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Digest Weekly #102 ~Bumper Edition~

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

EVERYONE! Digest's are alive again! Now, are you ready to Digest!? LET'S GO!!!

This week, in Digest News...

Sayumi to release a personal book! MoMusu and ℃-ute to attend Mezamashi lives! New Profiles revealed! The Lilium soundtrack to go on sale! THE Possible movie trailer revealed! Kikkawa Yuu to release a new PB! Nogizaka46 are off to Paris for Japan Expo! Perfume's 3rd World Tour has been announced! Minegishi Minami to suspend activities!? WHAT!? NMB48's Ibiza Girl MV preview! Houkago Princess introduces a new member, and announces a new single! Starmarie introduce new members! Who are Yufu♬Mari? AND MORE" Are you ready to bump up your Digest?

This weeks Digest contains news from about 3 weeks' worth of Idol News. Not all Idol News, but damn, there is still a lot in here I tried to cover. ENJOY!!!

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Did ya miss me? ;D Wait, you don't remember me!? Awww, dang! Well, lemme jog your memory. I look like this a good deal of the time;

Anyways... it's been a long while! I know, too long, and I've missed you all ;w; I've missed my blog too, and Idols... though it's been a nice 2 week break from it all, I will admit that. I really relaxed in Holland (I actually slept! I never do that, gasp!!!) and enjoyed my time there, and seriously, it's a lovely place. Very beautiful, lots of churches (I do not exaggerate), a lot of water in canals and many many bikes. Oh! AND 2-FLOORED TRAINS O-O Britain has Double decker buses, right? Well Holland has Double Decker Trains. Go figure O-O

I had a good time, I really did. I finally got to meet my friends My-chan and Sarah, who I met 4 years ago through Japanese Pop dubbing, and also Kate and Julia who I have known since this year (Julia is more recent as a friend, but she is so cute ;w;) and they are all lovely and adorable and huggable and aKNDKASNDSJKANDFJKSNFFN! It was wonderful meeting them, and I love them! I actually want to go back to Holland, now. In fact, I kinda wanna travel more...

I will probably have to do a post on my trip to Holland, and it will mostly be pictures if it happens as opposed to words (which is a shocker, we know how I like to write a lot) but believe me when I say this; it was a lot of fun, the people are lovely, and it's a beautiful country. I do actually plan on visiting again (I need to get rich first though) and spend a bit more time in Amsterdam and stroll through galleries and museums (because I didn't get to do that as I didn't have enough money, but that's my own fault XD) but until then, I will have to stay put in England, wishing...

And preparing for Uni. Oh, Lord...

Well, I'm glad to be back! I've been home a week now and it's mostly been running around doing work, extra work experience (acting, weirdly enough) and entertaining a baby niece! The second I get home, I have to do stuff XD No rest for the wicked, aye? ;)

I hope everyone is all right, and I have missed you all! I hope for the past 3 weeks, you have all been doing well and looking after yourselves! Until I see you next time though, take care and enjoy the Digest! Ja ne for now!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f to navigate your way through the post, giving you an easier time in finding what you want to read! ENJOY!!!

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Video of the Week

After Ever After 2 by Paint

Well, it seems like we know why Mulan called herself 'Ping' now! And good for her, finally getting a... lot of self-esteem! :D

Okay, but seriously, this is funny XD Not as fantastic as his first one (because nothing will top the original... I think) however I do think the song choices in this one are better, they all just have so much fun in their sound! I especially love the tune for A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes and how it goes from calm to upbeat and fun. This guy, Jon Cozart... he is a genius! His voice is gorgeous, too. Sigh...~

Now, time to go. I'm off to replace these useless inner tubes!!!

Picture of the Week

Bumps Up-Front, Junk in the Trunk. Next we'll realise her Hips Don't Lie.

Let's just take a moment to realise just how fantastic Mizuki's ASS is!!! Forget her boobs, it's all that junk in the trunk the Wota's are going crazy over!


Hello! Project News

On August 6th, the original soundtrack for the stageplay Lilium which stars members of both Morning Musume '14 and S/mileage will be released.

The album will contain 14 songs in total.


I've already seen so many people on my facebook and twitter dashboards going crazy over this, and I don't blame them; apparently the songs are pretty damn good, so why not? Hopefully all fans who are waiting for the release can buy a copy!

Morning Musume

Michishige Sayumi will release her personal book Sayu -Sayumi Michishige Personal Book- on July 13th, which is also the date of her birthday.

In this book, Michishige Sayumi shows off her private clothes, make-up, personal belongings, treasures she has kept. Here, she will talk about her private life. There will also be a long interview included of over 20,000 characters.

Here, she will also look back on her life and recount memories with the members of Morning Musume over many different generations.


That is a cute cover, just like Sayu... Oh gosh, I might cry ;____________________;


-cries a waterfall-

On August 5th, Suzuki Kanon will hold a Birthday Fanclub event.



Up-Front FC News

The cover to Ishida Ayumi's up-coming solo DVD, -souka-, has been revealed!


That is one fudging pretty cover, right there people o-o And her eyes are nomming out my soul as we speak...

Hello! Project Releases

It has been announced that Kudo Haruka and Sato Masaki's Top Yell corner will be bundled into a compilation book!


Holy crap, all these Hello! Pro members are making books o-O Okay, technically not them, but still! Authors at whatever age they are! Crikey, mate!

10ki Blog

Morning Musume '14 will perform at Fuji TV's Mezamashi Live on July 30th!


Okay, here's hoping for some damn fantastic performances from the group again! Also, lucky sods whoever gets to see them live ;w;

The TV News

Michishige Sayumi has graced the cover of Idol JUNON 2014!


That is one cute-ass shirt, and one ugly motherfucking skirt.


Mizuki Fukumura will hold a photobook release event on July 3rd for her up-coming photobook!


And there, many reporters and wota will ask for her to comment on her 'Mizuki's' and how she gets them so big and round.

Hello! Project News

Berryz Kobo

Kumai Yurina will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on August 4th, it has been announced.


And there many people will listen to her nasal-toned vocals, and worry that she might have hay-fever.


On August 22nd, ℃-ute will attempt to set a new world record as a part of ℃-ute no Challenge TV, so be sure to anticipate it!


Challenge Chissa to do a 'see how many dances you can dance in one shot whilst being filmed' thing and then force her to twerk. It would be funny~

The cover to Suzuki Airi's up-coming solo DVD, titled Singapore, has been revealed!


I actually like the simplicity of it all, and how Airi looks like she's sleeping... it makes a change from the girls staring at you, as if they want to eat your soul...

Hello! Project Releases

(Top Row: Regular Type A & Type B Centre Row: Limited Type A & Type B Bottom Row: Limited Type C & Type D)

℃-ute will release their new single The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version) on July 16th. This will be the groups 25th single release.

The Power is said to be an oriental electronic dance tune, according to Tsunku. The song is representive of the fact that all of the members of ℃-ute have become adults.

There will be 6 editions available for purchase, including to Regular editions in Types A & B, and four Limited versions from Type A to Type D.


Holy fuck, they're re-doing a song o-o Well, hopefully Tsunku won't have fucked Kanashiki Heaven up by 're-doing' it like he did with that crappy Best of album from MoMusu...

Oh, and those covers... so much mixed feelings on them all, the only one I really like is the Limited Type B, but the rest look... well, shit. I think it's more to do with some bad photoshop choices, and also the font choice and colour for some of these fonts. It looks gaudy, in a bad way...


J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that ℃-ute will perform at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2014 on August 6ht!


Whatever Otodama Sea Studio is (an aquarium?) I am happy for them! Hopefully many fans will come to experience the joy that is ℃-ute and have fun!!!

Otodama Beach Official Website

℃-ute's profile images have been updated, so be sure to check them out!


Okay, I love the outfits. Also, look at what a sassy bitch Chissa is in the second photo. DAMN, so sassy and womanly! And Hello, MaiMai! You keep getting hotter o-o

℃-ute Profiles

℃-ute will perform at Fuji TV's Mezamashi Live on August 7th alongside the girlband Akai Kouen.


No clue who Akai Kouen is, but this sounds fun and interesting! Hopefully whoever sees them perform will enjoy what they see, and what they hear!

Oricon News

The DVD Digest for Suzuki Airi's up-coming solo DVD, titled Singapore, has been revealed! Check it out to see if you like it!


Dude, that pink dress was freakin' cute! Put that on her in an MV, please! And awww, look at UFP, tryingn to push her boobs together to make them look bigger! Also, damnit, that bikini top does not match the bikini bottoms! Arrrgh!!!

-hates mis-matched items sometimes...-


It has been revealed that S/mileage will release their official live book titled S/mileage③ ~6nin de FULL CHARGE~ on July 25th. It is the official book from the groups Live Tour 2014 Spring Smile Charge.

The book will contain both live and backstage photo's, interviews with the members, articles and more.


Expect Gorilla faces and possible art reviews in there, people!

The DVD preview for Wada Ayaka's up-coming solo DVD, The Season, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out, and become charmed by Dawa!


Will there be a scene where we see her visit an art museum? I hope so. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

And ew, that disgusting red dress! EWWWWW that is not flattering on Dawa at all!!!


Juice=Juice's profile images have been updated, so be sure to check them out!


It looks like someone put grandma's black net curtains over one of Berryz Kobo's disastrous silver costumes. Ew. (That said, Akari's is the saving grace of these disaster costumes, thank Gaki.)

... The shoes are cute, though. Still... Ugly costumes, plus, I WANT MY AKARI BELLY!!!

Juice=Juice's first concert tour has further been extended to September 22nd!!!


Holy crap, what the fuck, Lord Gaki is happy with them o-o OMG, THE FANS LOVE THEM 8U YAAAAY!!!

Hello! Project News

The cover to Miyamoto Karin's up-coming solo DVD, titled KArin, has been revealed!


That's pretty darned cute, though they could of told her to use different expressions.

Hello! Project Releases

Juice=Juice will perform at the TV Asahi Summer Station Live on July 22nd, it has been announced!


And everyone will fall to their knees at the sight of Akari's legs!!! It would have been belly, but sadly, her glorious stomach has been covered );

TV Asahi

Up-Front Promotion News

THE PossibleLoVendoЯ, Kikkawa You, Bitter & Sweet and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) will all make appearances at the up-coming Hello! Project summer concerts!

Furthermore, Kikkawa You, Bitter & Sweet, Up Up Girls and LoVendoЯ will perform atIdol Summer Fes 2014!


And a good chunk of them will blow most of Hello! Project out of the water in terms of talent, I bet.

On June 17th, Goto Maki announced her return to the Entertainment Industry. It has been 2 and a half years since she went on hiatus.

Furthermore, both Goto Maki's and the Alifis websites have been updated, so be sure to take a look.

Upon her return, Goto has announced that she will be working as chief curator for the magazine Alifis. Her future activities, such as returning to her music career, are undecided for now.


Holy heck, she's back? I thought she had been back for a while, though? I mean she's done those promotional campaigns for games and all... Hm, well whatever. Congrats, Gotomo, on returning to the entertainment industry! I am pretty sure many fans are ecstatic!!! Keep up the hard work, girl!

Also, hot damn, she is gorgeous! Still amazingly beautiful after so many years, Gotomo!

Mano Erina's profile has been updated.


Good Lord, she is a breath of fresh air. I think I am falling in love with her all over again... ;;

Kikkawa You's profile pictures have also been updated.


I love that red dress, and wow! She actually looks happy in one of them instead of some soul-sucking demon! OH, HAPPY DAYS!!!

The DVD cover for THE Possible Zenryoku Banzai! My Movie! has been revealed!


That's actually a pretty cute cover. I love the shirts~

It has been revealed that THE Possible will release a new album on August 3rd! The album has been titled 1116, which is also the date the group will perform at Nakano Sun Plaza (November 16th).

Further details regarding the release will be revealed at a later date.


And I bet it'll be cram-packed with amazing music to boot! None of this EDM tripe that's getting tiring... -grumbles like the old woman she truly is-

Kids these days!

Tower Records Twitter | Robin's Twitter

Kikkawa Yuu will star in a new CM for Pizza-LA, it has been revealed!


Pizza-LA? When I think of Pizza-LA, I think of Buono, and then I want to cry ;w;


KikkaStaff Twitter

Kikkawa You will release a brand new photobook on July 27th, so prepare yourselves!


Brace yourselves, the Kikka's are coming out to play...

Hello! Online Twitter

AKS News

It was announced that AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss will host a new TV show titled French Kiss no Kiss Tabi, which will document the girls' travels abroad in order to discover foreign countries and their cultures. The three members will go there for vacation and to take on new challenges.

The first episode shows the girls travelling to Singapore, and the show will air from July 1st on TV Tokyo.


I like this idea, I really do. In fact it intrigues me a lot, though I do wonder how this will affect the girls' schedules in Japan? I mean they a part of AKB48, one of the biggest groups in Japan... they're going to scre up their plans with performances and appearances somehow, I think.

Still, congrats to the girls on landing this awesome opportunity! Well done!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls Update

On June 19th, graduated Team K member Oshima Yuko opened up her official Twitter account. With 8.5 hours since the account opened, Oshima gained over 200,000 followers.

Furthermore, since her graduation from AKB48, Oshima's official Google+ account has been closed.


Oh, I'm glad she's opened a Twitter account! It's a great way to interact with her fans and for everyone to keep track of what is happening with the Idol, so good for her! Now, how many more followers does she have, given it's been many days since the accounts opening?

Tokyohive | Oshima Yuko Official Twitter


On June 18th, Team 8 member Okubora Chinatsu from the Gifu prefecture announced her graduation from the group. Through the official site, she explained her reasons for graduation;

"It's been about 2 months since our activities began, and it was getting difficult for me to continue the activities while coping with my schoolwork, so I started feeling that I would not be able to stay as the way I am in front of you fans if I continued this." - Okubora Chinatsu (Tokyohive translation)

Due to the sudden graduation, a new audition for Team 8's Gifu prefecture representative is being held. Only girls from the Gifu prefecture can apply.


That was quick o-O Barely even debuting, and already, someone's called it quits. Maybe it's because she realised she didn't want to be a sponsored member, as opposed to a real member?

On June 20th, it was announced that Team 4's Minegishi Minami would suspend her activities within AKB48 for an indefinite amount of time due to poor physical health. She has been diagnosed with renal cyst.


I really wish Minami a quick recovery, but I also hope for her to rest as much as possible. I am sure all of her fans are thinking of her at this time and hoping she gets better soon and focuses solely on her health.

Get well soon, Miichan! We all look forward to your return and recovery! Take care!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update

On June 23rd, Watanabe Mayu, Sashihara Rina, Matsui Jurina and Yamamoto Sayaka appeared at a presentation where they announced their contract with Baitoru, a part-time job offering website. Here, the girls also announced the title of AKB48's up-coming 37th single, which will feature Watanabe Mayu as the centre after she won the position from the votes of the fans during Senbatsu elections!

The song, titled Kokoro no Placard, will be used as the CM song for Baitoru. The top 7 members in the elections will be used as the CM characters.


Oh God, I hope it isn't crap. Mayu mentioned that it was easy to remember? Meaning it's dull and vanilla and so easy to just listen to as background music? I hope not. I want a decent song from AKB, please. PLEASE!!!

Looking forward to those CM's, though!



NMB48 will release their second album on August 13th, and is currently untitled. The album will come in three editions, and will also contain the groups newest summer track, Ibiza Girl.


I am expecting some hardcore focus on Sayunee on the covers. We need more Sayanee!!!

It has been revealed that NMB48 will release a sequel to their movie NMB48 Geinin the Movie titled NMB48 Geinin! The Movie Returns Sotsugyou! Owari Seishun Girls!! Arata Naru Tabidachi which will be released in theaters on July 25th in Japan.

In conjunction to this release, the TV show NMB48 Geinin!!! 3 will begin airing on TV Tokyo soon.


... Wait, there's going to be a sequel? Oh, dear...

Oh well, at least Maachun is still in it despite being shoved in AKB! YAY!!!

It has recently been announced that Team N member Yogi Keila will graduate from NMB48. The announcement was made as Keila wishes to focus on her studies because it had become hard to juggle activities as an Idol alongside schooling.

Her graduation performance and ceremony will take place on July 2nd at the group's theater in Osaka.

She has noted that, despite graduating, she has not given up on her dream to become an actress in Hollywood.


... Another one bites the dust, aye?

Well, I hope that Keila can live out her dreams and focus on what is important to her. Until we next see her though, good luck and goodbye! Reach for the stars, kid, and study hard before heading towards your goal!


On July 4th, Nogizaka46 will hold a performance at Japan Expo in France!


Holy crap, do you know how jealous I am of the people who will get to see NG46 perform live? Screw BerriKyuu, it's NG46 I want to see!!!

... Yeah, I'm worried about myself right now o-O When did NG46 gain a higher ranking that a H!P group!?

Ichiki Rena has announced her graduation from Nogizaka46. The decision was made after she decided to focus on her studies in University, where she studies under the Department of Literature. She will leave the group on July 21st after her final handshake event with the group.


I found this announcement very surprising, though I guess that's because I don't really hear of many NG46 members leaving the group like I do with any of the 48's. It's sad news for the fans, however I am sure all of Rena's fans will support her in her decision and wish her luck in the future, supporting her along the way.

Good luck, Rena! May your future be bright!

Major Idols x Group News

It has been revealed that popular Loli-Metal group BABYMETAL will join Lady Gaga's up-coming America tour LADY GAGA artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball as a supporting act. The group will appear in five performances from July 30th until August 6th.

Due to the groups participation in the tour, neither YUIMETAL or MOAMETAL will participate in the up-coming Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 as a part of Sakura Gakuin.


I'm not surprised by this news, only because I have a feeling Lady Gaga is probably over the moon with the idea of some toddlers performing 'baby metal' music. That, and they've become a lot more popular and well known recently, so this was going to happen eventually.

Congrats to the girls all the same! I hope they have an amazing time in America and give a great performance to Lady Gaga's fans!

(Top Row: Limited edition Bottom Row: Type A, Type B)

The covers and track list for Tsuribit's up-coming single, titled Odoroyo Fish, have been revealed! The itle song is a cover of the 80's track by Yamashita Tatsuro, and it is a summer tune. The single is set for a PJuly 30th release.

There will be three editions available for purchase, and each version will include a different B-side track.

The track list will be available through the source link.


The song is really cute, very Tsuribit and I fell for it the second I heard it! The covers are really cute too (can I adopt them all?) and I love that, yes, it is a fish-related song!!! Now, we just need all their future singles to include them fishing, or maybe even becoming mermaids?


Sakura Gakuin will release their live performance DVD Sakura Gakuin: The Road to Graduation 2013 ~Kizuna~ on July 23rd. This was the Graduation ceremony for members Horiuchi Marina, Iida Raura, Sugisaki Nene and Sato Hinata. The cocert had been held on March 28th, 2014 at Shibuya-AX in Tokyo.

Sub-units Pastel Wind, Mini-Patissier and Kyuumei Kikou Logica? all participated in this performance.

A trailer is available via the Tokyo Girls Update source link.


I really don't have much to say on the matter of this release, because I can't really say 'Another Graduation DVD!?' as if I'm surprised, because I'm not... still, hopefully all the fans who love Sakura Gakuin will be able to purchase the DVD or watch it somehow and treasure it. I bet it will be packed full of cuteness, sugar and happiness!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls Update

Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing their newest single, titled Moon Pride, on July 30th. The featured song will be used as the opening title theme for the up-coming Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal series.

The coupling track, title Gekkou, will be used as the ending theme for the series.

There will be two versions of the single available; Momoiro Clover Z version, and a Sailor Moon version.


I did have my doubts about MomoClo singing for Sailor Moon, but they actually sound good in the song. In fact I'm rather glad they were chosen; they suit it quite a bit, and the song is nice, though a tad too Vanilla...

I hope many fans are looking forward to this release!

J-Pop Idols

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome will release their new single Seishun Chronicle / Harinezumi to Jelly Bee on August 27th. This will be the groups 4th major single, and it is a Double A-side.

The title song Seishun Chronicle was written by Maeyamada Keinichi and is a summer tune. The will be three types available, a Limited edition version and Types A and B.

The track list is available through the source.



Also, this looks to be a pretty fun single. Hopefully it will include something that will be cater to plenty of people. I look forward to the PV release!

J-Pop Idols will release their 11th single, titled Chururi Chururira on July 30th. The title track is currently being used as the CM song for Samurai Cup Noodle.

There will be three editions available for purchase, with a Limited edition and Types A and B.

The track list will be available via the source.


Wait, I thought the song had already come out with the single? Oh, well, it hasn't so... I guess it's something to anticipate for the fans, right? Heck, I may even listen to it if I find it. For some reason, have intrigued me lately... XD

J-Pop Idols

Perfume have announced their 3rd overseas tour, which will run from October to November this year! The announcement revealed that for the first time, the girls would travel to the US, where they will perform in both Los Angeles and New York! Other destinations they will perform in are the UK, Singapore and Taiwan!

Furthermore, the girls will also hold a live in Korea on October 12th alongside Maximum the Hormone.

Dates and venues will be included within the source link.


Wait, they're off to the UK too!? I just thought they would be in the US and a few other countries, and yet they're returning to British soil! Well, isn't this exciting? Though honestly, the most exciting news is that they're off to the US, something I know Nia has been waiting for! Now, if only MoMusu or HouPri were to come to England... hmm...

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update

(Left: Complete Production edition Right: Limited Edition)

The cover art for Perfume's up-coming 20th single, titled Cling Cling, has been revealed! The single is set for release on July 16th, with the title track being used as the CM song for Chocola BB. The single's coupling track, Hold Your Hand, is also being used as the theme song for the NHK Drama Silent Poor.


Those are some spectacular pieces of cover art. Like, seriously. Just the imagery makes me wish I followed Perfume more, it's so gorgeous!


Kago Ai's new girl group, Girls Beat!! will release their first single Sekai Seifuku on July 2nd, it has been announced. The single will mark the groups official debut and will include 2 songs.


Those costumes suck, but hey! Aibon's back, and I am pretty sure that this will make many a fan happy!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive

Predia, who have finally achieved a major debut, will release their first major single on August 6th. Titled Kowareta Ai no Hate ni,  the single will come in three editions in Types A, B & C.

Further details will be revealed at a later date.


If that is one of the covers, then damn, I love it. Nothing better than looking at broken glass with a bunch of crying Idols staring back at you, am I right?

J-Pop Idols

Yufu♬Mari, consisting of soloist and ex-BiS member Terashima Yufu and Takahashi Mari of Dorothy Little Happy, will release their digital debut single Hotaru on July 2nd.

Formed this spring, the group will be active for a limited period of time, so be sure to treasure them!


YUFUFU!!!! <3 And, er, some chick from that boring group... still, yay!!! Yufufu, I love you being active~ Ufufufu~

J-Pop Idols

Indies x Underground Idols News

It was announced this month that the group Danceroid will disband in late July. It was explained that this was the will of the members after discussing it with them, and their contracts will officially terminate on July 26th.


Holy crap, Danceroid are disbanding!? I know they were just a dance cover group or something (I barely followed them, as you can probably tell) but this is a rather surprising announcement! O-O Whoa...

I'm shocked...

(Top Row: Type A Bottom Row: Type B, Type C)

Idol duo Mary Angel will release their 8th single, titled Gensou Chronicle, on July 2nd. The cover art has been revealed and it will be available in three types; Type A, B & C.

The songs for the track list, which will be available via the source, are described as Japanese dance rock tunes.


The covers are rather simple, which is nice. I like how each one contrasts each other; you have traditional buy modern, and then overly modern and a bit funky, and then something a little more simplistic and sweet with a refreshing vibe. Nice covers, overall, and I am sure many fans will enjoy the songs too!

On June 22nd, Houkago Princess introduced their newest 6th generation Cadet, Sirosaki Himari! Chairman of Usamimi (rabbit ears) and from Osaka, Himari is 18 years old and a lover of bunnies (who would have though!?) and Sailor Moon! Congratulations on making it into HouPri, Himari!


Oh gosh, they only recently just added Maika, and now a cutie has invaded once again! Usamimi-cha~~~~~n!!! ;w;

(She needs to watch it, I might Oshi her hard)

On June 24th it was announced through the Anison Cosplay Adventure programme that Houkago Princess member Miyashita Mayuka would provide the voice for the new Koe☆Kara image character Amemiya Mayuka, who was produced in her image!


I was really surprised to see this news, but I am so happy for Mayuka! I knew that she was going to the Anison programme, but I didn't expect her to come out of it with a character designed in her image! Well, this is amazing news, and I applaud the girl! Congrats, Mayuka! Your character is super cute, just like you!

-Kyaa's all around the blog-

Through both their blogs and Twitter accounts, members of Houkago Princess have slowly leaked information regarding their up-coming 7th single release! Now all the information is out!

The group's new single, titled Manatsu no Yuru no Yume, which translates to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', will be released on August 26th this year and come in 8 versions, from Type A to Type H! This will also be the first single that 6th generation members Michishige Saho, Maika and Sirosaki Himari will participate in.


And... HOLY CRAP, 8 VERSION!? Girls, are you trying to kill my wallet!? SERIOUSLY!!!

Good thing I have a birthday coming up or I'd be in debt o-O

Odagiri Nana Twitter Announcement

Three new members have joined the group Starmarie, and were introduced to the fans on June 22nd during the groups live performance at Tokyo Kinema Club.

The new members are Matsuzaki Hiroka, Nakane Motoko and Watanabe Kaede. They have all opened official Twitter accounts.


Wait, one of them left!? Three newbs joined!? Wait, what's happening here!? WHAT HAPPENED!?

... o-O I need to do some diggin'! -gets shovel and helmet with a light on-

J-Pop Idols | Hiroka Twitter | Motoko Twitter | Kaede Twitter

Solo Artist News

It was announced that singer T.M. Revolution will hold his very first live in Taiwan on October 19th. The live has been titled T.M.R LIVE REVOLUTION '14 in Taipei. The venue has yet to be announced.


Can he, like, perform topless?


It has been announced that Kanjani8 member Yasuda Shota will star in Iwamatsu Ryo's modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, which will be a stageplay. He will work alongside Oomasa Aya and Kazama Morio.

This modern retelling of a classic love story tells the tale of Romeo, who falls in love with a prostitute named Juliet, who also happens to be the lover of his father (snap!). Eventually, he loses control over his feelings.

The play, titled As Juliet, will run from October 8th until the 31st at Bunkamura's Theatre Cocoon in Tokyo.


Okay, this has to be the best adaptation of Romeo and Juliet yet! WHY CAN'T IT BE A DD!? A MOVIE!? This sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Anyone want to record the play for me? >o>

Sexy Zone will have a special TV documentary, it has been revealed. Hosted by BS SKY and Fuji TV, the special programme will be titled Sexy Zone live musical documentary~ Stand & Run ~boku tachi wa tomaranai~ and will follow the members behind the scenes from their solo programme, to the filming of their newest music video, King & Queen & Joker. Expect many clips of the group backstage, meeting their fans and more.

The documentary will air on July 12th on BS SKY and on July 4th for Fuji TV.


... Wait, why the fuck are Sexy Zone getting a documentary!? They've barely broken their voices or even had a career! I love them and all, but damn... this is too soon! Let the toddlers waddle around a bit more before forcing them to run a marathon, guys! Geez!

PV/Song Previews

The trailer for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, which includes a preview of Momoiro Clover Z's new song Moon Pride, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out and listen to the new song from MomoClo!

The single Moon Pride will be released on July 30th.


For a MomoClo song, this is pretty tame. It's pretty, but it's so damn Vanilla, too. Meeeeh.

E-Girls have released the incomplete MV for their newest single, titled E.G. Anthem ~WE ARE VENUS~ which is set for release on July 9th. The song is a party dance tune that is upbeat, lively and perfect to dance to, so be sure to check it out!


I'm not a fan of that opening, but once we get over how much it sounds like they are stuck in a tunnel, hot damn, this is good! Hello there, 90's party tune beat that I can groove too! Good lord, there is so much funk in this, I really feel like I'm a 90's teen listening to a tape. Oh yeah, tapes!

Groovy, baby!

Idol College have revealed the short music video for their new song Anoko ga, Kami wo, Kiranai Riyuu, which will be released on July 30th. This will be the groups first single release under Stand-Up! Records.

Be sure to check out the MV and listen to the infectious, cool sound of the song! Enjoy~


Okay, I was not expecting to be as impressed as I am by this song. And yet here I am, thinking 'fuck, why do you exist!? I MUST FOLLOW YOU NOW!!!'. I've happily just thought of them as 'another' random group with okay songs, but damn, this is good! And I like the style of the MV too! DAMNIT, IDOL COLLEGE!!!

... I want to buy this song ._. My wallet is crying... well, only if I buy it.

NMB48 have revealed the short music video for their song Ibiza Girl, a track that is included in their up-coming album set for an August 13th release! Ibiza Girl is a summer track and features the members in (surprise surprise) bikini's with a sub-plot about the girls falling for a foreign boy.

The single Ibiza Girl was recently released on June 21st.

Be sure to check it out and see if you enjoy the track!


Oh fuck, what's her name is in this, isn't she? Kashiwagi Yuki? Yeah, her. I forgot she was in NMB I wish I was still ignorant to that fact, actually but whatever! The song is tame (no surprise there) but the video actually looks really fun if you ignore the amount of boobage you're forced to see in the video. The sub-plot is pretty cute, as is the guy the girls are all falling for (he's a cheat, girls! He wants all of you! Not that I blame him...)

Yeah, it's cute, but the song isn't amazing. Then again, what 48 summer song is good? Aside from, like, Manatsu no Sounds Good, that is. Yeah, I thought so.

Dorothy Little Happy have revealed the short music video for their up-coming single, sky traveler, which is set for a July 16th release. The song is a pop summer tune with refreshing lyrics.

Be sure to check out the video for a nostalgic vibe in the costumes and a sweet summer tune! Enjoy~


This group is still so bland I forget they exist, but hey, this song as actually pretty cute! I'm surprised, though it's still not amazing by any means or enough to win me over, but... well, it's lovely. I wish they had a bit more personality, though. They are so uninteresting.

Cute, though. They've somehow improved.

Press Release x Performance Videos

LoVendoЯ will perform at Japan Festa 2014 in Bangkok. A trailer has been released and includes comments from the girls.


Two words:

Dat chroma key.

Oh wait, that was three... Never mind!

The trailer for THE Possible's movie, Zenryoku Banzai! My Movie has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!


There were tears in there! And they were real, because there was MASCARA IN THOSE TEARS! And holy crap, the last scene... my heart, and the chills o-o -shudders- It seems like they really had real emotion in this! So no fake Idol persona's?


Da da dala~ THAT IS IT! THAT IS THE DIGEST OVER AND DONE WITH... for the week, at least. Good gracious me, that was... well, let's just say it took me 7 hours to compile it together, because I'm stupid and did it all in one day... again. I really need to learn that doing it all in a day is never good... XD Oh well~

Anyways, thank you as always for reading the Digest! Hopefully there has been some news in here that has tickled your fancy or given you some form of happiness, or both! But for now, this is all I have! So, until next week, I hope this Digest sits well with your stomach and fills you muchly! Until then though, ja ne, tata and byebye for now!

Ja ne~



  1. I miss Buono! as well. They were the only H!P group that gained and kept my interest. Though MM might finally be growing on me with the current video project I am doing with them, but I would say it's too early to count on that.

    I was so sad to hear about Keila. She was one of my favorite members of NMB48. I cannot blame her for leaving though, she is still very young and competition within AKS in general is getting ridiculous with all the group shuffling that they keep doing. At least Sayanee is still doing well. Though for a while I have known that once she and the couple of other NMB48 members graduate from the group I will loose the last of my interest in them. I really do not like the AKS system at all.

    It really feels like Johnny's really wants to make Sexy Zone happen. They get pushed so much, especially the older three, on basically everything Johnny's can shoehorn them into. It'll be interesting to see what happens with them when the next FIVB group debuts next year.

    Also talking about SZ, they have announced that they are releasing a new single in September. They plan on doing a fan event in July for it.

    1. (Late replies are forever late XD) Buono! were a wonderful group, one that had really good music and the best dynamic of all H!P groups at that time, I think. Their image was clean and the vocal talent was top-notch. So I'm sad they're not around, they were also visually and vocally appealing if you ask me.

      I'm never surprised to see girls leave the AKS wheel honestly, because so many of them are outshined by members who have been at the front for a while now; it's a shame that they've left, don't get me wrong, but they have better chances in smaller Idol groups I find. I mean, a few former AKS members are in smaller, local groups I believe, groups where they can actually be seen. But yeah, AKS' shuffling is getting stupid, and just like you I don't like the AKS system at all; I think it will take Paruru and Sayanee going to stop my interest in them all together.

      Sexy Zone is like fetch, then? It's not going to happen XD (Oh, Mean Girls quotes...)