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Digest Weekly #105

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

DA-DA-LA-LA~ DIGEST, POWER!!! Are you ready to Digest!?

This week, in Digested Idol News... (ew)

Hagiwara Mai solo DVD! FC events! Kikkawa Yuu's sexy PB cover! Delayed single releases, YAAAY! French Kiss return! Graduation announcements courtesy of the 48's! S/mileage Budokan footage! ANDA TAD BIT MORE! Are you ready to DIGEST with ME!?
Okay, this Digest should have been posted on Friday. I mean, I actually started writing it out before Friday, weirdly enough1 But what happened?

Sleep happened, my darlings. Sleep and dreams and Beauty and the Beast. AKA; Disney Movies with my lovely little niece, and also me actually going to bed on time.

It will come as no surprise to any of you that, right now, it is past midnight and I have not gone to sleep yet. Bye bye, well-adjusted sleep pattern I tried so hard to retain. Bye bye, waking up in the early hours. Bye bye, well-rested ChiiDerp. Time to embrace your Zombie side again... -sigh-

So... yeah, that's pretty much why this Digest is a day or so late, because despite the lack of news (I sob all over this Digest at that, actually) I've just been doing stuff aside from my blog, like sleeping and spending time with my niece, and also writing. I've been writing a bit, actually, which is surprising, and yes it has been on this blog (Q&A, that one Sexy Zone rant...) and also on Selective Hearing, and also on that Film blog I did one review for, then abandoned. Like, wow, I've been productive this week. Just not as much on the Digest.

I partially blame Tumblr for that, actually, but meh! So, er, yeah... this Digest is late, and my only excuse is that a better sleep pattern was the cause for it, and work today. There we goesy!

So with that all said and done, I will actually get to the Digest itself! Hopefully you will find some news in here to peak your intrigue, though it's awfully small and empty today... but hey! If you find something you like, I've done something correct! WHOOPEE!!!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f to navigate your way through the post swiftly and easily! Happy Digestin'!

Le Helpful Table of Contents~

♥ Weekly Happenings
♥ Video of the Week
♥ Picture of the Week
♥ News of the Week
☆ Hello! Project News
☆ Up-Front Promotion News
☆ AKS News
☆ Major Idols x Groups News
☆ Indies x Underground Idols News
☆ Miscellaneous News
☆ PV/Song Previews
☆ Press Release x Performance Videos

Weekly Happenings

This Little Corner (Here on the Net)

Holy crap I did a review on another site that is not this blog, what!? -hyperventilates-

Video of the Week

Flying without Wings by Westlife

No, you aren not hallucinating. NO, I am not on drugs. Just... this has been my Jam lately, and I don't know why. It just has, okay!? DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

So I have a random folder on my harddrive, one that I put random English songs that I like in. I call it the 'English' folder. Like, the English songs I would listen to way more than once, and this is one of them. Screw the fact that as a kid, boy bands were not on the cards (I was like 10, I had no clue that these guys were meant to be hot stuff or whatever they were back in the day), but hey, I knew what I liked music wise. This was one of those songs, and boy, have I been loving this song again this entire week. I've cried whilst listening to it, sang along to it like a mad woman, held my heart... done all the things you're meant to in this song. I've just... I've just loved it. And I have no clue what made me want to listen to it. Possibly the Nostalgic feels, who knows?

This is, however, the first time I've ever watched the video, and wow it's so 90's. From the weird flying woman to the bad teeth (not a first, I see bad teeth in Idol videos all the time) and also to the choir singing in the background; this is 90's romance PV at its finest. Also, nice little Angelic vibe you've got going there. Also, is that a generic Boyband tunnel I see you fine young crooked-teeth, blue-eyed men walking down? I swear, I've seen that very tunnel in many other videos. It's so... familiar!

... Oh gawd, I feel like this video/song should have been a secret hidden from you all D; But, I share with you my weirdest loves, and here is one of the weird loves. ENJOY!!! <3

Picture of the Week

I know I said I like it rough, but I didn't mean for you to break out the weapons!

This picture's been popping up on my Facebook a tad too much, so I've finally decided to use it as a Picture of the Week! I think Mayu's been waiting...


Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

Michishige Sayumi will hold a book release event for her personal book, titled Michishige Sayumi Personal Book - Sayu, on July 22nd, it has been revealed.


Will she wear a princess dress? Her personal belongings? Will she dress as Usa-chan???


Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo will hold a fanclub bus tour on September 20th and also on the 21st!


This was unprecedented, but awesome! Hopefully someone will chop off Momochi's hideous pigtails and then burn them in a sacrificial ceremony!

The Event V covers for Berryz Kobo's Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni / Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? have been revealed!


Those are actually some very cute, very nicely done covers! Why is that? Because barely anything has been done to them regarding shitty photoshop and over-use of patterns, shapes and colour! The simplicity is lovely, and what photoshop has been used, it has been used sparingly, thank the Lord!

... Actually, the 10nen Idol cover looks like the Love Heart candies! Me likey!


The Digest for Hagiwara Mai's up-coming Solo DVD, titled again, has been unveiled! Be sure to check it out!


Awkward smiles, flat chest, cute faces... These are all the graces of Hagiwara Mai!

Tokyo Girls Update


S/mileage's Budokan concert will be broadcast on TBS on August 31st, it has been revealed.


So all you stay at homes can finally view the concert... AT HOME!!! ERMAGERD!!!

Wada Ayaka will hold her Birthday Fanclub event on September 1st, it has been announced.


And there she will conduct an Engrish lesson, and sing out of tune. Maybe Harunan will show up, too, for an 'Art' lesson of sorts...

Up-Front Fanclub News


It was announced that Juice=Juice will hold their second Miracle×Juice×Box Fanclub event on September 13th! Woohoo!


Wait, that's a day before my birthday! Does that mean they will come and visit me? ;) HA! I wish...

Still, wouldn't it be nice if someone celebrated their birthday on the same day, and they were going to the event as well? What a cool way to celebrate!!!

Up-Front Promotion News

The cover for Kikkawa You's up-coming Photobook has been unveiled!



Wani Books

Kikkawa Yuu, THE Possible and Bakusute Sotokande Icchome will all perform at GIRLS STORM on August 6th, it has been announced.


So this will be a pretty good performance, then? I mean there will be a good balance of talent from both Kikka and THE Possible, and some fun and cuteness from Bakusute. Let's not forget the other Idol groups going there who are also pretty fun and good and cute to watch...

But yeah, these three acts there, the turnout should be promising, just like the performances!

Girls Storm Tickets

AKS News

On July 15th, Kashiwagi Yuki's birthday, it was announced that French Kiss would release a new single titled Omoidasenai Hana, set for release on October 1st. This will be the groups first single in more than 2 years.

The song is said to be a folk number, and it will be used as the title song for Takajo Aki's drama SAVEPOINT as well as the title song for their own TV show French Kiss no Kiss Tabi.


I forgot that this group existed! XD Then again, I barely payed attention to them even when they were a little more active as a group, so no wonder... still, it's great to see that they will be releasing something new after so long. I think this will make many fans happy!

Hopefully it's a good song... we know how the '48's can be, after all...

On July 15th it was announced through Nippon Crown that Kasai Tomomi's new single, which is currently untitled, will have a postponed release. Originally set to go on sale from July 23rd, it will now instead be released on September 17th due to 'circumstances' with the production process.


I'm not proud of this, but when I first saw this news I just couldn't help but think 'What, did she have another image with a kid holding her breasts on the cover issue? Seriously, Kasai!"

... My mind is a silly thing XD

Former AKB48 member Shinoda Marikos's fashion brand, ricori, has been shut down. The surprising news was revealed on July 16th through the brands official Twitter account.

It is said that the brand may be filing for bankruptcy, and that despite Mariko designing and producing the clothes, she is not involved with the Management side of the company.

ricori was produced by Mariko and opened in December 2012.


Well, this was surprising. I actually did not anticipate anything like this happening at all O-O

It's a shame, because that was Mariko's brain-child brand, and even if she wasn't as involved with it as she could have been, she still created ricori, so it's sad to see that it has been shut down now. Poor Mariko ;____;

... Well, it is life. And life is full of crap, sad to say.


On July 16th, Otona AKB48 member Tsukamoto Mariko finally made her official Theater Debut, whilst also celebrating her 38th birthday! She performed alongside Team 4.

Tsukamoto has also announced her 'Graduation' from AKB48 through the latest Papico CM. Her contract will end on August 31st.


It's really no surprise that she's graduating, though it does seem like she's only been a part of Obaasan AKB48 for a short while. Still, it's great that she was given this experience, one many women would have probably killed for, and I'm happy to see that she finally had a Theater debut!

Well, until you leave the group, I am sure many people will cherish your presence there, Mommy AKB!


On July 12th during her Birthday show, SKE48 Kenkyuusei member Goto Mayuko announced her graduation from the group. She will hold her graduation ceremony on July 29th, one day before Owaki Arisa's graduation ceremony.

A translation of her Graduation announcement has been translated and will be available through the Source.


Another SKE girl is going!? Wow, that group is really losing its members... but I think I'm saddened by this one a little more because the message concerning her reasons to graduate have been translated and is there in full, so I know a little more behind her desire to leave. Whether it's true or not, I don't know, but it's still sad to see it there and know she is leaving, even if I don't necessarily know who she is.

That said, she seems to have thought it through plenty. So, I hope that she can go on in the future with happy memories of performing alongside SKE48 and the rest of the Kenkyuusei members. I hope she can find something she wants to complete in life, something she loves doing the most.

Good luck, Mayuko! May you have a wonderful life.


As of July 17th, Team N member Suto Rurika has suspended her activities in order to recover from surgery for a retinal detachment. She has been advised one months worth of rest.


It's such sad news, I really hope that Rurika gets better soon, but also at her own pace; taking a month out will mean the fans and other members will miss her, yes, but I am pretty sure that everyone is cheering her on to get well and to take care of herself.

Get well soon, Rurika!

Major Idols x Group News

The Type A cover for Rev. from DVL's up-coming single, titled Do my best!!, has been unveiled! The Type B edition cover has yet to be revealed.

The groups second major debut single is set for release on August 13th.

Also, the groups Drama-style PV will be available via the source link, so be sure to check it out!


Okay, this is a cute cover, even if the outfits are tacky. Also, Kanna is slowly warming up to me. She's super cute! Though there are girls who appeal to me more in Rev. from DVL...

I'm not totally convinced in following them yet, however!

Indies x Underground Idols News

Houkago Princess, who are set to release their newest single Manatsu no Yoru no Yume, have revealed that they will be pushing back the single's release date to September 23rd, just under a month of the original release date, which was August 26th.

Furthermore, the group will be holding their 3rd Anniversary Live performance at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Shibuya on August 7th.


I had a feeling the new single would be pushed back a bit, because every time I saw an update from one of the members on Twitter, I would sometimes catch a glimpse of 'we are recording a song!' and it confused me a bit that they were still recording! Still, they're being productive. I couldn't ask for more!


Miscellaneous News

A 3 minute extended trailer for the up-coming Studio Ghibli movie, Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie was There), has been unveiled!

Be sure to check it out!


I wanted to cry when I watched the trailer for some reason. I guess because I already know that, because it's a Ghibli film, it will be rather emotional in many ways, but also it felt slightly haunting watching it. I don't think the song for the trailer helps, either XD

Still, I really look forward to this release. I haven't watched Ghibli films for a while admittedly, but this one has really peaked my interest. It looks so beautiful, just like the rest of Ghibli's films. I really want to see it!

PV/Song Previews

E-Girls have released  the incomplete music video for their newest single, Odoru Ponpokorin! The new song is the opening track for the anime Chibi Maruko-chan, and the full single will be released on August 13th!

The song and video is said to be enjoyable for all ages, and follows the theme of the four seasons. Be sure to check it out if you love all that is cute and colourful!


Okay, this is damn ADORABLE! I love that this video seems to take a turn from the typical cool version of E-Girls I am a little more used to seeing, whilst still keeping the formula and style of E-Girls that is so recognizable whenever I watch them. I mean, I just look at them and think 'yep, E-Girls PV and song' but it also feels vastly different to other videos they have done... I guess this one just took a cute, creative turn that I didn't expect, and seriously, I love it! It's refreshing, I like that they used the four seasons without making it a song with a specific tune... you know, like that Sexy Zone Chrimbo song that is actually about the four seasons? Yeah, that one!

So yeah, it's cute, it looks good and I want to see the full video!

My only gripe? What is WITH all of these girl groups and trains right now!? Okay, only Afilia and E-Girls, but still!!!

Press Release x Performance Videos

MAiDiGi TV, Oricon, JIJIPRESS and Tokyo MX have released footage from S/mileage's first Budokan Live, so be sure to check it out!


I never thought that this group would get to Budokan, not this year at least, because they've just seemed to struggle with their image so much, despite the fact they have been growing as a group. Still, I am happy to see that they finally made it, even if their image is questionable. They did really well, their fans seemed to have loved the performances so much, and the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves. Congratulations, S/mileage! Well done on your first Budokan performance together!

Oh wait, why were Berryz/C-ute there? Wasn't this S/mileage's stage, aye!?

JIJIPRESS, Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and Tokyo MX have both released footage from ℃-ute's press release event at CLUB CITTA for their latest single, The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (single ver.), so be sure to check it out!


Kanashiki Heaven still sounds like Maji Bomber... and every time I see that title The Power, I just want to thrust my hips skywards, fist in the air, and yell 'MAPOWER!!!!'.

So many songs within songs here, I say!

Tokyo MX have released report footage from the Hello! Project Summer concert, so take a look and see what is being performed!


Okay, this is random, but is it just me or is Nyon channeling her inner Risako lately? I swear, she is. She's going a bit hair-frantic I think, and she seems to be pouting like a pigeon a tad more. Let's just pray she doesn't start warbling every line, thinking she's pulling off vibrato. Oy vey!

Tokyo MX


Aaaaaand that is all the News I have for this week! I know the Digest is tiny, but that is sometimes how it goes in the world of Idols and News. I do hope there is at least a morsel of news for you all to chomp into, but if you're not satisfied, I just have this to say; Next week, there will be more. Hopefully a lot more than this, but if not, then we will simply wait it out...

Sorry to leave you dears hungry, but for now I do have to go. Time to scavenge the wild for News to fill us all up again! Until next time, toodle pip, hip hip hurrah and tally-ho!

Much Love and randomness,

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  1. OMG OMG WESTLIFE!!! I didn't expect that would be a Westlife video in your post XD Honestly, I looooove them and I fangirl over them especially when I watched old Pop Jam (a Japanese TV Show) where Westlife met Momusu (around 2001/2002 I think) because I do loooove Momusu too!