Saturday, 2 August 2014

Berryz Kobo to Go on Indefinite Hiatus (And Chiima cares very little about it) [Breaking Hiatus to Talk about a Hiatus!]

Breaking Hiatus to Cover Breaking News of a Hiatus... YEAH!

About a day into my Unplanned Hiatus, and already I'm back! Wowzers, I'm good! Has my adrenaline for writing been pumped up? Have I suddenly lost my memory and forgotten I was going to stop writing for a week or so? Is Berryz breaking up!?

... Too soon?

Okay, so BK (Berryz Kobou, not Burger King for those who are unaware of these Idols) are suspending their activities indefinitely. Key word, there. This was announced earlier within the day, before I had to go to work, so I really had no time to actually get my arse into gear in order to write a post on it, so I thought that, after work and about a good 5-6 hours, I could fully reflect on the announcement given, and my initial thoughts when I saw the announcement. Let's rewind to a few hours ago;

Initial Thoughts:

... Well then.

Thoughts Now:

... Bye, Berryz!

Present Chiima, Writing on this announcement:

Now, that seems a tad bitchy, saying goodbye to them so callously, but let me just clarify this; I am in no way surprised. Okay wait, that's a little white lie, because when I saw the announcement on Facebook (where spoilers loom and rage goes on) I blinked, went a tad wide-eyed, then wondered what I would say on the blog. Aside from that, however, I really wasn't phased. My first reaction was, to put it bluntly, my only reaction.

No tears. No yippee's. Just one stare at the announcement, and then I went to play Criminal Case and finally went off to work, wondering if my sister had heard the News?

In all seriousness though, what would one expect from me, the bitch (Queen Bitch Chiima, hurrah!) aside from not caring all that much? I was, after all, the one who wrote on here that I wanted them to break up because it felt like they didn't give two giant flying fucks (and that got me into trouble on some forum, oops~) and, whilst I have actually freakin' ADORED their music and even a few of their PV's this past year, I'm still at a point where I don't care about them like I care for others. Of all the groups, I care the least for them in Hello! Pro, there aren't really any girls who I want to follow. Music wise, they are really good, but visually I still find them a disaster, though they're doing better than S/mileage sometimes. Still. There is not enough care in the air for good ol' BK.

Anyway, didn't I already predict that something live this would happen in my 2014 ~Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions~ post? Okay, so it was a full on Disbandment or loss of a member, but still? 'Indefinite Hiatus' is pretty much disbandment, for all we know or hope.

To be honest, whilst I don't care much for the 'hiatus' aspect of this group, I do look forward to what they will try and do individually, whether it's staying in the Entertainment Industry and going solo, or go onto careers that are... well, not in the Entertainment Business. Like, I would love to see Momochi become a teacher, or Risako become an actress of some sort. Anything for Pigeon-pout, so long as she doesn't go near a microphone. Please.

Yurina could be one of Hello! Project's many Idols-Gone-Model, cos' LORD knows, she has the legs for it!

And, given this is 'Hiatus' time for BK, who knows when we will see them again? Obviously they will have a few resurrections throughout their time away from each other for Ol' times sake! That's what the New Year/Winter H!P concerts are for, after all, or better yet, we could get a reboot! A bit like Country Musume 2.0, but this time, BK 2.0 with many new midgets and old hag but still cute Momochi running around!

I know this is, for many, a sad announcement and I am really sorry to the fans of Berryz who are struggling with the idea of it, but for me this isn't something I really care about, and that's the blunt but honest truth; I don't care for Berryz, and whilst they have had some good music since they aged into warbling, nasally singers, I don't think I'll miss them all that much like others will; they just weren't my cup of tea.

I look forward to what the girls will do individually, because as a group they seemed dry to me, so I personally find their future solo activities an exciting prospect, but above all, with their impending disbandment hiatus, I can't help but get excited about one thing...

When's the new Kenshuusei group debuting!? Come on, Tsunku! Get those girls trained, we need some new blood in here! J=J gettin' OLD!

Okay okay, in all seriousness though, when the time comes I do wish the girls luck, but for now as a group, as Berryz Kobo, I hope they cherish their time together and give one last final HURRAH to their fans and, of course, look like they give a fuck in their final PV. So until then, good luck, Berryz Kobo. Have fun whilst you last.

That all said and done, what are YOUR thoughts on this? Let me know!

Well, until next time (who knows when that will be?) I will say adieu, Ja ne and tata! Take care and, as always, stay wonderful!


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