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Hayamizu Rin no Sotsugyo ~Now Pursuing Acting!~

I was going to have to do this eventually, so why not now?

I hate these kinds of posts... >____>

On May 22nd, Houkago Princesses 4th generation member Hayamizu Rin announced that she would be graduating from the group. On the same day, it came to light from the staff that Sakurai Riho, whom had previously been on a (very) long suspension for breaching her contract, would officially be dismissed from the group as well. Through her blog, Rin announced her graduation in a 'report' where she gave her gratitude to the fans as well as gave her reasons to as why she will be graduating.

Hayamizu Rin's decision to graduate was through conflicted feelings of wishing to do other things aside from her Idol activities. Below is a very very rough translation of the report from yours truly. Bear in mind that I use google translate because I have no skill in reading languages, and those who usually help me (Steve and Momo) are not online right now. Thank you.

I, Hayamizu Rin, have decided to graduate from Houkago Princess.

Since joining the 4th generation class, about a year and 4 months has passed.

If I had lived a normal life a year and four months ago, life would have gone quickly and I might have forgotten the events in a few years.

But I've been allowed to work in Houkago Princess, get support from the fans. It was a really happy time.

I love to sing and dance.
To be on stage.

It's so much fun!

With the encouragement from the fans and their warmth. I sincerely felt it.

You do not forget that sort of life.

To everyone who is a Houkago Princess fan, I want to convey a feeling of gratitude to each person.
I can not write in full the feelings I wish to convey.

This time now, I have decided to graduate.
It is not only my idol activities in singing and dancing as a Houkago Princess,

but I thought that I wanted to work hard for more of my dreams.

While fighting with those various feelings,
the result was that I would graduate.

I, Hayamizu Rin of Houkago Princess, have made the decision to graduate without being able to properly greeting everyone. I am sorry.

(this part I couldn't translate at all or make heads or tails of what it said, so I'm leaving it out)

In addition, I look forward to seeing you all again with a smile.

Houkago Princess

I love you.

Thank you all!

Hayamizu Rin

Furthermore, on May 25th Hayamizu Rin revealed that she will be performing in a stage play, Flying Pirates ~Neverland Hyoryuki~ which will star the model Obana Kie, who is also a part of the group Model Girls. The play will take place in the summer this year at Theatre Green: BIG TREE THEATRE and there will 9 performances in total running from July until August. The idol group PASTEL CALLA will also participate in the stage play.

The stage play will be based on the story of Peter Pan.

Because Rin will be continuing her activities in acting, her blog and Twitter are still active and open right now.

I think Hayamizu Rin's graduation was, without a doubt, going to happen eventually. With most members of HouPri, their blog or Twitter posts tend to decline and eventually stop when they are ready to announce their dismissal or graduation, though Rin was very much a Twitter bird despite the stall in her posts on her Ameblo blog. Still, I knew this was coming... I'm saddened, but I'm not surprised. It was expected, no matter what.

However, I was highly surprised by the sudden announcement that she was in a stage play already despite it being so soon after her graduation announcement (I don't think she had a ceremony, as her Twitter claims she has already left the group by stating she graduated in May). But, I was very happy to see that she was already getting a job and basically doing what she wanted; though it was never directly stated that she was going to pursue stage acting in her blog post, I was rather aware that was something she seemed to enjoy; she liked doing the Hana yo... Cho yo... stage play alongside Sakuragi Nene, so I figured she would either go for more stage plays in HouPri, or eventually follow that path if she decided it was what she wanted to do. Clearly, it's what she wants to do, as she has graduated Houkago Princess in order to focus on following other dreams, and I can't fault her for that really.

I'm sad by Rin's decision to leave Houkago Princess because I did like her, even if she wasn't my absolute favourite in the group. She was beautiful to look at and had a certain charm about her, especially when she smiled. She's very eye-catching, in my opinion. That said, I'm glad she's decided to go down the acting route; it seems to suit her, and I think she'd probably be happier doing that than being an Idol, because whilst acting is demanding, she can continue to sing and dance whilst also meeting different people and gaining more experience in that field. Hopefully this won't be her only acting gig after her departure from HouPri, because I do like it when Idols find something new to pursue and grow in, so here's to hoping that Rin continues working on the stage happily and creating new opportunities for herself.

Regarding Riho's dismissal announcement, I'm more annoyed by the staff for keeping it quiet for so long what was happening with Riho. I knew that eventually they would 'withdraw' or dismiss her from the group, because they had suspended her for having a boyfriend and a secret Twitter account, however I really did not like that they decided to lump her dismissal with Rin's graduation announcement. It seems convenient for them, indeed, however it's rather unfair to Rin and Riho in my eyes; Riho, to me, had been gone from the group since February (it was obvious she would never return) and Rin had only just graduated, so I feel like they should have simply let Rin have her graduation notice rather than simply write that they were both withdrawing from the group.

In the end though, this is how some groups work, even if it isn't fair or nice. I will dearly miss both girls, but I wish them luck in their future endeavours in whatever they do, whether it's continuing to pursue the music career or going on towards acting and stage plays. Whatever it is, I'm sure these girls will find or create their own success.

Once again the revolving door has turned for HouPri, and now 20 members (that we know of) have officially graduated from the group, leaving only 9 members. Who will come next, and who will leave? No one ever knows with this group...

It's sad that so many have graduated... -sigh-


Sunday, 25 May 2014

AKB48's Kawaei Rina, Iriyama Anna and a Member of Staff Slashed at a Handshake Event

I'm rather late on talking about this, so my deepest apologies, however I had things to do in real-life and also I needed some sleep (I always need sleep) before I could even fathom writing about something this important, scary and upsetting.

As I am sure many of you have heard, it was reported that AKB48's Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna as well as a staff member were attacked at a handshake event this Sunday (May 25th) at Iwata Prefecture. A call had been made to the police around 5:00pm that there was a man 'going on a rampage' with an edged tool.

Later on it was reported by AKB4's Theatre manager Yuasa Hiroshi on that Kawaei fractured her right hand thumb, and that she had been slashed on her right arm, whilst Iriyama fractured her right hand pinky finger and was slashed on her head as well as her right arm. They have had surgery to join the wounds.

The police arrested a 24 year old man for attempted murder (of which he has reportedly admitted to), and that he attacked the AKB48 members and staff with a hand saw.

Apparently neither the girls nor the staff member injured have life-threatening injuries, and were all concious whilst being transported to the Hospital, and that both Kawaei and Iriyama are well enough to have clear conversations.


This is honestly one of the scariest things I have read. It really did provoke deep and utter fear in me when I saw the news. I pretty much went cold, and I wanted to cry.

I'm not the biggest fan of AKB48, we all know that, but these girls are innocent human beings who have been hurt, most likely mentally as well as the physical damage that has been inflicted upon them, and it's going to take a lot of time for them to heal in both ways. It's scary, and I honestly can't imagine what they went through or how much fear they felt, but from where I am sitting now, I remember feeling so upset and worried for these girls and the staff member who were hurt, as well as the other girls and the many fans who had to watch these events unfold before their eyes. No one should see that, nor should they go through that.

It sickens me too, and it just makes me feel so sad and scared for the girls. It doesn't matter if you don't like AKB48 or if you do, because no matter what you're going to feel shocked and saddened by these events, because like us these girls are humans who don't deserve to be hurt in any way possible, whether it is mentally or physically. It was such a horrible turn of events, and I know that so many fans around the world, both fans of AKB48 or even other groups, are feeling for the girls right now and sending out their well wishes.

Hopefully now the staff will take extra precautions with checking bags for weapons at the handshake events, because these girls, the members of the staff and the fans are all at risk here. Everyone's safety is a concern, and all of the people attending those events must be protected at all costs, because a life is important no matter how big or small that life is.

It shouldn't have happened to anyone, and no one deserves this. It's such a scary situation for anyone to be in, even the observers from other parts of the world. Hearing this news earlier from a friend and then seeing it all on Twitter was one of the most horrible things I have witnessed so far as an Idol fan. I'm still scared for them, but I know that right now all I can do is wish for their safety and well-being, and pray that they will be okay. Right now, Kawaei, Iriyama and the staff member are all in my thoughts, and I hope that they get better soon, though really, who knows how much damage this has really caused?

Get well soon everyone. You will be in all of our thoughts.


NHK World (Video report included)
Anime News Network
Japan Today
Tokyohive 2

Friday, 23 May 2014

Digest Weekly #100 ~Thank You~

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

(Warning; Long, random talky bit in the beginning. Skip if you wish to)

DIGEST #100! We're onto the big digits, peeps! So, what News have our Idols delivered to us this week? Let's find out!

This week, in Idol Digest News...

MoMusu and Vegetable Juice? Whaaat? Karin grips Balls! Baseballs! Also, Karin PV Previews! Oooh La La! Abe Natsumi to release a self-cover album! Don't forget to smile! Mano Erina in a KFC CM!? Takajo Aki to star in her first drama! Perfume release a Lyric video! JKT48 still don't have their own original song, waaah! X21 and LinQ to release summer singles, and boy band news!? AND A BIT MORE!!! Are you ready to Digest for the 100th time?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

An Introduction to Houkago Princesses Maika

All of this is research I have dug up via Yahoo, Google and Youtube. Please feel free to correct anything I may have gotten wrong, thank you!

Miyashita Maika is the newest face of Houkago Princess, gracing the classroom with her presence as a 6th generation trainee alongside Michishige Saho, who is now a Cadet. Debuting on May 14th at Shibuya Duo, her fellow members commented on her talent in both singing and dancing via Twitter after their performance.

At 20 years old, heading towards 21 this year, Maika is already one of the many members who has a past in either the dancing or music industry prior to her joining this small indies Idol group.

In 2005 aged around 11-12, Miyashita Maika debuted in the Idol group Power Age under Stardust Promotion, now known for its act Momoiro Clover Z, as one of the original four members. The group grew to 9 members in 2006, continuing to lose and gain members throughout the years after that. Maika was a part of group for 4 years until Power Age was officially dissolved on May 30th 2009.

Ariyasu Momoka, now in Momoiro Clover Z, and Ichikawa Miori of AKB48 are also former members of the group.

The group released a song titled Promise, however it never had an official physical release and was released digitally along with the song My Dear Friend. Their one and only single released to date was back in 2008 and was a collaboration single with the group Musashi's titled Daisuki!!

In 2011 under the label Cheer-Music, Maika released a single titled Kizuna / Brightest Star / Rakugaki. However before the end of 2011 Maika cancelled her contract with Stardust, as well as any events that she had lined up for the rest of the year, and left the public eye for two years. One of her last events under the Stardust agency included a Birthday Live for her 19th birthday, where she performed the song Promise from Power Age.

Now as of 2014, Miyashita Maika has returned to the public eye as a new member of Houkago Princess, a small group with an independent label that is a far cry from the big name that is Stardust Promotion. Her return to the industry is a 'restart' for her, taking on activities as a member of an underground Idol group whilst also juggling her studies as a College student. Now going by the name Maika and shedding her past as Power Age's Miyashita Maika, she will continue her Idol path once again as Houkago Princesses Maika.


Miyashita Maika Twitter
Power Age Generasia
Miyashita Maika Wikipedia Page
Barks News Images
Ameblo Blog on Maika's Restart
Yahoo! Japan


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Okay! Musume Digest #99

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

Minna, it's Digest #99! Waaah! Are you ready to Digest before we get to '100!? KYAAA!!! Let's DIGEST!!!

This week, in Idol Digest News....

Miyamoto Karina's Photobook cover revealed! Itano Tomomi has S×W×A×G! The Senbatsu lineup for Nogizaka46!? Will Yuko ever graduate? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to release a new single! Another Idoling!!! member to graduate!? And is that a new member of HouPri I see? And a bit more! Are you ready to D-D-D-DIGEST!!!!!!!

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Okay! Musume Digest #98

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

Wait, it's back again!? Haven't we had one this week? Digest, You're Back Again!!!

This week, in Digest News...

ICHII SAYAKA IS A '48! But not the kind you're thinking of! Morning Musume in 'MURICA! Bad Hair Days for BK, again! NG46 to release their 9th single, FINALLY! And a 'lil bit more! Digest, are you ready for the Readers? LET'S READ!

It feels like it really wasn't that long ago since I did a Digest...

Oh wait, that's because it really hasn't been that long! Because I did one last Monday, JC >___>

Still, at least I, erm, remembered... yeah, okay I forgot it, and didn't start it until I was home and had finished my errands for the day, but HEY! I actually did it on a Fri... Saturday... >____> Whoops!

I am so useless at this, I swear XD

Still, I hope y'all enjoy it! I loved writing it this week, because it was mostly little pieces of news YAY and they were actually really good pieces of News. It's nice when that happens I think XD Not that all news isn't good, cos' it is, unless it includes the words 'Graduation' 'Wiithdrawal' or 'Disbandment'. Then it's BAD NEWS!!! RAWR!!!

Anyways, as always be sure to ctrl + f for the fun and games of easy drifting through this short, short Digest! Have fun, y'all!

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#Misc Idols and Groups News
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Video of the Week

Aa, Subarashiki Hibi Yo by Sato no Akari

It's silly that they had to lip-synch their performance, because each girl is pretty good in their own right (even Akari, bless her terrible voiced soul) and I would have loved to hear it raw and real (Oh gawd, the innuendo's are forming in my read right now! ARGH!!!), especially given how much I kinda dislike Rina's studio vocals. Nothing against her, cos she's a Akai sweet pea, it's just her studio voice is fucking annoying to listen to. That said, I do love this song.


... And that is really all I have to say about it right now, because I do not want to type! PEACE!

Picture of the Week

You are the definition of To Be Seen and Not Heard right now my dear, and I like it!

Reminding us all why we still love her, and that she has also grown up. A lot. Youwch!


Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

Morning Musume '14 will be heading off to 'MURICA New York this October! This will be the first time for some of the members to go abroad! (If all of them are going, that is).


As a fan of MoMusu, I am happy that they are venturing outside of Japan (and Paris) to hold a live! Also as a fan of MoMusu, I am fucking jealous and raging that they decided not to come to England, but really, we fans can't have everything, can we?

Let's just hope that they plan to go to Spain/Amsterdam/England/Brazil/Bulgaria/Germany at some point, and any other countries I have not mentioned!

Oricon | Facebook | Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive

Ikuta Erina will hold a Fan Club Event on July 7th.


It isn't 'Birthday' event, it is 'The Fans of Eripon/Eriman Unit with Muscle POWER Strategy Group Meeting to Infiltrate Gaki Risa HQ 2014' event.

Hello! Project FC News

Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo's profiles have been updated, so check them out!


Where the wardrobe department FINALLY triumphed in clothing, they failed with Miyabi and Risako's hair.

MEH, we always need to make sacrifices, so why not on the two who typically seem to have Hair Faux-pars?

(Actually, Miyabi's hair looks good in the pastel clothed image, but the other one = ick)

Berryz Kobo Profile

The covers for Berryz Kobo's up-coming single Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no naka ni / Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatteran nai desho!? have been revealed!


Hello! Pro are really enjoying the style of 'One giant head at the front here, tiny heads in the back' for their covers, aren't they? It's like one giant floating head of terrible hair, or in this case, two giant heads.

Hello! Project Release Details


Nakanishi Kana's Limited-Time Twitter account has returned for a short period of time until the groups Budokan concert, but now it is a S/mileage account! Follow the group @smileage_715!


It would have been more interesting if they had kept it solely as Kanananananana's account... ;_____;


The DVD (and Blu-ray!) cover for S/mileage's Smile Charge concert has been revealed!


All that effort... it simple gleams!

Then again, I'm just as lazy XD But seriously, this is a pretty nice cover. The simplicity works. Thank fuck they didn't use too much photoshop, or we'd being seeing half-assed images that would look worse than this.

So fucking majestic!

DVD | Blu-ray | Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols


Juice=Juice have pinned an extra tour in Kobe to their up-coming concert tour!



Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Tanabe Nanami, Inaba Manaka, Sasaki Rikako and Yoshihashi Kurumi will all appear in the up-coming CDJournal on May 20th!


That's a whole lotta cute in one magazine, especially that Kurumi! KA-WA-II!!!

Up-Front Promotion News

Ichii Sayaka has been recruited as a new member of the grouo OFR48! Whaaaat!?

OFR48 is a bath-house themed group, and is made up of adult women.


One way or another, Ichii Sayaka got into a 48 group, even if it wasn't the one she wanted, or one that might just not be connected to the actual AKS company... OH WELL! 8D

Up-Front Channel have started a new series for their youtube titled UP-FRONT CHANNEL Recommend! The first episode includes the Hello! Project Kenshuusei member Tanabe Nanami, and C-ute's Yajima Maimi!


So basically it's just one giant plug for their recent singles/DVD's/goods? Greeeeat...

Also, this is so scripted, I can already see the paper in their hands of what they have to say to the camera.

Tokyo Girls Update

Up-Front will debut MUSIC+, with episodes releasing every Friday!


Holy fuck, UFP are doing as many projects as I am... not good >____>

An official website for MUSIC+ has been opened.


Next UFP are going to open up a website for the Graduates of Hello! Project, just to piss the fans off and make them all cry.


On July 9th Nogizaka46 will release their 9th single it has been revealed! Currently, the single is untitled, and the Senbatsu list will be underwraps until May 11th.


Welp, looks like I'll be waiting patiently then! I'm actually excited for it, which is... weird... >3<

Misc Idols and Groups News

Teenybopper Idol group palet have revealed that, along with a new song and outfits, they will introduce a new member to their group on June 8th!

This will mark the groups 2 year anniversary since they were created, and with their recent major debut, the group will now grow with one more member! Who could it be?


SURPRISE it's Ichii Sayaka!

Tokyo Girls Update

It has been revealed that NEWS' newest song will be used as the theme song for NTV during the FIFA World Cup Brazil!


If It's Sports-related, you can be sure as Ichii Sayaka in a '48-themed group Johnny's Entertainment will be there!


PV/Song Previews

The short version of Shiina Pikarin's MV, Real Ria-ju, has finally been revealed! Watch as Pikarin shows off her obsession with otome games in this cute music video! Are you ready for the on-coming cavities?


Okay, which Avex producer burrowed into my brain and went on a Happy Spree with my teenage addictions? Seriously, this looks like something my 13 year old self would have happily thrown up if I were given the choice to fully decorate my room.

It... it gives me cavities... O-o

THAT SAID, I love it. It kinda reflects what everyone seems to say about Pikarin; that she's a girly, hardcore fan of all things cute and Anime/Otome! I love it.

Tokyo Girls Update


AAAAAND THAT IS ALL FOR THIS kinda WEEK! The News, the Koha Bewbs, THE PIKARIN!!! It was short my lovelies, but DAMN, was it sweet! Hopefully this little basket of News will keep you sane for now, but until next time, please do wait patiently for another round of Idol Love and News!

Until then, tata and goodnight! MWAH <3


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Okay! Musume Digest #97

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

This week, on the late late LAAAAAAAAATE Digest...

Berryz Kobo to release their 35 single! The long-awaited photobook of Miaymoto Karin is to be released, so order your two or three copies! Kanazawa Tomoko to release her debut e-lineup DVD! New Squeaks added the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei! Kosuga Fuyuka has finished her training, NOOOOO!!! Kikka will finally release a new single! Takahashi Ai to star in a movie! Barely any '48 news! A boat-load of Misc News, including single release and MORE!!! Are you ready to Digest?

My Baby Nephew has Arrived!!!

On May 1st 2014 at 10:30pm, my baby nephew was born to my older sister (34/36, I think?) and has finally joined our family after our long, impatient wait! Welcome to the family, Little Monkey!

After three years of my sisters struggle to carry a baby, and also after losing two of her sons through miscarriage, my amazing older sister carried the baby who would be her fourth son to full term and finally, he has arrived! We have waited for him for three years, and now he has arrived and we couldn't be happier to see him! For us all in my ever-growing family, he is precious and a reminder just like his older cousin (my beautiful baby niece) that there is always life after death no matter what, and that happiness is sure to follow if you endure through the pain and sadness.

He is tiny, his cry is small, but he is adorable and he will be so loved by our family. His big brother already seems to be protective of him (even when he denies it) and my baby niece finds him rather wonderful too, given how curious she is around him! He is sweet, and we adore him already.

For four days he has been a part of our family, but he is adored. For him we have waited patiently, and now we are able to see and hold him, knowing he has come home. We love you little monkey, and from here until you decide you've had enough of us, we will spoil you rotten with all the love we can give! Thank you for fulfilling our lives with your life, just like every other child born in the world has fulfilled a life. We love you <3

Much Love,

Saturday, 3 May 2014

AKB48's Surprisingly Cute Summer PV... Wait, what? o-O

If you are not keen on my writing style, then you know you don't have to read what I write, right? Also, these opinions are ALL my own, so don't hate on me for basically saying what I want to say on my own blog, kay? Also, your opinions are your own - I don't expect you to conform to how I think or feel, so don't think I should conform to your ideals either, okay? OKAY!

If this post/review seems a bit all over the place for you, then that's because it is. It's 2am here and I'm tired... I'm not exactly going to be a writing maestro! Then again, I never am, though I wish I was. I wish!!!

Oh Jesus, it feels like I haven't reviewed a PV in forever! More so, it feels like it has been a really looong while since I last reviewed an AKB48 PV, period. Why? Because they just don't cut it for me any more, not that that means anything really. Regardless, I feel like AKB48 isn't worth my time any more, so I have slowly (within the past year or so, actually) started to lose interest in them. Even now, I really can't be bothered to follow what they do music wise because it is just so... predictable.

Sans Maeshika Mukanee, but even that bored to me some extent. But that's just what I think, okaaay?

Still, weirdly enough I felt a strong desire to review the PV for Labrador Retriever. It's kind of scary how much I wanted to review it actually, because typically the AKB PV's now bore me (which is funny given how good they usually are) and I don't even think the song is good, but... well, the PV is worth watching, I think, and obviously worth my time to review.

So I guess it's time to get into the review, eh? See what it's made of dog food and what it provides us all with, and why it is worth the time to write about. So, let's get to those screen caps! This is AKB48's dog-themed PV for the Summer, Labrador Retriever! Are y'all ready for some Puppy Love and Summer fun? I'm not, but whatever! LET'S GO!!!

Woof woof!!!

I feel like this scene is a giant metaphor about this entire PV. Dog Food. We don't wanna eat it or have it within a 10 foot radius due to the nauseating smell, but we have to put up with it because it keeps our puppies alive. Yay!

Loving the produc placement milk there, by the way!

Mayuyu, comatose. Just how we like her!

A PV about Dogs. Another metaphor!!!

Bringing literal meaning to the PV title. YAY!!!

We are not getting off to a good start, PV.

This is the part where we fall off our chairs in amazement because, dear readers, we are finally being given CUTE BIKINI'S!!! It has been a while, cute bikini's. I have missed you.

Thank God Sasshi is here to save me in this PV with her cute bikini.

The more Sasshi I have, the less alcohol I need to get me through this PV.

Takamina does not like this idea at all.

The unnecessary yet highly appreciated ass shot of one Watanabe Mayu. Though damn, that bikini is kinda giving her a wedgie.

The more Paruru the better, I say! Especially blonde Paruru.

Subliminal messaging at its best. You put that hot dog (!) in your mouth, Jurina!

Is that a push-up bra with lots of padding and under-wire I detect, Miss Boring Yukirin?

Then again there is a looooot of padding going on here, I swear.

Welp, bye General Director. These girls are set to bury you alive before you can decide on your Graduation date.

No AKB48 member gets out of AKB alive!!!

God DAMN, Sayanee is gorgeous. I want you for #1, girl.

Heeheehee, you go Sasshi! Get whoever that girl is in the hat...


Seriously though, that girl scares me. A lot. By girl I mean Meru.

Prepares for the onslaught of death threats that are headed my way

That's a lot of girls to forget about...

Wait, who are you again?

Mayu's so bored of this PV, she decided to sleep through it. I don't blame her.

... Well, I'd stay awake for the Paruru (or Sasshi) moments. That girl is so cute!

Also, this shot was completely accidental when screen-cappin'. I love Jurina's expression XD

Jurina: "To be or not to be, that is the question!"

Even the Labrador thinks Paruru is irresistibly cute. Or Mayu. Or whoever that dog is.

I swear, I have seen this exact pose multiple times in one or many of their bikini-based PV's. Or maybe an SKE48 PV. I have no clue, I lose count how many times I see the same thing in an AKB video.

I wish this was me right now. Then I wouldn't have to live through AKB's songs for another day~

I feel like this is a horrible metaphor for Mayu. 'Watanabe Mayu is the equivelant of Dog Food' or even the simile 'Mayu is like Dog Food'. Either way, she is on the cover of a dog food packet, which usually features an image of a dog...

Regardless, we all know why she's on the cover; she is actually the Labrador, but they're putting her face on it instead to make that statement.

... I read too deep into this shit. Sorry.

Ooooh look, a shiny, obvious item of meaning or value. Will anyone notice this key item!?


Paruru is too damn cute in this scene, I love her little 'What the fuuuuuck?' face!

And so we have come to the conclusion; Locket + Dog + Locket that looks like Mayu's necklace = Mayu is a dog...?

Paruru: "Mayu's a bitch now?"
Jurina: "Gurl, I coulda told you that years ago."

Paruru: "Dafuq did you put in my hot dog to make me hallucinate?"

This world needs more Paruru polluting our videos.

When all other choreography fails, resort to the conga-line.

This video needs more Fish-Eye Matsui in it.

Oh gawd, this video just got really gross...

EW, no Rena, NO! That is wrong on all levels! You do not lick your ice cream after the dog has licked it! You don't know where that tongue has been!

... I just think I barfed a little in my mouth... urgh...

I forget who that girl is, but chompy teeth looks cute.

Awww, look, a doggy! Now, doggy... pee on Takamina!

Yeah, my exact reaction to the Rena-eating-ice-cream-after-doggy-licks-it scene. UUUUUUUURRRRGHH!!!!

Everyone abandoned ship, leaving the Captain aboard to go down with it. Takamina be PIIIIISSSEEED!

Imagine that the Labroador is me (permission to call me a bitch, yaaay!) and the Frisbee is this PV. That is my reaction to the PV.

The only one who matters in this scene is Sayanee. Focus on the Sayanee.

Who the Hell are you?

I think I only know the faces of two of these girls, and even then I'm questioning who they are in my teeny tiny brain.

Because a dog that is not even in shot of your picture is of some concern to you.


Takamina, how the fuck did you get out of that sand pit we put you in!?

Better yet, how did you get so clean despite all this running after some random Labrador?

It's funny how a random dog can bring all these strangers together.

Gee, I wonder who AKS want for runner up in Senbatsu? I think they want TAKAMINA!!! YEAH!

Actually TakaMina would be a good second.

I'm going to laugh if Jurina wins Senbatsu and Mayu places second.

That said, Jurina's winning Janken single was boring. So maybe not.

Jurina: "I... I think I'm in love..."

That is a horrible fucking collar. Just sayin'.

Jurina has chosen her mate wisely, I believe.

They're all (or at least, most of them) are wearing something that looks like a collar. Hello, key items!!!

Takamina wants to kill us all, by the way.

Oh Mayu, as robotic and lifeless as ever I see.

Also, is that death I detect in Takamina's gaze?

Oh shit, they saw each other! We have entered the Twilight Zone!!!

Oh Mayu, could you be more realistic with your expression? No? Okay.


AKS, you sly bastards you, insinuating what you think of your girls! Shame on you!!!

Paruru is still the cutest, even with puppies in the same shot.

Girls, you're barking up the wrong tree here! DON'T PEE ON THE IDOLS!!!

Welp, that's a good chunk of the Senbatsu AKS don't want us to remember gone. Funny how obvious they make who they want to win stand out, eh?

Oh Good Lord, one Mayu was enough... why did you have to add a second one!?

That said, two Paruru's is good! Good PV, good!


TakaMina wins the entire MV for the faces she pulls.

We can always count on TakaMina to make an MV interesting in some way~

This PV, however, severely lacked Matsui Rena. GIVE ME MORE!!!

So this is how the scenes actually looked, eh?

HAH! Best scene, look at the dog with the camera! XD

Oh! It was all just a dream...~

... Or maybe not! WOOF!

Oh God, where to start? I mean, this is one of the more entertaining PV's that AKB48 has brought out for an A-side since... well, probably since UZA if I'm going to be completely honest with you. Not to say the other PV's are bad, because this is completely my unwanted opinion and the others are fine and dandy I suppose, but they did nothing for me personally as a casual listener or viewer, but this one was actually fun to watch, despite the shit song accompanying it. I don't think you all know how long it's been since I have found a main A-side from AKB entertaining enough to watch all the way through, and not skip at all...

I actually feel faint from finding it so... so fun to watch! Catch me as I fall, kya!

Sure, it has it's issues, like that whole dog licking the ice cream scene, and then Rena licking it right after (ew x10000000000000) and other gross scenes similar to that one (ew, Jurina licking Jurina, ew!!!) and the weak choreography (but when has AKB's recent choreography been grand?), yet despite said scenes... I found the rest of it rather enjoyable to watch and even found it quite funny at certain points, mostly the scene where all is revealed and it turns out the girls are actually dogs, and the 'real' girls of AKB48 are the ones dancing on the beach in this push-up bikini's. I really liked that twist to the story line, it made it so much better than simply having the girls follow this random Labrador Retriever and finding the beach to dance on, though it begs the question of why we see the dogs in the AKB forms, other than AKS subtly hinting AKB is full of bitches, meaning the female dog of course.

Speaking of which!

Now, whilst I am not exactly enamoured by Mayu being the centre of this single, I actually didn't mind her as much in this PV as I thought I would, but I guess that's mostly because throughout a good majority of this PV she is portrayed as the Labrador, and not the emotionless, robot-smiled girl she typically is, so it toned down her presence a great deal despite the fact she was always there, albeit as a dog. Still, the scenes I did see her in I really didn't care about. She looked like she cared as much as I did when watching most other AKB PV's from this year or last. Then again, that's Mayu all over! Her emotions are as realistic as Acchan's were before she graduated in this PV, though I don't blame her one bit - she is being portrayed as a dog throughout it, after all. I'd be an emotionless, pissed-off wreck too.

If anything, you could have at least portrayed her as a cute kitty! Tabby Cat would be a great song title!

That said, I still don't wish for her win to Senbatsu, regardless of how much this video tries to shove her in your face. But that's my own personal issues and everything I guess. I like her as a soloist or the lead of a small group and all, but for the entirety of AKB48? Nope. I would rather Sayanee win, or even KojiHaru, which is saying something, because I am not a fan of KojiHaru. Oh wait... scratch that. I just remembered that videoKojiHaru was centre for, meaning I don't remember it. Okay, I would rather have Mayu as centre.

That sentence was irrelevant.

Speaking of Senbatsu and how this video tries to subtly shove the girls that they want to win in your faces, I'm rather confused; are we supposed to want to vote for Paruru, or Jurina for second place in this video? In the second half it seems like Jurina is the favourite to win that spot, yet we get a damn lot of Paruru throughout a good majority of this video, which leads me to believe they want her for second. Then in the dance shots (and the Team 4 cover) we see Jurina and Sasshi as second and third in line for that coveted throne of success and popularity, further confusing the hell out of me. So, who is it? This PV may be fun, but fuck, for a PV that is made to brainwash you into choosing a favourite, it sure is failing to do just that, or at least for the purpose it was set to do.
 I have no clue who to root for in this video, though it's rather obvious who I would vote for in a heartbeat if I had the decency to go through that whole Senbatsu system and actually, you know, vote.

MOSES!!! <3
Still, it's a seriously fun PV to watch despite its flaws. I liked that they made the girls into dogs and I liked that they actually used their imagination for the Summer PV and made it interesting to watch. I haven't seen that since Manatsu no Sounds GOOD!, which was only done two years ago I know, but still! The video for Labrador Retriever truly lead us on (haha, lead, like for a dog... haha... okay, shut up Chii) and it made us believe it would just be another dull PV with no reason to follow the dog, only it had a reason, and it showed us how the dogs saw themselves. It was a surprising twist, but a welcoming one, and it made a world of difference to the PV. Yeah sure, it's still one of those skimpy summer PV's AKB48 are famous for, but at least it's interesting.

It definitely beats Sayonara Crawl by a long shot, that's for sure. Then again, everything beats that horrible colour-blast of ick, including that one scene that made me want to throw up in this entire video. Urk!

It's a good PV, even with a song that sucks balls like a good deal of AKB's discography for their main A-sides right now, but hey! At least the PV is entertaining. It's cute, memorable and enjoyable to watch, despite the forgettable, bland song, and in this review that is all that matters; the PV.

Oh, and Paruru. All the Paruru!

Now, it's time to listen to something else! Thank goodness this song is easily forgettable after about two seconds... wait, what did it sound like again?