Wednesday, 3 September 2014

LADIES' CODE member EunB Passes Away (03/09/2014)

Edit: This post has been edited due to clarification that the driver was not killed on accident.


Today, September 3rd, it was revealed just an hour or so ago that the member EunB of the Korean girl group LADIES' CODE has died during a tragic accident. She was just 22 years old.

Reports reveal that around 1am today in Korea, the van the girls were in lost control due to slippery roads and that EunB died her injuries. Sojung and RiSe are both in critical condition from the accident. The other members, Zuny and Ashley, as well as two stylists and their managers were injured but are not in critical condition.

This is news I heard from my friend earlier, someone who enjoys K-pop far more than I do and whom I think does enjoy the group. The news, even for a non-K-pop fan, is extremely heartbreaking and horrible to hear. I don't want to hear this sort of thing anywhere, and it is so saddening to know that someone so young and with a whole life ahead of them was taken from this world early on.

It's scary and terrible, and it has shocked so many people around the globe. The news has shaken everyone up, whether you are a fan or just some random passerby who happened to hear this tragic news story on the web. Like everyone else, I am saddened by this news and in a state of disbelief as well; someone so young and talented has been taken away so quickly. All I can do right now aside from grieve for the poor girl that was taken away is wish her family, friends and co-workers my condolences and prayers, much like everyone else around the world.

This is disheartening news to think about for anyone, but please keep EunB and her family, friends, band-mates and co-workers in your minds today and wish for their well-being and that they pull through this terrible time of grief they are all going through. This is a hard time for many, especially those who were closest to EunB as well as her fans, and this news has devastated us all, but please keep her in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace, EunB. You will be dearly missed, but we thank you for your short time on this Earth and for the greatness you have brought the fans, the love you have given your friends and family, and the music you have delivered since stepping into the lives of many people around her. Your soul will live on, and you will truly be remembered by many.


  1. What is going on is still a shock to many. People need to be more careful on the roads of Korea not just for idols. I hope you can read my post further on this issue with car accidents in Korea amd ladies code EunB and comment with your opinion!

  2. My schoolmate died at the age of 17.....