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Okay! Musume Digest #99

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

Minna, it's Digest #99! Waaah! Are you ready to Digest before we get to '100!? KYAAA!!! Let's DIGEST!!!

This week, in Idol Digest News....

Miyamoto Karina's Photobook cover revealed! Itano Tomomi has S×W×A×G! The Senbatsu lineup for Nogizaka46!? Will Yuko ever graduate? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to release a new single! Another Idoling!!! member to graduate!? And is that a new member of HouPri I see? And a bit more! Are you ready to D-D-D-DIGEST!!!!!!!

We're one away from 100, OH MY GOSH! Seriously, who woulda thought that this Digest would get so far? I never even fathomed it would make the 1 year mark, weirdly enough. Oh my!

Okay, I will stop that now, and apologise for my lack of being here this past week... or past other weeks, actually. I've been in another writing slump, plus when my parents were away this past week (yurp, home alone pretty much) I was left with the laundry and washing up, plus I actually spent a lot of time around my older sisters, cooing over my baby nephew and quite possibly annoying the little lad... and I have also just been doing normal lifey things I guess, you know? Like... trying to be an adult for once, and sorting out bank issues and stupid things like that... it's been busy.

That, and I've just not been in the mood for writing either. Heck, I even contemplated putting this Digest up tomorrow, but then I felt I really was being a lazy ass and kicked myself into doing it XD NO REGRETS!!!!

Anyway, I'm gonna shut up now and let everyone get on with the Digest! The last one before #100, me lovelies! We're hitting a milestone, me thinks! WHOO!!!! <3

As always, please be sure to use ctrl + f for easier navigation throughout the Digest, so that you may find the topics you want to read about with ease! Have fun!

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Video of the Week

Atsu wa Natsui! by Houkago Princess

This has, for some reason, been my Jam of the Week. I have no clue why. Possibly because it's been so damn sunny that it finally feel like its summer? Or possibly because I just really love this song lately? I have no clue.

Either way, me LOVES IT! It's just so catchy, it has that infectious Idol sound, and then the opening is just so damn weird because it sounds nothing like the rest of this song. Still, that opening is incredible and gets you interested in the song, purely based on those amazing guitar riffs that just don't fit with it all XD Somehow though, in all its strangeness, I find that HouPri manage to pull off that whole 'two different sounds in one song' kind of thing. They make it work in a way, and it's just incredibly weird but also incredibly fun and intriguing.

Also, it's fun to watch this video and see Yamakawa Risa and Sakurai Riho make appearances together, because y'know... they kinda had scandals and left in January. It's like you're playijng 'spot the members who have left' with HouPri PV's a lot of the time.

Kind of like AKB!!!

Picture of the Week

With an Ass like that, I 'm surprised 'I Like Big Butts' doesn't start playing the moment you walk into a room.

Ishida Ayumi; the Idol that causes wars thanks to dat ass!


Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

The DVD Digest for Oda Sakura's Birthday Fanclub event has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


She truly is the voice of Morning Musume, isn't she? Plus, that hairstyle is really good on her... and she looks a lot like Ai too, which is weird...

And when singing Sakura Mankai, she sounded like Haruka! Girl, please sing in your natural voice! ;W; Though now I desire to hear Haruka sing Sakura Mankai soooo bad XD

Also, I still hate that B-side song Dayashi and Sakuranbo did together, not because of the beat (the beat is fine) but they sound so bad together.

The DVD Digest for Ishida Ayumi's Birthday Fanclub event has also been uploaded, so take a look if you will!


I love how in comparison to Sakuranbo's, we get less singing footage here and some footage from Ayumin's games. It makes you realise that UFP are selling the bursting personality of Ayumi and not her rather meh singing voice, whilst with Sakuranbo, there seems to be no personality to sell and they just want to show off her voice.

Either way... I LOVE AYUMI'S DRESS!!! The one with the plaid *^* But damn, girl, you can't sing XD

It has been confirmed that Mizuki Fukumura's second photobook will be released on June 25th.


Nothing like Fukumura and her Mizuki's to get us in the mood for summer, aye?

The cover for the up-coming photobook Michishige Camera '13-'14 has been revealed!


I like it! I also really like that camera she is manhandling!

Berryz Kobo

It has been announced and confirmed that Berryz Kobo will perform at Nippon Budokan on September 11th this year!


When I looked at that picture I thought 'why is one of the members jumping?' and then realised that it was Kumai being extremely tall. Whoops!


C-ute will hold their C-utie Land 8 fanclub event on June 11th, it has been revealed!


And all the songs will be nasally as fuck, I'm sure.


The Event V covers for Mystery Night / Eighteen Emotion have been revealed!


The lack of emotion on Eighteen Emotion's cover is astounding. Also, Kananananana, she still looks like she wants to cry after the horrors of Mystery Night.

I feel ya, Gorilla-san.


On July 2nd, Kanazawa Tomoko will hold her Birthday Fanclub Live event.


Here, she shall bowl her fans over with her extreme sexiness. You go, girl!

Up-Front FC News

(Left: Regular Cover Right: Amazon Edition Cover)

The covers to Miyamoto Karin's first photobook have been revealed!


Well now I feel fucking creepy...

But thank fuck the Amazon edition kept her clothes on!

Wani Books

Miyamoto Karin has graced the cover of UTB+!


What the Heck is this, Wet Hair With Miyamoto Karin Week!?


AKS News

Itano Tomomi has finally revealed the title of her first album, to be released on July 2nd, as S×W×A×G. The album will contain 15 tracks including all of her previous single songs, as well as four new songs.

Itano will promote the album by holding release events from June 1st, and then hold a live tour from August first. The tour also shares the name of the album.


Oh Dear Holy Jesus in Fucking Hell NO!

I am fucking done with anyone who uses the term 'Swag'. Then again, it doesn't surprise me that Itano uses it... she's that sort of 'modern' era girl who would use bad English slang for the sake of it because it's 'popular' I think :/



It was announced on May 13th that, once again, Oshima Yuko's graduation date has been changed. Instead of graduating on June 2nd, she will instead be graduating on June 9th.

The decision was made due to weather forecasts predicting stormy weather on June 2nd.


This is when she announces "Fuck this shit, they keep changing my dates to keep me in this Hell Hole longer, so I'm NOT graduating with a concert. BYE, BITCHES!" -flies off in a helicopter-

Like, seriously, AKS are fucking messing everyone around here.


It was reported on May 16th that HKT48 member Okada Kanna fell on stage during the live stage performance of Team KIV, and has fractured her wrist.


I feel bad for the poor girl, and all I can do is hope for her to have a quick recovery and to rest. Yes it's only a fractured wrist, but it's still an injury and it can hinder how you work.

Get well soon, Kanna!


The Senbatsu members for Nogizaka46's up-coming single, set for a July 9th release, have been revealed! The centre features Nishino Nanase, who was also the centre for Kizuitara Kataomoi. Nanase commented on becoming the Centre for a second time;
"I never thought that I would be center twice. All my activities for the 8th single, I did it while thinking that it would be my only time. When I was really uneasy, I was able to overcome it with the support of the members, my family, and fans." 
"Everything related to the 8th single, I was able to do it without regrets. The most scariest thing is that I am going to be the center for the next single... When it comes to the 2nd time, I feel that fans will look at me more strictly, so I'm really scared. I'm worried..." - Nishino Nanase (Tokyohive Translation)
Matsui Rena is also in the lineup for this singles 16-member Senbatsu, featuring in the front lineup.

The girls participating in the single are;

Front row: Matsui Rena | Shiraishi Mai | Nishino Nanase | Hashimoto Nanami | Matsumura Sayuri
Middle row: Wakatsuki Yumi | Akimoto Manatsu | Sakurai Reika | Fukugawa Mai | Ikoma Rina
Back row: Eto Misa | Inoue Sayuri | Saito Yuuri | Hoshino Minami | Yamato Rina | Hori Miona | Takayama Kazumi

So Nanase is back with a vengeance, aye? Well I don't really blame management for putting her as a Centre all over again, I mean the song she originally Centred in was a big seller for Nogi46, so why the heck not? Plus she's quite cute and sweet-faced.

Also, dude, Matsui Rena... this will be intriguing! Let's just hope Nogi46 use her more than AKB does in their PV's.

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been revealed that Goto Kaoru of Idoling!!! will graduate from the group. The announcement was made on May 10th.

Kaoru has said that her decision to leave the group is down to family related reasons. Her graduation ceremony is set for June 7th at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo.


Holy fuck, so many groups outside of the 48's and H!P are losing members o-o What the fuuuuuuck...?

It's sad that she's graduating too, I know her fans will be sad to see her go (one of them was rather sad about it, or disappointed?) but I hope that she continues to do something she loves in the future, and I wish Goto Kaoru good luck!

A fun video featuring Idol group Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School and rock 'n' roll Comedian band Choshinjuku has been uploaded to youtube, showing the two groups suddenly meeting in the streets and ensuing in a fight. What will happen? Watch to find out!

The video was created to promote the up-coming joint live performance, Mecha High no Jigoku no 10 Ban Shoubu, that will be held on May 18th at Kichijoji Rock Joint GB.


The video was actually quite fun to watch, though how a bunch of kids could beat some older men is beyond me XD Still, fun to watch and a bit different.

It has been revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pmayu will simultaneously release a new single, Kira Kira Killer, and her DVD/Blu-ray for her Yokohama Concert on January 18th and 19th Kyary Pamyu Pmayu Magical Wonder Castle on June 7th.

The single Kira Kira Killer is currently being used as the CM song for au, and there will be a limited release of 7,777 copies sold which will come with a mini poster, plastic bag, sticker and a rare item.


Well, they have certainly made this single a must-have item for the fans! Will it be limited to Japan only, too?

DISH//, the Baby Brother unit of the Screeching Idol group Momoiro Clover Z, have revealed that they will be performing at Nippon Budokan on New Year's Eve! This will be the groups first time hosting a live there.

The announcement was made on May 11th by Sony Music CEO Muramatsu Shunsuke, who surprised the members and the audience with the brilliant news.


Well, I didn't expect this news... nor did I expect DISH// to be around still XD Then again, I forgot they existed for a while because I'm cruel, and also because I don't follow them.

Still, congrats, children!

It has been revealed that for the first time in two years, KAT-TUN will hold a nationwide tour. They will kick it off on July 8th at Tokyo International Forum, the venue where the group had performed their very first solo live before their CD debuted back in August 2002.


Many congrats to KAT-TUN for landing a nationwide tour! Hopefully many of your lovely fans will attend and cheer you on at the tops of their voices! I bet a lot of fangirls can't wait!

Ayumikurikamaki, originally known as Kurikamaki, have revealed details for their next single.

The new single, titled Jet Kuma Star, is set for release on July 22nd and is said to be a party rock tune. The coupling tracks will be the songs Nakimushi Hero and Koi no Dial 6700.


I want to see this group add about ten more members, and then name the group with all of their names. It would be pretty hilarious, if you ask me XD

Boy band Hey! Say! JUMP have revealed that they will release their new album smart on June 18th. To coincide with the album's release, the group will also hold a live tour starting in August to promote it.

The tour itself will kick off on August 2nd at Osaka-jo Hall and finish with a 3-day live at Yokohama Arena in October.

The album will be available in three versions; Limited Edition 1, Limited Edition 2 and a Regular Edition. The Limited Editions will come with DVD's that contain different footage, and the Regular Edition first press will come with a bonus CD that contains five songs.


And then JE will announce Marius Yo's solo debut... Oh wait, I could only wish... >____>


On May 14th during their live at Shibuya Duo, Idol group Houkago Princess revealed their long-awaited 6th generation Cadet member, Miyashita Maika! The newest member will join Michishige Saho as a candidate for the 6th generation, and will work her way up to being a fully fledged member like her senpai!

On her official Twitter page, Maika revealed that she will simply go by the name 'Maika' in HouPri and not use her surname.


HOLY CRAP, FINALLY ;W; THE NEWBIE HAS ARRIVED!!!! Though I'm actually surprised only one girl was chosen, but in a way it makes me happy only one girl was placed alongside Saho as a 6th generation Cadet... it makes me think that management are trying not to put in too many girls all at once.

... They're also possibly hoping for no more scandals, too XD

Maika Official Twitter | Houkago Princess Staff Blog

Performance unit 9nine have revealed the psychedelic, cool covers for their up-coming album , MAGI9 PLAYLAND, which is set for release on June 18th.

Three editions will be available, with two Limited editions and a regular edition, and each will contain 16 songs that include their previous singles With You/With Me, Re: and Evolution No.9.

The Limited Edition A edition of the album will include a DVD that features music videos and special footage, whilst the Limited B edition will include a photobook.


I think my eyes are messed have become messed up @.@

Tokyo Girls Update

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Oricon, JIJIPRESS, MAiDiGi TV have revealed Press Release footage from Ishida Ayumi's release event for her photobook shine more.


I am waiting for the day Hello! Pro allow their Idols over the age of 16 to come to the press release event in one of the bikini's they wear in the photobook. It would certainly give the Wota an eye full XD

JIJIPRESS have released making-of footage for AKB48's newest Papico CM, which features Tsukamoto Mariko, the Otona AKB48 member! At the end, the CM is featured too, so take a look if you will!


The song is very sugary sweet, and the CM itself is pretty cute. I like the footage that shows the Idol side, and then her daily life, and also the announcement of her becoming Otona '48 and footage of her practising too.

It's a pretty nice CM in all!

Performances and TV Appearances

On May 10th, Morning Musume '14's Ikuta Erina was a guest on DD Destination, and she talks a little bit about make-up and other things. Take a look if you're intrigued!


I have no clue what is being said, except the eyeliner and make-up bits... but it's nice to see Eripon go and do a segment on a small show solo. It's good to see her being featured a little bit.

TV Asahi


AND that is all that we have time for this week! Hopefully this week of Idol News is enough to fill you up until next weeks issue, which will be #100 in the Digest series! I'm impatiently awaiting next weeks article, because damnit, milestones!

Hopefully you have enjoyed though, and until next week... ja ne, bye bye and tata for now! Take care, keep smiling and be happy! <3


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