Monday, 7 July 2014

Digest Weekly #103

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

THIS WEEK, in Weekly Digest News...

Birthday FC event DVD Previews! Too many to count! C-ute invited to a few lives, whoop whoop! The final Live DVD of Watarirouka Hashiritai has been announced! Yukirin twitter account? WHAT? CD COVERS GALORE! PASTEL CALLA to make their debut! Which JE members are going to be in a movie? And some more! Are you ready for Digestin'?

Okay, my fingers hurt. OW!!! This is what I get for typing 4 hours straight... damnit DX Still, that's my own fault. I wanted to get this Digest out before Monday America time, because... well, tomorrow I will be busy. Again.

So, my lack of posts is due to being busy, and that is the solid truth, weirdly enough. I've just been called out for work most of this week, with only last Monday and Wednesday off, and on the Monday I went out with a friend so I wasn't even really home... so yeah. No time pretty much, and I feel a little bad about it, but I also don't because this is life, and I have to live it. Just how it goes, ya know? Still, at least I was doing stuff this time around instead of procrastinating both my blog and my life.

So it's been hectic, and I've wanted to kill my boss a few million times this week because he always messages me like 2 hours before he expects me to start a shift, but whatever; it's money at the end of the day. Money I keep spending on drinks and foodystuffs and, right now, some new clothes, but eeeeeh. Personal life drama, I must shut up about it. Ho-hum~

SOOOO one of the productive Idol things I have done this week, aside from sob over Ono Erena's fading Entertainment Career that is, is create a Facebook fan page for Houkago Princess, because I've been meaning to for a while, and finally made one! I've also been stalking the girls' twitter accounts, mostly Himari's, Saori's and Miran's, because they are my favourites so far. Actually, I like all of HouPri, but those three girls seem to have captured me in a way the others haven't, though Sahochi is making her way to my #4 spot, I believe...

But yeah, fanpage. WOOHOO!!! So, if you have an interest in the group and want to follow the FB account, please do! I mostly post images there right now, but when news comes out I try to update on that too. Good thing I'm obsessed with these girls enough to do that sort of thing! Then again, sharing is caring and I like sharing my HouPri babies!

Okay, enough chitter chatter, my fingers still hurt, I need sleep for tomorrow's journey to some city for bridesmaid dress shopping (my oldest sister wants to get married, whether she goes through with it or not is beyond me, but she's cancelled before, so yeah... still, free dress?) so I must go to bed soon.

SOOOO, sorry to cut this short, but I will be off! I hope you have all had a splendid week gone by, and I hope it hasn't been too busy for you! Have you enjoyed the sun, if there was any, and did you do many fun things?

Until the end of the post, have fun and toodlepip!

As always, be sure to make your way through the post using the commands ctrl + f for easier navigation through the Digest! As always, enjoy!

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Video of the Week

A blast from my hardcore childhood past! YEAH!!!

Back when I was little and a hyperactive lunatic (so, not much has changed there then?) I LOVED cartoons like any other kid! Before Ponyo, The Reef, whatever you cool cats have nowadays, we had something called Help! I'm A Fish, and damnit, it was good! I adored this movie, and I adored this song, which is why I'm playing it for y'all today. Cos' y'know, Nostalgia!!!

I also played this song a lot when I was in Holland, I kinda annoyed the Hell out of Sarah with it (and also got her playing it, too, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) because I JUST LOVE IT! It's one of those songs from way back when I never forgot, something from my childhood that I loved and cherished, a song that brings back amazing memories of sitting watching this film with my sister, niece and nephews, and singing along to the amazing theme tune we are listening to today.

I actually need to watch it again with my baby niece, for nostalgia's sake and also to let her experience the movies I watched growing up. I just... arrrgh, I love it! And yes, I must watch it again, because as I kid I was unaware that SNAPE was the baddie in this! And now, I need to re-experience it for the sake of Snape, aka Alan Rickman! TOODLEPIP, PEEPS!!! Enjoy ;D

Picture of the Week

Who knew such a cute face was hiding some powerful melons?

Okay, so I never knew that Houkago Princesses Nagasawa Marina had a rack like that! Now, I do. Is it okay to request more gravure shots of the girl???


Hello! Project News

Both ℃-ute and Juice=Juice have graced the covers of Anican R Yan Yan magazine!


When Sexy meets Pure, that's the theme I get from all of this.

Tokunaga Chinami and Yajima Maimi will hold an FC event on August 19th, it has been revealed. Furthermore, on August 20th, both Shimizu Saki and Hagiwara Mai will hold an FC event.


Will there be dance battles? Singing challenges? Blood shed? Hair ripping? WHO KNOWS! It's fun playing the guessing game, though!

The DVD and Blu-ray covers for the FULL Course Hello! Project Hina Festival 2014 have been revealed! There are two versions available; the Blu-ray versions features a ℃-ute focus, whilst the DVD version features a Morning Musume '14 focus.


Wait... wait, is this what I think it is? Holy fuck, it is! IT'S TWO DIFFERENT COVERS!!! Holy fuuuuck, this is a miracle! TWO. DIFFERENT. COVERS! MY GAWD! This calls for celebration, people. Champagne! Bring the Champagne, it's on me!!!

Morning Musume

Michishige Sayumi has graced the cover of Nail Venus' 2015 Siashin Gel Nail Perfect Lesson mook!


Fake nails look weeeeird on Chayu, but eh, whatever. Her face is perfect, regardless!

... She looks slightly evil, however o-O

The DVD previews for both Sayashi Riho and Sato Masaki's Birthday Fanclub events have been revealed! Be sure to check them out and enjoy!


I think the winning moment in Riho's FC event was when the guy came out in drag, and stole the spotlight, clearly! xD But no, seriously, was that an Uemuu I saw? And then a wild Yossie? Also, her performance was pretty much spot on, if only she could do this all the time and not use that shit high-pitch she butchers in most songs now, because damn, she sounds good with a low, strong voice!

Good Lord, I forget how  squeaky Masaki is sometimes. That, or I erase my memory of how sickly her voice her, but whatever XD she sounds decent regardless, though I prefer her when she's going a bit lower and doesn't break my ear drums. She also sounds amazing with Duu. Those two need a Duu-o soon! Actually, NOW!!! Perfect combo!!!

Berryz Kobo

The DVD preview for both Tokunaga Chinami and Sugaya Risako's Birthday Fanclub events have been revealed, so be sure to check them out!


I sometimes forget how cute Chinami's voice is sometimes, and how... unpolished it seems XD Still, I really like her energy and cuteness whenever she sings, she just seems rather genki and cheerful regardless! That said, when given a song that requires a lower tone, she does deliver well!

Now, with Risako's speaking voice, I forget how soft and sweet she sounds o-o She is seriously girly, it always surprises me, given how she sounds when singing, which to me sounds: Whiny and warbled. And oh God, she butchered VERY BEAUTY. I actually like that song, Risako o-O

Sing a slow song, girl. One that does not require such a damn high register. PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!!


It has been revealed that ℃-ute will perform as guests at the JUNON Produce Girls Contest on August 1st!


Contest? What, are they going to compete for the best legs or something? Best tummy? Because best tummy would go to Uemura Akari, hands down, even if she wasn't competing. Mhm, that tummy...~

Oh wait, I'm meant to be talking about ℃-ute o-O

JUNON Girl Official Website

℃-ute will perform at TV Asahi's Summer Station Music Live on August 15th, it has been revealed!


And they will show off their hot summer moves, and create a storm I am sure! Hyah!

TV Asahi Official Website

The DVD preview for Cutie Land 8 Fanclub event has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


All I want to say is this; WHO THE FUCK STYLED NAKKY IN THE FIRST BIT? Shoot yourself, NOW!!!


The titles for S/mileage's up-coming single, set for release on August 20th, have been revealed! The titles are Aa Susuki no / Chikyuuwa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu.

There will be six editions available, with two regular editions and four limited editions to purchase.

The new single will be a Double A-side release. (SURPRISE!!!!)



OOOH and look, a Double A-side. Did not expect that to happen! NEVER!!!

Nanasma English Twitter

Both the Regular and Amazon Limited edition covers for S/mileage③  ~6nin de FULL CHARGE~ have been revealed!


Okay, thank fuck they didn't botch it up with shit photoshop. At least they had the brains to just copy and paste the images together on MS Paint or rotate one to a certain angle. It looks better than the shit they usually do, at least.


Regular Edition Cover | Amazon Limited Edition Cover


It has been revealed that Juice=Juice will star in the musical version of Koisuru Hello Kitty, which is set to take stage in November.


I'm waiting for this to be 'Miyamoto Karin feat. Juice=Juice and Hello Kitty', as opposed to all Juice=Juice starring in it.

... WHAT!? You know how biased UFP are!

Gekipro News

(Top Row: Regular A, Regular B Centre Row: Limited A, Limited B Bottom Row: Limited C, Limited D)

The covers for Juice=Juice's single, Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete, have all been revealed! The single will come in six different editions and is set for release on July 30th.

There will be Regular editions Type A & B, and Limited editions A to D.


Okay, how badass does Akari look, front and centeR, on the Limited A version? Very, that's how much! Seriously, that girl is owning the 'I don't give a fuck' look there!

Now, Karin, on the other hand... well, she doesn't look happy in any of them. I mean, she looks even more dead-eyed than usual; where's the effort, girl!? You're cute, so own that cuteness on the cute covers, at least! Stop looking like a sack of potatoes, that's Mizuki's job!

Also, shit photoshop is shit on Regular B and Limited C. EW! Hack jobs right there. Good thing Limited A and B are super nice to look at.

Hello! Project Releases

The DVD preview for Juice=Juice's first Fanclub Tour in Yamanashi, ~Miracle×Juice×Bus~, has been revealed! What does the tour have in store for us all?


Uemuu, you're freakin' precious. I just want to steal you away and adopt you! Yuka can become my waifu, too. Also, Miniskirt Postwoman!? YES! YES! Also, that little performance of Akai Freesia by Yuka is just too precious! By the way, fierce winners = Tomato-chan and Sayuki! Karin is adorbs too, but she doesn't really win points in power for me like Tomato and Sayuki do. Still, she wins many a point in how cute she is and how on-point her pitch is.


Up-Front Promotion News

It has been announced that THE Possible will perform at the IDOL SONIC stage of Summer Sonic 2014 on August 16th!

Groups such as Negicco and AeLL will also perform at Summer Sonic 2014!


Oh, this is good! Well done to the girls on performing at a summer festival!

... Aside from that, I seriously have no other comments! Chiima out!

AKS News

The live DVD for Watarirouka Hashiritai's final performance has finally been announced! The group, who disbanded on February 9th 2014, will have their final DVD released on September 3rd!

The release will include the performance, as well as footage of rehearsals and off-shots.


Oh, I forgot that happened to the group! Well, good to see a DVD coming out for it, though I have a feeling it will mostly be the Mayu show? I dunno, can't say, but whatever! I hope the fans of the group can grab a copy if they have the money for it! It seems like something to treasure.


AKB48 x NMB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki has opened up her official twitter account as of July 1st.

Since opening her account, Yuki has over 182k followers! If you aren't a follower yet and love Yukirin, be sure to check out her twitter and follow her!


Oh look, an Idol who I don't care about. YAY, no following for me, whoop whoop!


SKE48 will releasetheir 15th single, titled Bukiyou Taiyou, on July 30th. 20 Senbatsu members have also been selected.

There will be 8 different editions of the single available, in Regular Types A, B, C and D and Limited Types A, B, C and D.

The list of Senbatsu members will be available via the source link!


Wait, Sae's in SKE now? Didn't she, like, announce a year ago she was solely going to focus on SNH48? Has the staff members completely ignored her request to focus on SNH and not be con-current or something?

Yeah, that's an issue in my eyes, unless someone cares to explain what the heck is going on ._.

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive

From July 12th onwards, the film gift starring Matsui Rena and actor Endo Kenichi will air nationwide in 9 theaters in cities in Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka. Originally, the film was only sown in the Aichi prefecture.

gift is the story of a lonely company CEO Shinozaki Zenzou, played by Endo, and a club hostess Yamane Saori, played by Matsui, who both go on a journey to bring gifts back to the irreplaceable people in their lives.

Due to the popularity of the movie in Aichi prefecture, where it was shown from June 14th in seven cinemas, it was requested via calls that the film be shown outside of Aichi.

This is the first lead role Matsui Rena has played in a movie.


Fish-eyes Matsui, as a lead? I would be intrigued by that! I wonder if my soul will be sucked out?


Major Idols x Group News

(Top Row: Types A, B Bottom Row: Type C)

The covers for Palet's up-coming single, titled VICTORY, have been revealed! The groups 3rd major single release is set for sale (hurrhurr) on August 27th!

There are three types available for national shipping; Type A, B & C. A fourth edition, Type D, will be available exclusively at events.

This is also the first single to feature the groups newest member, Nakano Yumi, who has taken on the image colour green.


I actually like those covers. Weirdly enough, I seem to be liking palet a little more lately.

... Kill me now ._.

(Top Row: Regular edition, Limited edition Bottom Row: Low-Cost Carrier edition A, Low-Cost Carrier edition B)

PASSPO have revealed the covers for their up-coming single, titled Himawari! This will be the latest summer single from the group, and is set for release on August 20th.

The costumes for the release were designed by Masui Mio, who has designed the groups costumes for previous singles, in the image of sunflowers, which is the title of the single.

Four types are available to purchase; Regular edition, Limited edition, Low-Cost Carrier edition A and Low-Cost Carrier edition B.


Those costumes are cute, and I do like the covers for the single, but my waning interest in PASSPO☆ is close to non-existent now. I mean, I listened to Himawari and whilst it's a nice loud song, it just sounds like a lot of stuff they have already done, just with a louder beat...I know I listen to a lot of groups that rehash songs and all, but PASSPO☆'s seems to dull down every time I hear them, it doesn't always sound fun and catchy... I dunno.

Still, the song does sound good live, and I may chance it when the PV comes out to see if I prefer the studio edit to the live vocals. Ya never know. PASSPO☆ may once again gain my interest, but I don't hold out hope.

(Top Row: Limited edition, Regular edition Bottom Row: Tenjin edition)

LinQ will release their up-coming single, titled Natsu Koi, on July 30th. The covers for the new summer single have also been revealed!

The single will come in three editions, with only two available nationwide; Limited and Regular edition, and then special Tenjin edition will only be sold at Best Denki Fukuoka.

The track lists for the single will be available via the source link.


Okay, I can't be the only one who immediately though 'THE PEACE!!!!!!!' when I saw the covers, right? RIGHT??? I mean, I know marine is in fashion and super cute and totally adorable on them, but... The PEACE!!!??? It screams that song!!!

Still, fully looking forward to it! If the song is half as cute as those costumes, I'm in for a helluva whale of a time!

Indies x Underground Idols News

Hip-Hop, dance and vocal unit PASTEL CALLA will make their official CD debut this Fall! The group, who performed in America for Anime Expo 2014 and Los Angeles Idol Festival 2014 for the first time, will release their first single titled KISS / Tokue ~Niji Shoku~. Details regarding the release date, coupling tracks and covers have yet to be revealed.

Currently, the group is also rehearsing for the up-coming stageplay, Flying Pirates ~Neverland Hyoryuki~, which former Houkago Princess member Hayamizu Rin is also participating in.

The short music video teasers for KISS and Tokue ~Niji Shoku~ will be available via the source link, as embedding is disabled.


When I first saw the video, I was really damn surprised by how good these girls looked/sounded! I didn't expect much from them, I won't lie, but when I heard KISS I just thought they were a bit like a mini Perfume/Hinoi Team in a way, and yeah, that impresses me immensely!

Then Tokue ~Niji Shoku~ came on and I may just have fallen in love a little bit, and gained a whole heap of interest! I am a sucker for soft, sweet songs, and even if this one isn't original, it still sounds good, the girls have strong vocals and they actually sound like they did in KISS, but with a slower, lower tempo, obviously. Actually, I'm just in awe of their voices; for a bunch of 14/15 year olds, they are pretty damn impressive. I didn't expect that. I expected squeak, and I did not get that. I got some impressive damn singers.

THIS is what a Vocal/Dance unit is! OH MY GOSH, SO GOOD!!!

Solo Artist News

It has been revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's latest album Pika Pika Fantajin, which is set to release on July 9th, will not only be released in Japan, but also overseas!

Due to her rising popularity, it was decided by Warner Music Japan to release the new album in the following countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, England, France, Germany, Spain, United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

There are three editions of the album available, and the track list will be available via the source link.


Okay, so I've tried to ignore Kyary lately, simply because I don't follow her and have no interest in her at all, but whoa! WHOA, she's releasing overseas? MY COUNTRY HATH BEEN INVADED! ARRRRGH!!!!!

Terrible singers are coming to England, woe is me---- Oh wait a minute, we're already plagued by terrible singers from this era. NEVER MIND~~~~


Arashi will release their up-coming Album in the Fall, as well as hold a 5-Dome tour from November 14th, starting in Fukuoka Dome, until December 23rd, where they will end the tour at Tokyo Dome. There will be 18 performances in total, marking the groups largest Dome tour in their history together.


Holy crap, a 5-Dome tour, with 18 performances? Holy craaaaap!!! I bet this has made many a fan (Hi, Aim ;D) happy for the group! Plus with the announcement of a new album too, it seems like once again, Arashi have had an amazing year!

Well, I wish the boys... er, men, luck for their up-coming Dome tour, and luck in the charts for their newest album! Not that they need luck, that is. I mean come on, this is freaking Arashi here! They're like, God in a way. But five of them...

It has been revealed that Johnny's WEST will release their very first album, which is currently untitled, on August 6th! The album will come in both Limited and Regular editions.

The Limited version of the album will include 10 songs and a bonus DVD including footage of the group recording the album, a special interview and more, whilst the Regular version will come with 14 tracks.


Oh, I was wondering when they would have a CD debut of some kind, unless a CD debut has happened, that is? I don't know, but still, an album debut is always fun! Plus, the bonus content on the DVD seems worthwhile, so I do hope any fans who absolutely LOVE these guys will be able to bag themselves a copy of the new album if they can, Regular or Limited!

Congrats on the debut, guys! Congrats on the album!!!

It has been revealed that Ikuta Toma will star in a new movie titled Grasshopper, playing as the character Suzuki, once a law-abiding junior highs chool teacher who has since joined a criminal organisation, Reijou, in order to avenge his lover. In the story, he will meet two different assassins under the aliases Cicada and Whale.

Yamada Ryosuke will take on the role of Cicada/Semi, a knife-wielding murderer, whilst actor Asano Tadanobou will take on the role of Whale, an assassin who's business is to drive someone to suicide.


Well, isn't this an intriguing setup? I've always had some sort of a fascination with assassins in stories and films, for some reason, so this actually seems right up my alley! Hopefully a lot of fans can see this, and I hope to see it with subtitles some time soon as well!

It actually sounds pretty good, though will it deliver?

PV/Song Previews

Afilia Saga have revealed the short music video for their up-coming single, Magical☆Express☆Journey! This will be the groups 12th single and is set to release on July 23rd. This is also the first single under the groups new label, Stand-Up Records, which is also the new label for Idol College.

Both the lyrics and the music were created by Haruko Momoi, one of the groups producers as well as a voice actress and singer/songwriter. In this song, Momoi depicts the groups concept, which is 'magical Kingdom', the theme the entire Afilia Saga branch is based off of.

Be sure to take a look, and enjoy the song and video!


Afilia Saga, I swear, always release something that is infectious and catchy, even if it isn't the best. And damn, once again, this is adorable and catchy! Also, I love those costumes. And Kohime is still tiny as anything! Seriously, how tiny does she get!?

Okay, fangirling over and done with, this isn't the best release by any means, but damn, I would be lying if I said I didn't like it! It hits the right marks in cuteness and catchiness, and it is just so loveable and sweet! Plus, that plushie thing! And yay, CGI trains! Who doesn't love a 'lil bit of shitty CGI in some of their videos? Me? Okay, yeah I hate it sometimes, but when it's there because it fits with the theme/title, I don't care! AND IT FITS, SO THERE!!!

Basically; it's CUTE!!!

Perfume have finally revealed the short version of their music video for the up-coming single, Cling Cling! The video shows an influence in the Chinese culture, from the style of dresses to the props used.

The single is set for a July 16th release.

Be sure to check out the video and see if you like what you see!


When I first watched the video, I actually didn't like it at all; I thought it was slow-paced, but pretty, and lacking in substance. I also thought the song sounded like quite a lot of other songs Perfume has released. Watching it again however, I can appreciate the video a lot more, and whilst the song is cute and all, it still sounds like a rehash. Still, that video. I think it actually looks really nice and I should not have thought bad of it at first! It's very beautiful and mesmerizing.

Vanilla Idol group Palet have revealed the short music video for their up-coming 3rd single, VICTORY. This is also the first single featuring the groups newest member, Nakano Yumi, who joined the group last month as their seventh member.

The single is set for release on August 27th.


You know what? For once, I'm really impressed with palet. I know, that's a damn lot to take in, considering I seem to dislike them with a fiery passion, but for once... they've succeeded in impressing this cold mind and heart of mine. This look works for them really well, it looks good, they sound damn good, and whilst the song isn't the most impressive, it's definitely hooked me in a way that will keep me interested.

The only downsides would possibly be that the costumes are a bit meh, as if the girls stole something PASSPO wore and made it theirs for a single, but that's pretty much it right now. I'm not in love with them or anything, these girls are still as bland as vanilla ice cream, but they've become a bit more interesting in my eyes. Though the new girl is rather emotionless right now, but whatever. They can whip her into shape!

Keep attempting to impress me, girls. I might just start caring about who the feck you all are.

Press Release x Performance Videos

JIJIPRESS and MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the press release event for Fukumura Mizuki's newest photobook, so be sure to check it out!


Amazingly enough, she didn't attend the event showing off her best assets, which is a shame; it would have made this entire thing a lot more interesting.



Aaaaand that will be all, folks! Thank for once again tuning into a rather late Digest! I do apologise, but when duty calls at work, I kinda have to forsake my life online in order to earn the green so that I can buy myself some CD's. So, until we meet again next time, be sure to Digest this news in full and enjoy the rest of your week! Tata, Bye bye and Ja ne~ MWAH! <3



  1. Johnny's WEST has already released their debut single. The album will be the second release from them, which is still a bit surprising because I thought we would get another single. Either way I am excited for this and pre-ordered it with Kis-My-Ft2's just announced new single.

    1. MASTER THENNARY!!! *^* Such a fast reply!!! Thanks for clearing that up, I was unsure, but I had a feeling there may have already been a release. Still, I was really unaware XD But wow, they're moving fast! Like, damn XD

    2. Well leading up to their debut they had a series of concerts and it was mentioned there that the group already had an album's worth of songs for that. And some of the songs included are songs the Kansai Juniors have been performing for a while so looking back it makes sense.

      I am personally happy because newly debut groups do tend to get quite a few live only songs that may or may not end up on a CD. I know Hey! Say! JUMP has a good amount of live only songs that have never made it on a CD release and probably never will since many are solo songs for members. And it is frustrating as some are songs I really like too. But at least JW looks like this may not be such an issue with the group with this album release.

  2. Oh hey, you covered Pastel Calla!
    I have to say: I was REALLY impressed by their performance level over the last few days. Hopefully we are seeing the start of something great!