Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Because Management like to F*** Things Up... [Sexy Zone Rant Time!]



Promising start already, I see

Hello everyone. Today, I want you all to meet Sexy Zone, one of the few boy groups that I actually follow and like, possibly even love to a certain degree. They are a rather fun group, very young and energetic and cheesy to a T. Basically, they are all lovable fools who charmed me. I rather like them.

What I don't like is what management does with these five kids. I mean, I know it's commonplace in Idol groups for some members to be left in the dark in favour of others (look at AKB48, Morning Musume, Houkago Princess... you catch my drift) but sometimes, JE management really takes the cake with Sexy Zone. As in, they take it then eat it in front of starving children.

Simply put, they are dicks.

Thing is I can usually forgive shoddy management because I know this is how it generally works in the world of Idols and entertainment, it even happens here sometimes if you have a big enough group; the popular members are the ones they push, after all, and I completely get that. I suck it up and accept it. Well, I can't accept the bullshit that's been pulled this time, because, for fucks sake, Management have really fucking done it now.

For the groups up-coming single, Marius Yo and Matsushima Sou will not be a part of the lineup.

They have not graduated. No, they are simply 'sitting this one out', and the three Leading Ladies, the ones Management care about basically, because some stupid twit thinks it will help the group in a way. Something idiotic like that, I suspect.

And yes, I am fucking pissed. I mean, why the fuckity fuck would you DO this?

Do you know how much it fucking KILLED ME to edit this image? I almost cried, but apparently this is a fucking accurate image for JE's management; this is what they want, those fuck wits.
Okay, we know I like SZ. We know I see Marius as my son for some reason, and that I just genuinely like this group despite all the shit about it that could make me hate it, most of that shit being the Management basically treating Sou and Marius as the Damsels in Distress who can't do anything except be saved by the Big Three. I'm not the biggest fan of them, but I am a fan no matter what, so I am rather annoyed by what is happening here. In fact, even a few none-fans of the group are probably shocked by this sudden turn of events, it's so... stupid.

It honestly makes me wish that Marius and Sou would just leave the group, because they don't deserve the crap they get in Sexy Zone. Yes, favour certain members over others, that's nothing new, but don't just take the members you don't care about out because it will make for some giggles on your behalf. Don't you realise that we, the fans, even the fans who don't always buy the singles me are not going to let this fucking fly?


It's crap like this that makes me want to boycott SZ, and believe me, there have been many other times I felt like boycotting the group because of the Damsel in Distress treatment Marius and Sou have gone through beforehand, but fuck, I really want to boycott them this time. In fact, I mentioned on Twitter that this treatment of Sexy Zone's two toddlers makes me want to boycott the whole of JE in general, though I won't do that; I'm mad but I'm not that bitchy to do that. Arashi or Kiss-My-Feet don't deserve that, even if I don't follow them that much. Still.


Obviously I'm hell-bent on hating people right now, more specifically some witch named Iijima who is apparently behind this, but really... why do this to two boys who are barely featured anyway unless it's backstage or in a drama? Marius and Sou don't deserve this!

I love Sexy Zone, but stuff like this... well, it makes me want to boycott them because I feel like I'm just in a constant spiral of PAIN! And yeah, I'm not the only one. I've just finished up reading Airi's own rant on Genki Pika Pika!, which pretty much mirrors my feels on the whole debacle with SZ right now... so I'm not the only one, gladly. And as Airi mentioned in her post, I've talked about it on Facebook, and a girly rant was conducted with many annoyed Fangirls... okay, three annoyed fangirls, BUT STILL!!!!

Okay, I'm done. I'm going to eat some cheese and relax, or something. I just need... to keep away from Sexy Zone for a while.

But yeah, ripping my hair out here, blowing up like a Volcano as I do so.

CHIIMA OUT! -swoops away-


  1. Wow. I don't follow Johnny's, but this makes ME mad. What a load of crap. If I were one of the members who got left out, I would just leave the group. Idols work so freaking hard just to get noticed and they deserve some respect.

    Everyone should just boycott SZ and go buy Morning Musume's single. :P (They are releasing these on the same day and I don't want Momusu's #1 streak to end yet!)

    1. Actually, the fans who I have talked to have actually expressed that they are going to boycott the new single in favour of MoMusu, unless they really like the song that is. They probably won't buy the single for MM, but they don't want to buy SZ's single either because they don't agree with what's being done.

      Either way, there's a lot of support towards MM right now thanks to the rumour that both groups are pitted against each other this time around for the Oricon #1 spot. I do hope MM win the #1 spot honestly, because with how the management is treating SZ, I think it would do well for them to lose a #1 spot on the Oricon charts, especially now.

      Still, the Foreign fans' copies won't be taken into account anyway, so we've gotta hope that the Japanese fans of SZ are in our same state of mind XD

  2. Maybe you need to try to get into one of the groups in the Julie-faction: TOKIO, Arashi, NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, & Hey! Say! JUMP. Those groups tend to have the management style of spreading work around for all the members even if there are some more pushed than others. I think Johnny's WEST will probably end up with them as they are under Johnny's Entertainment, one of the agencies in-house recording labels, and Julie seems to be getting those groups. For now they are under Johnny, as they are a new group, but they seem to be going the route of promoting all members in various fashions even though there are clear favorites.

    1. Julie my ass, she is worse than this. People who is keen on JE, knows about what she does in JE.

    2. It's not a case of needing to 'try' and get into a group, I basically like what I like XD I've watched so much Arashi stuff and whilst I like them, I'm still not totally into them, so how would that help? Management aside, if I like the group then there's nothing helping that feeling; I really like SZ, I just hate how they are treated... but I have a feeling, no matter what, I will always like them. I'll just suffer in my feels for a while... >o<

  3. Me was mentioned! (」゚ロ゚)」 To think I mentioned in Chiima-sama's blog ... THIS IS SUCH AN HONOR, I DON'T DESERVE THIS. My childish rant does not deserve to mentioned in this GLORIOUS IDOL-HEAVEN BLOG. Σ(●゚д゚●)

    AMEN. AMEN TO THIS BLOG POST, CHIIMA. AMEN. This entry clearly describes the feelings of (most, 90%) of all Sexy Zone fans. Amen to this rant. (lol)

    Hopefully, Morning Musume will get the #1 spot instead of Sexy Zone. I really don't want MoMusu's #1 streak to end. Plus, this single is going to be Sayumi's graduation single. D: Sayuuuuuu ...


    Sorry for the long, random comment that came out of nowhere. Errrrr- I shall run away now. Whoosh~ /runs away;

    1. But Airi is so good, of course I must mention you ;^; You mentioned me too, in your lovely rant, so I will mention the beautiful Airi in my idiotic rant! XD I suppose we both have childish rants that we appear in XD <3

      I think we Sexy Zone fans are suffering, we must let the masses know of our disdain for what is happening! Tears united!

      Yeah I would love for MoMusu to get that #1 spot, if they are releasing singles on the same day that is. It would probably slap Management for SZ in the fact a bit, too. Give them a wake up call...

      XD I was talking to Nia about how I was a Volcano and then decided to photoshop my head onto it, because y'know, serious pictures :p


  4. At first I didn't really understand what was going on but as I was reading other sites, this really made me pissed. I haven't been following Sexy Zone for a while but I have been noticing how it's getting more and more unequal. That kind of made me sad because the younger two are my favorites. And I wouldn't really blame the whole entire management, I would blame Iijima. I've noticed that the groups that she's managing is very unequal such as Kis-My-Ft2. And if you don't understand what I'm talking about, the groups in Johnnys are apparently managed by 2 people I believe. Iijima manages Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, SMAP and A.B.C-Z while Julie manages Hey! Say! JUMP, Arashi, TOKIO and Kanjani. Like Thennary Nak said, the groups from Julie's factions are more equal.

    And hopefully, Morning Musume's single would get #1 but they have a high chance of being really close in terms of sales. But at the same time, I don't think Sexy Zone would sell well because of all this.

    1. Sorry for such an incoherent, babbling post... I just filtered out all of my rage on here! But yeah, I was angry when I read the news and I wanted to cry, because it's so blatant what they are doing. In fact, it's been a bit obvious for a while and I think a few fans even expected this to happen. And like you, I do favour the younger members, though I seem to like all the SZ guys barr Shori xD But he just bores me, plain and simple.

      Because I'm not a big follow of JE in general, I don't know how management is run most of the time, though a lot of people have said Iijima's factions are more or less based around what she likes, and not what the fans would like, or something to that degree.

      Also, have we had any official confirmation on MM's up-coming single? You would think that, with less than a month for the supposed release date, we would have been given details already.

      TBH I have a feeling MoMusu's new single will be released in September...