Saturday, 19 April 2014

You Guys Read A Lot...

It's currently 4:04am here in Britain and I am tired, yet writing a blog post... oh Jesus Karin, whhhhy!?

SO! The reason I am writing this post is because, first and foremost, I had the exciting breakthrough of a new PC 300,000 page views!!! HOLY HE------


Seriously though, 300,000 pageviews!? I'm kind of shocked (and overwhelmed) but incredibly happy, too! I mean, I already broke that milestone of 250,000 pageviews Jesus guys, you read a lot!!! but HOLY HECK!!!! THIS IS AH-MAY-ZIIIING!!!!!!

... I'm still feeling a little flustered, you know? -fans self dramatically-

To be honest, I probably cried when I saw my view count. Given I'm an emotional wreck most of the time anyway, the chances of me crying is as high as the chance of rain in Britain. BUT THEY WERE HAPPY TEARS, REST ASSURED!!!

Of course I highly doubt I would have gotten this far without the giant push Ray of Idolminded and Greg of Selective Hearing have given me by allowing me to write on their sites I must get back to that now that life is a bit slower again... so to those two, the father of the Wota world (Hiii Ray!) and my Boss Man (Greg, Boss Man!!!) thank you so much for helping me get to this point as a blogger, and for helping me in my writing and love of Idols!

And of course I thank all of you, those who read this weird, stupid, possibly boring borderline freakish blog that I created! You make me happy, you make me smile and, of course, you make me the writer I am today!

For once, Chiima posts a short (for her) thank you post... YIKES!!!!

Aside from reading a lot though, I guess you watch a lot too?

HELLO, EVERYONE! Guess what I returned to!?

Happy 300,000 views! You are all wonderful! MWAH! <3


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