Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Me, My Blog & I(dols) Q&A - Send in Your Questions!

I have thought about this for a while, and eventually went to Twitter to ask about it, and I would like to do a Questions & Answers type post.

Basically, you ask me Questions, I answer them. And it can pretty much be about whatever you want, whatever makes you curious about Okay! Musume Time, myself or my thoughts on Idols. Y'know, stuff like that... so long as it doesn't go into anything personal like my address, measurements, blood type so you can clone me... anything, aside from what I stated really (haha!).

I will answer the questions here on my blog, so feel free to ask away! I have no clue if people will even ask me anything, but all I can do is try and see if this peaks interest, right? RIGHT!!!

I have a few ways you can contact me, such as via This Blog through the comments section at the end (where you can keep anonymity), or even my e-mail address ( and, if you know of my official Blog Facebook page, you can try and send a message or a comment there if you wish (Found HERE).

So, all that needs to be done now is for someone to ask away! Really though, I doubt anyone's intrigued by this sort of thing, but... ya never know!

I will patiently wait for a few questions, or none at all! Until the next post though, toodle pip!



  1. Who's your favourite idol or idol group and why?
    What got you into idols?
    Why do you even like idols?
    Anything about idol fandom you would like to change?

  2. Got a couple of questions for now. May add more if I think of any.

    If you could manage Sexy Zone what would you do with the group?

    As I go through my Morning Musume PV reaction video project on Youtube, what PVs do you think I should be excited to watch? Which ones should I dread?

  3. Hehehehehe... this makes me happy. XD

    But I suck at Q&A's because I can never come up with anything really interesting to ask. But I shall try.

    - Who is your favorite idol of all time?
    - Why do you blog?
    - What idol song do you listen to the most?
    - What non-idol artists do you like?
    - If you could create a Hello! Project unit, what would you call it and who would be in it?
    - Do you still like AOA? ;)
    - Do you realize just how awesome you are?

    And that's all I've got... you don't have to answer all or any of them. XD

  4. If you could choose to be any idol, who would it be?
    AND on which day would you be that particular idol? Eg a graduation day, special concert...

  5. Ok Chii, I have a few questions for you. <3

    If you could be the producer for any idol group/agency who would you chose, and what would you change?
    Do you think once you hit a certain age you'll stop liking idols? And if so, what age?
    What is the aspect of the idol business that you dislike the most?
    What is your main hobby outside of idols?
    Which idol concert do you want to attend the most?

  6. I'm interested in the differences between fandoms and the ways in which each gender interface and interact with their fandom.
    What do you think are the differences in the ways that men and women emgage with male idols? Female idols?

    In the personal department: tell us about your favorite desserts?
    If personal wealth and family were a non-issue, where would you like to live? Reasons?

  7. Q&As~ I like Q&As~ :D Here are some questions~

    • What are your favorite anime(s) and/or mangas?
    • If you could marry any idol, who would it be?
    • Do you still like Pokemon? If so, who is your favorite Pokemon?
    • How did you discover Houkago Princess? How did you first came to know them?
    • What inspired you to start blogging?
    • What are your TOP TEN most played songs?

  8. Here are some questions:
    What are your favorite Hello Project songs?
    What was the first Japanese artist that you ever listened to?
    If you can set up your own idol agency, how would you produce them, treat them, train them and would you have any rules that they would have to follow?
    What do you think about idol love ban?

  9. All right, I've got a question:

    Will your accept Perfume as your lord and savior?

    Okay, no, that's not my real question. But these are!

    - Are there any blog posts you wish you could write again?
    - If you could join an idol group (a current one), which one would you pick?
    - Finances and travel arrangements out of the equation, would you rather see a group's performance in Japan or have them come overseas?