Friday, 6 June 2014

Two Week Holiday Hiatus Announcement Thing... (Because that made sense)

In my recent Weekly Digest (#101) I mentioned that this week I had been stressed with finishing up paperwork and basically planning my firs trip abroad, which basically begins tomorrow! So because of that, and the lack of internet I am sure to experience (I have a feeling I will not be blogging, or at least rarely) I knew I needed to let you guys know that for the next two weeks, I will be away from my blogging and Digest posts to basically go on Holiday.

I'm both super scared and excited to go to Holland, because it will be a first for me experience wise. I'm looking forward to finally meeting some girls I have talked to online and become good friends with, one of which who I have been talking to for over 4 years now when I first came into the fandom, and speaking to them whilst actually being beside them. I'm excited to meet other fans of Idols and spend time with new people too. I also am really excited to experience a different culture, visit a new place and, above all, try the different foods!

It's all about the food for Chiima here, lovely readers!

Of course I will be twit-hurr-ing, possibly inst-err-graming and BookFacing my adventures in Holland when I can (or when I'm being a little less lazy than I typically am) but I don't think I will really blog much because I'll be spending my time focusing on the country itself, the food it offers me (muahahaha, FOOD!) and the girls I will be spending my time with! So I apologise that for the next 2 weeks, I will not update my digest or blog, but I hope you understand.

Also as a fair warning to you all for when I eventually return, a rounder, chubbier Chiima may have taken my place. Just sayin'.

Until then, toodlepip, tata, bye bye and Ja Ne~!


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