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Digest Weekly #104

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

Da-da-da DIGEST! Are you ready for this weeks dose of news?

This week, in the world of Idols and News...

Morning Musume '14's and Country Musume's 2nd rounds of auditions have FINALLY ENDED! HURRAH! S/mileage are annoyed, but why!? Koharu to appear in a drama with Johnny's WEST members, huh? Bye Bye Bye to an SKE member, and another NMB girl bites the dust! MomoClo to be the opening act for Lady Gaga! Hashimoto Kana to appear in a Drama with some JE boys! Which popular game series is having an inspired film? AND MORE! ARE YOU READY TO DIGEST!!!!

I feel like this week, whilst my Digest was still late (as it's supposed to be on Friday's, currently) I have been a tad more productive in my blogging life. I did a post on HouPri I had really wanted to write, finally breaking my cycle of only writing News related articles that I have recently been doing, and I was also able to finally record a Video. So, all in all, I do feel like I have been a bit more successful in what I have done when it comes to blogging and youtube, and that makes me feel at ease and rather happy.

Since I came back from Holland, everything has been rather hectic, which is why I haven't had much time to do blog posts or videos since returning to England. My boss just threw work at me, pretty much, and I am sure he will continue to do so, and my home life has been a bit messy as of late too, so I've been despairing and such, but I won't get into that, haha!

Still, I am very thankful for everyone's patience, I really feel I owe it to you all. You guys are my rocks, constantly encouraging me to do what I can and urging me to rest when needed. I am so thankful to have all of you wonderful readers her, figuratively beside me as I type away on this blog. You guys are wonderful, so thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So, now that I have said my piece, we shall move on with the Digest and get ready for the news that has been collected over the course of a week! Hopefully you will all find something interesting here, learn something new, or just find out what I think! ON FORTH!!!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f in order to navigate your way through the Digest with more ease. Thank you!

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Weekly Happenings


Okay, who is happy that I finally did SOMETHING with regards to my Youtube channel? Yeah, me too. Glad to see you again! <3

Video of the Week

Setsunatsu, Diver by Lovely★DOLL

Okay, I'm generally not a follow of Lovely★DOLL in any way. They're cute, I check their stuff out sometimes, but I am never really that bowled over by what they do, so I typically leave them be and go off to dance to HouPri or something. Well, today I found a song by them that seems to have left an impression on me, because I like it.

It's cute.

It's... summery. Like, Idol summery. And it is actually one of the few Summer-themed PV's and songs that has appealed to me this year, and seriously, not many have appealed to me. In fact this year I find the Summer PV's to be a bit lacking in substance. This one? Well, it's really caught me, hook line and sinker, for some reason.

It's charming, the girls' expressions are fun to watch and I like the individual scenes they have regarding how they spend time with their other halves. They seem to have different personalities for each of the girls rather than relying on one set story line, and instead the girls are given their own things to do, allowing us to respond to a girl we feel we are like in a way; there's not just one personality, but six of them, and we can each find one we're like in a way.

I enjoy the PV, I enjoy the song! It's a bit generic, but it's that summer-generic I enjoy from Idols. Hopefully you will all take a listen and see if you like it, too!

Picture of the Week

Do you want to share with me? I promise, I won't eat it all...~

Yamaguchi Miran of Houkago Princess, looking as deliciously sweet as the soft cream she holds in her hands! Kyaa!!!


Hello! Project News

Round 2 of the Country Musume New Member auditions have ended! The announcement was made on July 8th.




Country Musume Auditions News

An official Facebook Page for the Hello! Project Summer 2014 concerts has been created, and will be updated with images and fun posts during the H!P concerts. So far, backstage photo's have been uploaded.


So we're going to find out who sleeps the most in H!P, I suppose? XD

Hello! Project Summer 2014 Official Facebook

Morning Musume

It has been revealed that Round 2 of the Morning Musume '14 Golden Audition has finally ended! The news was made on July 8th.



Morning Musume '14's Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe / Password is 0 has been certified GOLD by the RIAJ! This is the groups 7th GOLD single in a row!


Major congrats to MM on this! I am really happy for them as a fan, and I am pretty sure many other fans are just as happy too! Well done, girls! <3

Michishige Sayumi, Fukumura Mizuki, Sayashi Riho and Iikubo Haruna have all been featured in Kimono Walker for their new collection! Be sure to check out the girls' individual pictures to see them in beautiful Kimono!


I was amazed when I saw the pictures, they are all so pretty! Sayumi looks especially womanly, as if she really matured from her cute image to a beautiful and delicate, regal-looking woman. I was surprised by how grown-up she looked, actually!

Mizuki looks, as always, like a lovely princess. Riho looks very delicate and sweet, so charming and innocent! And when I saw Harunan I was rather surprised to see her in a green Kimono, but it compliments her and makes her look very grown-up and lady-like, far from the gross character everyone says she has!

I like the images, though I do wish that the other girls had participated, but hey-ho...~

Berryz Kobo

Natsuyaki Miyabi will hold her Birthday Fanclub event on August 25th.


And there she will asks the fans to vote for her worst hairstyle of 2013-14!


℃-ute have appeared on the cover of the 33rd issue of Weekly Big Comic Spirits, where the girls collaborated with Art Director Masuda Sebastian, who has worked with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu since her debut, and works actively in Harajuku. Here, Masuda shows off the cute charms of C-ute in French-Lolita sleepwear whilst they embrace their member-coloured teddies.

Are you charmed by the cuteness of these girls?


1) I sound like an infomercial for this stuff right now. 2) THEY LOOK ADORABLE! 3) Is this classed as Ero-Kawaii? 4) HAWT DAMN, MAIMI!

That is all from this infomercial. -Flips hair and leaves-


S/mileage have revealed a video where the girls, who are in pairs, voice their complaints about the members or groups of Hello! Project. This version is a shorter edit of a longer version, to be shown at Budokan, to promote their up-coming Budokan live!

Be sure to check it out!


I read a summary of what was being said and found it fun and different, because let's be honest; S/mileage generally get the short end of the stick, even I believe that as someone who has slowly lost interest in them. I like that they have voiced their dislike of certain things, like that they have to do their own make-up but MoMusu members have it done professionally and such, though the video itself is done in such a style that it makes it feel less serious and rather funny.

Actually, watching the video makes me want to see Kanananana and Meimi in a drama where they are female Delinquents. I kind of want to see that portrayed between those two, they seem like they would do a good job at being brash, insulting young girls with a life full of fighting and basically doing nothing but being angry!

Watch the video, it's actually very charming and makes me like S/mileage so much more.


Juice=Juice will be a part of the guest performers for the up-coming CBC Radio Summer Festival 2014 on July 27th!


After hearing their newest songs, I do hope they don't bore anyone to tears with Kaze ni Fukarete. Black Butterfly, however, may just get their limbs pulsating in the audience!

CBC Official Website

It has been revealed that Juice=Juice will hold Juice=Juice x TOKYO FM [Hellosmile Cafe] at Sanrio Puroland on July 24th.


So they'll hang out with Hello Kitty and then do some radio, right? That's what I'm getting from this setup, at least.

Hello! Project News

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

It has been announced that selected members of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei will participate in Juice=Juice's up-coming individual handshake events for their up-coming single, Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete.


That kind of defeats the whole point of 'Individual handshake events' then, doesn't it? Silly, stupid UFP...

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been revealed that Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) will perform at the CBC Radio Summer Festival 2014, much like Juice=Juice, on July 27th!


Well, given how awesome UUG's music is in general, I am sure they will pump up the crowd with summer spirit! Dowse yourselves in UUG's power!

It has been revealed that Kusumi Koharu will appear in the up-coming drama Again!!! alongside Johnny's WEST members and former Momoiro Clover Z member, Hayami Akari.

Koharu's role is currently unannounced.


Okay, when I saw Koha amongst the lineup for the drama Again!!! I became excited! I like Koharu, we all know I do, so I'm happy to see that she will be in a Drama, even if it's a small role! Hopefully we'll find out who she is playing later on, but for now I will bask in the happiness of knowing that she's doing something aside from modelling half-naked for CanCam! Whooo!!!

Actually, we need more almost-topless images of her ;)

AKS News

It was revealed on July 9th that former AKB48 member, Itano Tomomi, will be the Guest of Honor for the 2014 J-Pop Summit Festival held in San Francisco, USA. This will be Tomomi's first solo event within the United States.

Tomomi will hold a live performance on July 19th at 7:50pm at the downtown Union Square stage, and then another performance on July 20th at 11am on the Pagoda Main Stage in Japantown.


Oh good grief, she's going? Plug your ears, kids, otherwise you may hear the wail of someone who can't sinG!!!

Okay, all half-truths aside, I do hope all her fans in San Francisco can go and see her and enjoy her presence, music and, erm... singing. If anything, just enjoy seeing Tomomi, okay?


On July 9th, Minegishi Minami of AKB48 resumed her activities within the group after taking a break in June to rest due to Kidney cysts. She announced her return via Google+, and revealed that she had attended the rehearsal for Team 4's nationwide tour on June 8th.


Welcome back, Minanmi-chan! We have all really missed you, and I am happy to see you are better and ready to go!


On July 6th it was revealed that Team E member Owaki Arisa has announced her graduation from SKE48. The decision came because she wishes to try other things in her life, and so she will leave the group at the end of the July. No date for her graduation has been determined.

A full translation of her announcement will be available via the source link.


Good grief, another SKE girl gone? Does this mean I have to find a song to say 'Sayonara' to the girls like I did with the NMB48 chicks?

Actually, I think I chose a song a while back, whether it was for SKE or AKB, who knows? Still, it seems appropriate...

Okay, jokes aside and all, (Bye bye bye) I do wish Arisa luck in her future endeavors. Hopefully she figures out what she wants to do in life and becomes happy with her decisions. Until she goes, however, please do treasure her presence within SKE48!

On a much happier note, it has been decided that SKE48 will hold their 7th generation auditions! The application period begins on July 19th and ends on August 31st, allowing plenty of time to apply!

Girls aged between 11 and above, with no specific age limit indicated, who live within Japan may apply. The first and second rounds will include the usual examination of applicant documents and an interview, however the third and fourth rounds will be conducted with the fans, who will have their say in which girls make it through the auditions via a voting system.

The full summary of the auditions and what will happen in rounds three and four will be included via the Source Link.


Well, isn't this nice? Auditions! Also, auditions that include fans! Though I feel like recently, most auditions from various groups have included the say of the Fans, which is nice and all actually. Still, I hope that the girls applying will enjoy their experience auditioning for the group, whether they make it or not.

But, on a serious note, how many will get through? I am guessing a good few thousand girls...


On July 7th, NMB48 Kenkyuusei member Takayama Riko announced her graduation from the group, with the reason cited as she wished to focus solely on her studies. She will leave the group on July 19th after her graduation show.



Well, this is a bit of a shame, isn't it? I mean, I know we're used to the 48's losing members left, right, above and below, but it is still sad knowing these girls are leaving. All I can say is what I usually say, though; Good luck and I hope that Riko's future endeavors will end in success and, of course, happiness. Hopefully her fans will cherish her final performance and cheer loudly for her, and give her their love and congratulations on graduating safely and happily.

Good luck in life, Riko! Ja ne!


On July 7th, JKT48 member Melody was appointed the position of Okayama Fruits Amabassador. As the ambassador, Melody will take on the responsibility of promoting the delicious fruits of Okayama to Indonesia.

Okayama are currently trying to globalize its brand of fruit, and have begun their campaign to advertise and sell fruits in Jakarta, Indonesia, so they chose popular member Melody of JKT48 to help them in their campaign.

Full article via the source link!


I had no clue that Melody was an Agriculture student, so when I read it, I felt like it was a really great thing that she was given this opportunity to be able to promote fruit to her home country, whilst also wishing to improve her homeland's own agriculture. I'm not a big fan of Melody in any way, but I am happy and pleased for her to be given this opportunity and to share the fruits of Okayama with her country, and also to still promote Agriculture.

Major Idols x Group News

It has been revealed that the recently-lacking-in-luster group, Momoiro Clover Z, have been selected as the opening act group for Lady Gaga's up-coming concert in Chiba on August 14th! It has been said that Lady Gaga herself requested for MomoClo to be her opening act.


Someone in the comments section for the Tokyohive articel stated Kyary would have been a better pick. I kind of have to agree there XD She has a tad more substance that this group does nowadays, at least.

Still, whatever. Congrats, Hell Demons!

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update

It has been revealed that Rev. from DVL's own Hashimoto Kanna has been cast in the up-coming drama, Suikyuu Yankee's, as herself. Her character is simply a popular Idol who is idolised by the three delinquents within the drama played by Chiba Yudai, Nakagawa Taishi and Yoshizawa Rio.

This will be Kana's first time appearing in a Drama.


I saw this article and, when I saw the ball she was holding, my immediate thoughts were 'she's in that Yankee drama, isn't she?' before I even read the title!

I am really pleased for Kanna, and when I told Serenyty about the article (well, linked her) she said she was also pleased, because she is a big fan of Rev. from DVL, so I knew she would want to see it. It's great that Kanna is getting this experience, though it would have been nice if she was given a bit more of a fleshed out character rather than just being an 'Idol'. Still, I am sure she will be the driving force behind many of the characters' goals!

Congrats, Kana!


Indies x Underground Idols News

On July 13th, it was announced during a live performance at Ruido K2 that Houkago Princesses 6th generation Cadet member, Miyashita Maika, has successfully been promoted to a Regular member of the lineup! Congratulations!

In her Twitter comment, Maika stated that she cried because she was so happy, and that from here on she will work hard as a Regular member to promote their future releases.

Michishige Saho, who joined the 6th generation as its first member, commented that she will miss Maika and will become lonely and frustrated without her. However, she aims to work hard to become a Regular member too whilst still working at her own pace.

(Translations are very... iffy. Then again, I did do the translations via Google XD)


Wow! I had a feeling one of the girls would have been promoted, because an announcement was being made and all, and I also had a feeling Maika would be the first to be promoted, because she's one of the few members to have had a History as an Idol... but wow, I am very happy for her!

Many congratulations to Maika on being promoted to the Regular lineup, she is very deserving of it! Hopefully soon Sahochi and Himari will follow soon and also join the regular lineup!

Congrautlations, Maika, once again!


It has been revealed that boy-group Kis-My-Ft2 will release their 11th single, titled Another Future, on August 13th! The new single's title track has already been picked up as the theme song for the Drama Nobunaga no Chef, which stars member Tamamori Yuta.

The single's coupling track has been titled Perfect World, and is also being used as the CM song for DHC Yakuyou Acne Control Series.


Kiss-My-Foot are on their 11th single, WHAT!? Wait, when did they debut? I have no clue, but somehow, I always manage to think they are still fresh and new for some reason... hmm... But still! This will make many fans excited (Hi, Thennary ;D) so I do sincerely hope everyone who loves the group can purchase a copy of their single!

Also, where do I find these boy groups' MV's? I HAVE NO CLUE!!!

It has been revealed that Johnny's WEST's new songs, titled Yume wo Dakishimete and SUPERSTAR, have been chosen as the theme and opening songs for the up-coming late-night Drama Again!!!. There has been no set release date for the new songs, however.

The drama, which has been adapted from Kubo Mitsurou's manga of the same name, tells the story of Imamura Kinchiro, a bou who time-travels from his High-school graduation day to the morning of his High-school entrance ceremony in order to start over. Johnny's WEST member Fujii Ryuusei will play as the protagonist, whilst former Momoiro Clover member Hayami Akari will play as the heroine.


Oh, I remember talking about the Drama Again!!! at one point! It's nice to see some more information on it come out, especially the bit about Akari playing the heroine! Also, Kusumi Koharu seems to be acting in it too, which intrigues me... I wonder if she'll be a teacher or something? Who knows! Anyway, the acting lineup seems rather intriguing to me so I hope many people get to see it for the actors or, if anything, Johnny's WEST!


(Top Row: Limited A Bottom Row: Limited B, Regular edition)

Akanishi Jin will release his new summer single, titled Good Time, on August 6th. The covers and track list have also been revealed.

The new single, which is the first under Jin's own label Go Good Records, is described as a song that was written with the idea of summer, such as the exhilarating feelings and the boldness of it all. Jin wrote the song with the hope that those who listen will enjoy everyday of their lives.

Jin wrote, composed and produced the single himself.

The track list will be available via the source link.


From the preview of the song, I know I rather like it; it's your typical summer tune that's rather refreshing and light, but still up-tempo enough to bring a bit of energy and happiness to it all and allow you to enjoy it whilst thinking it feels like a true Summer song.

On the covers themselves, I actually really love the simplicity and rather risque look of the Limited A version, however the Regular version scares me a tad! I guess I prefer the stylish look of the first cover, as opposed to the, erm... tacky look of the Regular edition?


Miscellaneous News

A trailer for the up-coming film Fatal Frame (Zero in Japan) has been revealed! The movie will be released on September 26th of this year.

The film, directed by Mari Asato of Ju-On: Black Ghost and also Gommennasai, which starred Hello! Project's group Buono!, is inspired by the popular Horror-Survival game series Fatal Frame. Nakajo Ayami and Morikawa Aoi will star in the film.


OKAY, so randomly looking at articles and such lead me to this... THIS GLORIOUS news! OH MY GOSH!!!

Okay, I like the Fatal Frame series. I mean, I've not played it, I'm scared shitless of it actually, but I still like it! Like, I watched someone play it, loved it, and whilst I may never play it myself do you know how happy I am right now!? IT'S GONNA BE A FILM! OH MY GOSH, YIPPEE!!! -dances rainbows and prances around like a maniac-


I think I've been waiting for this adaptation since I first watched a playthrough of this game. Next up... a decent adaptation of Clock Tower! COME ON, BRING IT!!!

... I just hope they don't cock it up.

PV/Song Previews

King Records have released the short version of Ogura Yui's latest PV for her new single, Tinkling Smile! The Idol's latest solo single will be released on August 13th this year, and once again shows off her sweet and cute charms!

Be sure to check the video out and become entranced with the sweetness that is Ogura Yui!


I've really started to like Ogura Yui recently, and this song is just plain adorable! I actually didn't expect anything new from her as of late, but when I saw this in my feed on Youtube I just had to see it, and I am impressed by the cute aura of it all! I like the bowling setting too, even if I've seen loads of Idols use the bowling-alley setting in TV shows and such (hi, Juice=Juice, C-ute, S/mileage...) but it's refreshing to see it used in a music video!

Yui is adorable here, the PV is bright and sunny like she is, and that song! SO. CUTE! I actually would love to see the full version of this video, it seems to be pretty fun!

The teaser video for Akanishi Jin's up-coming single, titled, Good Time, has been revealed! The new single will be released on August 6th, and has the image of summer. This will also be the first single released under Jin's own music label, Go Good Records.

Be sure to check out the video to see what you think!


I like the refreshing sound of summer this song brings, though I didn't expect Jin's latest song to sound so... generic? Well whatever, it sounds pretty decent and is a sound I am sure many can enjoy. It really does make me think of summer!

Press Release x Performance Videos

JIJIPRESS and MAiDiGi TV have both released footage from the UNIDOL Summer 2014 event, where -ute were revealed to be the secret guests! Be sure to check out the video to see their performance at the special event!


I read about the UNIDOL event via Tokyogirlsupdate, and was surprised to read that -ute were guests there. They seem to do a lot of these events right now, and that does make me happy as many girls seem to look up to them as performers, so it's great to see them helping out at an event like this and commenting on the girls performing.

THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor Chapter 4 Trailer has been unveiled, so be sure to check it out!


All I can say on this matter is this:


Oricon and MAiDiGi TV have revealed footage from the opening day of the Summer 2014 Hello! Project concerts, so be sure to check it out!


Kaze ni Fukarete sounds better live, gotta admit that. Also, loving Shimizu Saki's shorter hair! Looking classy!

At least one of the Berryz girls has decent hair.

Oricon | MAiDiGi TV


Aaaaand once again, that is all we have for this weeks Digest! Hopefully the News of the week has been satisfactory, with something for everyone, and I do hope you have enjoyed of course! I apologise if there is anything I have missed, but remember; I can't do it all, I am not Superman no matter how much I wish to one day be the Man of Steel! For one, I need to become a man, and secondly... Kryptonite.

Until next time lovelies, please take care! Read, Love and share your passion in any way you can. Thank you~



  1. Kis-My-Ft2 debuted in the summer of 2011, so they have been around for a while now. But I do get feeling like they are still a rather new group. I feel that way from time to time about them and the other groups that debuted around the same time, Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z.

    It definitely seems like this season is the season for idols in dramas. Even if most are late night dramas.

    1. TIS THE SEASON TO DO DRAMA'S, FA-LA-LA-LA-LA... -rings bell-

      Yeah, Kis-My-Ft2 just feel like they are so new to me, but I suppose it's because they were one of the first few groups debuted whilst I truly understood more about Idols and groups in general here. It's because I'm from 'their era', basically!

  2. I want to see more of Country Musume... I hope they do something in the style of the first gen Country Musume though! Besides, You're coming to the Netherlands? If so, do visit me, lol :3

    1. Ahhh, this post was made after I went to the Netherlands, only just! I'm sorry I couldn't visit you ; A; I went in June actually... I hope to visit again, however! I really loved it there!

      And honestly, I wish Country Musume was happening ; A; So sad they chose no one DX