passing. But please, think of Karen, and think of those who loved her dearly.

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