Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Digest Weekly #101

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

Minna, Digest dayo? Are you ready to DIGEST WITH ME? Se no~ DIGESTO~ Let's go and get our Digest on!

This week, in Idol News...

Hello! Project Fanclub DVD Trailers galore! Mizuki Fukumura's alluring photobook covers! Cup no Fuchico? Uemuu's stunning solo DVD trailer! Kikkawa Yuu's new single covers revealed! BABY METAL to go to Canada!? TGS are jet-setting their way to 'Murica! Sasshi does a collaboration! BiS' final album covers, revealed!!! Amazing summer song previews! Endo Mai announces a new album! Johnny's members to star in up-coming Drama's, and MORE! Are you ready for some DIGEST???
HELLO EVERYONE, I'M ALIVE! Once again my Digest is stupidly laaaate, but with good reason; I've recently been planning a trip abroad (not very far, but I have to get on a plane, so yeah...) and I finished up the paperwork and money business quite recently, and once it was done my mental exhaustion, plus the stress I found had amounted due to thinking constantly about getting things done, crashed down on me and I just went into jelly-mode from there on, and was capable of only watching stuff and, er, tweeting. Yeah. Story of my week~

But seriously, this is my first ever trip abroad and I'm going alone. To say I feel like a real grown up right now is an understatement, but I had to do everything myself such as booking the flights, coming up with the money, deciding when I would go, whom I was staying with and also just trying to get travel insurance and my tickets together in the right amount of time... it's a little overwhelming if you're not used to it, and also if you're doing it for the first time without the help of your family. But it was worth it I believe!

... or, it will be worth it. I kinda need to get to where I'm going first.

I will most likely post about it on Friday, because for 2 weeks I will be absent from England and will be away in Holland/The Netherlands so I would like to properly address it to you all, but for now I will address it here, because... well, I like talking! That's simply it!

So that all said and done, I would also like to address a few changes to the Digest here, such as the added features of new categories. Oh yes, new categories! It makes everything so much cleaner I think, by dividing it all nice and neatly, so hopefully you will have a better time navigating the post for whatever groups you want to read about.

Major Idols x Groups News, which was formerly Misc Idols and Groups News, is now for groups that are under major labels. I have also added the category of Indies x Underground Idols News so that it is easier to find newer groups, rather than bundling them with rather well known groups that are a bit more known in the Media. Solo Artist News has also been added in order to give the Solo artists somewhere away from Idols and groups, because they can be lost in the frenzy of so many girls with a Digest like this I find. Then there is BOYS News, which I have actually wanted to try for a few weeks now, because I wanted to give the male side of Idols a bit more attention away from the girls, plus it will be easier to find! This may mostly be JE news, though if I can find any Kpop news I will possibly add that as well. Right now I can't promise a lot of boys news updates, but hopefully for the fans of male groups who read this it will help a little... plus, it gives me more reason to look for male groups if I have a category dedicated to them! Whoopee!

The rest of the categories are pretty much the same, with the exception of the Press Release and TV appearance categories, of which I have no bundled together as Press Release x Performance Videos. Hopefully with all of these new categories in place, further splitting groups apart from each other for easier access, this will be a little more helpful in your search for news. I'm personally enjoying the change, though I do like playing up the Digest a bit and had been wondering for weeks how I could update it aside from the title change... and the sudden decision to do it this way has delighted me quite a bit! Hopefully you all like it too, and if you have any feedback I would love to hear it! Thank you~

Anyway, like always please be sure to use ctrl + f to navigate your through the Digest swiftly and easily, finding the categories you want to find. Thank you! ^^

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Weekly Happenings

My Weekly Happenin' involved THIS BABY coming to my home via mail, all the way from Yahoo Japan. This is a purchase I have wanted to make since hearing about the very first live DVD the girls were bringing out, so to actually have it in my hands is just bliss. Pure, unadulterated, happy bliss! I may have cried rainbows and happiness when I held it for the first time... in fact, I'm pretty sure I kissed the case and then wailed out like some maniac. I then proceeded to wave my arms around in mad excitement when I watched it. I probably squealed, too.

If you think I'm in love with HouPri, then let me just reassure you that I am now mad for them; they've sent me bonkers. Don't call the nut house yet, though; I want to fangirl over them a little (a lot) bit more before I'm carted away. Thanks~

Video of the Week

My VOICE by Funky Kato

This has been more a Jam of the night rather than of the past week, but I remembered that I listened to it sometimes back and was really into it, so I went back to it tonight as I wrote this and once again, I was hooked on it. Seriously, it's just so catchy and fun to listen to. It's as if it's a song filled with hopes, dreams and encouragement to go on and believe in yourself. It's empowering, strong and wonderful to listen to, and I find the raw edge to Kato's vocals help to bring about a realness to this song. The emotion feels real and true, and I just... I love it. I love it so much!

The song is rather inspirational for my ears, and it really motivated me to continue with this post (along with a few other songs, namely the Chu-Z Girls on the Run preview) and it made me feel happy as well. It's just brilliant, and I really like this song. It's great!

Picture of the Week

Lay on a beach with me until this Summer Day gently blows away...

I want to stick my feet in the sand and run around like a lunatic.


Hello! Project News

A blog for the up-coming Morning Musume x S/mileage stageplay, LILIUM  ~Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki~ has been created, so be sure to follow it for updates and insight into what is happening!


If I could read Japanese, or had the desire to google translate the heck out of these posts, I would. But I'm lazy, so yeah xD

Morning Musume

Oda Sakura will hold a Fanclub event on July 4th, it has been announced.


And there she will convert everyone else's fans into her fans! It's a diabolical plan, I say!

Up-Front Fanclub News

(Left: Regular cover Right: Amazon edition)

Both the Regular and Amazon edition covers of Mizuki Fukumura's up-coming photobook have been revealed!


And that Amazon cover is the reason why all the men want her. I finally understand now!


Regular | Amazon edition

All of the CM's for Morning Musume '14's campaign with Kagome have been uploaded together in one video, so be sure to check it out to see the solo CM's of the girls as they take on the role of 'Cup no Fuchico'!


Personally, Ayumi's was my favourite of all the CM's. She had the most interesting presence, and the best acting skills of everyone, but Masaki was a serious close second, in fact hers made me laugh so much because it seemed like such a Masaki thing to do! And then Mizuki's was a bit alluring, which surprised me o-o

Kudo Haruka's felt like she was informing us more than anything, so I can actually see her doing CM's that give information more than anything, so professional and polished! She doesn't seem like she's the youngest at all...

I like these CM's, though I wonder if others will find them as suggestive as I do...? The again, my mind's permanently in the gutter, so yeah xD

The DVD Trailer for Ikuta Erina and Yoshizawa Hitomi's joint FC event has been uploaded, so be sure to take a look!


FINALLY! MoMusu's former Old Man character and the current Butch-Annoying-Cute-Magical-Gaki Wota-Kinda-confused Character are together! I can feel the testosterone in the air when they're together! 


Also, is it just me, or has Eriman improved in the singing department? Also, Yossie, fabulous as always!


The DVD trailer for Suzuki Airi's Birthday FC event has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Hello! Project's Ace and Saviour is truly glorious when solo, and extremely stunning to look at. Damn... how is one so cute and beautiful and perfect all at the same time? I kinda want to hug her and pet her. She deserves to be loved in such a way xD

Also, damn, Koi ING! ;w; <3


On May 24th, Wada Ayaka made a guest appearance on DD Destination, where they talked about her book of reviews on paintings.


I always forget how soft-spoken Dawa can be, so it comes as a surprise... she seems so cute here, I love her little outbursts of surprise, it breaks away from how awkward she was at first XD So cute!

TV Asahi

Gekipro have created a page containing details for S/mileage's October Musical, which has been titled SMILE FANTASY for now. It will be a Jukebox Musical.


Oh Good Lord, does this mean it's a musical about S/mileage's creation and the graduations and the newbies and and... everything? If it is, then I want to see Ogawa Saki and Maeda Yuuka make special appearances!

That'd make the fans weep, for sure! But I am just that cruel, MWAHAHA!


Wada Ayaka will make an appearance in JUNON magazine on June 23rd, it has been revealed!


Will she be styled as the Mona Lisa for this magazine shoot? Or possibly the Girl with a Pearl Earring?

S/mileage Twitter

The Making-Of footage for S/mileage's Mystery Night has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


It's unnerving how scared half of them look in those costumes and that setting when they're not talking. I know they're trying to be 'sexy', but damn, they all look like they want to burst into tears and run away! Then they start talking and you're a bit like 'oh okay, they're fine' XD

But seriously, those costumes + S/mileage do not suit. Oh and look, it's that dilapidated building I think a good chunk of H!P PV's are shot in now. I even see the box-things from Juice=Juice's Hadaka x3 Kiss in the background there.

The Making-Of footage for S/mileage's Eighteen Emotion has also been revealed! Be sure to check it out!


The kind of meh song with the better PV, and the cuter costumes. Also, after just seeing it randomly, DAMN, Rina's ass! DAMN!!!

Kananananananana is so cute ;w; <3

The DVD Digest for Takeuchi Akari, Fukuda Kanon and Katsuta Rina's Birthday FC events has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out to see what's in store for you all!


Good Lord, I love Akari's voice. Take-chan, the boyish S/mileage member, and yet she has the cutest voice and the most sexual appeal of them all xD I adore it <3 DAMN, them pipes. DAMN, Take-chan! Take-Damn!

Oh good Lord, Nyon in an abundance of frills o-O I don't know if I want to cuddle her, or run away from the sheer amount of frills she is wearing! And then she sings XD Damn that girl for having a good voice (that she seems to neglect for her annoying cuteness). I wish I liked her more... I wish I did...

Rina, why must you sound so bored!? I had two exciting singers beforehand, and then you dull it down to the point where I want to sleep and ignore you. I know you can sing better than that! Gurl, get a grip! You can SING, damnit! Give me excitement!!!

... And those are my comments, ladies and gentleman!


On July 16th, Miyamoto Karin will release a solo DVD to accompany her up-coming photobook.


Which means Bikini shots, tissues and a lot of happy Wota!


Juice=Juice will perform at SALONKITTY the 20th anniversary "IDLE GOSSIP" Vol.2 on August 14th!


I really want this place to be a Hello Kitty themed salon, but I have a feeling it's not what I think it is or want it to be... XD

Hello! Project News

Juice=Juice's first three live concerts from their first tour are SOLD OUT! Congrats to the girls!


This. Is. AMAZING!!! Well done to the girls on getting a sold out live already, but having three lives sold out is beyond amazing!



Juice=Juice have revealed details for their next single! Set for a July 30th release, the new single has been titled Kaze ni Fukarete / Black Butterfly.


WELL NOW! This is HAPPY NEWS 8D <3 Hopefully we'll have two really cool songs, because let's admit it, both of those titles sound really cool and edgy, especially Black Butterfly.

... But here's to knowing at least one of them will be a weak link, yet still cute and catchy enough for us all to like it, aye?

Juice=Juice Official Blog

Juice=Juice will hold their second J=J School For Girls event on June 6th, it has been revealed.


And there they shall give lessons on being amazing Idols, and how they hope to go above and beyond all of their senpai's. Diabolical master plans may also ensue.

Hello! Project News

There will be a photobook release event held for Miyamoto Karin on June 20th at Shinjuku Subnade.


And there many wota will weep with joy when Jesus-chan comes on stage in a wet Sailor Fuku... wait, it'll be dry? THAT'S FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! I DEMAND A REFUND!!!

Fukuya Shoten

Juice=Juice leave a comment on the official Up-Front Fanclub youtube performancechannel to promote the Hello! Project Fanclub, so be sure to check it out!


What is up with Karin's hair? She looks a bit like an old woman... That's mean to say, but her hairstyle is not flattering in tyhis o-o That said, the clothes are adorable, and Akari, your outburts, what? XD

Juice=Juice is too cute. Well, aside from Karin's hideous hairstyle, but whatever.

The DVD Digest for Greetin ~Uemura Akari~ has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Oh gawd, Chiima's inner-boner is raging. IT'S RAGIIIING!!!

... I want to buy it, to put it simply ._. AKARI <3 <3

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls Update

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Both Nomura Minami and Ogawa Rena of the Hello! Project Kenshuusei will participate in Mano Erina's up-coming concert on June 8th, it has been revealed.


Hopefully Mano won't manhandle the poor dears! Maybe she'll give them candy before whipping them... into shape.


Taguchi Natsumi, Nomura Minami and Saito Kana will all participate in S/mileage's Jukebox Musical SMILE FANTASY alongside S/mileage and also the winner of the auditions being held to find an actor/actress for the play.


So which one of these girls is set to play the role of Yuuka, because none of them have a mole on their necks from what I can see...


Up-Front Promotion News

Up-Front will once again be hosting their Forest & Ocean Music Award Audition this year.

Previous winners and nominees include Tasaki Asahi, who won the 2nd Forest Audition Grand Prize, and Juice=Juice's Miyazaki Yuka, who received a special award in the 2nd Forest audition, and Kanazawa Tomoko, who was in the final review of the nominations for the first Ocean auditions.


Does this mean we're going to have some newbies join the ranks of UFP and possibly the Kenshuusei?

Can we please have more men? Eric's pretty hot, and we need another hot guy... WHAT!? I'm human. And I like guys too! Can't I ogle!? D8

(Left: Limited edition Right: Regular edition)

The covers for Kikkawa You's up-coming single, titled URAHARA Temptation / Iijan, have been revealed!


I actually really love these covers! The simplicity of them is refreshing, plus I like that it has two contrasting images for each song (well, that's what I'm assuming). Two sides to Kikka; cute and youthful, then sultry and mature.

I do like sultry x mature Kikka, to be honest... ;D

Up-Front will be holding auditions to cast an actor/actress in an up-coming S/mileage Musical set to be performed in October this year.

Applicants can be experienced or amateurs.


And what will be the chances that the winner will be put into H!P, one way or another? I mean, Riho acted alongside Morning Musume and guess where she is now? Meimi also acted alongside S/mileage, and wow, where is she now!?

If this means S/mileage are getting a new member at some point in the future, even if it isn't the person who wins the acting audition, just lettin' ya know... I CALLED IT!

AKS News

The trailer for Maeda Atsuko's starring movie, Moratorium Tamako, has been released! The DVD and Blu-ray will be released on June 25th.

The movie follows the story of Tamako, a graduated University Student without a job, and so she spends her time eating, sleeping, playing video games and reading manga instead of helping her father out with his job.


Does this role include little talking? If it does, it's rather good for Atsuko. She does well looking moody, but much like Kristen Stewart, the second she talks all acting ability goes out of the window.

Also, this just reminds me of Hotaru no Hikari in a way.


Team A member Nakata Chisato has postponed her activities within AKB48 temporarily in order to undergo medical treatment, as she has been diagnosed with pleurisy.


I can't say that I know what pleurisy is, but whatever it may be, I truly hope for Nakata's recovery and her return to AKB48 soon. Rest and get well soon, Nakata! Your fans will surely wait for you with patience and your well being in their minds.


SKE48's 15th single has finally been confirmed! The single will have a July 30th release, with further details such as the senbatsu lineup, track list, title and cover art to be revealed at a later date.


Wait, doesn't this mean that both Juice=Juice and SKE will be releasing on the same day!? That's pretty damn exciting! I know that Juice=Juice are nowhere near SKE's level in competition right now and all, but I still find it amazing that they're releasing their singles on the same day. It's rather intriguing!


Sashihara Rina has collaborated with Uchida Yuya to release the single Shake It Up Baby as Uchida Yuya feat. Sashihara Rino, and is set for release on June 11th. The title song is also the theme for Sashihara Rino's starring movie Barairo no Buko.

The coupling track is said to be a rock ballad.


... I have no clue whether to be intrigued or scared, though I think that is the sort of feeling you come to expect when it comes to Sashihara Rino...

Major Idols x Groups News

BABY METAL will take their 2014 World Tour even further with the announcement that will now also be attending the Heavy MontrĂ©eal Festival in Canada on August 9th! They will share the stage with groups such as Metallica, The Offspring and many others.

The group will also perform at SUMMER SONIC 2014 in Tokyo, Japan and also Osaka, Japan on the 16th and 17th of August.


BABY METAL are apparently going to be taking the world by storm, aye? Actually, I applaud their management; at least their World Tour varies, whereas most other groups think going to France and China is classed as a World Tour.

I'm looking at you, Morning Musume.

Congrats to BABY METAL!

(Left: Regular edition Right: Limited edition)

Prizmmy☆ and PrismMates, who are trainees, will release their joint album Music Goes On on June 25th. The album will contain 11 songs as well as include theme songs from the anime series Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.

There are two editions available.

The track list will be available in the source link!


I don't pay enough attention to Prizmmy☆, and I kinda think I need to, because in the past year or so they've become really good.

... Oh Lord, I need to follow more Idols.

Tokyo Girls' Style have revealed that they will be participating in J-Pop Summit Festival 2014, which will be held in San Francisco, USA. The group will be the guest of honor at the event.


A lot of groups are going overseas now, it's both amazing and also surprising in a way. I do hope the TGS fans will go and see them and support the girls!

It has been revealed that Bakusute Sotokande Icchome will release a new summer single titled Seishun Chronicle on August 27th! There will be 3 tracks included in the single, including one written by Maeyamada Kenichi (Hyadain).

There will be three editions available for purchase; Regular A, Regular B and a Limited edition with a DVD.


I think the thing that I got most excited about for this release was the fact that Hyadain has written one of the songs for the single. Hyadain!!! >3< <3

Stupid Fangirl Chii


(Top Row: Regular edition, Deluxe edition Bottom Row: Love Doll Box)

BiS will release their best-of album Uryaoi on July 2nd. This will be the groups final album release before they disband on July 8th this year. 3 editions are available for purchase.

Both the track list and all three covers have been released. The full track list can be found in the source link below.


Okay, I f***ing LOVE those covers, every one of them. I thought the anime cover was cute and, er... weird too, but the other two covers are amazing! HA! I love them, I love that they have used blow up dolls instead of the members with their faces printed and attached... basically, I love the photographic hilarity behind it, and the idea that they are being 'thrown away' in a sense. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

... Good Lord, I'm going to miss them ;w; If that Love Doll Box set was not over £100, I WOULD BUY IT!!!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls Update

(Top Row: Type A, Type B Bottom Row: Type C)

The Idol group Chu-Z will make their major debut on July 9th with the release of their new album, Chu-Z My Music! The group are debuting under the album Nippon Columbia, and their album was produced by Yohey of Panicrew.

9 tracks are included in the album, including tracks from the groups indies days that have been remastered or re-recorded. There are 3 editions available for purchase.

Type A will come with a DVD containing the music video for Girls on the Run, making-of footage as well as live footage of the group. Types B and C will include a bonus track.

The full track list can be found in the source link below.


Let's just say I am kinda excited for this group, because I heard the preview of their music video for this album and, damn, I want it. I want the full version so bad!

God damnit, too many groups to follow! ARRRGH!!!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls Update

(Left: Regular edition Right: Limited edition)

The covers for YuiKaori's up-coming summer single, Intro Situation, have been revealed! The duo's 9th single is set for release on July 2nd.


Those covers are seriously pretty... owo

And that is all I have to say on the matter XD

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that Ito Momoka of Fairies will make her official solo debut this summer! Futhermore,  the groups sub-unit M Three will release their second single, titled Your Love, sometime this year.

More details regarding both Ito Momoka's solo debut and M Three's second single will be revealed at a later date.


I almost forgot that Fairies were still going, what with their little presence around the news sites right now... still, I am glad to hear that Ito Momoka is getting ready for her solo debut, whilst M Three are preparing for another single! I may not listen to or follow these girls much, but I do hope that each and every one of their fans anticipates their up-coming releases with excitement! Good luck, girls!


Indies x Underground Idols News

Idol Rock group Hime Carat will release their newest single, titled Setsunakute Honoka ni Amai Destiny, on June 18th. Three editions of the single are available.

The track list will be available in the source link below!


The date for the single release is really soon, but I have listened to the song and thought it was pretty nice. Nothing I would be blown away by, sure, but anyone who likes this group should give it a listen, it's good. Also... THEY PLAY INSTRUMENTS 8D

It was announced in May that AeLL will go on an indefinite Hiatus in order for each member of the group to focus on their solo activities.

The group will hold their final live performance together on September 14th this year.


When I saw this news, all I felt was utter shock; I didn't expect it. I don't follow AeLL much at all, but they have peaked my interest on more than one occasion and I watched a good deal of their PV's, so to see this news came as a surprise... an unwanted surprise, at that.

And then, when I saw the date they would hold their final live, I felt so sad... WHY on my Birthday, girls!? WHY!?

But, here is to their future endeavors, whatever they may do; I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope that you succeed in life. Thank you all for being a part of AeLL for this long and serving us with your music and lives.

Idol group Grazie will release their newest single Chutto Kiss on June 16th. This will be the groups 2nd single.

The groups producer Narita Naohito worked on the lyrics for both songs, whilst the music was composed and arranged by Koma'n.

The coupling song, which has been titled Gozaru!, has a live video uploaded for everyone to check out!


I've never heard of Grazie, so of course I'm rather intrigued by them due to how new and fresh they seem to me! That said, I was a little taken aback by how many videos they have on their official youtube channel; 83! Sure, most videos are vlogs I think, but hey! They're active in making videos!

I look forward to seeing more news about them in the future! Plus, they look super cute!

More groups suce as NICE Girl ProjectPeach Sugar SnowParty RocketsDancing Dolls and more have been added to the Tokyo Idol Festival Lineup!


This event is really shaping up to be Loli-heavy, isn't it?

Tokyo Idol Festival News

Vanilla Beans will release their 11th single Kitto Ii Basho (Fuchi) / Zettai Panty Line on June 18th. Kitto Ii Basho (Fuchi) is being used as the official theme song for Cup no Fuchico.

The music video for the title track has also been released, and will be available in the source link below!


This is rather intriguing, that Vanilla Beans are doing a song and video based on Cup no Fuchico, because obviously Kagome and MoMusu have teamed up, and little Fuchico figurines of the Morning Musume members are available to be won... so yeah, rather intrigued here.

Also, the music video for the song is really fun and I love the song! It's playful and cute, and I like the rivalry the girls have in it. I do highly recommend watching the video, if only for the cuteness that is Vanilla Beans.

J-Pop Idols

Idol group DIANNA☆SWEET will release their 3rd single, titled ICECREAM MAGIC, on July 2nd. There will be three editions available.

The track list includes four songs that promise to be different each time, ranging from a dance tune to African dance beats, a fresh, nostalgic love song and a rock tune.

DIANNA☆SWEET is a group based on the concept of being beautiful like Dianna, the Goddess of the Moon, and as cute as sweets.


I listened to one of their songs rather recently, at least in the last two months or so, and was really impressed by it, though I don't think it will drag me in like other groups do. That said, what is intriguing me about this group is the cover art for their newest single; that's the same location as where Nanchatte Renai was filmed, and Tegami by Tasaki Asahi, and the costumes look rather similar... comparisons create intrigue, I do admit, and I know people sometimes loathe comparisons because in no way does it mean that this song is as good as Nnachatte Renai, or indeed it may just be better... but I find the comparisons I am making peak my interest in this group a lot more... so comparisons are doing some good here!


Tokyo Girls Update

Negicco will release their newest single, titled Sunshine Nihonkai, on July 22nd! The single was created in collaboration with sound producer Tajima Takao.

One of the coupling songs, Festival de Aimashou, was written and composed by Connie.

There will be 4 editions of the single available.


Oh gosh, this single just sounds so summery and bright and fun! I actually really want to listen to it now, especially that title track... Oh gosh, the anticipation! >o<

J-Pop Idols

Solo Artist News

It has been revealed that Endo Mai will release her new single Baby Love on August 6th. This will be her 3rd major single release.

Okamoto Sho wrote and composed the lyrics, and there will be 3 editions available for purchase.

The track list will be included in the source link below.


And once again, I have a feeling she will produce something awesome. However, I do wonder if this single will be cool or cute? The title is actually rather cutesy, but Mai is rather cool... this could be interesting.


7 WEST member Ryusei Fujii will be starring in a late night TBS drama, it has been revealed. The drama will be a live adaptation of the manga Again!! by Mitsuro Kubo. He will play the role of Imamura Kinichirou, a boy who spent his 3 years of highschool as a loner due to his delinquent appearance. Due to some sort of accident however, he is transported back in time 3 years earlier to his entrance ceremony into the school he should have been graduating, giving him another chance at his school life.

This will be Fujii's first leading role, and the drama is set to begin airing in July.


I had to look this guy up, because seriously, I know very little about JE aside from Arashi, Sexy Zone and Taiga. So what a surprise to find out this kid was in a scandal!? Whaaat? Well, er, I can't really comment on it... I don't follow too much when it comes to JE, but on the lead role he landed... congrats!

Nakajima Yuto of Hey! Say! JUMP will be starring in his first lead role this summer in the new drama, Water Polo Yankees (promising title there!). It will be a late-night Drama and will also star fellow Hey! Say! JUMP member Takaki Yuya. Yamazaki Kento will also be in the drama.

The story follows Inaba, a student who grew up overseas but came to Japan because he idolized Yankees through reading comic books over the years. However, due to an unexpected series of events, Inaba starts playing water polo after losing against the rival schools powerhouse Captain, played by Takaki. Yamazaki Kento will take on the role of Inaba's mentor, who stopped playing water polo.

Water Polo Yankees will air in July every Saturday, and yes, it will include speedo's.


... This is what the anime Free! has done. It has forced the JE guys to done on those Speedo's and give some girls fanservice.

... Good thing I don't like Speedo's, nor do I watch Drama's, but for those who do like speedo's and watch drama's... go get you some XD

PV/Song Previews

The music video preview for Yokoyama Rurika's Shunkan Diamond has finally been uploaded! Will you be taken in by this Diamond singer?


I was highly impressed with this preview. The song is beautiful, the video is so nice to watch with its light, refreshing look and feeling, and Rurika is just a sight to behold... like, wow! I really want the full MV for this, and if I like the song as much as I think I will, I would consider buying this. Seriously, that is how highly I think of this song right now. It. Is. GORGEOUS!!!

The short music video preview for Chu-Z's Girls on the Run, a song featured in their up-coming major debut album Chu-Z My Music, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out to see if the girls peak your intrigue!


Okay, holy crap, I think I want to love them. Like, the song. I don't give two flying figs about the PV right now (though it actually intensifies the song for me) because that SONG!!! I am rather amazed by it! I mean... wow! It's really good, it makes me feel excited and makes me think of a wonderful, happy summer!

Good Lord, are all the Summer songs this year going to be amazing!? First Rurika's wonderful Shunkan Diamond and now Girls on the Run! Can it get any better!?

The music video preview for YuiKaori's Intro Siuation has been revealed, so be sure to check it out for some summer feelin' and happiness!


Oh Jesus in Idol clothes, I think my summer has just gotten better... I mean, it's not as good as Chu-Z or Rurika's songs, but damn!!! THIS SUMMER IS PROMISING!!!

Such a refreshing, soft song ;w; and also, finally, they're styling Kaori's hair appropriately again! YATTA!!! <3

Terashima Yufu has revealed a short music and video preview for her up-coming second single, Campanula no Yuuutsu. The song features a Latin-flavoured style with a midsummer feeling to the sound.

Be sure to watch and see if you like what you hear and see!

The single will be released on August 6th.


Okay, this is rather sweet. I didn't expect that, but I suppose that's because the past few songs have been rather fun and giddy in their own ways. This is surprisingly pleasant and oh-so gentle. I really like the sound of Yufu's voice.

This won't be my Summer jam any time soon, but seriously, it's cute. I do like it indeed.

Anisong Idol group i☆Ris have revealed the incomplete PV for their up-coming single, Itazura Taiyou, which is to be released on June 18th! This will be the groups 5th single and both the title and coupling track will be used as the theme songs for the anime Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero -Battle Spirits-.

Be sure to have a look to see if you like it!


I am so on/off with i☆Ris, but when I heard this I saw a glimpse of how I felt about them back when they debuted; so hopeful, so in love... I mean it's not an amazing song, but it's so giddy and infectious I find myself hooked and a little impressed! Once again, it's another promising Summer song. Not the best, but it does grow on you, and it's just so... nice...

I miss supporting these girls ;w;

Press Release x Performance Videos

JIJIPRESS have released footage from the Making-of for Morning Musume '14's campaign with Kagome! Be sure to take a look!


God damn, those outfits that they wear are cute! Can we have a PV in these, please?

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded Press Release footage of THE NEXT GENERATION: Patlabor x Tekken Collaboration. Be sure to check it out to see Mano's cosplay in full!


Mano looks hot, and really, that is all that matters to me xD

THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor Chapter 3 Trailer has been unveiled, so be sure to check it out!


Mano-chan and her evil glare, haha! I love that glare and her look of very few fucks given a lot XD That said, I do miss the smiley, sweet Mano-chan too.


And that will be all for this week gone by! I apologise for now updating during my usual schedule once again, however I've just been busy in my everyday life and that does come first, regardless of how much I may love Idols. Still, doing it all at once and seeing so much news has made me excited, and I hope the news makes you excited too! Until next time though, please Digest and READ ON! Love, Live, Idols!!! <3


PS If things look odd, it's because the script is screwing up for me. My blogger hates me ;w;


  1. Greetings, Chii. Thank you graciously for yet another amusing and informative digesto! Much news was consumed and Sonda's song-belly now swells with idol.

    New categories!! That is a very good idea that I like. Chiima-chan is clever to think of such clear and user-friendly category re-organisations.

    I for one will be most amused to read your travel diary of Holland/the Netherlands. I picture you doing much bicycling and also eating a pack lunch in the spectators' gallery at a war crimes tribunal in The Hague. Bon Voyage, Chiima-chan, I wish for you a safe journey and many stimulating adventures. Also please make sure to be cautious as you embark on what I assume is your new profession as a drug mule!

    1. This is such a late reply! Better late than never though, aye? XD

      Thank you for liking the change in the organisation of the Digest, I really wanted it to be easier for both myself and everyone else... it took a while to figure out how to do so, though, but I like how clean it feels now.

      I still need to try and write up my Holland Adventures, though I don't have much to say other than that the country was beautiful! I didn't do as much as I could have due to lack of money, but I enjoyed my time there nonetheless. Also yes, yes I am now a drug mule, of course! XD